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Andrew Basiago’s 1863 Gettysburg Time Travel Photo

Alleged chrononaut Andrew Basiago claims that in 1972 he was sent backwards in time to November 19, 1863. Where to? Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on the very day Abraham Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg Address.

I’ve written about this before (see my article on Project Pegasus), but last week I received an email inquiring about Basiago’s photographic evidence, and thought I’d do a little digging into its origin.

Here’s what I found.

Photographs In Time

Andrew Basiago's Time Travel Proof
Image: Andrew Basiago?

Basiago claims he is the boy in the above photograph, and often shares it as proof of his time travel adventures. In this case, he says, he had stepped into a plasma confinement chamber in 1972 New Jersey, and hopped back to 1863 Gettysburg. There, he visited the dedication of the Soldiers’ National Cemetery.

Basiago also claims that his original pair of shoes vanished during his voyage, like Dandelo in The Fly. That’s why they appear over-sized in the photo. He was given a new pair when he arrived, and tried his best to avoid drawing attention to himself.

Ultimately, however, he failed, leaving behind a single piece of evidence of his temporal journey — the photograph we see here today.

Now, aside from Basiago’s story, here’s what we know about the picture itself.

According to the Library Of Congress, it was indeed taken at Gettysburg on November 19, 1863, likely by photographer Mathew Brady. It’s available in higher quality at the LoC website.

Image: Mathew Brady/Library Of Congress

However, as you may notice, this version of the photograph is cleaned up and cropped. You can’t see as much of the man on the bottom right corner, and the other edges are cropped out, as well. Not to worry.

Image: Mathew Brady/NARA

A scan of the original glass plate negative can be found at the National Archives. As you can see, it’s uncropped and about as worn as you’d expect from a photo taken in 1863.

What’s most interesting is that this photo is apparently the first ever discovered of Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg. Josephine Cobb noticed his face while viewing the glass plate negative at the National Archives in 1952. If you zoom in very closely, you can see who historians believe is Lincoln, standing with his hat off in the crowd.

Of course, none of this proves or disproves Basiago’s strange tale, but I thought it’d be interesting to track down the original photo. It is, in a way, its own kind of time travel.


Rob Schwarz

Rob Schwarz is a writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.


  1. I remember this from the original article you wrote!

    I’m not too sure about this one. I think it holds about as much merit as the alleged time traveller pictured at the reopening of South Fork Bridge in Gold Bridge, British Colombia.

    We can’t positively identify the boy in the picture due to the quality being terrible and we also can’t say for certain that it’s not Andrew Basiago in the picture. – Most likely scenario? It’s not him. He’s just some imaginative fellow with a flair for the dramatic and historical.

    Side Note: If he lost his shoes – where did they go? Maybe they ended up in 1964 and gave Bill Bowerman & Phil Knight their inspiration to found Nike! #ConspiracyDeepens #IntensityIntensifies

    1. The photograph we see here was taken in 1863 and has survived from that real time period up to the present day with the boy in it. Andrew Basiago wasn’t even in existence until 1961 and allegedly did not time travel until 6 or 9 years later. In a reality setting how can he end up in a photo long before his existence? Hypothetically if Basiago did indeed time travel somewhere it would necessarily have to have been to another plane of existence where people are living in an identical Civil War era, but not the same people in the photograph we have in our present day possession. Those folks have lived out their lives and moved on. Effectively Abraham Lincoln is not delivering his Gettysburg Address again nor being shot at Ford’s Theater all over again and again every time young Andrew initiates a time travel. Check out Gary Moore’s 1950’s “What’s My Line” T.V. game show where the show’s guest was one Mr. Seymour who witnessed Lincoln’s assassination as a 5 year old at Ford’s Theater and survived to tell about it. If Basiago necessarily is the boy then the photo we see would show a blank space with no boy and Andrew would have to bring a copy of the picture he was in back to the present for comparison; one photo would show no boy and the other brought back by Basiago would show him as the boy in the other. That’s reality.

      1. Your logic in trying to rationally explain something you can’t comprehend, is not logical at all. Time is a simple non-linear measurement like distance. The first mistake is you’re assuming that Basiago couldn’t have time traveled to the same timeline we are in now… when by definition time travel has not been revealed to us yet, so we do not yet know that. When it is proven that time can be bent, it will make more sense how one can travel to a different time temporarily, THEN travel back as Andrew says. That explains how he is in the picture. If he had done something history-altering then our timeline we are in now may be different. How would Andrew have been able to provide you an alternate photo without him in it, albeit from a different timeline, and what does that prove to you? Time travel is not easily understood by those with no physics background; and even less so by those with no scientific background at all. The very statement “how can he end up in a photo long before his existence” shows this. Time is not linear as many are conditioned to think. To combat the issue of people being able to affect or alter timelines, consider this: Various apparently unrelated people who also claim to be time travelers are saying that when it becomes publicly possible in 2028, people will be able to travel to historical events like the Gettysburg address but remain invisible where they can’t affect history. There is also the concept of the Mandela effect wherein our current timeline is sometimes changing or being altered slightly by government forces in the future… worth looking into.

    2. How can a man born in 1970s end up in a photograph taken in 1863? Impossible unless he were in a Twilight Zone scenario. That photo had survived from 1863 to the present. Basiago didn’t come into existence until the 1970s. Common sense, reality and logic tells us that we can be sure that the figure in the photograph is not Andrew Basiago. If indeed Basiago went anywhere, it would have to be to another plane of existence and not to the scene in the present photograph because that scenery and the figures in it no longer exist to go back to. This is not the Twilight Zone. Its reality.

      1. Define “reality”.
        Also, as another had previously stated, your comment is based on your assumption that time is “linear”, when it is in fact a “loop”

      2. I believe it is true and authentic! Time travel is possible but only for those who are part of these top secret projects and millionaires! There is a lot more going on than most skeptics would think! Look at the daggureotype here! Andrew is a child there nearly as tall as the gents of that time! This is real proof! It’s not just imagination!I And it’s not impossible! I wish I could have been part of that project and go back in time!

    3. Plus scoff at it all you want! It hasn’t been made known to the public yet for many reasons such as skeptics and those who don’t understand anything about it right away try to be negative about this! This is not the twilight zone! This is reality and actuality whether any of you skeptics can believe it or not!

      1. It’s not a mere assumption but rational, logic and fact. Again, this is not a movie where you can wine back to. Basiago cannot go back in a scene he noticed of an old photograph a suddenly become a part of it in any real time. Therefore, the boy we see in the displayed photo is no more Andrew Basaigo than it is Abraham Lincoln or the (man in the moon) and anyone who wants it to be Mr. Basiago has a Santa Claus and make-believe thought pattern.

  2. Are there pictures of this photo from before 1972 or whenever he proposes this? There must be.

    1. Actuality tells us that one cannot go back to something which no longer is existence.

  3. Wow… The picture by itself is amazing forget the time traveler and I had no idea that What’s My Line had somebody that had witnessed the Lincoln assassination that is so far out almost as far out as the time traveler your Titor stuff is incredible his comment about the tower towers quite inscrutable and curious okay

    1. I stand corrected. It was (I Got A Secret) and not (What’s MY Line) in which someone witnessed the assassination of Lincoln.

  4. Okay I just watch Samuel Seymour on I’ve got a secret so it’s I’ve got a secret not What’s My Line but it it was fascinating of course he was like 96 on the show quite an interesting post and what an incredible picture thanks

  5. Okay. There’s a kid in the picture. This means what? It proves nothing. Kids as young as 14 fought in the war.

  6. One last thing. Attorney Basiago claims he lost his shoes upon his arrival 1863. He was re-outfitted with another pair of oversized brown shoes, a jacket and a hat. Now the question remains, did he bring these items back with him to the present time line? He’s silent on that matter. If so, did he show them to, anybody? If he did not then what excuse did he present for not doing so? There are too many red flags in his story. A good excuse I guess would be that he was instructed not to bring anything back. Another red flag. You could very well see someone in his case examining the photograph with the boy with what appears to be oversized light brown shoes and concocting a story out of it. Time being a simple non-linear measurement like the distance in siomething is not a fact but a supposition. And how can anyone be in the grave and back living a past life at the same time? How many consciousness in one individual are there?

  7. Basiago is not a time traveller. He’s an *******. A real time traveller’s or Travel Agent as they were called has a set of rules that they must abide before every travel assignment. They cannot bring back anything from the past and they cannot be known at all. They lived in a safe house’s, mostly houses that everybody thought were abandoned from the outside while on mission. These mission cannot be more than 24hours otherwise the loop they came from will closed up due to the space warp. Inside the safe house’s, a S.A.O (secure agent officer) will be guarding and making sure every T.A follow the rules before and after the mission is completed. After that they can go back through the loop that can be open ONLY by the S.A.O who holds the code of the time loop. If he entered wrong code, the T.A can ended up in wrong alternative space time which will cause their body to disintegrate.

  8. There is a photograph of President posing with detective Alan Pinkerton and General McClellan near an army field tent. Could Andrew Basiago have time travelled to that particular period in historical time and suddenly appear in the photo when before he wasn’t there?

  9. My great great grandfather took this picture. Wish I had more family info on his photos. Interesting fact, he also took the photo of Lincoln on the five dollar bill.

    1. It must be a real thrill to have such a famous ancestor! Did he leave you or your family any of his plates or other historical artifacts?

      (And just to clarify for other readers – the image on the current $5 bill is actually an engraving, but it’s based on one of your g-g-grandfather’s photos.)

  10. Finally, Andrew Basiago is a clever, interesting and flawless speaker who never skips a beat in his time travel scenarios. I always enjoy listening to him, and he causes one to really imagine traveling back to Lincoln’s time and experiencing what it is or was like in that particular period of our nation’s history. However, realistically and rationally one must face the facts, not just assumptions that historical photograph was taken when all in, including the subject boy, were alive and living out a life. He cannot suddenly come into existence and appear in any picture nor disappear like Back To The Future. The boy figure was born in that 1800 time picture and lived out his on our present time line connection, which is not a movie or s film strip nor just a story one could turn back to. Basiago’s preventions are clearly from the imagination.

  11. PS: Those who attempt to explain away my previous explanations are merely side stepping the facts in order to justify what they want to be but is not no more than 2 and 2 equals 9. There indeed is a Civil War photograph of Detective Alan Pinkerton, General McCllelan and Abraham Lincoln in front of a Union field tent. If indeed Basiago could possibly time travel to that very time scene, would he suddenly appear in the picture as a fourth figure?

  12. The Civil War photograph in question was taken in front of an army field tent is that of Alan Pinkerton, Mr. Lincoln and Union Army General McClernand and not McClellan. The picture was in existence when Andrew Basiago allegedly was a part of Project Pegasus with just the three named figures in it and no one else. With the said photo of the three, if Basiago traveled to that very point in time as he allegedly did in the in Gettysburg scene, could he suddenly appear among the three figures as he supposedly was in the Gettysburg picture as we see in a science fiction movie scenario? Comprehension? Logic? It’s as simple as 1 + 1 = 2 and not some other number. One must study this and think about it.

  13. Accept the mysteries of the world and just be cool with them… You’ll never know the real true… So why argue???