Time Travel

The “Real” Time Machine

Get your time crystals ready

This is a [crude drawing of a] Hyper Dimensional Resonator, also known as an HDR. Invented in 1985, this device is said to manipulate time and space, allowing its user to embark on strange out-of-body experiences (OBEs).

Oh, but the HDR possesses many other unique qualities, as well.

It may produce fog, or rain. It may change the way your mind functions, and how you perceive the universe. And, most intriguingly of all, if you successfully locate an interdimensional gateway, or vortex (at just the right time, of course), you can even use the device to astrally travel through time.

Yes, you heard right: it is a time machine.

It also may or may not attract cats.

How Does It “Work?”

It’s simple, really.

The user must first place a quartz crystal into the “witness well,” which augments the frequency of the HDR, thus allowing time travel to occur. Then, the user must rub the rubbing plate while concentrating on the time and place he or she would like to travel.

When turned on, a Tensor coil within the Hyper Dimensional Resonator produces scalar waves that warp time around the device, generating an electromagnetic field and disrupting the usual flow of time. And off you go.

Like I said, simple.

Given the relative simplicity of the hardware, many have also attempted to build HDRs at home. That’s right: you, too, can unlock the power of time travel by soldering six rectifier diodes in a circle inside a box that looks about as complicated as an Atari 2600.

Rob Schwarz

Rob Schwarz is a writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.


  1. what was it that sold me on this? was it the wishing well that magically reads your mind and knows how to bend time and space to get you to a desired point? no. was it the 3 toggle switches with no defined purpose? no. was it the 2- first one and second on- potentiometers? no. was it that it took him over 2 minutes to actual get the device open? no. I was sold on the creepy long fingernails and how confidently and articulately this fine individual spoke. I’ll take 5.

  2. I think he could have opened it quicker if he used his fingernails instead of the screwdriver.

    1. I’ve heard fingernails can interfere with the delicate nature of the space-time continuum. Better safe than sorry.

  3. I was able to “time travel” a few years back, and I didn’t even need a machine! Here’s how it happened: I used the NovaDreamer, Kelly Howell’s ecstacy CD, Oxybliss peace CD, dick sutphen’s PK CD, and steven laberge’s lucid dreaming CD, almost all at the same time.
    I’m not sure what kind of travel it was, though, it seemed like a few seconds. I “revisited” my kindergarten teacher’s farm. I felt like I was wearing my 5-year-old body as a Halloween costume! I could feel the cold air on my face (it was springtime), see the trees, animals, and smell the farm smells. A certain sound transported me back there, but I can’t remember now what it was.

    1. thats not time travel. Thats a dream. I’ve had one like that, where it feels real. But its not.

      1. I woudnt be so sure. SparkleJumpropeQueen.. I am a historian/ history major and a believer in the unbelievable and I am also a minor in astro physics. lets take this from a historical point of view. she traveled back in time to her teachers farm which she remembered and smelled and saw the animals and heard the sounds untill she was awaken by a noise. That to me in a historical aspect could fall into an out of body experience which REALLY does happen. But in this case it doesnt fall into that category.

        now lets take it into a scientific point of few.

        is it plausible just for one moment that those mixtures of cds and sounds actually created some kind of temperal vortex that sent her back in time just briefly to a youthful childhood?

        well here in gettysburg we have a bridge called sacs bridge. its an old cover bridge from the early 1800s.

        i have spoken with over 25 to 30 different re enactors who all tell me the same story and they dont different on what is told.

        “I was dressed in period clothing as a re enactor taking photos of the bridge and stepped in a spot and I was transported back to the 1800s seeing what the spirits of the ghosts saw on there last days of there life.”

        NOT one but 25 to 30 individuals would tell me the same story over and over in grave detail to what they saw when they were teleported back into the past. Even if it was for a minute or 2. Is there historical evidence to what they saw? yes there is. I did my research on the bridge and the kids who died there. they were scalped by native americans and killed there. I actually got there names and when they died.

        t hey described what they saw almost like a movie being played over and over on repeat for visitors to view who come in period clothing.

        now to take this on a scientific level.. IT IS plausable that one did travel back into time to view what the spirits saw because they want you to see something because they want to be at peace and they want to go to heaven and head into the light but they cant because they havnt finished what they are set to finish here on earth.

        now back to her story.. scientifically.. it is plausable that she was able to view a time in her past life.

        yes i agree with you that we all have dreams like that of our child hood BUT we would also call that a dejavu moment.

        iv had those but then again were I seeing my childhood before my own eyes? its plausable.

        I remember things that my parents thought I woudnt know of like when iwas visiting family in taiwan and I pulled the table cloth off of a table ot tried to as a baby when my relitives picked me up. she said i dont know how you an remember that from being a baby. then I had a moment where I saw my whole elementry school daysb efore my eyes almost like someones life flashing before my eyes before i lived it.
        i can right now tell you what will happen to me in the next few weeks. becuase i know what will happen.. its a gift iwas borth with I hate it because i have seen many deaths in my dreams of friends and relitives dying.. and they ended up dying exactly how it was in my dreams.

        but back to the question.. I believe if the conditions are right that one can visit ones past through a temperal vortex that the music created. I cant explain it other then its sort of like an out of body experience where you are revisiting ones memory past and here you are for a brief few seconds.

  4. I wish it was real…I would love to go back and tell Randy Rhoads not to get on that airplane March 19th 1982!

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  6. I never thought I’d have to say this but a Scientologists E-Meter holds more weight than this device. Not by much, mind you.

  7. I want to time travel and visit the past to change everything for the better.

    Please talk to me. or e-mail me.

    1. We can all travel into the past memories and reading history books 📚 are a form of time travel, for the moment that’s all we have, what’s so bad in the past that you would wish to change it?, remember to take out the bad you also take out any good too, that has come after it. Mark

    2. So would I! I would make everything better for my family and myself. I would tell my mother to take better care of herself, and get her blood pressure down. She is 83 years old and suffering from kidney failure because doctors couldn’t regulate her blood pressure, but the kidney disease could be genetic. She has Hospice and I taking care of her at home because she refused dialysis because of her age. It breaks my heart to see her suffer.

  8. I got one this time machine in the past, much thinner.
    Can only take me to future time.
    It has a quartz crystal, a microchip, some gears, dials, and there’s a text in front ‘SEIKO’