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Project Pegasus: Time Travel and Teleportation Experiments

I’ve often mentioned Project Pegasus, but we’ve never really talked about it, you know? So sit back, relax, mix yourself a cool Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. Or don’t, because reading this will probably give you the same effect.*

In 2004, Washington-based attorney Andrew D. Basiago began telling his story of a top-secret organization called Project Pegasus. Although he was only seven years old at the time, Basiago claims he had, from 1968 to 1972, participated in a number of bizarre experiments that took him on journeys through time, space, and potentially into parallel universes.

“Project Pegasus was the classified, defense-related research and development program under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in which the US defense-technical community achieved time travel on behalf of the US government – the real Philadelphia Experiment.” – Project Pegasus Mission Statement

The mission of Project Pegasus was to study the effects of time travel and teleportation on children, as well as to relay important information about past and future events “to the US President, intelligence community, and military.”

The project, or so the story goes, involved a total of 140 children who would go on to become “America’s first generation of chrononauts.” According to Basiago, children were recruited specifically for their ability to adapt “to the strains of moving between past, present and future.”

But how?

While Basiago claims there were several time travel devices at work during these experiments, the majority of his temporal adventures can be attributed to our old friend Nikola Tesla.

Documents, allegedly retrieved from Tesla’s New York City apartment after his death in January 1943, revealed the schematic for a teleportation machine. Using something Basiago calls “radiant energy,” the machine would form a “shimmering curtain” between two elliptical booms.

“Radiant energy is a form of energy that Tesla discovered that is latent and pervasive in the universe and has among its properties the capacity to bend time-space.” – Andrew Basiago

Passing through this curtain of energy, Basiago would enter a “vortal tunnel” that would send him to his destination. The other teleportation devices included a “plasma confinement chamber” in New Jersey and a “jump room” in El Segundo, California. There was also some kind of “holographic technology,” which allowed them to travel “both physically and virtually.”

They weren’t always safe, though. According to the Huffington Post, one of Basiago’s cohorts, Alfred Webre, recalls one instance in which a child returned from his temporal voyage before his legs. As he puts it, “He was writhing in pain with just stumps where his legs had been.” These bugs, according Webre, have been ironed out in the 40 or so years since the experiments began.

As for his own trips, Basiago described traveling through the vortal tunnels as a rough and turbulent experience.

Through Time And Space

Andrew Basiago claims to be the young boy in oversized shoes in this photo taken during the Gettysburg Address
Image: Andrew D. Basiago

So where did Basiago travel during these experiments?

Several of his voyages led him to the 1800s. On one occasion, he found himself at Gettysburg on November 19, 1863, the day President Abraham Lincoln gave his famous Gettysburg address.

As Basiago tells the story, he had been dressed up as a “Union bugle boy.” However, he felt that his over-sized shoes were drawing too much attention, so he wandered away from the crowd, only to be photographed (as you can see in the alleged photo up there, blue arrows added). I go into more detail about this peculiar photograph here.

Basiago also traveled to the Ford Theatre on the evening President Lincoln was assassinated. In fact, he did so multiple times, even running into himself twice, though he never actually witnessed the assassination.

Each trip, he says, was slightly different than the last, leading Basiago to believe that it wasn’t just time travel at work; he was being sent into “slightly different alternative realities on adjacent timelines.”

Journeys To Mars

A lone traveler walks among red rocks
Image: Nicolas Lobos/Unsplash

Finally, let’s not forget Basiago’s trips to Mars.

In the 1980s, while working under Project Pegasus, he utilized the aforementioned “jump room” to teleport to the Red Planet, with the express mission of acting as an ambassador to the Martian civilization. His fellow travelers? William Stillings and President Barack Obama, among a number of others.

During his escapades to the Red Planet, Basiago claims he encountered many extraordinary things, not the least of which were towering dinosaurs and what he described as humanoid “scorpion men.” In fact, according to Basiago, the roaming Martian dinosaurs were known to devour any humans who found themselves lost on the planet’s surface.

Indeed, to hear Basiago tell it, Project Pegasus revealed Mars to be an extraordinary and dangerous place.

Andrew Basiago and the “Planetary Impact” of Project Pegasus

Today, the “new” Project Pegasus, with Andrew D. Basiago himself positioned as team leader, is apparently campaigning for the United States government to publicly disclose its teleportation technology. They believe this would benefit humanity as a whole, and make transportation both on Earth and throughout the cosmos instantaneous and environment-friendly. Or something like that.

At any rate, Basiago’s story is far from over. While the Web Bot’s prediction in 2009 that he would “make a [planetary impact]” as a government whistle blower never really came to pass, he’s got some new plans. Namely, he intends to run for President of the United States. He first attempted this in 2016:

“In 2016, Andrew D. Basiago will be a candidate for President of the United States under the banner Andy 2016 – A Time for Truth.”

However, while he didn’t succeed then, he may be planning to try again in 2020 (unfortunately, the official campaign website is currently missing). Their promise: To “lead the American people into a bold, new era of Truth, Reform, and innovation as great as they are great.”

To be honest, at this point I’m not entirely opposed to the idea.

*A beverage invented by ex-President of the Universe Zaphod Beeblebrox. Drinking a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster is said to be very much “like having your brains smashed out by a slice of lemon, wrapped ’round a large gold brick.”


Rob Schwarz

Rob Schwarz is a writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.


  1. A dude running on the promise of revealing the truth on time travel sounds like a better campaign platform than other candidates… Now this is chance I can believe in!

      1. OK Let’s say this were to happen every thing this article is saying and what he becomes president since he can time travel things can go bad he can change something that isn’t supposed to happen and that will affect us not him one becouese he has his time travel thing

      2. He couldn’t.
        A dimension’s past can’t be changed, it can be doubled.

        Every difference and option is manifested as a duplicate of the dimension. Therefore, even if he would end up changing the past based on how he would want it to be, we would still be exist as we did until now – but in a split dimension, where he, when returned to the present, would return to the dimension he changed.

      3. Hold on it could either do that or it could just change the present. There may be parallel universes in which the Mongols successfully invaded Japan. Point is it didn’t happen in our current universe

      4. Exactly, So you couldn’t save anyone you loved that’s been killed but, you could have a very close copy be saved etc.

      5. I know this post is a year old, but I have to agree with you. If people understand the theory of multiverse then it makes sense. For every new event or acted upon action a split is created where are new world gets created each time collapsing till infinity. This goes against the previous theory of a paradox travel. They can run parrarel to each other with minute or with significant differences. There’s even a theory that we switch between these dimensions all the time through a shift in our consciousness without realising it. One other theory that really interests me is 9-11 and the idea that it was an experiment to see how something as huge as an world event would shape our own consciousness and vow that would event these multiverses. (Bored coege girl over thinking)

      6. that makes sence , i also believe the original timeline cant be changed but another one can be superposed .

      7. I explained why it’s impossible to change what you want.
        To recap:
        If you would go to the past with the intention to change something in particular, and actually changed it, that particular thing bothering you in the future wouldn’t exist anymore.
        And if it wouldn’t exist, there would be no need for you to change it.
        And if there would be no need to change it, there would be no need for you to go to the past to change it.
        And if you wouldn’t go to the past to change it – then it would be still there in the first place.

        It’s a paradox. You can’t change it, no matter how hard you try.

      8. i got that you r right at one point but what i think that
        someone is going first time in the past not much far only few months or we can say he is going to correct his biggest mistek to make his life normal if he can do it whats gonna hpnd if he can change it he can change anything even stop to born himself just the biggest question is what will hepnd to him after that???

      9. If you have to ask this, then you didn’t get my point at all.
        It doesn’t matter how far you would go to change something.
        As long as your intention is to fix something, you won’t be able to fix that. Removing that mistake in the past, removes your reason for going to the past in the first place.

        You won’t change YOUR time (which is based on YOUR dimension) under no circumstances.
        As soon as you would change something in the past, you would create a parallel universe. In that new universe the mistake that you fixed wouldn’t happen and in that universe you wouldn’t go back in time to fix it (Not YOU you, but you from the other universe).
        In other words, regardless of your changes, you, the person who went back to fix it, would return to the same exact present as you left behind. Nothing would change in your dimension.
        In order to experience the change you would need an interdimensional machine, not a time machine. And even then, you wouldn’t take the place of the other you.
        You would still be a different individual, so you wouldn’t be able to live your own life. In other words changing your past to benefit yourself is not possible.

      10. if the event hpnd in history
        may be the moment we spand. it stick with a time. like we r record vdos. so when we will go back in time we r going to a perticular moment(time package) which is still in past and when we reached there it start from wherever we want. like we stop the vdo and leave it and whenever we want to see it again we can start it from where we poused it.?.

      11. so this is also a one of many possibility that whatever we do in present it can stick with our action is it possible ?

      12. I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying.

        But basically, as I said before, we make choices and with every choice a new alternative reality is created. We’ll always belong to the one reality that we create with our choices.
        That’s why I told you that even if you go back and change something, you’d still come back to your (identical) present. The past that you changed would only create an additional dimension which you wouldn’t be able to see.

      13. yes i cleared in this point i have been thinking about that and i have got one more point in current technology its not possible to travel at light speed
        so if we wanna travel to time we need teleportation because its easy to discover this tech rather then travel at light speed and i dont think so that its gonna hpnd..

      14. It cannot happen at all; There is no duplicate world or Universe because there can not be a duplicate of the human body,soul,spirit. Time Travel is beyond human capacity while in this life.

      15. You have less way of knowing your rejection of my understanding to have merit and I will continue to look at things with my Theological understanding of the Truth.

        You may not believe Jesus the Is the Lord and Savior, but I will not reject the Church Doctrines over feeding other’s fantasies of time travel. What you speak of is theory, and I have seen evidence in support of Catholic teaching as fact such as the the Shroud, Veil, Eucharist, Incorruptible, personal experiences, testimonies such as that of those near death and eyewitnesses of events such as Fatima….

        I will remain in my belief and personal theory that you cannot alter time on the sole fact that we are all individuals who cannot be duplicated (containing individual immortal souls) in an alternate time line; and that there is only one unalterable time line of which History remains as it has played out.

        I am certain that no man will achieve time travel unless God were to send the man someplace Himself because the cause and effects of it are beyond man’s capacity of understanding and control; not to mention that time and death are part of the curse of Adam and we are all in that until we pass from this life into the next which is not bound by time.

        God exists outside of Time in the infinite “now” and is in control; for lack of a batter argument; “He won’t allow it”.

      16. how do you know though? how does anyone whos not helping know anything about space, time travel, mind control.
        government hides evidence, then once evidence is about to be reveal, it gets destroyed. have an open mind. outta human capacity yeah right, human beings are innovative af and can do anythingt they put their mind to

      17. I do have an open mind. But it also doesn’t hurt to have logic.
        Think about it. If in the present you have the intention to change something in the past and you go to the past to change it.
        Then the thing that made you make such decision won’t exist anymore – which consecutively removes your decision in the present for going to the past to change it (because, since you changed it in the past, it didn’t exist in the present).
        That’s why it’s impossible to intentionally change the past.

      18. Please be advised that the Gettysburg photo with with basisgo in it was taken before Andy was even born and in the same reality connected time we are on today. He could not have gone back to that particular plane of conscious existence because it’s not there to go back to. Everyone of those in that particular photo including Mr. Lincoln and the boy in the picture were born in that connected time plane had had lived out their lives connected to our present day and therefore are not in existence to travel back to. We’re not on a movie or film strip to be wound back to a particular scene.

    1. I would just love to go anywhere but here. I would love to experience anything else. I do not want to change anything, just enjoy, listen, and learn.

  2. Great blog, these posts are fun to read! I find it interesting that Barry Soetero was sent to Mars on one of these trips. Thats hilarious! But can it be true? Who knows………We sure dont know anything as they dont tell us anything.

    1. The only thing you can be sure of is that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is Lord and Savior and is returning again to rule this earth. The rest is conspiracy.

      1. Oh, And what makes you think that Jesus is returning?? Someone write it somewhere? Someone tell you? Prove it! The ultimate conspiracy is the church and has been for well over 1000 years. Oh, while we are at it…How do you know Jesus ruled the earth? You read it somewhere? Some one tell you?? You said “again” which refers to the idea that he was here once already. How do you know that this Jesus person is returning after being dead for 2000 years? Read it somewhere? Someone tell you? How can we be sure this Jesus person is returning? Read it somewhere? Someone tell you? Seems someone that has died over 2000 years ago doesn’t exactly have the best track record for coming back since why wait until any time after today when he already has had 2000 years to contemplate how to do this! I always say that if you can’t figure out how to do something in the first couple hundred years then just give it up!
        So as crazy as this time travel guy sounds, at least he didn’t promise anything was going to happen!
        At this point, and reading the your two lines above I would have to say that any conspiracy here is one that contains Jesus, his return, how he ruled the earth when there is no proof he did any such thing of how he will if he ever shows up! Believe it or not, the guy sounds more believable than your Jesus statement and there probably people alive that can vouch for this guy as opposed to a priest just telling you stories of what someone told him!

  3. Well based off this article it sounds like he created a couple paradoxes you see it wasn’t dimension jumping it was time travel if what he says is true than it was merelya flux in the time stream happens all the tim

  4. Many years ago, I heard someone say that, if time travel was possible, Ford’s Theater would be filled, not with contemporary Washingtonians out to see a show, but with time travellers there to witness Lincoln’s assassination.

    Regarding this notion of using children in top secret experiments, you can’t get a kid to keep a secret about getting one piece of candy more than his siblings let alone time traveling.

    The icing on the cake is this notion of Barry Obama traveling through time. Either this guy is a pathological liar or a psychotic.

    1. Well also kids aren’t believeable so on this end it is also a good idea to use kids but to be frank I don’t believe it.

      1. Exactly my thoughts Kyle listening to his story. if you transported a child back in time and he (or she) started going around telling people he was a time traveler it is allot more likely that people would just laugh it off than if it came from an adult.

  5. im in for sure and i am as sane as one can be these days. i would love to support someone who would tell the truth and help the lower class (so called) us citizen

  6. sounds kind of like the beast menciont in the bible witch will take over under a false peace and destroy all true christians

    1. Agree 100% . That’s exactly what it’s going to be. He’s going to be loved by everyone & he’s eventually going go be the one to destroy all the Christians .

  7. is travelling back in time actually possible? and can you change somethng you whole heartedly and painfully regretted doing??

    1. according to the laws of physics, nothing prevents this from happening. You would just need to go faster than the speed of light, which is impossible of what we know.

  8. If he has traveled to the future, he know who won or lost the 2016 presidential election, sooooo…
    A good question for the “future” candidate, huh?

    1. he didn’t need to travel to that time period. he could have traveled to a time period that was farther into the future, which is much more likely.

  9. He says he believes that each time he travelled it wasn’t through our timeline but to parallel universes, but also claims that on numerous occasions he encountered himself from a previous trip.
    So which is it? If he’s visiting a new place every time, how can his previous self have been there already?
    Sort it out Andy!

    1. Not to defend Basiago’s claim or anything, but it’s possible that the Basiagos he ran into were simply other versions of himself from other universes that also traveled back to the same time. So, there’d be an infinite number of Basiagos traveling backwards in time in an infinite number of universes…or something like that. I don’t know.

      1. Well yes either that or it could be himself from visiting one time, but the problem with your theory that I can poke a hole right through is the fact that he would likely be visiting it in alternate timelines so it sort of makes your claim nonsensical. Why would he be going back in time from alternate universe and arrive at one certain universe. That’s the one problem I have with your theory. Mine is just that he visits the same time more than once and thus he runs into himself, because it’s just that one time not one time in alternate universes or him from alternate universes.

    2. He could easily see himself from a parallel universe.
      Let’s say that the possibility theory is true and that every choice creates a new universe. There are infinite amount of universes in which this guy was traveling to the past as well as infinite amount of universes in which he didn’t.
      It only makes sense that he would be able to meet himself from another dimension (which can be pretty much the same as ours, and therefore also interpreted and understood as ours)

  10. If Basiago did really time traveled, then he must have won the lottery and since he did not, then I would consider this as a lie.

  11. Would be interesting to learn the truth about time travel and teleportation. Butthe presidency requires more than that. Starting with the truth is a good start, tho.

  12. The notion of using children as time travelers is dubious in that children, while they are wonderful people, are also like tiny drunk insane people who become slightly less so with experience and maturity… To trust them with exploring and safeguarding the time line seems somewhat less than the best method.

    I guess the only thing that would make that make sense is a more in-depth explanation of what way were they “more able to deal with time travel” ?

    1. it would also be better, because adults tend to be more close-minded, while children are going through the first few years of their life; they just believe what they see

  13. “quote;
    Radiant energy is a form of energy that Tesla discovered that is latent and pervasive in the universe and has among its properties the capacity to bend time-space.” – Andrew Basiago”

    yes but it is a standing energy that needs be pulled out to use.

  14. Yes look at documents on Facebook Tuesday, February 17, 2015 time travel and teleportation search for word press articles on gary space on wormholes teleportation time continuum

    1. Only because it makes no sense to us,it doesn’t actually mean it’s not true. Time travel might as well be possible, however, i’m quite certain that the government wouldn’t let this guy talk if that would be the truth. He would have been dealt with either in the present or, if the project was real, in the past.

      1. Time travel is possible, GPS satellites have to have their clocks reset everyday due to relativistic effects. Time does not tick away the same way for everyone. Although for us the difference is too small to notice, but not too small to measure. you can measure it with 2 cesium clocks with as little ad 16 feet difference in height. In fact on a physic 3 final we had a relativity problem which was with using special relativity and data from the cosmic background radiation to see if the 6 day literal 24 hour a day creation was indeed a reasonable account. The first 31 verses in Genesis. Fact is when you do the problem you also get a correct age of the universe in terms of our clock of 15.75 billion years. See the books of Dr Gerald Schroeder and his lectures on you tube. 51 Astro physicists have agreed with him as well, for a number of different reasons. So extreme time dilation was in effect at the birth of the universe so that Both a 6 day time relative to Gods time frame is true as is a 15.75 billion year time in our frame of reference. So not only is time travel possible God did it to one of the prophets to bring dinner to Daniel in the lions den and then returned him back a difference of 400 years so it would get recorded. It might be only the Domain of God, but God acts in accordance to the laws He set up. So with enough power like with Cern using 40 Tev, I expect along with ripping a hole in space-time that they could warp and connect 2 focus points in the continuum. They have already got a picture of highly compressed protomatter which looks like a drop of water and acts like a liquid. Again confirming the description of genesis of Gods brooding over the waters. Although this water was very heavy so much that light could not escape and it was 14 Trillion degrees Kevin.

        So while it might not seem believable it is possible, Although I think humans would muck things up terribly more so than we already have and the effect would be potentially devastating. Heck even Hawking is not comfortable with what CERN is doing mucking with the power of creation. Further it can be used to extract lots of antimatter, which we have have been able to do since the late 50’s is very small amounts. That stuff is really hard to contain and that was done in the 90’s. It is like trying to maintain a snow flake in the middle of a blast furnace only more difficult. If any of the current devices lose containment the results for a small amount like 5 pounds of antimatter contains 97.6 megatons of destructive force. This is more yield than the most powerful H-bomb exploded to date. Our largest bomb is a 90 megaton crowd pleaser H-Bomb. all it needs to go off is contact with any kind of matter in this reality. So if vacuum fails or the magnetic containment its curtains. Further if one loses containment because of spooky action at a distance all containment containers may go. The US has been messing with this stuff along with the EU and Russia no doubt for many years. China is building a bigger LHC than CERN and that is even more scary than Iran with nukes frankly.

        This person can also be a disinformation agent as well and that needs to be considered too. The CIA is not above doing this sort of thing

      2. I don’t believe that we can travel in the past and affect our own dimension’s future.
        Sure time is non existent, but this doesn’t mean that the actions we did are also non existent.
        If it would be posible for you to go back to the past to change anything, as soon as you would do the change nothing would change for us. However, you would create a new paralel universe with that specifi change in it.
        You wouldn’t in no way change your own past. And here’s an example why.

        Let’s say you go back in time to save a person you love.
        If it would be possible for you to affect the past, then sure, you would save that person. Saving this person would mean that in the future not only they would be saved as you wished, but also that they wouldn’t need saving in the first place, so you wouldn’t go in the past to save them. And if you wouldn’t go in the past to save them, then they would have died. You create a paradox, an anomaly that can’t exist. Regardless of what you do, when you’ll come back, nothing will change. You can’t change the past, because as soon as you change it, your future wouldn’t go back to change it, so it would stay the same. Or you would simply cease to exist- which means that you wouldn’t be able to put the plan in action to begin with.

        What you would do, is create an alternate reality – or more preciselly, just add to the many. Nothing special.

        And also, the whole thing that you were talking about – this has nothing to do with going back in time. It has to do with “time” manipulation. It just makes the flow slower, it doesn’t however reverse it.

      3. Your basing your return to the present on the fact that you wouldn’t remember going to the past to change something. Wtf?

      4. No Scott. You’re looking at different time as it would be a different space. It’s not.

        Going back in time would still keep your timeline being affected by different changes.
        I’ll try to explain it more in details.

        So your loved one died on 1.1.2011. In 2016 an option arises, After thinking about it, you decide that you’ll go back in the past to save her.
        So you go and you manage to save her.
        Now, as soon as you do, you changed the events followed by it too. Since your girlfriend would still be alive in the past, your past self would live a happy life with her.
        So then the 2016 comes up and an option arises to go back in the past. You, since your girlfriend is safe and sound, don’t have any reason to save her in the past because she’s alive. And therefore don’t do anything.
        This would create a paradox.
        Because if there’s noone else to go back to save her in the first place, she would die but if she would die, you would go back to save her.
        At the end – the only explanation is that by doing that, you don’t change the time, but rather create a new parallel reality in which your gf didn’t die.

  15. time travel is just like space time drifts of . so theres a key to time travel something that’s missing more then we think.

  16. i would so love to beable to do this. and Brandon Ryan, i agree with you this is a change i can believe in, and i think he would be a good one to vote for, does any one have any updates on to weather or not he entered into the race for president?

  17. This started out as soemthing like in Against the Day, and now it’s its own crazy thing. Can anyone else smell the next Pynchon novel? it would be in the vein of the aforementioned and Mason & Dixon. It’s beautiful, I can see it now.

  18. Ok so if he did travelled in the past?how did he ever returned from there.I mean technically he need the same machine to travel back to the future..so was there any time travel machines in the late 1800’s?????

  19. I have heard like 20 people claiming they traveled through time, but I didn’t believe any of them, because they were irrational. I am skeptical. Listening to Andrew Basiago, however, was drastically different. My intuition told me that he spoke the truth. And once I listened to him for hours, I was fully convinced. Please vote for him; he also knows the importance of the Bill of Rights, he wants to repeal the Patriot Act, and other things that would make the world a better place.

  20. I think the truth is that he was part of a government project to test the effects of hallucinogenics on children. “Time travel” was the theme and while ol Andy thought he was jumping through time, he was merely strapped to a medical table undergoing experimentation. So sad.

  21. Maybe its true, but unless the government found some way to destroy and recreate matter, i find this highly unlikely. everytime he timetravelled, he’d be making polar duplicates of himself in different timelines. it cant happen unless scientists just somehow “changed” physics.

  22. I heard a theory how to change past without time travel. Theory says: universe contains information about past. This information is always correct. Changing this information will change the past. Shortly past is the information in universe.

    1. no you can change your future without time travel but not past…..and moreover if you go into your past…the time runs back and so as your body right….so you should keep your body static and let the current of time flow backward which is impossible

  23. Good morning. My name is London Stanley. How are you
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    1. Actually, Andrew Basiago is (according to this list) currently running for president. You can find his name under the “Independent, Other & Write-In Candidates” section near the end: http://www.politics1.com/p2016.htm

      And this page here has some pictures of what he looks like: http://midnightinthedesert.com/fri-aug-14-andrew-d-basiago-time-travel/

  24. You had me interested until you mentioned Barry Soetoro. That has been squashed as a load of hogwash years ago. I can’t stand Obama so you know where I stand politically. But I also can’t stand conspiracy theories.

  25. Basiago could very well be the man the world Believes to be Donald Trump…? I know any thing is possable when one has Billions of Dollars & is friends with the global Elite you could pull this all off !

  26. Looney Toon ;-)
    but I’m not so sure that he is looney.
    … when did Looney Toons change to Looney Tunes? … with no trace of Looney Toons to be found. (Mandela effect)

  27. my request is for those who success to time travel do not change the past it will disconnect you from the timeline

  28. The latest thing I have heard from other sources is that they have achieved time travel at the CERN project, but that they cannot control where and when they will land when going forward or backward in time, and they are still working on that. I have also heard that more than one of the physicists at CERN have expressed regret over messing with this, and one already has allegedly committed suicide over the catastrophic consequences they have brought about with their experimentation so far. Lucky us! We’ll be lucky to survive with an intact planet at all due to these psychotic people at CERN and their foolhardy experiments which should never have been attempted in the first place!

  29. Reminds me a bit of parts of the Montauk story. Not the “summoning monsters from imagination to reality” part, but the travel adventures at least. I wonder if there is some core of truth to these tales. Or maybe even more than just a core. I’d imagine that, if true, the government will disclose ET before this, though.

  30. I may have been part of a similar project, but there’s no way I can be sure. I used to be in the US Naval Cadet Corps, and it wasn’t until I got back to my home country that the idea of me being in space came into my head one day, and also because I found that my bones felt weak. I constantly had problems with my teeth. It just felt that I was brittle, and over the years, I was able to build back my body to where I could go running again. I was very deficient in vitamins and minerals. By 24, I was married and by 26 had my first child, and one night, after finally getting him to sleep, I went outside at about 3am to sit on the steps, overlooking the hills in the distance, and a very clear night sky. As I looked up, I saw a shooting star, and hey..why not, closed my eyes and made a wish. I opened my eyes and still looking up in the sky, I saw another shooting star, coming from the opposite direction. What luck!! ..I made another wish, and again opened my eyes, and holy ****, another shooting star coming from left now, and it was at this point, I said to myself, “No, no, no..somebody fighting up there and they’re making an ass out of me down here” And, again there was another streak across the sky, this time from my right. I sat there with my mouth open, looking up in the night sky waiting to see more, but that was it. Over the next several years, I would come outside early in the mornings and I would sit, looking up at the stars, using peripheral vision, and I would see these random flashes of light way up in the sky. They must have been in space. I could not look directly at them, because I would loose track of them, but using peripheral vision, I could barely track them as they moved across the sky. At random times, they would flash brightly. One time, I saw two of them come close to each other. Mind you, this was back in 2002, 2003 time line. Raytheon Corporation operated the US Air Force base here, and I knew a guy on the base and thought I would ask him about these UFO’s. Seems legit, so I called him and invited him to the hotel where I worked and we sat down and talked. I told him what I was seeing, and asked him if he knew anything about them, and he just started looking like he got suspicious of me, and was looking around. He told me, he couldn’t tell me anything ,and said he had to leave, and so he left. What happened after and later that night still troubles me. I went home from work, did the normal, and went to bed. In my sleep, I dreamt that I got up, and went to the bedroom window. There was a really smooth, shiny metallic UFO right outside the bedroom window. Next, I’m in a car, in a desert. I get the impression of being in Nevada. Two guys are sitting in the front seat, and one of them says, “here comes your ride…” Then, a really large aircraft that looks like a fighter jet, slows down, over the car, executes a smart, circular turn, and touches down vertically, just like you see them do in Star Wars. The next thing I know, I’m on a huge, flatbed elevator on what looks like Mars. This is the impression I get in my mind. (The same type elevator aircraft carriers use to transport aircraft from below deck to the top deck.) I am with a few guys, and the elevator is now going down. It’s amazing. There is an entire ocean under the surface, and I see what looks like a whale, and it makes almost the same sound as whales do on earth. One guy walks to the edge of the elevator, and out of my mouth comes the words, “Remember what they told us, to keep away from the edges…” and just as I say this, he looses his balance and falls. ****!!, the rest of run over, lie down, and look over. We see him at the bottom. It doesn’t look good. The elevator stops, and we are greeted by a female Air Force officer. She is a Lieutenant, and I see her name tag. She says welcome to the decision facility. My understanding after that, is that other beings from other star systems are here too. We learn about their homes, cultures, society, governments ,etc, etc. We then decide if we want to go further, to go to their world and live a while, and they to ours. I then find a door. Nothing written on the door. I open the door, and I see hundreds of thousands, as far as the eye can see, Human Clones in suspended animation. I see and recognize a few of them, and I see one I know! I wake up and in the pit of my stomach, I feel and know something is wrong. This bad feeling persists for a couple months and I begin to hate going to sleep. The following year, I start having kidney problems, and try my best to deal with it. My wife’s boss is pregnant and she needs type O blood. I volunteer, because I’m type O blood. I go to the hospital, get my blood tested and the nurse gives me the card. I’m type A. I says to her, she made a mistake. I’m type O. Ohhh man, she looks really angry now. She hold me like a child, puts me to sit down in the chair, orders me to stick my finger out, pricks it, squeezes the blood out, drops a chemical on it, the color changes, she holds it up to a color chart, and start tapping on the chart and says, what does that say??! ….I look at the chart, and the color matches to blood type A. Ok, I’m really confused now, because all my life, I’m blood type O. How in the hell does your blood change from O to A?? The doctor tells me that’s impossible and I’m mistaken. He then asks me, sarcastically, if I was ever pregnant. Like, really?? Eventually, I go back to what happened the night I “dreamt” and the bad feeling that persisted for a couple months, then the problem with my kidneys, and now this. Did I spook the guy from Raytheon? Did I experience a military type abduction? Did they find out something about me, even I didn’t know? Did they try to fix my memory, but found out someone else had already done that for something else? I saw the guy again, years later, and he took the opportunity to use his phone to take some video of me. Nice…but why?

  31. One would have to be a “space cadet” to admit this a possibility……sorry but…..a nice fiction piece.

  32. Kai; you speak as if one Religion has not proven all others to be false already through Scientific method.

  33. “I will continue to look at things with my Theological understanding of the Truth.

    You may not believe Jesus the Is the Lord and Savior, but I will not reject the Church Doctrines over feeding other’s fantasies of time travel. What you speak of is theory, and I have seen evidence in support of Catholic teaching as fact such as the the Shroud, Veil, Eucharist, Incorruptible, personal experiences, testimonies such as that of those near death and eyewitnesses of events such as Fatima….

    I will remain in my belief and personal theory that you cannot alter time on the sole fact that we are all individuals who cannot be duplicated (containing individual immortal souls) in an alternate time line; and that there is only one unalterable time line of which History remains as it has played out.

    I am certain that no man will achieve time travel unless God were to send the man someplace Himself because the cause and effects of it are beyond man’s capacity of understanding and control; not to mention that time and death are part of the curse of Adam and we are all in that until we pass from this life into the next which is not bound by time.

    God exists outside of Time in the infinite “now” and is in control; for lack of a batter argument; “He won’t allow it”.”

  34. All sounds great, but I would like to know just how they ever were able to control exactly where and when someone arrrives at? I mean, you could wind up materializing into solid rock, or a thousand feet under water, or up in the sky, and then fall to your death! Just how is the transportation destination selected for, and controlled??? What if you ended up thousands of years in the past, with predatory animal life all around you? Also, just how would one return, after all, I doubt that the same equipment was at the destination time periods back in the past, so how did anyone return to the present, and at the proper time?

  35. Where are the sources for all of the information in this article?
    Because Basiago talked about Project Pegasus during a deathbed confession and all of these details were not included.
    Deathbed confessions are not lenghly.

    1. This was written in 2014. I link to the sources in the post, which include the Project Pegasus website, as well as an interview that appeared in the Huffington Post back in 2012. When I wrote this, there was also an interview with Basiago on YouTube in which he retold the story, which I used as reference, as well.

      That particular video is unfortunately no longer available, but there are many other videos of Basiago retelling his Project Pegasus story still up on YouTube.

      Also, to my knowledge Andrew Basiago is still alive, and is planning to run for President again in 2020: http://andy2020.net/

  36. I have wondered if The Hat Man is actually a time traveller(s) since he almost always appears to children and is usually maelevolent. Maybe he/they are sent to hand pick kids to time travel and then they are sent back with brains swipped of the memory. All they usually can remember is seeing The Hat Man and being terrified. It would explain a lot since The Hat Man is sometimes seen in a top hat but other times in a fedora and sometimes in an gaucho or Amish style hat ( maybe a Puritan hat from the Witch Trial days?). Time travellers have to wear protection from EMR. They are often seen with red glowing eyes which are probably protective goggles. They often appear to be 8 feet tall (time warping distorts their bodies when they first leave their tube or whatever). Just theories on my part.

  37. I was wondering if someone could look at my website facebook.com/deltaoverpchanneler.

    Thank You.

  38. come on Andy Please run for president in 2020 you have my vote. Although your story’s are so far out there from what a normal person experiences throughout their lifetime, I am a believer as I have had some experiences of time travel myself to an extent. as being a DSPS student at Santa Barbara City College. I feel as though my classmates and I are a part of something Bigger than what we can comprehend. My classmates and I were telepathically speaking with the help of our professor. its my belief that we are being trained to be future politicians. of course when I talk about this with my therapist she says its part of mania and bi-polar. She says that these are dilutions but it is too real.

  39. If there is any truth to this particular Pegasus project then there should be evidence.Andrew claims to have time traveled himself, described it as a parallel universe or virtual realities. If he did indeed time travel there’s about 100 things that he should be able to articulate on, not just saying I went from point B to point Z. What dates did they arrive at that you would go into the past and for what specific reason? There should be much more evidence describing his travel. He describes it as “turbulent” well I can get that from an airplane!
    This teleportation process needs to be described in hundreds if not thousands of words. And if he did participate and it’s been more than 50 years, why did he not get Barack Obama to uncover or at least find out some of the things while he was in presidency.
    And this is just one of thousands of things a lot of people like this to believe but without proof it’s your fantasy.

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