Time Travel

Did This Man Find A Wormhole Under His Kitchen Sink?

On August 30, 2006 in Sweden, Håkan Nordkvist came home to find water pooling on his kitchen floor.

Assuming it was a leak, he gathered some tools and, opening the kitchen sink cabinet, reached his arm in to feel for the piping.

But he reached farther than he’d expected.

“I had to crawl inside the cabinet, and as I did so, I discovered that it just continued. So I kept on crawling further and further into the cabinet. In the end of the tunnel I saw a light, and when I got there, I realized I was in the future.”

Nordkvist claimed that he traveled into the future, to the year 2042. There, he met his 72-year-old self, and they compared tattoos and shared personal information that only the true Håkan Nordkvist would know.

He also allegedly captured this footage of himself (himselves?) with his cellphone:

“…I dont´care if people thinks I am a liar. I know I’m not. I met myself in the future, and I was fine. That’s all I know.”

As is usually the case, sometimes it’s better to suspend disbelief and just enjoy the story itself. A man finds a wormhole under his kitchen sink and meets his future self, videotapes the encounter on his phone, and makes it back in time for dinner?

Why not?

Håkan Nordkvist, Time Traveller?
Image: YouTube
Time Travelling Tattoo?
Image: YouTube

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Rob Schwarz

Rob Schwarz is a writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.


  1. if his tattoo had over 36 years to mature, there is no way it would have appeared so bright and un-weathered. especially on the skin of a 72 year old man.

    1. I’ve seen a magician on stage crawl into a Toilet Bowl and completely disappear. The really, really strange and unbelievable thing is, it’s that this magician didn’t even ask for any Toilet Paper before he went away?????

    2. If he travelled into the future then his physical body in Aug 2016 would have disappeared into the future. And his 72 year old future self would not even exist! All he would see in the future would be “This guy went missing in 2016”. If he said his 72 year old future self, time travelled back to 2016 then this would be more scientifically plausible to have a video taken together. So what he is expecting us to believe that he visited a parallel universe as in the Film Sliders plus way in the future! And fact he mentions he crawled through a wormhole tunnel suggests a solid mass floor, which wormholes do not have.

  2. Oh. really? the facial features of the older man are different and his tattoo is larger and completely unaged. Oh, and it’s a, what, 5 second clip- with the sun in behind both men- with absolutely no reference to where they are or…you know, defining birthmarks. and he just “kept crawling” back into that sink space? really? he can’t even give us an idea of the exact time he left and got back, how he did so, the experience he had of “traveling through a wormhole,” what his 70 yo self had to say or what questions he asked “himself.” Most fail hoax I’ve seen in a while and I don’t see why anyone bothered to ask a professor “is it possible?” well, sure. in theory travel [to the future] is possible. in theory, perpetual motion and communism work. this man is an utter idiot for not even trying to make this remotely believable, just grabbing some old guy with a shaved head, slapping a stick on tattoo, filming into the sun, and hoping no one called bull.

  3. The worm hole under the sink was an advert for a pension fund http://message.snopes.com/showthread.php?t=21855

  4. Or some people just enjoy the stories. Not everything has to be real or serious, and no one gets points for…well, for pointing out the obvious.

  5. I’m bit in the dark not sure, on any if it! But I do know that my husband believe, so 100% in all of it! He exsoerinces in things himself! He swears he has traveled in time.

  6. Uhm.. yea that clip is from a Swedish commercial.. They ran a campaign for quite a while with the concept “what would your future self say about your pension fund”

  7. obviously this guy is lying. first thing that is wrong where did the leak come from? was it by a lake or river or ocean? second, wormholes are molecule size or huge! they always end up in space or another dimension. probably the 1st or 2nd dimension. and how did he magically find himself? 3rd, he could have just found an old guy, got a sharpie and drawn it on himself!

  8. If this was true, why not ask the guy how he got back then to the time he currently is in? Too me it just doesn’t make sense, also when he was there, why didn’t he ask his older self questions about what the outlay of the future had in store. You mean to tell me that if you travel into the future, that the only thing your going to do is “Have a good Time” I don’t buy it!! And Yeah the tattoos are similar, but there are tons of bald men that look similar too him around you can mimic a tattoo too pretty easily.. I say Bogus! Although I do think time travel is possible, I just don’t really see any good evidence of it at this point. Maybe their not saying because it could distort their bodies into the time condinuim, never to be seen again… once they give the information of course, but if you were a true heroic and wanted to really share the truth, you would take that chance!!

  9. can I have that wormhole plz… I want to create them at will…
    note to future self: make a wormhole back to the past and collect myself and get to use future tech faster cause apple is too slow

  10. Actually to a person with no knowledge of time travel I’d say that this would be his best bet. I imagine he did however ask his future self about his life (if it’s true, cuz I doubt anyone could go and NOT ask themselves) but I doubt he would have told himself. Nonetheless perhaps he thought that asking might change something he needed to do if he let himself know, and he wouldn’t know the repercussions and would not his older self. He may have even told his younger self and simply decided not to inform the public for fear it would change far too much in his own time.

  11. not saying this story is true in the slightest but wormholes exist EVERYWHERE, if you do the smallest amount of research into it, you will find that they (NASA and the like) discovered dozens upon dozens just in our atmosphere and in 2014 will be sending unmanned probes to them to get some data

  12. why this is fake,
    his tatoo looks fresh even on his 70 year old future self,
    if it was really him in 70, the tattoo would have wear out a little and turn green, jsut like every other black tatoo

    1. Considering you can touch up a tattoo and the design is basic and not anything complex. It is a possibility. Not saying I agree with the video but tattoo touch is pretty common.

  13. Here are some questions that I would ask him to prove if he is a liar or not! 1. How did you get back? 2. Can you please show me the hole, or did it ‘close up’? 3. Do you have your own explanation on how this happened? 4. Can you take me with you next time?!

  14. if this is real then when he is 72, his younger self will appear. but if hes dead then we will know that hes lying. if i was in the future i wouldnt just “have a great time”. yeah i wouldnt be so public so the world wont flip out but i would at least come back with so physical evidence.

  15. According to a law about time travelling. You cannot be seen, by yourself or anyone who knows you for that matter. IDK. something like that tho.

  16. So when he turns 72 he should expect for his past self to emerge from under the kitchen sick?

    1. Yeah, and he’ll be expecting it, which begs the question was he expecting it the ‘time’ before????

  17. Is nobody gonna mention that those tattoos look like they are barely a week old? After 40 years you’d think it had faded a lot, gotten green and such…

  18. Supposed his future self killed him. If he did, his future self couldn’t be there…. It’s the reverse grandfather paradox.

  19. why did he film himself… only one video.. even the stupidest person would have a made multiple videos to show how the future looks like.. and still doesn’t explain how did he come back.

  20. Well if we need to get technical about this, I would have to say that this video fake. In science, it is impossible to meet yourself because your older self and the younger self can’t be in the same timeline. even if you are able to go into the future you can’t mess anything in that timeline up because this could lead to the total annihilation of the earth. If you so much as look at your older self in the future both you and them will cease to exist. until we get more advanced in our technology it is extremely risky to “time travel”

  21. I guess that the wormhole under the sink is preferable to having a time machine in one’s toilet . . .