Letters Found at Coffee Shop Prove the Dangers of Time Travel

Reddit user Unlucky13 was sitting at his local coffee shop when he noticed a small drawer under his table. Curious, he opened it. Several handwritten notes were inside.

What he found, then, was a harrowing tale of time travel gone wrong.

“If you are reading this, it means the worst has happened…I am trapped in the year 2013.”

A man named Dave, stuck in 2013, unable to blend into our “primitive culture.” A woman named Emily, who attempted to send help from the future only for her “space-time flux-capacitor” to malfunction on her time machine (who knows her fate!). And a little girl, Sasha, pleading for her grandpa Nick to return to 2278 so she’ll still exist.

Does any of this make sense? Well, no. But just go with it.

Who wrote these notes? Why were there drawers under the table? And what’s up with flux capacitors? Nothing but trouble, I’m telling you…

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      1. If Sasha wrote that in 2278 then we wouldn’t be able to read it yet because it wont be there. That coffee shop probably won’t be either lol you don’t actually believe this do you?

  1. “And a little girl, Sasha, pleading for her grandpa Nick to return to 2278 so she’ll still exist.”

    Haha, grandfather paradox does not exist.

  2. The malfunction can be repaired with a miniaturized version of the Russian built Gyrotron, the starting unit for the Tokomak Fusion Reactor. Please refer to the General Electric C204 schematic for installation layout. Good luck, time permitting, see you on the other side.

      1. John titor??? Whats next weeks euro millions winning numbers? If you can give me the winning numbers 3 weeks in a row then ill believe you lol

    1. Hey John Titor, I am very curious about the Future. Maybe I can help? Email me plz to and maybe we could talk more? Chears :-) :-) :-)

    2. So Mr. John titor who invented time travel if it is real and if Time travel exists will it be the cause of The New World Order and if not whats the future like

  3. they will still use ink and paper in the future…hmmmm, I am going to invent a future pen….

  4. And the rest of u timetravelers out there im so mesmerized by the time traveling stories. Doing a litle psyco analizis i can c that u guys tell the truth. I would be So pleased to talk to u guys. I c u come to our time for a reason. Im sure we will have alot to talk about??? So, plz if u read this plz email me at
    Year 2016, March of the 19th
    Or maybe I could help u guys somehow??? :-) :-) :-)

  5. John Titor created a new time line for us. Im sure u are aware about reptilians in the Future. I have been in contact with them for the past 10 years.Ive learned their psycology and methods. I know how they think. I know how to manipulate them. So, if u contact me i can tell u how u can manipulate them and make them do what u want. :-) :-) :-)
    Contacts with these creatures can be very dangerous or just enoying.
    Plz dont b shy all u time travelers and contact me here
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  6. So, The John Titor……was he for real? A little thought. In the begining of the 21st century about 15 US states including Texas gave petitions to the US Congress about secession from the Union. If it would not have been for September 11th, we would have been missing a few states in the Union.
    John Titor told a story of the events wich would happen if America would of fell apart. Only the events of September 11 2001 held American Nation together. (Everybody got scared I guess??? Lol :-) :-) :-) )
    The nuclear war did not happen in 2015 , but quite similar event happened. Russia engage in war with the Islamic State. May this event lead the World to the nuclear war in the Future? Hope not. Lol. :-)
    Looks like the experiments with the Big Andron Colider gave some positive resolts in the Future.
    But playing with Protons would make a Time Travel possible.
    Looks like when Pluto marches through the Pisces people will b very different.
    :-) :-) :-)

  7. My Major man Andrew Carlsin (I beleave from the year of 2258 or something?) Was he for real? So, here’s this guy Andrew Carlsin enters Wall street with 800$, making a few high risk operations and turns 800$ into the 360,000,000$ ??????????????????
    Ni**a plz………. :-) :-) :-)
    So, he s been charged with the insider info trading.
    What FBI did not realize is that be this guy working for somebody, presumably top notch businessmen, presumably very rich. He would not enter the game with just 800$ I guess his hypothetical bosses would of given him more then that. Say 10000$ up to a million, or probly more.
    Then another thought you don’t rush, u play slow other wise that’s pretty apparent – u gonna get cought. Then u leave, come back in a wile. U know the insiders info about the market right? Play some more. And make your billion in parts.
    This guy started out like a “street bom”
    with 800$ and in 2 weeks made it 360 Million $
    My opinion he was for real. And he wanted to draw attention. The question why?

  8. Excuse me, I have red the entire text. A bunch of words without any sense it sounds like a writing of a scizo, or is that how people talk to one another in the Future? :-)