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Sir Victor Goddard’s Time Slip Adventure

As a two-time chrononaut myself, I know how disorienting it is to inexplicably teleport to another place in time. Sir Victor Goddard knows what I’m talking about, because in 1935 he had his own bizarre experience over an airfield in Drem, Scotland.

One day that year, he was flying to Edinburgh from Andover, England. And while on this perfectly ordinary flight, he passed over a dilapidated airfield in Drem, Scotland. This place had long been abandoned, to the point where foliage had overtaken most of the area and cattle had made themselves at home. That’s what Goddard saw as he flew over — a farm, with a whole lot of nothing going on.

So he continued on his way, until he reached his destination at Edinburgh.

A few days later, Goddard began his trip back to Andover. He took the same route, which would lead him once again over Drem, but before he could get there, he ran into a peculiar storm. I call it peculiar, because along with high winds and torrential rain, the storm clouds were yellow. It didn’t take long for Goddard to become disoriented and lose control of his plane.

He tried to regain control by climbing above the yellow clouds, but they seemed to have no end. His plane began to fall. Fortunately for him, that’s when something unexpected happened: the clouds broke, and he could see the ground again.

Off in the distance was the Drem airfield.

Flying Through Time

As he approached the airfield, hoping to reorient himself, suddenly the storm vanished and the sky turned bright and sunny. It stopped raining. Everything became clear. But something was different, this time.

The airfield at Drem was no longer abandoned. In fact, it looked good as new. He could see mechanics down below, and four planes, each painted yellow, sat on the runway.

One was a model he’d never seen before, a monoplane unlike anything in the Royal Air Force in 1935. And what were the mechanics wearing? Blue overalls? This, along with the yellow planes, Goddard found strangest of all — RAF mechanics in 1935 wore brown overalls, not blue, and there were no yellow planes, to his knowledge.

Goddard didn’t have much time to think about it, though, because he was flying too quickly to truly understand what he was seeing. By the time he’d passed over the airfield, the storm had suddenly returned, and the bright sunshine dissolved into hard rain and those strange yellow clouds engulfed him once more. Once again, he found himself battling for control of his airplane. But this time he won, and was able to land safely at his home base.

When he finally landed, he couldn’t help but tell his friends what had happened. As you’d expect, he was met with skepticism, and afterward he mostly kept the story to himself. He didn’t want anyone to think he was crazy, after all. He’d later retell it (among other things) in his 1975 book Flight Towards Reality.

The final twist to this bizarre account? In 1939, the vision that Sir Victor Goddard saw at the Drem airfield actually came to pass. The RAF began to paint their training planes yellow, and a new monoplane, the Magister, just like the one he witnessed in 1935, joined the roster. By that year, even the mechanics’ overalls had been updated to blue. And, of course, the airfield at Drem had made a comeback.

Had Sir Victor Goddard truly experienced a time slip, or could there be another explanation for what happened that day in 1935? Was he an inadvertent time traveler?

P.S. I’m not actually a chrononaut, but according to a few emails I’ve received over the years, some people think I am. So I’ve decided to just go with it.

// via FATE Magazine[?], About Paranormal


Rob Schwarz

Rob Schwarz is a writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. For nearly 10 years, he's managed Stranger Dimensions, providing a unique perspective on all matters involving time travel, parallel universes, and whether or not robots might one day take over the world.

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  1. Hey it’s possible. We don’t know what goes on in the middle of a thunderstorm when a plane flies through it under certain conditions. The man from Taured didn’t just appear from thin air either – he got off a plane and then dissipated into thin air shortly after.

  2. Interesting post… i Love this funking genre time travel… Expect more like this :) Hope time travel will be possible in coming years…

  3. You’ve lost my interest entirely by losing your own credibility by admitting that you are prepared to lie about being a chrononaut!

  4. I have had two time slips, the first when I was a 11 years old. I was looking through my house window at home hoping to see mum. Instead there was a man wearing brown trousers and a wight shirt stood at the kitchen sink. Then I noticed that the kitchen was different very old fashioned with what I now know as a belfast sink. I entered the house only to see that the man had disappeared and the kitchen was back to it’s 1979 norm. As a young boy I was convinced this was a ghost.
    Fast forward 39 years and I was walking up a street after parking my car to go buy some lunch and noticed a very old elevator with metal folding doors in a small factory. I had not even noticed the factory before, so I walk over to investigate. There was an man operating the elevator dressed in an brown work coat (similar to you find in old hardware stores) and a few people already in. The operator said to me “are you getting in or what?”. I did jump in and the elevator wen up a floor and everyone alighted. The operator then asked me if I was getting off. “No thanks, I need to go back” I replied and then I alighted back on the ground floor and made my way to my car. After crossing the road and opening my car door I turned to look at the factory. It was no longer there . Instead there was a row of shops and cafes. This was in broad daylight during my lunch hour and certainly not a dream. Only then did I realise that this was similar to the man and the sink when I was a child. I just cannot stop thinking about it now.

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