China’s Time Travel Tunnel

China has a time travel tunnel. Did you know that?

Some locals of GuiZhou Province, China claim that a 400-meter-long tunnel can distort time. Those who drive through the tunnel, located in Zunyi City’s Honghuagang District, find the time on their cell phones — and only their cell phones — inexplicably reversed by exactly one hour.

The tunnel was built years ago, but locals have only encountered its strange time travel side effects in the past year or so. Some think it’s caused by a distortion of the magnetic field. Others think it’s just simple interference or a problem with the cell towers. But that’s no fun, so many have given the tunnel a pretty interesting nickname.

China’s “Time Tunnel”

Here’s how it goes: Enter the tunnel at 7:00 am and exit a mere five minutes later at 7:05 am. But when you exit the other side of the tunnel, your cell phone will read 6:05 am, one hour earlier. The phone will correct itself after a while, say a mile out of the tunnel, when it syncs back up to the actual time.

Since November 2012, reporters from the Chinese news outlet Gui Yang Evening News have apparently tested out China’s time travel tunnel on multiple occasions, using their own cell phones. They’ve found that the time reversal occurs 80% of the time. Tests from telecom operators haven’t detected anything abnormal, though.

Could this be nothing more than simple interference? A problematic cell tower? Maybe, maybe. Probably.

Boringly probably.

Or perhaps China’s Time Travel Tunnel contains a warp in space-time, where the boundaries of the universe curl into themselves, allowing the cell phones — and only the cell phones — of unsuspecting commuters to briefly travel one hour into the past.

Don’t look at me like that.


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