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The Abbeville, Louisiana Time Slip Incident

In the Spring 1988 issue of Strange Magazine, Ken Meaux shared a remarkable tale about a time slip incident that occurred on Highway 167 north of Abbeville, Louisiana.

It happened on October 20, 1969. A man, revealed by Meaux only as L.C., and his “business associate” Charlie, were driving down Highway 167 at about 1:30 in the afternoon. It was a cool but comfortable day, so they had their windows rolled down.

After driving for a while, they noticed a very old “turtle back” car traveling in the next lane over. They pulled up alongside of it, matching its speed. It was “mint,” they said, with an orange license plate dated 1940. They thought, perhaps, that it was off to a car show, or maybe it belonged to a collector.

What was truly strange, however, was that its driver — a young woman — also appeared vintage. She wore 1940s attire, and there was a child in the passenger seat. Same deal. 1940s clothing.

Their confusion turned to urgency when they realized the young woman was in distress. As Meaux described, “She appeared on the verge of tears.” This prompted L.C. to ask the woman, through her rolled up car window, if she needed help. She nodded yes. So he motioned her to pull over, and she nodded again. L.C. and Charlie then drove in front of her and pulled over to the side of the road.

But when they turned to look back at the woman and her old car, expecting her to pull up behind them, she had seemingly vanished. They were alone.

At that moment, another car pulled up behind L.C. and Charlie. Its driver jumped out, himself panicked, asking what had just happened to the car in front of him. From his point of view, it had simply blinked out of existence!

They talked for a moment, then searched in a daze for an hour. The woman and her car were simply gone. L.C and Charlie wanted to keep the event a secret, while the third man felt they should report the incident. But what, after all, could be done?

You can read the finer details of this story, as I said, directly from Ken Meaux’s article in Strange Magazine. But I wanted to briefly highlight it as the first of many time slip, alter vu, and parallel universe stories I’ll be sharing in the coming months.

Are these experiences valid, or just stories? When a person finds him or herself suddenly staring down an unknown road, or losing time, or finding an object out of place, or remembering something that never happened, what’s going on there?

All we have are stories. But maybe they’re worth a look.


Rob Schwarz

Rob Schwarz is a writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.


  1. I’d expect there to be some truth to most accounts.

    I particularly favor The Man From Taured story. In my opinion it is perhaps the best if not most solid evidence of such things existing as many different and quite credible witnesses were available to report their encounter.

    We’ll probably never know. It’s easier to imagine it as not possible than to entertain the notion that you could be sucked into 1885 at any moment while on your way to buy McDonalds.

  2. Interesting….I wonder how people would react to this story if they encountered a dinosaur running alongside the road instead of a car; seems equally plausible.

  3. The men never mentioned what the lady looked like, hair color, eye color just vintage clothing. Just disappearing like that would of left me standing there for quite some time. You really don’f know until you experienced it yourself.

  4. This is less strange when you try and put this into perspective as though it were occurring today. Seeing someone driving a ‘mint’ car from 1994 is not really that odd.

    1. You know, I had the same thought when I was posting this.

      But then again, if I were driving down a lonely road and came upon a brand new 1994 Saab 900, the driver wearing 90s clothing and listening to Green Day, with a kid in the back seat playing a freshly-unwrapped OG Gameboy, I’d be more than a little curious. Even more so if it suddenly disappeared.

    2. I was raised in this small town and know this stretch of road well, driving to and from Lafayette. I know that they ( the two men ) who first spotted the car was embarrassed to speak public about it because they were afraid of being labeled crazy in a small southern town.

      You can see along distance on this highway and there was no sight of her. I think even missing persons was looked into also to see if a woman and child was missing and nothing was found.
      Abbeville has more stories, but mostly haunted type things :P

      If that car didn’t turn around she must have driven it across a huge meadow lmao/ There is nowhere else to go, this area is still open and kind of wild.

  5. L.C.is dead now and he remained truth to story until the end.
    to the clown who said without slightest shred of evidence it is just a story. That does NOT make a damned bit of sense.