The Mandela Effect: More Proof of Parallel Universes?

As a follow-up to my post on the Berenst#in Bears problem, I thought this was worth sharing.

Yesterday, I found myself over at the subreddit r/Glitch_in_the_Matrix. And, wouldn’t you know it, the top post over there is about something called the Mandela Effect. This is the apparent name for phenomena like the Berenst#in Bears Problem, in which we remember something contrary to reality.

Exploring it further, I found that the name, coined by Fiona Broome, stems from the absurd number of people who seem to “remember” that Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 1980s, and not at his home in Johannesburg in 2013.

In fact, there’s even a subreddit dedicated to this kind of stuff.

Other examples of this “effect” include a portrait missing from this universe of Henry VIII, in which he’s holding a turkey leg, New Zealand being in a different location, and perhaps strangest of all, the color Chartreuse being “something other than yellow-green.”

Alternate Time Streams or False Memories?

Mirrored realities, where only small things have changed
Image: Mike Wilson/Unsplash

However, the problem with something like the Mandela Effect is this: just because you hear something or even see something, that doesn’t mean it’s true.

Sometimes we read something incorrectly, or experience false memories. Sometimes we’re told something, even (well, especially) by the news media, that’s incorrect. We assume it’s true, because why not, and go about our business.

Then, when we later find out that Nelson Mandela has only recently died, or New Zealand is in a different location on the map, or that the Berenstein Bears are actually the Berenstain Bears, this information clashes with what we thought we knew. And if enough people are misinformed about the same topic, I imagine that’s when we run into the so-called Mandela Effect.

In other words, that’s a roundabout way of saying sometimes we’re wrong.

But that’s a boring way to look at things, isn’t it? As I said before, this is an interesting phenomenon, regardless of whether you want to ascribe it to parallel universes or false memories. The brain is a tricky thing, and the universe is trickier. Explore the possibilities, and draw your own conclusions.

Do you have any memories that don’t quite mesh with our current reality?

Rob Schwarz

Rob Schwarz is a writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.


  1. This is interesting..
    I was always wondering about this:
    How and where do we get these alternative memories?

    1. From what I’ve read, false memories can be pretty weird. I might post something about them in the future, but here’s an article over at that goes into it:

    2. My daughter was about 16 yrs old and never heard about auras. I explained it to her, but didn’t talk about colors of auras. In second she told the whole family about colors of auras they have….she also always had a lot of amazing dreams since the age she was able to talk about it, like she put her hands up and her body started to go up and then fly f.e., but when she grew up, she was telling me, sometimes, while dreaming, she knows it is a dream. We now know it is a lucid dreaming, but the most interesting was one, where she know it is a dream, she was in a room made up of mirrors with somebody, who looks like her and that person invited her to go through mirrors out of that room. She touched the mirror and was able to go through. The mirror was a “liquid” she could get through.

      1. whoa. I had a very strange dream experience that was definitely lucid/Out of body…and I was in the room of mirrors. It was terrifying because I clearly was staring at my own head, in a box, in the middle of this room.

  2. The whole story about Nelson Mandela dying in prison was nothing more than propaganda spread by the Apartheid government at the time to discourage uprising from political ‘extremist’ parties such as the ANC.

    If you understand the political history of South Africa it’s really quite easily debunked for the story it was. It was one of many false stories circulating from SA to the rest of the world during the 80’s – some came from over zealous journalists who didn’t have all the facts and the rest were manufactured rumor.

    Also as mentioned in previous comments of mine – we do not understand what time actually ‘is’. For all we know this galaxy exists in a vortex that’s a billion years out of sync with the rest of the universe and we’re all in fact dead from outside view and only exist from a perspective.

    Furthermore – I’d not rule out the possibility of us living in an altered timeline – it’s just I think we lack the ability to perceive a difference in what was, is and is supposed to be. Those of us who possess the senses to notice changes can’t seem to solidify it as fact or fiction…our minds are feeble little things – that’s just the way we are =)

    1. I agree about minds, but what about intuition and love?
      To kill Mandela in prison would be a piece of cake, but on contrary they had to keep him very alive, because people of SA, who would stay without anything to loose after his dead, will demolished everybody and everything in this country back then.

  3. You have a problem with one letter, I have a problem with whole music genre. I am 90% sure, that some months ago, I got crazy about steampunk style, and I checked out some pages about it, and I remember very well, what I told to my husband: ”That’s a pity, that there don’t exist something like ”steampunk music”, I can’t find anything. I’m curious how it could sound” He told me ”Probably mix of some old style stuff, with industrial, hm? Weird” . I can remind that even groups at the Facebook seemed to be elitary, like a something really alternative.
    Then one day, I saw on the Facebook steampunk-styled mp3 player and question ”What you gonna listen on it?”, and some people told the names I didn’t know. I have a great knowledge about music, and when I see something new, I need to check it. And I found between this all on YT a band which I really liked. And we started with my husband to talk about their music ”No, they play just in this weird style,on discogs I see it as world music or goth, I told that there’s no definition of steampunk music, you remember. They call themselves steampunk cause of their clothes”.
    Then on my Facebook started to appear propositions of steampunk community pages. I was like ”Oh yeah”, like, like, like. Now, when I started think about, it, I remember that when I put ”steampunk” on fb few months ago (it was less than half of year, because I remember when I was doing that, it was in our new flat, and we live here half year only) and there was just few pages! Now I see pages with thousands of ”likes’.!
    Sceptic can say: ”Of course natural explanation is that it grew up as far during last months”. NO, and NO! I checked everything. I started to have a doubts, when I reminded that our conversation from half yeat ago. Music didn’t appeared now! The bands exists about some years, and from nowaydays(?) infos, the genre exist from year 2011, ( i don’t remember, there are even intervievs from MTV, I should notice that before) and started with track ”Steampunk Revolution”. I found a page with list of something like a 50 bands. There was NOTHING about it, when I searched half year ago.
    There’s a possibility, that I missed something on the pages, but it’s quite impossible. I am a bit scared and I’m afraid to talk about it with people. That sounds insane. It seems that nothing else changed but the ”new genre” and bigger popularity of whole subculture. I’m bit counfused and I realy wonder if I switched to the pararell dimension, where everything is the same, but appears music I really wanted to listen? How it is that I never notices thing I was looking for, they seemed to not exist, and now they exist from a years?
    Of course, I would not ask anyone how it is, cause people of course gonna remember that it existed. And I am not another steampunk-troll, which builts time machine from trashes and tells fantasies about time travelling…

      1. I remember playing a Lizzie McGuire cd game on my computer as a child. It had videos and episodes on it and had games to play. I recently thought about what had happened to it and I asked some of my family members who I remember playing it with and they all said it was never a thing. I have tried to look it up for weeks now because it’s so weird to me. I have such vivid memories playing this game everyday and now it’s gone and apparently never existed!

      2. I had something like that but I don’t know if it’s the same thing but I got mine in happy meals, look up lizzie mcguire mcdonalds cd if it’s not that then that’s some really weird stuff.

      1. This is REALLLY F’ing me up.
        ‘Bears and Charlie Brown (Charles M. Schultz) brought me here.
        I can distinctly the bears as being “stein”. We had several of these books when my kids were growing up. I read too all of them as they grew up.
        I see them today (Not the exact books) but same titles and they are now “stain”.
        Same thought as Bubbles when I first started reading them to the kids, I thought of “Jewish Bears” also.
        Now, I’ve not gone to rummage through the bookshelves (I’m pretty sure there are at least a couple of them still here somewhere) BUT I’m kinda thinking that as certain as I am of the spelling when I first read them, I believe according to the “alternate” timeline/universe theory they will read as “stain” simply because the ENTIRE timeline has changed. So there will be NO change detected, Anything to do w/these bears in THIS timeline will refer to them as “stain” now and always. Alternatively there should be NO “stain” in the line we slid from.
        Have we slid onto an alternate timeline with predestined actions/reactions?
        When are things going to change again and will I notice it?
        If there ARE alternates, What determines which one we are in/on?

      2. That is a good point and great question:
        We know about E and A just recently and my kids (adults today) when I asked both said it was Berenstein. Mu daughter then was shocked to hear Berenstain and even went to the library (we had no book at home) and came home absolutely devastated: all book are with A. We are witnessing something very strange.

      3. I remember it being ‘stein’ but I also have always seen ‘shulz’ as the correct spelling. Just weird.

  4. When I was a kid, I watched the movie “Flatliners” on TV in my dad’s basement. I remember it clearly because the plot really twisted my mind… YEARS later, that same movie came out in theaters, with the same actors, NOT a remake- I told the story when it came out &, of course, everyone thought I was nuts. I even explained the plot in detail. Sometimes that memory creeps in my head, but I never thought to explore it until now…

    1. Gee…could it be that I had the same sort of thing happen to me? I thought that I remembered, once, looking up the date that Flatliners was released, and being surprised that it seemed to have been released a number of years later than I would have guessed. I also thought that I remembered seeing the pilot of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon a couple of years before it actually premiered, and even remembering plot points while I was watching it in 1987. (I think that it was 1987 which was the official premier year, but, then again, I used to think it was 1988…and 1984…I’m getting confused just trying to keep it all straight in my mind)

      1. My mom also believes she saw TMNT before I was born (in 1986). Since it came out in 87, I assured her it was probably just that I was a baby, and maybe they had a baby sitter that night, but maybe not… it could be that an early test animation or something got leaked… she said she watched it randomly late at night on TV with my my dad, his friend and his wife.

      2. Very interesting! I’d like to speak to her about it. I wonder if there are others who have this memory…

      3. Did you happen to live in Mass at the time? My parents did, and the TMNT creators did too, so it could be a case of them showing some early clips on local late night TV…

      4. No, sorry, I lived in PA, and I’m pretty sure that I was too young to stay up that late…

      5. Hi. I’m from the universe where the teenage mutant ninja turtles cartoon premiered in 1985. I’m from NYC. Around 87 or 88 it began airing on the WPIX Network. Channel 11. I was about 10 years old. As it began airing a had a vague familiarity of the show..though I hadn’t seen it previously.
        I had a thing for knowing when cartoons I really liked came I’d watch the end credits to see what year they’d say..teenage mutant ninja turtles many episodes would say 1987 or 1988 at the end.
        However, first season episodes that aired at this time..would show a 1985 date at the end of them..I found out that WPIX was re-airing the show..and it had previously had a run on I believe CBS, in 1985.
        I’m certain of this because I’d always check and distinguish little nuances like the production value and variation of characters..between the 1st season 1985 episodes..and the 1987 and later ones.
        I’m as sure of this as I am that Thundercats came out in 1985. Transformers, in 1984..Transformers the Movie in 86..Gi Joe the movie in 87..and the series had different artists after the movie..because they were with another production company.D.I.C.
        I remember all of these details from memory of that time..and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles right along with Them.
        Do this description sound familiar. The teenage mutant ninja turtles premiering in 1985 on NBC, then re airing on know as the CW Network, in 1987?

      6. I admit that I did not look at the dates as closely as you did, but your comment does sound like it could line up with my memories. Thanks for posting. I’m going to try to look into some of those details that you mentioned in your comment.

      7. The TMNT series actually was released around 86, maybe 87, as a one week special. All 5 original episodes, including the pilot. I remember that very well. It became a series later on, maybe about a year later. I remember the building I lived in and the tv in my room that I watched it’s original week-long run on. I don’t remember the specific year, but I don’t think I lived in that building after 89, maybe 88. I do remember it being the week-long special event , and then becoming a series later.

    2. I SO know what you mean; one night, an episode of “V” aired on tv, but I had watched it ALL the night before it aired.
      It’s the episode where the blonde is captured, dressed in a beige bodysuit, and tormented in an observation tube.
      I knew exactly every scene – and the ending. I knew what was going to happen.
      And it happened.

      I was about 3 years old, and had a lot of strange phenomena connected to the Astral plane… Linear time/non-linear time.

      (some pop-up is obscuring my writing from my phone; So I can’t see/remember what I’m writing!)

    3. I read Harry Potter before the movie came out and could have sworn I’d already seen parts of it in a movie

    4. That’s so strange!! I remember one year I was watching American Idol, and my sister came in during the like…top 12 week, not having watched any of the season prior to that, pointed at one contestant, and asked me, “Didn’t he win already? I’ve already seen this.” Turns out that contestant was David Cook, and he won the season.

    5. Its what in the Matrix is referred to as Deja vu.. Its a glitch in the Matrix when “they” are changing something…..

      Did you by any chance today run into Bill Cosby and take the red pill?

    6. I had a dream. I was high up sitting down. In the distance lower down was a square of light. There were people in it moving and talking. The colours were very bright. The next night inwas sitting in a theatre, back row , quite high up. Th play i was watching was identical tomy dream.

    7. You know, I have this sort of thing happen to me from time to time.

      I finally figured out that, at least in my case, it was dreams. I (rarely) have dreams about future events. They’re usually things that are ALMOST mundane, but SLIGHTLY unusual, and most have been less than 10 seconds in length. Like one I remember I was in my history class at my community college and this guy in cowboy boots sat behind the instructor’s desk and put his boots up on the desk and then started talking. That had never happened before…but about a month later, the instructor invited his friend, who is a prolific book writer, to come in and talk to us about some history stuff he had researched. Guess where he sat and what he did.

      On RARE occasion, they’re longer. The longest one I ever encountered was about a minute. But it was VERY strange. It was the only one long enough for me to realize “I’ve seen this before…” and there be more time left (most of the time, once I realize that, the 10 seconds are up and I don’t know what happens next.)

      We were waiting somewhere at a cul-de-sac on my 4 year university campus for someone to show up. I had just met that person that day and didn’t know what their car looked like or anything. In the dream, I remember us chilling, having idle chit-chat, then one of my group calling her on the phone, but just as he did so, her car, a white four door, came around the corner and turned onto the street to pick us up.

      I should note this was the ONLY TIME I was ever in that spot waiting for anyone to pick me up, too.

      So I realized about 10-15 seconds in this was a dream, and I started talking to them – tentatively, I’m never SURE about these things – about the immediate future. Particularly when the one friend picked up his phone to make the call, I said “She’s just about to turn around the corner, I think…”

      He made the call and her car immediately, on que, came around the corner.

      The weirdest part, though, was this:

      EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING ELSE, besides me, did EXACTLY what they did in the dream. My actions were the only deviations.

      …and I didn’t have one of those dreams AGAIN, for a long time after that. Maybe I screwed with the timeline JUST enough that my future projections took some time to align with the new, slightly altered timeline, to recalibrate, before I could have any more.

      But I have them from time to time now. It’s a lot like deja-vu, except that I usually have a few seconds of future left – JUST long enough to realize that I HAVE seen this before, but not long enough to do anything. As opposed to deja-vu, which is just the feeling of having seen an event that just COMPLETED before, without that slight foresight component.


      Can’t say if it’s the same with you or not, but maybe it’s a similar phenomenon?

      1. Matt Sc this happens to me too !!! i had a dream and i remember it then a couple months later the dream comes to life and it is happening. for example i had this dream that i would have this math test and on prob #2 the answer was 2b + I (algebra) and about a week or so later i had a Math test and Prob#2 was worded the exactly the same as in my dream and i remembered the answer and without even trying to solve the problem i just put the answer and when i got the test back i was the only one who got it right !!!! am not very good at explain (that’s why i am not so good at geometry that i am taking now in 9th grade) but i just wanted to let u know that this happens to me, actually it happens very often. i hope u understood this though otherwise this would have been a waste of 5 min. Glad to know i am not the only person that this happens to !!!!

      2. That’s the root of Dejavu. Dreams. It’s a mystic ability. The Mandela is also part of the mystic realm, but they’re still different so, try not to confuse the two.

    8. That sounds similar to the deja-vu phenomenon. There are times when I’ve experienced something similar to that myself. Usually it’s right before something happens – I’ll fell like I’ve experienced it before, and then I’m able to predict what’s about to happen. One instance was when I was at home (living with relatives) and I strongly felt like one of the people I was living with was about to come out of the bedroom and go into the living room (and I felt like there was no reason why I should be expecting that), and then he did. Another instance was when I was in one of my college classes, and we were getting some graded tests handed back to us. Normally I did fairly well on my tests but rarely got a totally perfect score. For this one test being handed back to us, I had a strong feeling that I’d see a 100% score, and then when I got mine, I saw that I indeed had a 100% score on it.

    9. i bought a record, an LP, in the 1980s. brought it home, took it out of the wrapper, put it on the record player in my bedroom – and proceeded to sing every song. freaked me out. and no, i wasn’t using the liner notes. that particular album didn’t have any – the inner sleeve had nothing on it but pictures.

  5. Yes, I have experienced this. First time I remember was when I read many years ago something about actor Jerry Lewis whem I got my first WTF moment. Because I remembered about reading him passing on fairly many years prior to that. Since then I have experienced it many times but not with Mandela though.

    Earlier this summer they started a thread about the Mandela Effect in one of the groups on Facebook. Obviously Berenstein Bears is not the only book people remember with a different spelling. Some people remember when Interview With The Vampire was spelled Interviewed With A Vampire.

  6. I don’t like the bias towards “normal” or “conventional” explanations that I see in this article. Yes, sometimes we’re wrong, but sometimes we also remember right, even about stuff that seems crazy. Any one person, or even a small group of people, saying that they remember events that did not happen (as far as we know) might just be having false memories. However, legions of people, all across the world, having the same “false” memories are a lot more difficult to write off, at least if you’re being intellectually honest, in my opinion.

    1. legions of people are convinced that the rules of Monopoly give you free money for landing on Free Parking when the official rules say absolutely nothing happens on Free Parking. It is a misunderstanding that’s been spread through word of mouth to the point that it’s taken for granted as true. Cultures form collective beliefs that may not necessarily be true. Just as an individual will take it for granted as true when they hear that the average person eats eight spiders per year, entire cultures can also take falsehoods for granted as true when they don’t think too hard about it.

      1. I think cultures take falsehood for granted as true only in countries where are performed Public Relations, which created, since Bernays launched this propaganda for democracy, alternative reality. But still there are so many people who think so hard and see the through collective beliefs. I don’t care if one or million people say it was Berenstein, because I vividly see E whenever I think about that book. For third time: I looked at that book and cover for 5 yrs on daily basis as nanny, didn’t like it artistically and studying mostly the covers (it was much easy to hold it than opened book) very well from the graphic point of view. There was E no matter what the whole world think :)

  7. Yes, too many large and small “glitches” to even mention ~ some with friends and family, others with world events, etc. Lionel Richie was one; swore he died a decade or 2 ago at age 70 but I see he’s only 66 now. Bizarre~~

  8. And the Berenstain Bears never changed. People just saw it wrong, assumed, and remembered it that way.

    1. I would be inclined to think that if I was the only one who remembered it that way. But everyone? Also, I was (and still am) a good speller and paid attention to things like that, even as a kid.

      1. i think the reason so many people misremember it is because the misunderstanding was spread through word of mouth. My parents thought it was spelled “berenstein” and when they read it to me they pronounced it “berensteen” and so my brian read it the way it had been taught to pronounce it. I think that’s what happened to most people.

      2. I explained above in reply that I SAW that book DAILY for a time of 5 yrs while working as nanny. I was looking at that book (books, because family owns tens of them) everyday, many times a day, because kids wanted me to read it. I didn’t like it artistically, so I was studying that cover, lines, bears illustrations, colors etc. and I know it was E. I can still see it in a my memory.

      3. Find the books you saw & upload a pic of the covers, so that we may all see the “correct” spelling.

      4. The “issue” is that there is a mass mis-remembering of the facts. Where all of these people remember the spelling with an E, I remember many years ago constantly having to correct people on the correct spelling of The Berenstain Bears. Yes, waaay back in that parallel universe of the 80’s…! Nothing changed.

      5. Everybody pronounced it “Berensteen”. I have two eyes and like everyone else, I can tell an “e” from an “a”. Nobody’s brain just “switched” what they saw.

    2. In 1995, I said Jewish bears, because the Stein suffix always presented a Jewish surname. It was on before a show I watched, but I know I would never say Stain is Jewish. I was too old for the books and ones mind do autocorrect. Scenes from shows of that time Seinfeld , Frasier and Simpsons etc I remember the jokes differently. Flawed memory.

  9. I seem to recall that the word, now spelled as ‘taught’, was in fact spelled differently. The only problem is, I really can’t remember how it *was* spelled. Weird.

    1. The word that I see as different is ‘Definitely’. I remember growing up with it spelled ‘Definately’. Great, now both spellings are in my autocorrect and I won’t know which one to use. Dangit.

      1. I thought I was losing my mind when “definately” was autocorrected to “definitely”. I fell better knowing that other people remember a different spelling.

      2. Yes, I remember clearly. I am a very good typist and a graduate student who has had to write thousands of pages of essays. I rarely misspell words and I usually do not use spell check. I can kinda just type freely without thinking too much. So it’s weird that, sometime in the past couple years, I’ve had to re-write the word definitely nearly a hundred times in essays. It’s usually the only one I have to fix, and even writing it now, I have to stop, look at the keyboard, and think about how to type the word “definitely”. This may be one of the few cases of muscle memory accounting for a Mandela effect lol.

  10. I have a good one for you all. I remember Regan being shot plain as day. I remember watching him on TV as a kid and I remember my mom screaming when it happened. She scooped me up and squeezed me tight saying “Oh my gosh!” Over and over. Why is this weird? One day I decided to look the date up thinking this is probably my oldest memory. I had to have been about a year or two old…but no. I was born on January 21, 1982. Regan was shot on March 30, 1981.

    1. Did your mother have any children before you? If she had a child that died before you were born, I’d guess that you are a reincarnation of that child.

  11. Here’s something: I read your Bears article, and intended to read this next.

    I had it open for ages.

    By the third paragraph, I realised your article was *not* called:

    “The Mandala Effect”.

    For the record, I’m sure I remember BerenstAin; specifically because it was unusual. It looked like it should be “normal”, but it was abnormal.

    But, according to both of your articles, it would appear there is an A/E issue!

    – and I do remember him dying in a jail cell.
    I noticed I must have been mistaken when he died, again! :D

  12. When I was young, I remember this TV show they used to show all the time after kappa mikey and I knew the entire plot line of it. When I asked my friends about it, they reported that they had absolutely never seen it or heard of it even though I explained it to them again and again. After extensive research, I found the show was in Korean and had never been translated to English or shown on TV but I can’t speak Korean and I remember things the characters said and what they did?

      1. Quick Google Search returns results of Kappa Mikey being a show on Nickelodeon, in english and not Korean.

  13. I have this a LOT with brand new songs on the radio, I can sing along with them, because they feel like an old classic, even though they’ve just recently came out. I also have 2 personal memories that my mother have said aren’t true. One is watching my brother, grandmother, and grandfather get on a plane and fly. The other is being in a flood at my house. Weird.

    1. new music on the radio is terrible, if this is a mandela effect or a coincidence, dont matter. sucks for you either way, lol

  14. In 1993, I suffered a TBI and was in a coma for a few days. When I woke, there were numerous subtle “differences” in everything, including people who knew me that I didn’t know, and people whom I knew that had no clue who I was. People in my life that I had no memory of, and people I remembered clearly and distinctly who either didn’t exist or were deceased.

    I have been living what feels like someone else’s life ever since. I have tried to explain this to family, but they only say that it’s because of the head injury. There are just too many differences for it to be something so simple.

    1. This could be a Walk In experience Pick up a copy of Ruth Montgomery’s Book early 1980’s called ” Strangers Among Us ” it could explain what happened to you. It usually happens with NDE and or a pre birth agreement. I know this happens as I know two others this happened to as well as myself.

    2. I am very sorry for the emotional and mental pain you must experience. But i also think that you ended up with some residual brain damage.There are still many things that scientists don’t know about the workings of the brain, especially as to how memory works. They know that memories are stored in different places (smell memory, image memory, feelings memory, etc.) and the stimulation of one may conjure up a memory attached to it, e.g. smelling hay suddenly reminds you of a hayride you took in the country as a small child many-many years ago. How did that smell memory suddenly find the other pertaining ones and form an image of the actual happening? Isn’t it quite likely that a head injury has disturbed those complicated connections? What does you doctor say?

  15. has anyone heard of the candidate? i swear it was a movie coming out this year in 2015 with james franco and theres NOTHING online about it!

      1. different movie, and is actually precisely the reason why the movie mentioned aboved changed it’s title to “true story” right before release, that is why no one can find it. lmfao. (i happen to be a huge jonah hill fan)

    1. That reminds me of in early 2000s I thought I saw an advertisement for a movie about the myth character ATLAS, but then never could find it. There’s a movie called “Atlas” but it has nothing to do with the guy that holds up the world.

    2. OMFG
      Same here! Totally recall trailers from several months ago.
      I just googled and checked IMDB.
      At all.
      I have goosebumps all over. That is so messed up.

    3. i dont think this is the same thing, the movie you are referring to had it’s named changed to “true story”. look it up. if you go into imdb you will see that “the candidate” was a title used in the beginning stages of production.

    4. the movie you’re referring to was the interview and it starred James Franco and Seth Green. It came out last year. The Candidate was with Will Ferrell and Zack Gallifianakis and that came out in 2012

      1. Oops correction its not the candidate its the Campaign sorry about that guys :)

    5. there was this one movie i kept seeign ads for but now cant find it anywhere.. this guys friend dies and turns into a zombie but he can talk so they go around killing people to feed him.. they drive around in a cool car and its liek a shot em up style.. i cant find it tho..

  16. Now I’m just realizing that something recent that happened to me could be from this. I remember seeing a gameplay trailer for a video game, and the game was a third person view gamed. However, when I saw the game after release, it was a top-view game. Maybe I’m getting the game name mixed up, but I could’ve sworn it was this one…

  17. I know Mandela was alive after the 80s because my dad met him in the 90s… People probably get confused about New Zealand because it’s in the Southern Hemisphere.

  18. i swear to you, i heard of and even played Five Nights at Freddy’s -years- ago. i was able to tell you the name of all the characters and the basic plot of the first game. i was even able to quote phone guy, all while watching a playthrough with a friend.

  19. I vividily remember helping my aunt clean up the debris after hurricane Irene, but my parents insist that never happened. I wasn’t even born at time, hurricane Irene happened in 1999 and I was born in 2001, but I remember almost every detail. The debris, the house, my family cleaning up what was around them. They moved into a new house before I was born, but I remember the old house. My parents showed me a picture and that’s what it looked like in the memory.

      1. Did it? Wasn’t there one with the name “Irene” in 1999? I just googled it right now and there was in fact a hurricane named Irene in 1999.

      2. there was, there were two hurricans named Irene, named so because hurricanes are nambed based on the time of year and region they happen in. so yes there was a hurricane irence in both years. it is possible that you remembered your mothers memory. some psychologists have come across evidence of this when putting people into hypnosis.

  20. i remember watching The Hunger Games when i was 9-13 i even tried looking for the movie and couldn’t find anything about it. I’m 20 now.

    1. My friend had asked me to watch ‘a new movie that just came out’ ..I asked what it was.. He said “Hunger Games” I said didn’t that come out many years ago?

  21. I remember a cartoon from when I was little about these siamese cats in china and i’ve tried looking for it and after extensive research i’ve found nothing.

  22. I distinctly remember being so obsessed with a certain book in kindergarten. It was about a family of cats, and the mother cat ran inside a burning building to rescue her baby cats. Even as a child I could never remember the name of the book, but I remember what the cats looked like and I remember checking it out every chance I got during library time. I can’t find the book now and my mom and librarian have no memory of it at all

  23. When I first heard about the Mandela Effect I thought it was easily explainable, and in most situations, I believe it is. But, I watched a documentary approximately a year ago that was produced by NOVA called “What happened to the Lindbergh baby?” It was on Netflix for months and I finally watched it. The documentary concluded with no explanation on what happened to the baby, and it was never found.
    THEN to my absolute astonishment, I was reading about the Mandela Effect and the Lindbergh baby was listed as an example. I went to Google and the NOVA Documentary is now called “Who Killed Lindbergh’s baby?” My jaw hit the floor and I remember watching this so well because it’s not the type of documentary I ever watch.. Does anyone else remember this?

    1. I saw that movie on Netflix as well, but don’t remember the title. So I went on Netflix, and movie is not here anymore in instant not on DVD. Interesting!

    2. What I know for a fact is that the Simpsons referenced this a long time ago, along with a lot of other Mandela effects. I forget the exact episode, but I remember Grampa Simpson is making a bunch of outrageous claims about himself, rapid-fire, in order to win someone over. The last claim he makes, which he yells in a very drawn-out manner, is: “I AM THE LINDBERGH BABY!”. This could never have happened if the baby was found murdered shortly after.

      1. I found it! its the episode “Mother Simpson”. I just read it after searching on google and found the line and I can remember the scene clear as day now. It’s when the FBI bursts looking for Homer’s Mom and she bolts out the back door. Grampa jumps up in front of the agents and says, “All right! I admit it! I’m the Lindbergh baby! Wah wah! Goo goo! I miss my fly-fly dada!”, the agent says, “Are you stalling for time, or are you just senile?”…Grampa: “A little from column A, a little from column B.”…Makes no damn sense if she was never found. Also, I didn’t know anything about the specifics of her disappearance, just that “she was the little girl who was never found and her disappearance was a mystery”. I’ve heard many stories about murdered children, so I wouldn’t have even logged her name in my memory if it was just a murder. How can the one fact that I knew about her story be false?

    3. In my world, the Lindbergh baby was found dead.

      But Amelia Earhart is still missing…

  24. Everytime I have listened to “The Grateful Dead” Song “Touch Of Grey” I remember them saying “The ABC,s….the 123,s…we all must face” but now they do not say 123,s?

  25. Let’s explore this a little further because, after reading this article, there’s plenty of room to do so.

    “sometimes we’re wrong.”

    How many people need to remember something “incorrectly” before it becomes worthwhile to start investigating why so many people remember it as such.

    Why do SO many people believe that the queen in Snow White says “Mirror, mirror on the wall” when, in fact, she says “Magic mirror on the wall” in the original Disney film?

    What if something like 100 MILLION people living right now believe that?

    How does a phenomenon like that occur that so many people remember it not only incorrectly, but incorrectly in the same way?

    That’s a lot of very coincidental misremembering there, folks.

    There aren’t any reported rememberings that I’ve seen where the queen says other things, like “spirit mirror on the wall”, or “pretty mirror on the wall”, how many adjectives do so many people all “misremember”: the same one. Magic.


    1. I was reading Berenstein bears books for a time of 5 yrs DAILY, when I was working as nanny. I personally didn’t like that book and its illustrations: as an artist I like books for kids with more artistic approach and the stories more philosophically elevated, but I understand it was meant good to bring positives to kids lives. So as an artist I was so many times just looking at covers of Berenstein bears books as well as covers of the other ones I really loved, like Uri Shulevitz absolutely amazing kid’s books, which we borrowed from library and compared them (thinking why one is like that and the other one I don’t like because of fonts, colors etc.).
      But Berenstein books we didn’t borrow, parents were buying those and there were tens of them everyday to read, because kids wanted me to read them many times a day, and to look at for me DAILY. For 100% I am sure it was E not A. I remember that book so well for all reasons I gave above, I saw those books hundreds of times and I am right about it! Even I have no explanation of it :)

      1. The fact that the apparently anomaly is in the NAME of the book, right up front, and that soooo many people remember it as being a name that is more common than the “new” name (where in the world is the name BerenstAin to be found, seriously?), it is a pickle, no doubt about it. Something doesn’t add up.

      2. I just posted, while edited the previous reply, the link to the Ponchatoula Times for September 12, 1985. It is showing tv program for that day and it is Saturday and at 7:00 am in the morning it stated BERENSTEIN bears. It didn’t show up in edited reply saying it has to be approved. Idk if you can find this through Google, but it is there. Maybe the link will be approved and you can check it out. But Idk if it is a proof or mistake by typer of the newspaper :)

      3. It is certainly evidence in favor of the name people remember it to be.

        Another thing too is that this seems to be a fairly recent phenomenon. I have been unable to find any controversy to do with the name “BerenstAin bears” prior to maybe a few years ago.

        It’s not like since the beginning of these books, people have had an issue with seeing it incorrectly. There’s no controversy going back that far, from what I have found. The whole thing just doesn’t add up!

      4. There are other phenomena like this…..but the Berenstein Bears is such an obvious anomaly because it is the name and title of the books.

        Skeptics out there….you mean to tell me that for decades….parents, teachers, and children the world over just….missed this one? How much would BerenstAin stand out, seriously? How was that not being made fun of from day one?

        Doesn’t add up.

    2. I had remembered it as “mirror, mirror” also until I rewatched it a few years ago. More recently I watched the rerelease of Disney’s Alladin with the subtitles on and was surprised to learn that the Genie says “wake up and smell the hummus” instead of “wake up and smell the homeless.” I always thought it was the latter, but maybe I subconsciouly associated it with that because Robin Williams did many standup charieties for homeless people. Another false memory I had was with Tony Bennett… I could have sworn he was critizied a few years ago for saying a racial slur, but there’s nothing on the internet regarding such a thing.

  26. I’m PRETTYYYY Damn sure it’s Sketchers and not Skechers. I always used to make fun of Sketcher commercials, I can’t forget that.

    1. YES. i remember very vividly seein commercials and it WAS SKETCHERS! and everyone is saying that its skechers!

    2. I thought twas sketchers too, maybe because the actual word sketch is spelled with a “t”.

    3. No. It’s always been spelled without a T. This is simple. We remember spelling certain things a certain way, especially brand names, even when it was never spelled the way we remember it because the actual spelling is contrary to how we believe it should be spelled. Skechers, I’m sure you can agree, intuitively seems wrong. Most of us would think it should have a T. So your brain sees a T. But in fact there never was a T. Same thing with Oscar Mayer. I have never seen that name spelled that way except by that company. The spelling of many things are so entrenched in our brains that we see it spelled the way that’s correct to us even when it’s not. Now the JIF peanut butter thing I think is people confusing JIF and Skippy brands and creating a brand that had never existed called JIFFY.

  27. Millions of people remember the Treaty of Versailles railroad car (from WWI) in a park exhibit. Then massive timeline “alternate memory” because many remember it was burned down in 1944/45 and it was NOT in that park anymore while many other remember it was bombed by airplanes in 1948 and it was present in that park during those two full years of 1946 and 1947.

    Millions of people had grandfathers in WWII and they do remember what their own personal histories are regarding when the war ended and when grandpa came home and when grandma birthed aunts/uncles/parents. Mixing up the vietnam war and the korean war might happen in the general public but it is not something vets/families on both sides of those “conflicts” really “misremember” very often. That is the same as WWI and WWII; historians, cultists, military, Germans etc are not misremembering the freakin TREATY OF VERSAILLES WWII “event horizon” because it is not a “movie line” to us (millions and millions of us on both “sides” during both “timelines”).

  28. Wow! Very interesting phenomenon. I definitely remember Berenstein, not ‘stain. I noted the post regarding chartreuse green or maroon, and I think people are just getting it confused with puce (a brownish purple color). I think that may just be an understandable Mis-memory. The names have a similar sound (and are weird-sounding words to most English speakers. :))

  29. my girlfriend and i both remember a report of actor danny trejo dying in like 2008 . then he shows up in an episode of “sons of anarchy”. then there have been many instances where episodes of “its always sunny..” certain lines seem to change one i remember is the one where charlies mom asks charlie if he wanted to be a “dumpster baby” changing to “ending up in a dumpster” . heck one time myself and my girlfriends cousin and his wife watched my girl come home with dog food the dogs even followed her. she then walked back out the door from which she came. then about 15 minutes later she returned with the dog food again. all three of us where seriously confused but very sure that it just happened. crazy eh!

    1. i think the danny trejo thing can be alluded to the internet hoax. he was the victim of a “fake celebrity death”, snopes is not a reputable news source. i remember alot of people haring that one on facebook, danny trejo isnt the first or last. also the always sunny in philly episode problem you experienced can very obviously be alluded to censorship. you probably watched the version where he says ” dumpster baby” on netflix or dvd and the “ending up in a dumpster” on tv. also comedy central sometimes shows uncensored episodes depending on time of day and tbs will always show censored episodes no matter what. DEBUNKED lol sorry i had to

  30. So I thought songs like Worth It or Lean On came out years ago (I’m pretty sure I heard it in public or on the radio!) but they’re like 2014/2015 (not sure) released???

  31. I grew up thinking it was berestain. I read your thing on the “Berenst#in Problem” The only thing was is it was opposite. I thought the name had changed to berestein. I saw it spelt that way on tv and on the books! So I thought I must have been misreading it and it was berenstein. I talked to my friend they said no it was the stain all along. I grabbed the books this morning and it says stain. The tv show on shomi says stain. I am actually worried I may be crazy. I remember reading an article of Jan and Stans son saying it had always been stein. I read so hardcore into this because I thought wow crazy… but now this is nuts. I am going to write a journal just to make sure im not nuts and will wake up and it be stein.

  32. In the PONCHATOULA TIMES from Thursday September 12, 1985 is a program for tv for a Thursday, Friday and Saturday on one page, and on Saturday morning at 7:00 am is the premiere of Berenstein bears, with E.
    I wanted to post the link, and it is on hold for approval. If it will be approved, you can check it out, if not, you can Google it,
    But it is a proof or mistake?

  33. In Ponchatoula times from September 12, 1985 on page 6, where is tv program for Thursday, Friday and Saturday is in Saturday at 7:00 am in the morning premiere of Berenstein bears with E. I tried to post the link, but it is waiting for approval.

  34. Am i the only person who didnt realise the second ‘I’ in britain until someone told me? i swear there was only ever the first one.

  35. This sounds crazy but when the first Harry Potter books came out in the nineties I remembered the character from my childhood in the seventies and wondered what all the fuss was about

  36. In that disney movie snow white, people remember the evil queen lady person saying “mirror mirror on the wall”. Right? RIGHT?? I remember it that way 100%. Now if you watch the movie, it says “magic mirror on the wall”.

    1. the original movie says magic mirror while the 90’s remake colored version says mirror mirror,

      1. I am 51 and watched the original many times as a child… it was “Mirror, mirror”.

  37. Okay this just happened to me… A week ago I tried “coco puffs” for the first time. I really liked them and so did my daughther. So, before we threw out the box I wrote down the name. I remember I pronounced it’s co co. We went to market and bought a new one. Now today I was clipping coupons and there was a coupon for cereals that included “coco puffs” only it’s spelled “cocoa puffs” I thought that was so weird and thought it was a generic brand but really it’s “cocoa” cuz I checked the newer box in the fridge. The weird thing is I don’t pronounce “cocoa” normally, I emphasize the ‘a’. Ex- co co ah. So, I know for sure it’s “coco”…. Also I noticed that “grey” is now being spelled “gray”. My phone even tries to auto correct me….

    1. grey and gray are interchangeable depending on where you live, so that ones easily explainable at least

    2. grey and grey are both accurate spellings, just like color and colour, and cocoa is the accurate spelling for real cocoa while coco is how Coco puffs is spelled. you probably did have coupons and bought a generic brand, wouldnt doubt it. Sorry to debunk you, but you don’t sound very smart, you keep cereal in your fridge afterall, weird.

  38. I drove to the grocery store and they had bins of pumpkins. I thought why, Halloween is over. But it wasn’t. It was a week away

  39. I went to the Mandela Effect website and I’m shocked on how much is different. I distinctly remember the guy in front of the tank at Tieannaman Square beingran over by that tank. But I guess that never happened. The tank stopped and someone pulled him out of the way. I remember it being big, shocking news that they ran him over on live TV.

    Also that Thanksgiving has always been the fourth Thursday of November. I swear it has been the third Thursday of November all my life, until this past Thanksgiving.

    1. No no cmjaz that did happen. I have footage of it on VHS and pics of it. You are right that did happen. Here’s one for you: do you remember the Palestinian father and son that were killed by israeli soldiers when they were waving to the them top stop? it was caught and was media news all over the world. It was horrible.

    2. I remember the student getting ran over. I remember the complete outrage over it.

      1. Nope. I went to every article online thinking I was being gaslighted. But he definitely was not ran over.

      2. Yes! That’s all everyone was talking about at the time, the fact that he was run over! What’s this BS now saying that he lived? I even saw a documentary in the last 10 years where they cut the “graphic footage” of him being run over. I don’t know if this is a Mandela Effect or people just trying to rewrite history.

      3. I remember the same, him being run over. it’s a mandela effect. I swear I have since seen footage of him being pulled away, unharmed. (It’s on YouTube) Crazy!

  40. I don’t know if it’s just me but as a child I would always sing the fresh Prince of belair theme song. ALWAYS. I knew all the words because it was my favorite show. I even remember looking up the lyrics when I was old enough to look them up on the computer alone. Point is like 3 months ago, my roommate was watching the show and she began singing the song and we watch everything with subtitles. The song said “now this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down” but I’ve always did “–how my life got twisted upside down ” another one of my roommates said the same thing. She’s never heard flipped turned upside down. Are we the only ones??

    1. I think this theme song is slightly longer, and there are two extra scenes in the opening credits. That is weird!

  41. I know a lot of it can be chaulked up to bad memory….but haven’t we all experienced our own persoanal events being different then our friends/family remember…and sometimes we are absolutely SURE our version is the right one….makes you wonder

  42. Lots of people might not know what I’m talking about, but on the Valentina Mexican hot sauce, I remember there being an outline of the country of Mexico behind the logo. Now there’s a different outline of a state in Mexico. I’ve been searching to see if anyone else on the internet has noticed this phenomenon on the Valentina bottle, but I’ve found nothing. When asking my brother if he remembered the red Mexico outline on the bottle, he was totally stunned because indeed, there did used to be a different outline than there is now. I would very much like to know if anyone else has taken note of this.

  43. I have nearly crystal clear memories of actor James Caan dying between 2012 & 2014 replete with images everywhere from CNN to TMZ to magazines on racks everywhere that sells both legit pubs & rag pubs, only to have my certain memory challenged after Binging (yes I said Binging) his imdb/wiki/etc. for his date of death only to find that he is still alive, kicking, & doing a Crackle exclusive show.

  44. I remember watching the movie “Hotel Transylvania 2” with my family 2-3 years ago, and I know it was the second movie because I recently watched the first one and it was not the same, but I’ve just seen the trailer and DVD for it apparently it only came out a few months ago and my family went to see it in the cinema

  45. I remember the “first” time I heard the song “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk on the radio, I asked my mom why they were playing an old song, and she had no clue what I was talking about. But, I swear that that song had come out long before that.

    1. That happened to me with Adele’s “Fire in the Deep.” Could have sworn I’d heard it on and off as a song from the 70s or 80s my whole life but when I commented to a friend how I’m glad they’re playing the classics again, she looked at me like I’m a maniac and told me the song had released that week. Looked it up and sure enough, it was a whopping 3 days old, not 3 decades.

      Of course, the likely answer is that the song just sounds like an older style song and my mind filled in the blanks, false memory deja vu or whatever. I like the colliding parallel universes theory better. Alter vu from John Titor’s shenanigans, that’s what I’ll go with :)

    2. I had that with Berlins ‘Take My Breath Away’. I know I heard that 5 years before it was used in Top Gun in 1986.

  46. Princes Lets go crazy song…
    Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to “CELEBRATE” this thing called life.
    Except it’s “get through”?!???
    Not in my reality lol.

      1. I had never heard “get through” before, until after prince died.
        So weird.
        Just curious… I’m 45, how old are you?

      2. My age, it’s my best kept secret, LOL. I’ll answer like this, we now have two things in common.

      3. some of the 20 year old kids i have asked about the cartoons told me toons lol they looked it up and was like what it never was tunes , so somethings they noticed lol

      4. Interesting, thank you. I have 2 kids… 25&29. The older remembers as I do but my younger is either uncertain or conflicting. So weird.

      5. Also, Purple Rain, the movie soundtrack was a Great Album. Notice how Michael Jackson and Prince both spoke out and ended up dead. Two men with enough influence and popularity that could have easily spread whatever they wanted to say on global level.

  47. I have this memory that is very vivid. But my mom insists that it never happened. I am sitting in the backseat of a car with 2 guys on either side of me ( I’m sitting in the middle) and I have on a coat that is like a turquoise blue. and is the texture of cookie monsters fur. and my hair is wet and straight. I know this because I keep wiping it out of my face. I can tell that I’m little and that I should probably be in a car seat but I am not. But the car I’m in one of those Nissan cube cars. That the whole memory, I don’t know why. But my moms reasoning made sense. When I was a baby My hair was extreme curly almost annoyingly curly because it couldn’t be straighted, especially when wet, so that couldn’t have been true. And we lived in south Florida until I was 9. and never visited anywhere because all of my family is in Florida. Also the temperature is never really low enough for a coat as what I described to her. Very weird

    1. Probably died as a child in a car accident in your last life. Then reborn now that was your last memory of that life so it’s really strong.

      1. there’s also such a thing as having multiple “aspects” of the Oversoul. The Oversoul is the total you, and the Human you is just a portion of that energy. And apparently an Oversoul can have many lives happening simultaneously. Maybe you were tapping into another life/aspect of yourself

      2. I haven’t used disqus in literally 2 years but I’m glad I logged in to see this no matter how late. I’ve never heard of oversoul before but I’m super interested in things like this, so if you don’t mind could you expand on that?

    2. sometimes i wonder how many of my memories are dreams.. how would you know the difference.. also the dream world could be your true self and every now and then you become more dense. i was actually totally certain of this one time i woke up it was like a felt myself materialize. what if every time you wake up is actually the first time youve ever woken up and your set of memories are just illusions and you never even existed before but you believe you did. liek a robot that is programmed with memories and you think you had a childhood..

    3. It sucks when you retell something that happened in the past then people laugh it off and insist that it didn’t happen. Then you look and feel like the crazy one.

    4. probably a dream. or you’re just a liar a new ager sockpuppet, since ur account is new and never posted anything.

  48. Just yesterday I was at my friends and we kinda have an obsession with That ’70s Show. We watch it everyday and have seen every episode at least 10 times and can recite the episodes word for word. Anyway, yesterday we was eating some food and watching That ’70s Show when a certain scene came on where Kelso and his cop friend do a made up hand shake on Eric’s driveway. We both instantly looked at each other confused. We have NEVER seen that before through the many times watching that episode, we both knew the episode well and to see that was a shock. It’s safe to say we are both a bit freaked out.

  49. One thing that I don’t understand regarding this Mandela Effect is why are multiple people having the same memory error. Shouldn’t people be making different mistakes memory-wise? If one person makes an error, that’s one thing. But if multiple people make the same error, it raises a question of why.

    1. Exactly! I can’t believe that for decades, hundreds (thousands?) of people, children and adults, misread the word “Berenstein”.

      1. Especially since we all say it -steen when normally that ending is pronounced -stiyn.

      2. I even debated the pronunciation with my family and friends, “steen” or “styne”. I’ve read that other people did the same. How could this be if we saw “stain”?

      3. exactly,I was corrected all the time because I would say styne instead of steen. I would defend my pronunciation with Frankenstein, Einstein, etc. It makes no sense.

  50. I clearly remember and would have bet my soul it was Looney “Toons” NOT Looney “Tunes’. This is how sure I am. I also vaguely remember asking myself a long time ago why they changed the name. I never really gave it a second thought until just the other day I found out about this Mandela Effect, and after researching I come to find it always was Looney “Tunes”. We all cannot be crazy or delusional and now I convinced to a degree something is wrong.

  51. i know for a fact that in starwars darth vader said “luke i am you’re father but nope now its ‘No i am you’re father, searched it and all the videos say the same thing.

  52. …windows beyond counting on the Axis of Totality: portals, gateways, doors, colonnades to anywhere in corridors of infinite anyways across the countless Consilience Spheres; through Arches of Access, all multi-dimensional paths of passage converge, divert, disperse, and return, through myriad calm cosmic hallways, temporal tunnels, magick catwalks, leaps and linkages to any number of vortexes, maelstroms, entrances and exits into all parallels of the Omniverse…

  53. i always have these weird memories of stuff ive never done like for example if I’m watching tv or on social media and see a picture of somewhere or someone I feel like ive been there before or I know that person but at the same time I know 100% that I don’t know them or ive never been there

  54. I worked at one of the very last BlockBusters to close down. How many years ago was that… At least a year before we closed, I watched a trailer for Inside Out with my daughter. It was to come out in theaters in a few months. We never saw it again until last year. Trailers airing like they never played before.

  55. Gordons fisher man fish sticks changed to Gortons fisher man … N wen u look it up… It says its always been Gortons… N im pretty sure its Gordons… I never forget the D…. As a kid i always looked at stuff n remeber it… I just found out today the gordons is now gortons… N u rmmbr the commercial song… “ Trust the Gordons fisher man” n u heard the d very clearly n now its a t…

  56. Just found a new one singing karaoke. George thorogood song I drink alone. The words ‘his brothers black and red’ now say ‘Blackie and red’. Thought it was a typo. Looked up music video on way home and it has changed! Every lyric page shows it as black and red. They haven’t changed yet. But listening to the actual album it is plain as day changed.

  57. If you asked 100 people the name of Ray Romano’s sitcom, about 5 of them would answer Everyone Loves Raymond and when told it was actually Everybody Loves Raymond, 4 of those 5 would simply admit they were wrong but one of them would argue it was always Everyone and must have been changed. The people who have bought into The Mandela Effect are the 1%.

  58. What about babe Ruth now it’s called baby Ruth and aperitly its Mandela effect

  59. In Google Maps type in the Directions ” Mandela effect” and see where it takes you…

      1. Hi, I have just tried to type in Mandela effect into google maps and it
        just comes up saying couldn’t find any results matching what I typed in.
        PLEASE can you explain what is is you saw as well. Many Thanks

    1. Hi, I have just tried to type in Mandela effect into google maps and it just comes up saying couldn’t find any results matching what I typed in. PLEASE can you explain what is is you saw. Many Thanks

  60. Sorry, that last comment posted before I meant to hit send. I just wanted to mention that this is also known as the Retcon Effect. It means Retroactive Continuity, and is a term often used for revisions done in tv shows or movies, but this is Real-life Retcon. Check out

  61. Part of an old post of mine from 2009. The whole world changed back in 1993 and only a few people noticed,for example the guy who runs a vending company he and his wife went on a murder mystery weekend at a hotel, he told me they were looking forward to it, I receive a text message saying what a brilliant night they both had and how much they both enjoyed it.

    The message is still on my phone and he cannot remember ever going even to the point of getting angry with me?, my other friend who i have know since the age of five brings me DVDS and he writes the contents on the disc with black magic marker, he recently brought me the same DVD that he did the week before, so i said you already gave me that DVD and he swore that he never, so i produce the first DVD his handwriting with the same content and he starts ranting and raving that it is some kind of trickery on my part?.

    I am as thick as two short planks compared to these guys in ability and just about everything else but i do not forget things that easily and when i proof it to them they still refuse to accept it.

  62. I remember a painted portrait of Henry VIII eating meat from a bone, whether it was a turkey leg wasn’t clear and is immaterial because I can’t find any image relatable on Google Image.

    1. Wasn’t it a chicken leg hindquarter? He took one bite and threw it to the dogs, complaining that there were no manners anymore.

  63. Barbra Streisand!!!???? I thought it was Barbara Streissand!!!! Is this real!!!??? Holy God did we get moved or Mind switched? I think it happens in our sleep! and while we are sleeping we are reprogrammed with high pitched noises…look into it it happens! can someone explain this….this is insane! LOL

  64. the biggest “common” misremembering for me is Berenstein v Berenstain because I owned books with stein, and I had a conversation about the pronunciation being a long /a/ sound while being spelled with an e so…but I agree, the Mandela effect is more about misremembering than anything else. When people go thru little glitches in reality is where I go…huh? like a 20 minute walk ending up an hour further than you actually went, or a building in a place where there wasn’t one before…NOT newly built, but aged and weathered…yeh, that stuff…THAT is freaky

  65. There is an episode of Little House on the Prairie (I think it is the last episode) where a little girl walks into a modern library. It is not Laura Ingalls, you never see her face, the camera kind of goes with her perspective. She walks in, goes to a certain shelf, pulls out a book. It is a copy of the book “Little House on the Prairie.” She opens it and begins to read as the episode ends.
    I don’t think this one is a Retcon Effect.

  66. You are missing the idea. Multiverses not parallel changes within your universe. Meaning each change you see is because your mind has left your home universe and is traveling to another complete universe on its own. Rainbow Universe which means that all the colors contain a different universe along with each colors own timeframe because gravity also is slowed down by color. Think the only way that a change is possible is a complete universe has been fabricated that is a little different than yours. Figure it out ..

  67. This one’s only a subtle difference that most of you probably won’t recognize, since it’s a newer kids book, but there is a book called Alistair Grim’s Odditorium by Gregory Funaro. I distinctly remember buying the audio and starting to listen to it. I had to put it down for about a week to finish a few things, but when I went back to find the audio, there was no record of one ever existing. I searched everywhere online and one has never been made. The other day, some cornmeal shakers that had been missing for months, showed up in a cupboard in plain sight. A cupboard which my family uses daily. We would’ve seen them. For me, there is no doubt that we jump around different parallel worlds. How frequently, I’m not sure.

  68. Custer’s Last Stand…. He was a General, right? Apparently not. He was a Lt. Colonel.

  69. I FOUND THE PROOF!! GO TO EBAY! PEOPLE POSTED ADS WITH ORIGINAL SPELLINGS FOR BARENSTEIN BEARS AND CHARLES SHULTZ BUT THE BOOKS IN THE PICS ON THEIR ADS ARE NOW BARENSTAIN AND SHULZ. All those people wouldnt post ads to sell their items and across theboard misspell the names. And …..there is merchandise from Star Wars saying Luke I am your father….including movie posters and signed items saying it. Why would somuch memorabilia be madewith a misquote??? It would not!!

  70. My thoughts on this is the parallel university have the effect of changing company names and a story book name bearstein bear to what it’s not. Is there a chance that it would cause time reverse to start over in the world. This is my theiry

  71. Mandela Effect? Berenstain Bears, you might think it is berenstein by the way people say it. The Star Wars one, when people say “Luke, I am your father” instead of “No, I am your father.” They mean that because three reasons. 1. Never watched, bad hearing, or forgot because people say Luke instead of no. 2. They read it from a script like (Luke) I am your father. 3. Not wanting you to get confused by saying they are your actual father, Instead saying Luke.

    1. if you watch an interview with the guy who voiced darth vader, he mentions he read the script and said, Luke I am your father

  72. search for “Mr Smith goes to Washington” starring Gary Cooper. And then you will be the world was exactly like this even 80 years ago. we’re making small progress but I think in general we’re heading (most of us) in the right direction.

  73. i actually believe in the mandela effect. the berenstein bears wasnt the berenstain bears, i remember this for a fact.

  74. It was always Berenstain Bears, though. When I was 4 years old back in 1992, I pronounced it Berenstein Bears, but my teacher corrected me and said that it was always Berenstain Bears. She then asked me why I personally thought it was Berenstein Bears, and told her that Berenstein sounds correct and that I couldn’t imagine someone having a dirty stain in their last name. She said that, in her experience, most people have a harder time pronouncing stain than stein and that she made the same mistake back in the 1970s.

  75. I collect autographs and I remember Jean wilder dying in the early 90’s when I first looked for his autograph back in 2011. I also could swear my gf of 4 years had a lip peircing however she swears she didn’t have one

  76. Hi, Rob. I dunno what other folks may think, but I’ve honestly read way too many accounts of these experiences not to think that there isn’t *something* to them. Maybe it could just be bad memory in some cases, but it can’t be true in *all*, either, though.

    For example, I remember wanting to read a military thriller book(Eric Harry’s “Arc Light”), which I originally distinctly recalled coming out in ~1987-only some time later, when I actually got to buy said book, the date of publication was now 1994 instead.

    Many people would probably normally forget these smaller kinds of details, I suppose, but somehow, this has always stuck out to me.

  77. People these days lack compassion and understanding. They could really care less about their fellow humans.

  78. Is it weird that I re-lived the same exact day when I was younger? I remember it perfectly…

  79. Here a new one I recently caught. Old batman logo from Adam west series. Use to be in bold italics with a dash in middle and kinda angled like outline of bow tie. Bat-man spelled within bat wings. Look at it now. Not even close. Cooler looking but not close. When Obama keeps talking change, his change should be to stop playing with time travel. Oh, was never a k in chic fal a

  80. I was driving with my wife when I heard that Fidel Castro had died. I thought that was really strange because I remember him being sick, dying and his brother taking over. She said that he did get sick and his brother took over but I remember it differently. With memories being such a pliable, intangible thing, could be a lot of things mass-remembered that aren’t true. It’ll probably continue to get worse with the open availability of information and misinformation online and through social media.

  81. If you’re a star wars fan and saw the third episode in theaters, you may recall that the death of grievous is completely different than what it is now. I’ve done my research and asked many people about this and nobody else seems to remember. It drives me nuts, if someone does recall this instance in the original theatrical version, please respond. i’ve looked it up and there was never any change to that scene. and also apparently Darth Vader never said “Luke, i am your father” he says “no, I am your father”

  82. “Earth is not what we think it is” = understatement of 2017.

    You sir, win an internet cat. Take your pick, there are BUNCHES

  83. I have had two Mandela Effect revelations.

    (1) For years I thought Wilford Brimley was deceased. He is still alive.
    (2) I remember reading an article about the death of Roger E Mosley from ‘Magnum PI’. It turns out he is alive as well.

    1. I remember both of those things the same way. I also had a discussion with several family members trying to ascertain, in the days before search engines, if conductor Leonard Bernstein was still alive or dead, and none of us had heard anything to the effect that he was sick. He was still alive — until he passed away less than two hours’ time later.

  84. I agree about the bee hive theory. It WAS an all male tribe, hence the term “Queen Bee”, the Queen signifying the alternate and unusual role she had over the males. This is so strange.

  85. My bologna has a first name, it’s O-s-c-a-r. My bologna has a second name, it’s M-a-y-e-r. Oh I love to eat it every day, and if you ask me why I’ll saaay, ’cause Oscar Mayer has a way with b-o-l-o-g-n-a!

    It has always been M-a-y-e-r.

  86. I have a definite recollection of looking at a map on the wall the day after the Barneveld, Wisconsin tornado disaster in June 1984 — but in a house into which we did not move until later that same year, or even knew at the time that we would be moving.