A Look At John Titor’s Most Popular Predictions

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John Titor's Predictions

John Titor’s story was painted in the dulcet, midnight colors of Coast to Coast AM, driven by a community’s desire to believe, if just for a moment, that time travel was possible.

Over the years, the mythology became mired, polluted by impostors and opportunists. The story of the story took center stage, outshining what we originally found so compelling.

John Titor's Insignia
John Titor’s Insignia

But how has John Titor himself, as we knew him then, fared?

Let’s find out. Let’s look at his most well known predictions, the ones that make your hair stand on end, or cause you to laugh at their outrageousness. In no particular order.

But remember: We shouldn’t call them “predictions.” They’re statements of “fact” from the point of view of a time traveler.

Reflections of an individual’s past that were never guaranteed to become our future.

1. A Devastating Nuclear War

John Titor & Nuclear War
Image: U.S. National Archives

“A world war in 2015 killed nearly three billion people. The people that survived grew closer together.” – November 4, 2000

We’ll begin with one of the few Titor predictions we’ve yet to reach, simply by virtue of it still being in the future.

John Titor allegedly began his journey in 2036. He’d grown up in Florida, and experienced both a domestic conflict and a worldwide nuclear war. Their effects were disastrous, and much of Titor’s story involves his contempt for the people of our time period; he viewed us as sheep who did nothing to prevent the horrors that followed.

2015 is three years away, and steadily approaching. Is there a scenario brewing that may lead us down this dark path?

In the context of Titor’s predictions, perhaps not — his other, far-reaching statements, such as those about a coming Civil War in the United States, never happened. But modern tensions today that did not exist in 2000-2001 do give pause.

These tensions involve the growing conflict with Iran about their nuclear weapons program, and threats that Israel may launch their own unilateral attack on the country very soon (Read: Israelis seem resigned to a strike on Iran)

The Middle East, already near the breaking point, has experienced violent protests in Syria and Egypt, and an indefinite occupation of the region by the United States. The situation is already bad, but it’s not difficult to imagine it becoming worse. Far worse.

2. Deception Leading To The Iraq War

None of the things I have said will be a surprise. They were set in motion ten, twenty, even thirty years ago. Are you really surprised to find out that Iraq has nukes now or is that just BS to whip everyone up into accepting the next war? – February 5, 2001, Post2Post Art Bell Forum

This is one of a few John Titor quotes that always jumps out at people.

It’s true that the Middle East has, in recent history (and naturally before Titor’s posts), experienced anything but peace. But the specificity of Titor’s remarks regarding not only the Iraq War, but the deception about Weapons Of Mass Destruction hits the nail on the head a little too hard to be ignored.

Was this nothing more than simple foresight driven by (then-) contemporary views on foreign policy? I suppose thoughts of a renewed conflict in the Middle East were not farfetched, as the war in Iraq has a history that stretches well beyond the events of 9/11.

However, of all the alleged time travelers who have come and gone, these remarks make John Titor one of a kind.

3. The 2008 Olympics: Cancelled

John Titor 2008 Olympics
Image: Redmond/Flickr via CC by 2.0

“As a result of the many conflicts, no, there were no official Olympics after 2004. However, it appears they may be revived in 2040.” – January 29, 2001

Of course, Titor didn’t always hit the mark.

The 2008 Olympics, which were ultimately held in Beijing, China, still happened. However, do you remember how close they came to not happening?

During the lead up to the Olympics, Tibetan protests spread throughout Chinese provinces, with calls for independence and the return of the Dalai Lama. Many wondered if this would interfere with the Olympics, leading to a boycott (Read: Police tighten grip; China says Olympics won’t be disrupted)

This is, of course, slightly twisting Titor’s words. He mentioned several conflicts, most likely implying that civil unrest leading up to the war rendered the Olympics impractical and unwanted.

But remember: Titor mentioned a slight divergence, anywhere from 1-2.5%, which could make all the difference in the world.

4. The Hidden Functions of the IBM 5100

John Titor & The IBM 5100
Image: Flickr/Marcin Wichary via CC by 2.0

“You mean other than the mad cow pandemic, the breakthroughs in high-energy physics and the unknown functions of the 5100?” – February 15, 2001, Post2Post Art Bell Forum

We’ve already talked about Titor’s connections to the IBM 5100. It’s true that, at the time of his posting, the hidden functionality of the IBM 5100 portable computer was unknown to the average consumer. Especially around 2000-2001, the average person wouldn’t have known such an obscure detail.

On the other hand, Titor’s statements about a “mad cow pandemic” and “breakthroughs in high-energy physics” are somewhat murkier.

There was mild panic regarding Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, or CJD (the human form of mad cow disease). However, this was quite a few years ago, and nothing I’d call a pandemic.

The unfortunate thing, however, is that CJD has a potential incubation period of decades, meaning if there was a massive spread of the illness that occurred 10 or even 20 years ago, we still wouldn’t know about it.

As for “high-energy physics,” new breakthroughs at CERN — which is almost its own character in the John Titor saga — may lead to some extraordinary outcomes. More specifically, Titor said: “Some very interesting things will be going on at CERN in the near future.”

The Higgs Boson. Faster-than-light neutrinos. Whether or not anything comes of this, it’s too early to tell, but the forward march of progress continues. As the LHC ramps up its energy, who knows what we’ll discover.

5. An Overheating Space Plane

John Titor & The Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster
Image: Flickr/NASA via CC by 2.0

“Care to share with me how you solved the overheating problem on your space plane?” – February 13, 2001, Post2Post Art Bell Forum

This is another one of Titor’s statements that often raises eyebrows. What’s most curious to me is his use of the phrase “space plane.” If he had been referring to a shuttle, why not say shuttle?

That said, many view this comment as an allusion to the Columbia space shuttle disaster in 2003, which occurred after a piece of foam struck the shuttle’s left wing during take-off. Upon re-entry, superheated air breached the damaged wing, leading to the ultimate disintegration of the shuttle.

6. Russia & China

John Titor on Russia & China
Image: Thomas Depenbusch/Flickr via CC by 2.0

“Russia and China have always had a very strange relationship. Even the news I see now indicates that continued weapons deals to allies, border clashes and overpopulation will lead to hostilities. The West will become very unstable which gives China the confidence to ‘expand.'” – February 8, 2001, Post2Post Art Bell Forum

China has grown exponentially, while the United States and much of the west has been hit by economic turmoil and civil unrest. I’m not sure we’re at the point of being regarded as unstable, but given the relatively prosperous economic climate of the 1990s, mainstream thought in 2000-2001 would not have predicted this falling house of cards.

Even our relations with Russia and China are heating up again, thanks to the current situation with Iran. Furthermore, Titor also mentioned that China were close to “putting a man in orbit.”

Done and done. China put a man in orbit in October 2003, and continues to make strides in what now appears to be a one-country space race. Meanwhile, the NASA budget continues to dwindle.

7. A Growing Civil Unrest

John Titor & The Occupy Wall Street Protests
Image: Flickr/David Shankbone via CC by 2.0

“They will be the ones arresting and holding people without due process.” – February 21, 2001, Post2Post Art Bell Forum

One of the greatest themes of John Titor’s story was the ultimate decline of western civilization, and the increasing number of civil conflicts within the United States leading up to an all-out war in 2005.

Without diving headfirst into the dark and sordid world of U.S. politics, policies such as the Patriot Act and the NDAA do point in this direction, and the U.S. Government has continued to grow since 9/11. Future legislation like SOPA, PIPA, and the already-signed ACTA slowly chip away at the average citizen’s rights, making way for massive corporations to swoop in and claim, well, everything.

The years may be off, but I wouldn’t disregard Titor’s statements about civil strife just yet.

Titor also alluded to the fact that the United States President in 2005 was seen almost as a Lincoln figure, attempting to unite the country. Unfortunately, according to Titor, his policies did nothing but divide the public, and even undermined the Bill of Rights. Likewise, the next President, in 2009, was only interested in maintaining his power.

Our President in 2005 was George W. Bush, but I can’t help but think of President Obama when Titor alludes to someone trying to be a unifying Lincoln figure.

Barack Obama seemed like the kind of candidate who wanted to unite America, to bring about change and fix the system. It can be argued that he failed, but it can also be argued that any actual attempt to “fix” our government will ultimately be obstructed, no matter how many promises are made to the common citizen.

The Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street protestors also come to mind. Riots breaking out around the world and here within our own borders. A poor economy. The increasing role of government in our lives. Perhaps the most telling of John Titor’s statements about civil liberties was this: “The conflict was not about taking and holding ground it was about order and rights. They were betting that people wanted security instead of freedom and they were wrong.”

8. A Tale Of Many Worlds

John Titor & The Many-world interpretation
Image: Flickr/studebaker2008 via CC by 2.0

“The Many Worlds Theory seems to wrap up very nicely into current string theory. Unfortunately, we have not solved string theory yet either but (n-10) seems to be the best working model we have in 2036. As you are probably aware, the “big equation” does not need the final solution in order to take advantage of the smaller parts that do work in the real world.” – February 25, 2001, Post2Post Art Bell Forum

Verifying the science behind John Titor’s time machine is a bit complicated. A subject for another time, perhaps.

However, it’s true that Stephen Hawking changed his mind about the nature of black holes and Hawking Radiation not long after Titor showed up.

In his original faxes (fax one and fax two) to Art Bell, Titor stated:

“Time travel was invented in 2034. Off shoots of certain successful fusion reactor research allowed scientists at CERN to produce the world’s first contained singularity engine. The basic design involves rotating singularities inside a magnetic field. By altering the speed and direction of rotation you can travel both forward and backward in time.”

The use of black holes as described by Titor clashed with contemporary understandings of how they work, namely that microsingularities would evaporate before you’d be able to do anything with them.

However, in 2004, Hawking revised his theory, bringing it in line with Titor’s comments on the nature of Hawking radiation.

Another interesting statement of Titor’s that jumped out at me:

“It is believed that all worldlines end. It is also thought that parallel worldlines that appear to be the same end at different times.” – February 15, 2001, Post2Post Art Bell Forum

This would, unfortunately, coincide with the existence of a low-mass Higgs Boson scenario, and recent findings at CERN seem to indicate that this may (READ: may) be the case. A low-mass Higgs Boson would indicate that, at any moment, the universe “could spontaneously explode.”

Image: Joel Olives/Flickr via CC by 2.0

The vision John Titor paints of the multiverse (or, as he refers to it, the “superverse”) is, as I understand it, similar to those fiber optic light spheres (pictured above). Each worldline is a single point that stretches outward infinitely. But some of the lines can spontaneously come to an end, independent of the others.

“Time travel” occurs as a result of traveling between those lines. Thus, no paradoxes, as any time traveler would be entering another universe entirely.

Titor also makes several references to the Everett-Wheeler model, also known as the theory of the Universal Wavefunction. It’s an attempted explanation for the bizarre wave-like behavior of individual particles in the double-slit experiment, stating that every possible outcome of events always happens, each event splitting off into its own universe to avoid wavefunction collapse. Hence, multiple worldlines.

At the moment, none of this can be verified, but our current path of physics may surprise us, and the Many-worlds interpretation is considered a legitimate possibility.

9. What Makes Time Travel Possible

John Titor & CERN
Image: CERN

“The general public was informed about time travel around 2034.” – March 2, 2001, Post2Post Art Bell Forum

And now we’re back to the future. Will we ever gain the ability to travel through time? Titor stated that the mechanisms of time travel would be discovered at CERN with the creation of microsingularities, or miniature black holes.

Titor’s own machine, which he was trained to operate specifically for his mission in 1975, was created by General Electric, and at the time of his departure from 2036, new variations were being designed, with more accurate clocks and far greater precision.

But we, here, cannot tell the future.

The Lessons Of John Titor

For an alleged time traveler posting on Internet forums in 2000 to early 2001, Titor was surprisingly forward-thinking. Whoever this individual was, he foresaw the renewed conflict in the Middle East, the growing tensions within the U.S., and the arrival of certain scientific breakthroughs.

Much of this could have been extrapolated from information already available at the time. Past conflicts, economic foresight, scientific speculation. We can often see the world of tomorrow through the lens of today.

But tomorrow is always changing. Prior to 9/11, I’m not sure how many of us could have envisioned this post-9/11 world. A world which Titor, despite the failure of most of his “predictions,” saw so clearly.

John Titor is, above all else, an interesting character. His finesse at winning the hearts and minds, or otherwise drawing the ire, of Internet goers lies simply in his statement “I don’t want you to believe me.” Perhaps there’s something to be said for reverse psychology after all.

Stripping out the time travel, the bias, the doom and gloom, we’re left with a simple tale of caution and morality, in which we’re warned to keep our minds open, our intentions pure, and our eyes focused only on the truth:

“When the day comes for my ‘prediction’ to be realized it will either happen or not. If it does happen, then your ability to judge your environment is crippled by your acceptance of me as a “knower of all things” and gifted with the ability to tell the future.

If I am wrong, then everything I have said that might possibly have made you think about your world in a different way is suddenly discredited. I do not want either.

Although I do have personal reasons for being here and speaking with you, the most I could hope for is that you recognize the possibility of time travel as a reality. You are able to change your worldline for better or worse just as I am.” – February 2, 2001, Post2Post Art Bell Forum

It’s strange how, looking at Titor’s predictions and comparing them to our actual reality, a pattern nearly forms. If it weren’t for an odd turn here, or a slight shift there, Titor’s world could have become our own. And who knows, maybe it will.

If our worldline were different by just 2.5%, where would we be?

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248 Replies to “A Look At John Titor’s Most Popular Predictions”

    1. You’re absolutely right.

      I neglected to mention it in the post, but John Titor alluded to the fact that Y2K didn’t happen to us because of his interference with our timeline. Just another example of how, in the context of his story, our worldline wouldn’t necessarily become his.

      Thanks for your comment.

  1. The thing that freaked me out about the following statement:

    The President or ‘leader’ in 2005 I believe tried desperately to be the next Lincoln and hold the country together but many of their policies drove a larger wedge into the Bill of Rights. The President in 2009 was interested only in keeping his/her power base.

    George W. Bush made a very big deal about being thought of as “Lincoln” when he left office.  I remember seeing the interview and it immediately made me think of Titor.

    Obama / Hillarry combo =  “his/her” power base.

    Remember if the guy is a time traveller, he’s as biased as the rest of us (human) and may not be remembering things precisely because I have to imagine “history” just post 2015 would be a bit more of a concern to the average person.

    That said if there’s been a “civil war” in the US since 2005… all I can say is you’d have a hard time justifying that statement in a future history textbook.  Maybe 2008 if you were painting with a broad broad brush and some future stuff we haven’t seen yet would heat it up.

    But he makes reference to being in a militia in this time period and that’s clearly not happening.

    1. I’m totally with you there, Dony.

      I often go back and forth between who I think the “Lincoln” figure could be, and honestly I feel that both Bush and Obama could potentially fit that category, perhaps in different ways. I’ll have to see if I can find that interview you mention, though, because I think I might remember it, too. But I agree — Bush is also very likely, and would fit the time frame better.

      I also mention Titor’s biases here: http://www.strangerdimensions.com/2012/01/19/john-titor-as-an-unreliable-narrator/

      As for the lack of any kind of civil war, yeah, it never happened. You’d have to really stretch Titor’s statements to make any of it fit. BUT things have definitely become a bit more contentious as far as civil protests are concerned. That’s why I always try to frame the Titor mythos within that whole “2.5% divergence” idea.

      You know, things aren’t panning out like Titor said they would, but at the same time you could imagine a scenario in which they might have, if things had gone in just a slightly different direction.

      It’s still fun to talk about, though. Thanks for your comment!

  2. if  john came from 2036 then he must exist in present world and must be of age 15 years approx so where itold  is he? the john from future didnt told anything about him?

    1. The person posting as John Titor talked about his family a bit. Allegedly, he was staying with them while he was in our timeline, and even claimed to have taken his younger self on a trip once or twice (if I remember right). He never revealed anything about their identities, though.

      Of course, then you have to remember that whole business with Titor’s “mother” and the book and the family’s lawyer and all that, but I usually try to steer clear of all the post-Titor stuff and just focus on the original story. 

      But if it were true then yeah, young John Titor would be somewhere out there today.

  3. Hello,
    I am Brazilian, like your blog, the analysis of the predictions of Titor were great, I think they might be real, and enjoyable to discuss this. I would ask him permission to translate your post and publish it on my blog with the appropriate copyright.

    1. Hello Okabe,

      If you’d like to translate the article into your native language and post it on your own blog, yes, I’d be okay with that.

      However, please provide a link back to this article and let everyone know where to find the original. Thanks!

      Glad you found it interesting!

  4. When I do the translation and posting, definitely post the link to this article. Another thing I forgot to mention the previous review. There is an anime called Steins; Gate, great story, involving John Titor and time travel, a “light novel” 25 episodes, gives a look if possible. I really enjoyed the blog, thanks for answering the comment and forgive me for bad English, is that I’m out of time, and I’m using google translator.

    1. No problem!

      I’ve actually heard of Steins; Gate, but I haven’t seen it, yet. I’ve heard good things. I’ll definitely check it out someday.

      Anyway, thanks for visiting and I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the blog.

  5. I always wondered if he gave away the farm on the Y2K thing in this world line (warned the right people). And then I always wondered if he messed up the divergence so badly that he re-materialized in the middle of a US Air Force Base (under the current government) in 2036…

    Or if he’s lost in space trying to correct the divergence…

    1. I always wondered about the divergence, too. I think Titor mentioned once or twice there would be world-lines in which he didn’t return to 2036, rendering the whole mission pointless.

      Really, the worldline divergence itself is almost completely nihilistic, if you think about it — no matter how hard you try at something, there will always be a worldline in which you fail. Your choices and actions have no meaning in 50% of them.

  6. I am a clairvoyant of over 20 years experience and would like to take an opportunty to say something positive in regards of John (TI-im-T-ravell-OR) Titor’s posts and the man himself.

    “Stripping out the time travel, the bias, the doom and gloom, we’re left with a simple tale of caution and morality, in which we’re warned to keep our minds open, our intentions pure, and our eyes focused only on the truth:”

    The premiss and essence of what JT wrote in original the posts are what need to be activated upon here for ‘all our’ future’s sake.

    To add I had a profectic dream years agao in 1996, I started to write a book of the very clear images that I recieved from this dream. Here are a few points. there are two that correspond with JT and one that is just weird. but will indirectly is does confirm a correllation in our coming future events.

    1) 2015 is when chemical weaponry and nulclear bombs have stopped destroying most of the of the worlds larger city centers. where not is left but just the outlines and bare bones of the stuctures that once held the infrastruster of a city system in place. Their remains are burned out buildings, dust and emptiness.

    2) 1/3 of the population is left behind to survive in smaller communities and homes that are bulit with alternative and natual energies, farming off their land, sharing whatever skills that they had or learned from the past.
    (JT had almost the same dipiction of future life but his poplus loss was only 1/3) …. 1/3 is simliar.

    3) This one is not mentioned by JT but it is indirectly connectED as a proof for by way of, weird as it is, but a proof for me. In my dream I see Blimps or Zepellins. The start point for the Blimp’s travel in my dream is in England. The jorney is to north America over the Atlantic Ocean. The Blimps are used in place of planes. Their is little of the old petrol left and there are to few and too expensive to maintain. The Blimp is more enviromentally viable and therefore used for transportaion over seas for the infrastructure of the earth and it citizens while they are rebuilding. The chance proof came I was doing research on JT. I came acroos a radio show called ‘Coast to Coast’ with George Noorey. The cover of the You Tube link for the show was of a painting dipicting Blimps floating over a river, the Thames it seems. The host of the show was doing and interview update with guest speaker Oliver Willaims on none other then John Titor!

    I have been affirmed and confirmed that what JT was writing in his posts of his future is something that indeed may hppen. I have had similair dream visions to his statements through time travel. Whether or not he is or is not a Time Travller that isn’t for me to judge, but by reading his psots I will say this I have never read anthing with such intellectual ferver in over a 48 hour period. This man is genuine in his premiss and his humanity.

    Thanks Rob,
    Pys Chic

      1. If indeed JT is a time traveller, it could be that some words are spelled differently in his version of reality (as in: the different spelling versions of the Berest#in Bears that many people seem to recall).

  7. Honestly what does whole story mean to me? Well seeing as i am a unknown spec in the throngs of some many people, and that it can be hard to believe some things, this has all given me a smile as some idea’s i thought in the past was outrageous could be very possible. Such as Estien’s famous E=MC2 could be Energy = Mass Change squared (theory of time travel), or in 2008 when i toyed with the idea that time is not linear..
    Again yes i know it is hard to take someone like me serious when i said i had toyed with these and many other idea’s not knowing others had the same thoughts…..
    What it all comes down to? As adults we need toe abiltiy to dream and to believe……….i think that was John Titor’s greatest gift to us

  8. btw i have some question to john titor who claimed from the future
    just 1 things you must proved to me

    you / someone you know you bring to the past when he/she birth and meet their 2

  9. has anyone thought that him going in to the past may have changed the world line thus creating a world line where the war is staled or stopped. he said “even the slightest divergence can change everything” when he went into the past he must have caused a slight divergence, which meaning he caused this world line to be created because of his effects……. and as he said the grandfather paradox does not exist, and one more thing…… there where 2 johns not just one

  10. I watched the Steins;Gate anime where the main plot is about time travelling, world lines, divergences and so on and got interested in all that, since I like science fiction. Also, Back to the Future is my favourite movie.
    Also, I like this site 🙂

    1. Glad you like the blog! And thanks for commenting.

      I still need to see Steins;Gate. I like all that multiple worldlines/time travel stuff a lot, too. And Back to the Future is probably in my top five favorite movies of all time.

      Believe it or not, the movie Somewhere In Time (based on Richard Matheson’s novel Bid Time Return) is what originally got me into John Titor. I saw that movie, it creeped me out a bit, and I went online searching for time travel stuff. That was around 2002-2003, so the Titor story was pretty much over, but it was very cool reading that stuff for the first time.

      1. Stein’s Gate may feel old compared to the graphics we have now in the Anime adaptation. It still a must see, since the main character has a huge connection to John Titor.

      2. I agree with qoo the visual novel is amazing and you can get it from steam. The artwork is top notch.

  11. I rather liked this entry as well. I must say some of it actually makes sense in some respects. If John Titor DID in fact come here to our time in 2000-2001, (not saying he did, just hypothetically that he did) and we consider that our world line is 1-2.5% divergence then one can assume that perhaps his predictions are just delayed. Look at the news. The US government is purchasing ammunition in preparation for a civil war. With the election and the possibility of Obama being reelected there is a slight possibility that people may start revolting in Texas. Of course this is just if you believe the tabloids and articles on the internet. Things may just SEEM bad and just blown out of proportion (I am just assuming anyone who reads this knows what I am talking about.).

    But if a civil war breaks out.. we can assume that the UN may get involved. I do not have any educated guesses for what happens next but I could imagine there is a dispute as to how to solve the problem of the civil war and conflict starts up internally. Of course if this happened it would put John Titor’s predictions for the nuclear war at an earlier date. I only just started looking up things on John Titor today so if I am missing key points of his story I do apologize. Of course this is all hypothetical and I do not believe that the story is true. I do though find something quite uncanny about his predictions and the events that have coincided with things he said, even if some of the dates and events are off.

    In any case brilliant blog entry. This is something that brought my curiosity to another level. Even if what he said was a hoax, he definitely had good predicting skills on the world for the future. Anyway I am completely open to discussion if anyone wishes to start one on this.

    1. I pretty much agree with everything you said.

      As far as Titor himself goes, I don’t believe he was a time traveler, either. But I do think his story is interesting, and it really is uncanny how close his “predictions” came to being reality. I mean, if you follow his narrative and consider the “worldline divergence,” you can almost -feel- how we’re living in a worldline very, very close to his, just not quite. It’s weird (and also a great way to make your hoax bulletproof).

      At any rate, whenever I write about John Titor, or really any paranormal or fringe topic…I don’t necessarily believe any of it, but I have enough of an open mind to at least be curious. To give it a fair shot. If something’s -too- crazy, I avoid it, but Titor’s story contains just enough truth to make you wonder…

      And I agree with you about the media — they do blow things out of proportion. It, I think, gives us a distorted worldview a lot of the time.

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment!

    2. I think it is unfair to consider JT as a Nostradamus.
      Since I have ready non-fiction and fiction books from the 80s and 90s that also predicted the same outcomes.

      1. I agree but only because Nostradamus was corny and vague enough for his so called predictions to be interpreted as anything. Sure hister sounds like Hitler and Mabus could be a combination of Obama and Bush, but really? Hr himself did not call himself a seer and was not seen as such until recently. You should look up Baba Vanga if you really want your mind blown.

    3. Governments always purchase ammo dude. Just saying. If we did have a civil war, the revolutionaries would be the instigators, and that’s a good thing. Its called revolution.

  12. I have read a great deal of information and the original posts by “John Titor” But the most fascinating thing i found was this piece of information.


    Apparently it’s a website that show’s the time eras and divergence lines % of John-1 and John-2

    Take a look it’s really cool.

  13. I learned of the John Titor story about two years ago and immediately became enthralled. Using the words “fascinated” and even “obsessed” are understatements. There are countless stories (fiction and non) of time travel to be read out there. NONE appear to have been as captivating as the story of JT. Of all of the threads in cyberspace, this story alone perpetuates itself over and over. It has transcended more than a decade without positive proof that the actual author is a fraud, or the real deal. Even those that do NOT believe have gone out of their way to prove their disbelief, yet still without affirmative proof. Some threads about John Titor are seemingly dead, sitting idle for years. Then they suddenly spring to life. There is a man claiming to be John Titor with endless conviction at www.godlikeproductions.com. After 36 pages of questions and answers, I finally came to my own conclusion that THIS John Titor was a fake. No one can prove how, but the feeling of the original JT is not there. This person tries too hard to convince others. This leads me to elaborate on my point about “feeling” that this particular blog touched on, and which is also why I decided to post a comment.

    First of all I want to thank the author of this blog for displaying MORE THAN ANYTHING an open mind and some common sense. The “feeling” that was so compelling about the original JT story was the fact that this person seemingly did not care if he was believed. In fact, he candidly used this as a doorway into the hearts and minds of the readers. This blog is the FIRST I have come across to use as a point of reference. I believe the writer of this blog mentioned “Back to the Future” as a favorite movie, which brings me to another point. In BTTF II, Marty completely alters his version of 1985 by taking the sports almanac. He never had any intention of doing so and was even warned about the repercussions. Marty threw the almanac away, but Biff was waiting in the wings with his own plot. Many could say that Biff altered the timeline, but if Marty never seeks the sports almanac in the first place, then Biff never has the opportunity to retrieve it from the trash. I know I’m referencing a movie here, but stay with me. I have a point. The original John Titor admittedly deviated from his mission for “personal reasons”. He even stated in a post that he was in a “new 1998” and that he had “been through this with us before but we wouldn’t listen anyway”, which alludes to the IDEA that he continuously tried to warn us, but because of our narrow mindedness, he could not definitively reach us all. THAT John Titor (the original John Titor), left this worldline in 2001 with only his warnings and his messages as his legacy.

    In summary, is it not possible that his deviation from his mission created such a significant enough divergence to offset what was supposed to be? That, coupled with the simple power of suggestion, altered our worldline enough to create a completely different future

  14. John titor said that he went to 1975 to meet his father(the one who made the IBM 5100).So the inventor of IBM 5100 is his father,which means his son is John Titor,right?So who’s the inventor?

    1. He didn’t say his grandfather was the inventor, just that he was involved, but you have a point; someone could possibly come up with a list of grandchildren of IBM technicians from 1975 and see which were born in 1998…

  15. If you noticed he said he was upstairs and was 2 years old in 2000 – in 2036 He is 38 years old so he stated, he talked about UFO show he watched in this year 2012 that was a UK tv show, only thing I found was a 70’s UFO show based in UK, And a movie called UFO that comes out Dec. 15th based in UK….

    He does not state anything about getting out of his 4 wheel drive truck, he only states you need to be buckled in at all times, thus being said how did he use a computer to hop on a forum and post all that stuff? Or how is he living with his parents if he said he has to stay buckled in??

    As for predictions, this is someone who has spent time reading on politics, and the IBM, he also stated he picked supernatural chat rooms because he felt they would listen to him and be opened to it, but the few that was in that chat room sounded not to care what he was stating some got bored and went to bed lol…. Pure coincidence he studied a few things and read about all that stuff then when into a chat and revealed he was a time traveler. I am not buying it… too far fetch, and usually gut instinct is ALWAYS right!! This was some young punk back then in 2000 I use to open chat rooms on AOL, and there was a lot of punks coming in them and ruining the vibe, and talk none sense stuff like this, and I think that is what happened, this time traveler could been way over dosed on drugs to be talking in that way…

    1. He said you have to stay buckled in DURING YOUR TRIP THROUGH THE TIME LINE… not that you had to remain buckled in once you arrived at your destination point in time and the time machine was turned off… pay attention man…

    2. Whoever posted as John Titor was no “young punk”. He was remarkably mature, eloquent, knowledgable and intelligent. I don’t know if he was a time traveller, but he was a cut above the typical know-nothing teenage internet poster.

  16. Very hard to believe…. its like a movie.. 😀
    why cant John Titor bring a photograph from the future to prove….
    May be he can travel from mind but not with the body that is impossible.

  17. Yeah ok. Has anyone asked why he was so vague? Why does he not name the President? Why? Because he is a hoax.
    2016. Marco Rubio runs against Hillary Clinton. Hillary wins. I wont tell you who the vice is. Heres a hint though. He was a republican and a Governor.
    The ipad can be rolled up and stuck inyour back pocket in seven years. Its no longer called an Ipad though. Apple has been bought out and new company is called Gauge. Nope. No joke.
    Cancer scandal 12 years from now. Yep. Was a cure. Way back in 1991.
    Middle East still a problem. Only they no longer own oil.
    Hillary will run again. She will lose to Marco Rubio.
    Another war in 2023. Europe. No joke.
    Save this.

    1. He was vague because, yes, he was likely a hoax. Most of these stories are…

      Interesting predictions, though! I promise your comment will be saved right here for posterity.

      1. I don’t know… perhaps he was vague because of the divergence factor… a lot of his predictions have been off by a few years, but they have been pretty spot on, if a few years out.

        It is very possible that the very fact he was here in ‘our timeline’ created enough of a divergence that events end up unfolding a few years out of sync with the information he had passed on.

        He even states that he believes you can affect change on the timeline.

        For example… his ‘past’ or ‘history’ recorded that the Y2K bug was going to be a big problem… and it was around ’98 we all started to sit up, take note and stress about the Y2K bug a few years in our future at that time. It never became the disaster we were expecting, because we all knew about it and, whilst paranoia still plagued us until after the 1999-2000 change, we were, as a whole, taking steps to prevent it… upgrading systems etc.

        Is it not possible, that one of his personal ‘reasons’ for stopping at that period of time was potentially to see, via disseminating information about the event occurring, if we might not be able to avert that outcome, thus changing the future?

        And if that is the case, would it not follow that that would throw follow up predictions out to some degree?

      2. I think the same, because if someone take seriously all the things he say, the future will change, so John’s future as well, he must be vague and not altered the future too much

      3. He can’t change his timeline, his version of time travel does not work like that. When he goes back in time it’s to a different universe, not his own. Pay attention!

    2. Yes
      you are right about the cancer Cure.
      They want to kill 1/2 the worlds population or more by giving them cancer.

    3. With a precentage of 1- 2.5% divergence the worldline could change and if he did give exact names and it changed then no one would believe him.

    4. @Uhno,
      Okay dude… so far 2 things in your story are true and creepy.. lol I’m posting this on 6.18.2015. and as of today Hillary IS running for President and so is Marco Rubio. Elections are months away so not sure who will win but apparently Donald Trump said a few days ago he’s running too. Lol.. But yeah today I was brushing up on John Titor(for the millionth time) and stumbled across your comment. Creepy. Why, because you posted this 2 years ago.

  18. I’m curious about this UHNO guy ^^^ up there, why and how does he know those things? Also, it seems unlikely that J.T. would ultimately end up back in 2036 to a world that he would be accustomed to. To travel ‘back on the same world line to point ‘C’ and then go forward from point ‘B’ back to the future point ‘A’, wouldn’t there be additional world lines created from D to C and B and finally back to A? It seems with that much divergence, there would be no way to correctly predict anything, let alone end up back where J. T. started.. Just sayin’. Great post! I’m thoroughly hooked on your site and the several posts about John Titor, Thanks for devoting your time to wild imaginations =)

    1. Can’t answer your first question (not sure he can, either, ha). As to your second…I think I remember John Titor saying that, no, he wouldn’t end up back in the exact same worldline, but it’d be close enough. Kind of a troubling thought.

      I think the point of jumping “back” before going forward was just to get the worldlines to match up as closely as possible, so he wouldn’t follow any lines that he, himself, had interfered with. Finding his way back to that initial line, to before he had arrived, would mean the worldline divergence wouldn’t be too drastic. Or so the story goes.

      Glad you like the blog! At the end of the day, these are just stories, so I try not to take things too seriously. Well, usually. Thanks for reading.

      1. Did he not state that to return to your original timeline, you needed to travel to a point further back in the past than when you arrived, taking you back to a spot before the divergence, and then reverse the machine, WITHOUT TURNING IT OFF/STOPPING, as the new timeline is only created when you arrived and the machine stops.

        By doing this, then, you have gone back to a point in time before the divergence, putting you back on the ‘original’ time line, at which point you reverse your direction (again, without actually stopping) allowing you to follow the original, non divergent time line.

  19. The american civil war prediction was off by 8 years. I highly suggest you prepare now. the country will not even be recognizable by august.

    1. well you were off by a year if you meant august 2013. august 2014, the ferguson event began, got worse in november, now 2 cops shot and killed today. it’s starting

      1. He meant nuclear war as in myself sitting down to a pancake breakfast, he was right! I sat down to a pancake breakfast.

  20. I’m sorry, John, but here’s an anonymous poster who’s not going to let you judge who is or isn’t worthy to live or die after N Day. I am someone of no importance, doing the following as my civic duty as a citizen of this nation. In short, despite my irrelevance, I’ve Figured It Out.

    Dear America:

    John Titor, whoever or whatever he is, is accurate, and what he has predicted is correct and definitely approaching. He’s just distorted and obscured certain things, such as intentionally changing names of places and other aspects of his tale, to preserve his own timeline in the way he personally sees fit. To me this is immoral and an act of conspiracy. I’m unlocking the mystery for you.

    Simply add 6 years to all his predictions.

    Their accuracy will then be both blinding and terrifying. Further, the 2014 Olympics will indeed be canceled by international fiat. The reason, which is one of those things Titor wanted to obscure, like the actual year date, is worldwide hostility towards increasing violence against gays in Russia. Even if Russia continues the Games, the world and media will officially turn its back on them and on her, and many, many sponsors will drop out, calling into question the 2014 Games’ validity. In retrospect, this is a cancellation.

    You also now know who the 2011 president was, and what kind of president you’re looking ahead to by 2015.

    There, John. “Fixed that for you.”

    Now do what he advises, take care of each other, and RUN.

  21. This is a really interesting story and one I’m just learning about. My question for John would be more related to culture. How would someone from the future know how to interact with our society being so far removed from our technology and our culture? For instance, if he was in Germany, how would he know they switched from the Deutsche Mark to the Euro? Either way, great article and a good source of info on this mystery.

    1. Well, according to a website claiming to have his direct theories, ‘John Titor’ was born in 1998. So, therefore at the time he ‘time traveled’ he would’ve only been six, so he could’ve experienced it all. Though, in a different timeline if it wasn’t a hoax. Him coming back would’ve most certainly impacted the future, therefore changing even his own life. If Titor was really a time traveler, just simply revealing it to that many people could change the future, which in turn could make humanity never invent time traveling capabilities and impact integrity of his theory.

      I just confused myself.

      What I’m saying is: Titor claimed to have been born in 1998 therefore he would’ve experienced our society and culture.

  22. I AM John Titor and I have warned you! I have given you all the information I possibly can. For those that don’t beleive? Pity on you. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  23. In current events of this year Dec 2013. How can anyone person deny that there validity to the Titor story? Look at what is going on right now with Iran, China and Japan and Russia and the US. How can anyone say Obama has not tried to act like Abe Lincoln. Or how about how the left of the government has made huge strives at trying to consolidate power with changing the filibuster and obama care, the list goes on and on. It is for certain that titor was correct, the civil war is nearly upon us in the US. World War III is nearly around the corner. None of us have listened to warnings left by this solder who risked everything and came to our time exposed the power that be. I to will take a few phrases from statements made by john to close my post and give food for thought.

    Question Asked to John
    Was China your enemy?

    Not my enemy? I never fought any Chinese but their ability to
    hit Western cities with missiles made a lot of people unhappy.

    Question Asked to John
    You said that there will be a big war. Can you at least tell us
    which cities will be nuked?

    I won’t do that. However, I submit to you that when the moment
    comes it will be absolutely plain as day that you are unsafe
    in the cities. The millions people that stay will choose to
    stay. That’s what comes as a surprise.

    Question Asked to John

    I guess you could say that. Taiwan, Japan and Korea were all
    “forcefully annexed” before N Day. (N-Day is in 2015 on John world time line)

    Question Asked to John
    What would you say to any world leaders who might be reading this
    right now?

    Revel in your confidence today because you will not win tomorrow.

    Lets all think real hard about what John had to say!

    1. look i feel bad for some of you on this website. so i’ll let you in on a
      little secret. if you live in las vegas or henderson stay inside
      tomorrow. don’t go anywhere where there are large groups of people. also
      if you see three blacks vans parked next to each other immediately
      leave the area. you’re welcome
      -john on /pol sept 10th

  24. I must say. I do believe in time travel. I don’t see why it’s not possible. But the only problem I see with is; if “CERN” does make a time machine whats to stop them from going back in time them self and take over? “If you control the “PAST” you control the “FUTURE”. I’m an open minded person; but I know that if it was me I myself would go back and make my life now better. Even take what I know now and what I have to “CERN” in the past and become one of the people to work for them. How do we know that’s not what John did? He could have just made it look like the went back to his time. How do we know if he didn’t already work for them or the gov. And he was just telling people what they wanted to hear. I’m sorry but I do know one thing; “NO MADDER WHAT; “TRUST NO ONE!” Even the “GOV.” They only tell us what they want us to know. We may think we’re free but we’re not and most people know that but it works for them. “I’d like to hear what others have to say on this.”

      1. Steins gate explained the CERN LHC and explained String theory better then most actual Theoretical Physicist

      2. No, they just oversimplified it so that even idiots would be able to understand it. It’s so that viewers with lower intellect won’t get bored because of stuff they don’t understand

  25. I first heard about John Titor way back in 2001, I think, on the C2C show. This story has intrigued me ever since. I want to believe he was a real time traveler, but, the rational part of my brain says that this might be a hoax. However, IF this story is a hoax, what purpose does it serve? He certainly made no profit off of it. Secondly, why hasn’t someone come forward claiming responsibility and showing proof that they were involved? Thirdly, what became of John Titor? If someone was going to create such an elaborate hoax that ‘fooled’ so many, basic human nature would drive that person to continue with the hoax – until they admit the hoax, or are caught. Titor just vanished.

    One thing is certain, if this is a hoax, John Titor, or whoever he is/was went to a lot of trouble in putting it together. While most have discredited the story as a hoax, based on the ‘failed predictions’, what we are seeing today in our world suggests that these predictions may not have failed at all. They may just be delayed.

    Whoever he was, wherever he is, thanks for the ride.

    1. What’s the point of the whole thing if the guy just comes out and says it was a hoax?
      He will have accomplished absolutely nothing. As it is, it’s a great story. Take away the feeling in the back of the reader’s head that it might just be true, and the story is meaningless.

    2. While most have discredited the story as a hoax, based on the ‘failed
      predictions’, “what we are seeing today in our world suggests that these
      predictions may not have failed at all. They may just be delayed.”

      Well said! Let’s all just hope that 1-2.5% divergence kicks in and that the planet avoids WWW III and other such troubling predictions.

      1. Time is a troubling topic. There are minuscule individual events of ONE person that may or may not change how the future turns out. It could be that John Titor came from an alternative reality, if it is not a hoax, one that in his time, he did not appear to relay this so called WWW III, so now that he has appeared, everyone knows of it and it has changed everything. That is my theory anyway…

      2. No one has discredited it. Nobody has evidence this is a hoax. There are only people who call it a hoax because they say its a hoax. It most likely is, but if it is, we have no evidence anyway and besides who cares? John Titor didn’t give us a sasquatch to hunt he gave us a perspective on which to judge pure society!

      1. VERY believable. He refused to talk about planetX but he alluded to it by naturall catastrophes. If the pacific ocean got sloshed around by a hard tidal effect we would literally haveseverl mile high stunamis, you can bet that a third of the earth’s population would not survivee that…

      2. He said nothing about planet x, he wasn’t even asked about it. And the world has always had natural disasters, planet x has nothing to do with earthquakes and tsunamis, is it really hard to believe the world is a cruel place, without interference from aliens?

      3. 355 shootings so far this year in the US. People enraged about the new changes layed out by Obama. If Trump is to win, his racisim and prejudice mind set is going to upset varying amounts of people. America may still seperate into the 5 smaller regions after a war.

        There was also the prediction of the east being weekend by war, which gave china the idea to “Expand”.

        So lets see if that pans out as well

      4. well when you think about it knowing somethings that are possible for the future we ourselves have the power to change our own futures. So if people are smart they can prevent the bad future and make it better

      5. Easy there. You are trying to dig up the small things that have accoured to kompensate with Titors predictions.

        Remember, that we could had changed our timeline or even delayed.

        This is the perfect thoughtfull hoax, cause think about it. He guarded his predictions, eventhough they wouldn’t furfilly, with the term that we possibly could change our timeline or even delay it. So even though he predicts wrong, he’s still right, get it….

        Perfect setup, perfect sience, perfect execution nonetheless..

      6. Titor might have come from another “string” world,so this world might be different from his.

      7. China is really flexing right now because of the Chinese sea and the Philippines. America has lost considerable power in the world, and china is not afraid of USA anymore.

    3. I agree. Though what if he made predictions that would not happen on purpose, because he doesn’t want to be “knower of all things” or discredit ideas “might possibly have made you think about your world in a different way is suddenly discredited”. Seems to me he predicted perfectly to get people thinking that time travel is a possibility “the most I could hope for is that you recognize the possibility of time travel as a reality”.

    4. Not to mention, Johns family moved to Nebraska…from Florida. John’s story mentioned the Govt. in his time, after the war moved to Nebraska..to be more at the center of the US.

      1. The government didn’t “move” to Nebraska. In fact, the government became far less centralized and power was given to the five States under a union much like ours. It was the CAPITOL that was “moved”. The government doesent move, its not a thing, its a concept created by humans composed of humans who enforce law using communication and jurisdiction and ” rights”

      1. You can’t prove that Larry Haber is John Titor. And the books went out of print really fast bruh, its not a lot of money that was made it was maybe a couple hundred bucks at best. Many of those books were given away for free too. If it is a hoax, you can’t prove it, not now. More intelligent people have tried.

  26. Obama as Honest Abe, sickening and revolting. These United States are headed for civil war for the one and only one reason – Bozo Obama. Blacks now play the knock out game on whitey and think its some kinda cool. Bozo, has nothing to say and you retards think this is trying to unite a people. You people are damn near to stupid to allow you to keep wasting my air. My dead Grandmother was more likely a time traveler than this bonehead. Pull your collective heads out of your collective asses before a 150 million armed Americans do it for you. And one more thing, in all of recorded history only one country has fought a civil war for to free a enslaved people? America!!! 500 thousand brothers dead for the black race. So get over it -now.

    1. You write and sound like an “IDIOT” and therefore you ARE. Get an education and learn to spell. Can anyone say “BIGOT”?!!!

  27. If the best model Titor had could only do so much why not travel to the future from his time to get a better one instead of saying his world hasn’t developed one yet?

  28. World lines. Merely appearing in the past and discussing the future can discourage the future, ultimately altering the future by either delaying or preventing the predicted events. So, if what he claimed were real, then he could’ve changed our world line.
    There is a chance all of the claims were false, only to express his theories with excitement and encouragement to persuade others. But there is also a chance what he said was true and altered our world line by mentioning the future.
    For example, if the future were to have China nuke the U.S. and I reveal it in the past, China would most likely be discouraged for numerous reasons.

  29. 1. A Devastating Nuclear War

    A World War in 2015 killed nearly 3 billion people.

    2. Deception Leading To The Iraq War

    3. The 2008 Olympics: Cancelled

    4. The Hidden Functions of the IBM 5100

    5. An Overheating Space Plane

    6. Russia & China

    7. A Growing Civil Unrest

    8. A Tale Of Many Worlds

    9. What Makes Time Travel Possible

    All of these are mentioned in the remote viewing video!

  30. you know what? I first got relief when I saw the point of Olympic 2008, but when you remembered me of that conflicts and the saying of divergence, i think i got shocked again. U must know how i expect that John Titor can appear in BBS again. BTW, i’m also a fan of Japanese animations and steins gate might be my favorite ^ ^

  31. John talked a lot about making choices in the past, he used the bombing of pearl harbor as an example. He also a few times mentioned he dropped gems that no one has picked up on.

    One thing he said that stuck out to me as I re-read the titor interviews on johntitor.com and I quote

    It would help if you could give an example.
    If you are referring to the conflict and war in your future,
    I’m not sure I’m specific enough to help any individuals avoid
    anything. Suggesting there is a war coming is a bit different
    than saying avoid Washington DC at 3:45 AM on March 12, 2015.

    Is this perhaps a clue as to when and where the “N day” assault will beging

  32. if he were real, he would have predicted september 11, the most significant event this this millenium

    1. 9/11 might not have happened in his timeline…but let me throw this out there for you too. From his perspective, 9/11’s significance would have paled in comparison to the significance of his civil war and also let’s face it, it would have literally been NOTHING in comparison to nukes dropping on major cities in America.

      You say it was the most significant event this millennium, but that is from your perspective. Just as an example, someone outside this country might say something completely different when asked what the most significant event this millennium was.

    2. Might be because N-Day was the most significant event in his. If you think a couple jets crashing and killing fewer people than an average rock concert promoter would find acceptable in even a small southern backwater town’s venue is a significant kill, you need to live around the world where people die in far more epic numbers.

      Over 150,000 died in the Indonesian tsunamis alone. Over 24,000 died in the Bhopal-Union Carbide tragedy in India. Titor described more than 130 million Americans dying on N-Day.

      3100 stockbrokers and airline passengers does not compare.

    3. Might be because N-Day was the most significant event in his. If you think a couple jets crashing and killing fewer people than an average rock concert promoter would find acceptable in even a small southern backwater town’s venue is a significant kill, you need to live around the world where people die in far more epic numbers.

      Over 150,000 died in the Indonesian tsunamis alone. Over 24,000 died in the Bhopal-Union Carbide tragedy in India. Titor described more than 130 million Americans dying on N-Day.

      3100 stockbrokers and airline passengers does not compare. That’s part of why the rest of the world considered America INSANE when we declared war against an entire nation on account of it.

  33. Im sorry but my personal opinion is if you claim to be a time traveller and dont hit the mark on ANY ONE of the statements you make… then its clearly a hoax.
    Why make something up if your a time traveller?

    1. By that i mean why destroy all your credibility and make up “US civil war in 05”
      Who takes the mayan calendar as serious now?

      1. What laws were passed in 2005, Dan? Technically, an endangered owl egg has more Rights to life and liberty than you.

      1. Hey itd be on the news everyday but its not so it wont happen cuz why would vladimir puttin put his family in that situation

      2. Its always in the news. And you can’t explain list for war or whims of man. All it takes is one country to strike first then the rest follow. Besides look at Hiroshima. Oh wait you can’t cuz its vaporized. Why don’t you ask Kim Jung Un if a nuclear war is powerful. And you obviously aren’t familiar with cold war tensions or the revitalizing of said tensions nor the fact that nukes were established in communist Russia before Putin was even born.

      3. Uhhh, hate to break it to you but Hiroshima is still there, dude. You do know it was reconstructed a few years after the war?

    1. It is October of 2015 now, and still waiting … The threat of nuclear war has been long ago. Especially since the use of drones in combat.

      1. And? Why are you waiting for such a horrible thing? You should hope everyday it never happens because the odds are not in our favor. Besides JT was not a doom and bloomer. He explained divergence very well, predictions are not the point of his posts. His intent was to get people thinking but when you think “it can never happen” what good does that do? Its called blissfully ignorance. “I haven’t seen it therefore it can’t happen” right?

      2. Still waiting myself. I even planned for it. I purchased a years worth of food, you know that packaged stuff that lasts for 25 years? Oh yeah, and I have an adequate supply of batteries, flashlights, water and of course bullets for the shotgun. I’m ready!

  34. well MH17 recent incident is what i can call closest reason for international cold relationship, and international community become dragged into Ukraine conflict. so nuclear war? i am not reject the probability.

  35. It’s also important to remember that there are no predictions according to his TT theory. He is from a different worldline with some 5 % divergence at his arrival. As he posts on the internet, the divergence can only increase. He can only report the sequence of events in his worldline. He has no idea what will happen on ours, but there should be commonalities.

    1. That’s very true, and something I try to mention every time I talk about Titor’s future (I vaguely allude to it at the beginning of this article). I only use the word “prediction” because it’s how most people view these things, but you’re completely right.

  36. That it didn’t but whose to say it wont happen at a more recent time? Not saying I believe this but there are possibilities. and I heard the olympics he predicted almost didn’t happen but still did. Things can always change. There might never be a civil war or it might be a few years off. maybe 10 or so.

  37. Wow…and that was the story of an Internet blogger, claiming to be a Time Traveler. Fascinating stuff!
    I cannot believe in crazy things like this, though, the alternate time lines part is the part that plausible and very scary. It’s like the person is hijacking different universes.

  38. Did anyone ever consider the similarities of Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease and Alzheimers? I know most doctors claim that they aren’t the same, but they are both caused by the same tangled folded proteins. Plus, Alzheimers is expected to treble by the year 2050…

  39. Okay I just want to say… So he grew up in Florida… Dosnt the goverment have a list of births and who they are and what not? Well how about the goverment looks for his birth certificate. I mean its not that hard… lol. They couldve proved if John was really a time travler or what not….

  40. How to predict the future by Summerwarmth. Make vague statements about potentially obvious things then have people wonder in awe when you get more than half right.

    My absolute favorite example of psychic predictability is a personal one. I was in a mood, feeling at a cross roads. So for some reason (maybe seeing Miss Cleo one to many times on commercial) I decided hmmm maybe psychic advice. I have personally been able to read the flow of things but I think that has more to do with intuition and being able to read clues around me.

    However, if you are going to go with psychic advice I wanted something good not some 1.99 a min TV scam. I remembered reading somewhere about Nancy Reagan having a psychic and swearing by her so I decided why not look her up online and see if she is still alive. It turns out at the time she was alive and had a website that was being built. However, the website was not ready yet and the message on her site read:

    Due to unexpected delays the (can’t remember her name right now) website is not yet available, however, please check back as we hope to have it ready soon. I got a good laugh out of that – psychic website down due to “unexpected” delays. Needless to say I did not check back.

    1. To prove my point about the flow of things I will make the following prediction – please make sure to stand in awe when it comes true.

      Obama will continue to be an incompetent fool becoming more and more desperate to somehow leave a positive legacy (his current Cuba debacle for example), however, his liberal minions will continue to sing his praises and call any suggestion Obama is not fantastic – racist.

    1. 2016 Olympics did happen. Push it back to 2018? And when those happen, the 2020? The 2022? 2024? How far do you push it back before you realize it that “John Titor” was just a troll getting his laughs by making people think he was from the future?

  41. Both Baba Vanga and John Titor made predictions about a nuclear war ending in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Baba Vanga, also known as Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova, was a Bulgarian mystic, clairvoyant and herbalist who made many predictions that have become reality including her own death and the end of World War II.
    Other than this, John Titor claimed that there were many multiverses. If this is not a hoax, we can consider that something may have happened between 2000 and 2005 which may have lead us to a different timeline to the one that John Titor claimed to have come from.

  42. You’ve got some points backwards…it might be because your article is so old and so much has come to pass that changes/proves what’s coming and who is really bringing it.

    Obama is against Israel…the ENTIRE WHITE HOUSE is against Israel and Russia and completely Pro ISIS.
    Obama was compared to Lincoln by his supporters, but he will split the country in two.
    Obama and his elite supporters are in bed with Monsanto who is poisoning our food.
    Bush and Clinton were the beginning of the end of American freedom, but Obama is the catalyst that will take us to the change they desire.

    Perhaps John, much like Fry from Futurama, had only so much knowledge about our present (his past) since he came to save HIS family and wasn’t exactly a history scholar.

    War IS brewing in Russia as I type.
    War is brewing in countries of ‘people with same eye shape’…
    War is brewing in America.

    My suggestion is staying out of Florida, California, DC and NY if you can starting in May…but especially after July…And arm yourselves. (It can’t hurt, and if I’m wrong, you’ll lose nothing).

  43. If time travel occurs between different but extremely similar dimensions, than perhaps the difference between his dimension and our dimension is that some of his predictions didn’t happened, this could be a result of some sort of butterfly effect, if the future’s so uncertain as we know it is than every big movement comes from smaller ones thus more ‘fragile’ ones. If anything was altered or misplaced than it could have caused one of his predictions not to occur

  44. Well, it’s now 2015 and his timeline may have been earlier, but the details are unfolding EXACTLY as he said. We are now already at the cusp of a civil war, in the midst of a likely world war, where it appears that Russia would be supporting the rebels in the US, opposed to the government. Nobody could have “predicted” this turn of events back in 2000, unless they had already been through it themselves. So everything in his timeline happened sooner , but otherwise was very much the same.. Wel, Titor hiimself believed something in 1975 caused the two worldlines to diverge.
    Let’s see what happens next!

  45. Well, some of you out there may believe the John Titor story…..others may not;….let’s take into consideration that the the first transport operational time vehicle is/was/ will be built on 2065.

  46. if this was a hoax john went through a lot of trouble and work, just the diagrams of
    the time machine or even the pictures of it actually in 2 different cars , if it was a hoax then it was very well orchestrated! Nothing was gained either, but then again many John Titor sites have publicity on them so something is being earned by someone, who knows is out there MAYBE HAVING A LAUGH AND FILLING HIS POCKETS!

  47. I do not believe what this man has said but I am not sure, looking back on the events happening now in the future, you would not say that the US is in a state of civil war. Perhaps people are looking for something much larger than it has to be. There is no middle ground. The divide is becoming greater and greater. Almost everyone has an us against them attitude in this country. Very few are united for the country, only their beliefs. IF there was an end to the country now would we not look back on the last ten years as a constant conflict.

  48. “The conflict was not about taking and holding ground it was about order and rights. They were betting that people wanted security instead of freedom and they were wrong.”

    This statement is haunting considering it was made before 9/11. As for civil unrest and where it may take us, just look at what’s happening in the streets now. Also, the fact that 2015 isn’t over and the Iran nuclear deal is happening is a bit unsettling. Maybe the small percentage divergence between timelines isn’t just in the ‘what’ of the events but also in the ‘when’.

  49. John Titor doesn’t even exist in 2015 phone book records, or anywhere in the world. If he was in his 30s in 2036, he would be alive today, and there is no man in the world with the name John Titor on record.

  50. He disguised the timeline of world events. Here’s how.

    The first year he mentions upon introducing himself to Art Bell’s forum is 2036 AD. He mentions a second year just before making predictions and in the same paragraph where his predictions start. That year is 2008. He’s being cute. The year is meaningless. It’s a haystack. Remove the needle and use it.

    Just add the number 8 to every year Titor mentions and see if his predictions don’t immediately become spookily accurate. World event predictions become “hits” (what psychics call correct predictions) and line up like dominoes.

    Rough ride coming.


  51. I heard about John, years ago while working a night shift, I heard the Art Bell show. It was strange but believable but it wasn’t until I had a dream one night about a collider in Dallas Texas and int he dream there were four scientists, two men two women. In the dream these two scientist had created what appeared to be a time portal and because one of them had an antique tea cup that was actually on the Titanic, it opened a convergence to the Titanic and it swallowed up all but two of the scientists. They were transported to the Titanic within days of hitting the Iceberg. I waked with a strange feeling that was unlike any other dream, so I got online and found that there were two colliders in the entire world and believe it or not, one was in Dallas Texas but was no longer in service. Ironically, in the dream the collider was shut down because of the incident. I had this dream more than four years ago and it has always caused a stir in my soul since but can’t seem to shake it. I couldn’t help but think that someone involved in this incident was trying to send out a signal to anyone and for what ever reason, I picked it up but I can’t help but think that there are others who also picked up the signal.

    1. Very interesting stuff, Dan. Thank you for sharing.

      The Superconducting Super Collider would have been the most powerful particle accelerator in the world, more powerful than the LHC at CERN. Just south of Dallas, too.

  52. He didnt do well predicting 9/11.
    So that makes me think its a hoax or his time – line was not the same as ours.
    Suppose it would be awesome to go back and create a world of peace and equility but would that also make it possible to return to your time and experiance it all with out losing the actual loved ones you did it for????
    If anyone understands what im trying to ask lol

  53. What if his predictions were going to happen in another universe? Recent discoveries show that there is possibly a multiverse, and John Titor said exactly that.

  54. If time travel from a timeline where World War 3 happened is possible, our timeline would be able to avoid World War 3 because we would have taken steps to avoid it from the knowledge of why it happened.

  55. The thing is, if he was to be so kind to tell us about the nuclear war happening in 2015, it’s 2016 btw. Why didn’t he provide us more details as to what started it or how it happened? I mean simply telling us this won’t solve anything. *And I am treating this case as if it’s assuming that this event was delayed. Things just don’t add up.

    And people, just because that the person doesn’t have an obvious reason to gain from writing all this, we can’t rule out that this is not a hoax.

    What if the person is really just someone from our period that is simply really interested in time travel? He said the whole purpose of his forum was to warn the public of this creation, but if it had already happened in 2036, what’s the use of announcing it to the older generation? Won’t it happen anyways? And from all the facts he’s given us, the most concrete ones are the ones about time travel, so perhaps he’s someone aspired to that idea and just want the public to invest in more effort into studying/creating it? From my conclusion, this seems the most logical.

  56. Remember, that we could had changed our timeline or even delayed.

    is the perfect thoughtfull hoax, cause think about it. He guarded his
    predictions, eventhough they wouldn’t furfilly, with the term that we
    possibly could change our timeline or even delay it. So even though he
    predicts wrong, he’s still right, get it….

    Perfect setup, perfect sience, perfect execution nonetheless..

  57. The obvious solution, here: he was so right on government plans and the Iraq war that our government realized he was legit and quickly amended the timeline by hiding information on the microsingularities generated by the LHC to keep the common man or their enemies from creating their own C204 units since Titor leaked the schematics. They also implemented their aggressive civilian-monitoring NSA and cyber-misinformation programs to quell the civil war before it happened, and have aggressively fought to delay the onset of the nuclear war.

    Or Titor changed the timeline and just delayed everything and we’re still on track, with the war going to start soon and the LHC set to discover black hole power in due time.

    Or Titor isn’t real.

    But the first option is cooler.

  58. Maybe the events changed because of the revelations of Titor about what’s going to happen.
    It’s like when we are aware that something’s going to happen, then we do something different to prove it false.
    Or if it’s really fate, then it may just happen at some point in the future.

  59. Based on current world events, it’s likely that Titor’s timing was off. Now, more than ever, I’m starting to see many of his predictions come to fruition, or at least the foundation has been set. In 2001, Titor predicted that cancer would be solved by immunotherapy, in his words “I believe there is a great deal of progress in treating the cancer cells with modified viruses.” This is what is happening NOW. Last year VICE premiered a huge ground-breaking episode on this new cancer treatment, and clinical trials have only started in the last few years. How would he know this in 2001?

    But there’s more.

    He spoke of a cancelled Olympics. This year, there is a possibility that the Olympics may be cancelled due to Zika as well as the current political climate in Brazil. Forbes, among many other publications, just wrote a piece about this very topic. Just Google “cancelled Olympics” and you will see a sea of Op-Eds calling for the cancellation or postponement of this year’s Olympic games.

    But there’s a lot more happening this year, including safety vs. privacy/rights, our current heated political climate (Trump vs. Hilary) and what may happen as a result of one side winning the elections (whoever wins, half of the country is going to be angry). Our country has never been so divided. With so many polarized, angry citizens, I wouldn’t be surprised if this election has us headed into a Civil War.

    According to Titor, it’s Russia that strikes us. Did you know that US tensions with Russia are the highest they’ve ever been since the Cuban Missile Crisis?
    And then there’s his prediction for China expanding… Could he be referring to China’s land reclamation in the South China Seas?

    The chances of all of this happening around the same time is consistent, however, the specific time of events is what seems to have people doubting.

    1. I’ve been thinking about this a lot, lately.

      I wrote this post four years ago, and so much has changed since then. Things have almost become closer to Titor’s alleged worldline (something I think he said could happen, actually, with worldlines splitting but then converging again later, or maybe I’m remembering something else).

      It’s like I asked at the very end of this article: How big of a difference is a 2.5% divergence? You can almost see echoes of that other worldline sneaking into our own, but not completely.

      The Olympics are a big one, I agree. Things were shaky in 2008, but this year is wild. I could absolutely see the Olympics being cancelled or postponed. And civil unrest? Definitely.

      I guess we’ll see what happens.

  60. Although I do find john titor interesting, there are a few things which boggle my mind. The main one being he states our timeline and his are different. (Aprox 1-2%) Mainly because we are on different worldlines as well as due to his travel. If that’s the case, why & how can he attempt to predict our worldline future when ours has nothing to do with his. And by him just being in ours, if it’s true, had already created yet another worldline, apposed to one without him ever being here, which could possibly change it again anyhow. Maybe I missed a part on the forum??

    1. I don’t think you’re missing anything, actually.

      I referred to his statements in this article as “predictions” for simplicity’s sake, but in reality Titor (according to his story) was just telling us about his world. I don’t think he ever claimed to actually predict anything.

      In fact, if I remember right, he never said any of this stuff would happen to us, given the divergence. He also mentioned that our timeline had likely already changed due to his presence. I think he used Y2K not happening here as an example.

      It’s been a good while since I’ve read his posts, though. I need to check them out again.

  61. What if John Titor “failed” his predictions because he lives from a different world lines and we live from a different world line too, if he did not exist in our world line, his predictions might be happened, that’s my theory or whatever it called, im sorry for my bad english

  62. You dummies realize Titor changed our timeline right? He stopped y2k here which is why we didn’t see the same events he spoke of happening in his timeline unfold here.. I thought people were smarter than this.. Had he not stopped y2k we would of seen the exact same events unfold.. Now we are seeing similar events unfold much later in our timeline.. I expect to see a race war turn into a civil war against the elite in the u.s before nov 2016…

  63. hm… IF JT predictions are true and IF it’s true that our world and his world are not in line (and that we’re a bit delayed), then the war could happen from 2016-2018 since it sounds like a large, impactful war it’d have to take time for it to develop (and it’s already 2016 lol he’s a year late). i wonder if the war that kills 3 billion people will be because of the EU? and the exiting of many countries part of the EU? just a thought.

  64. Today, I made the decision to cancel my dinner appointment, with my Brother, who lives an hour and 40 minutes away. Instead, I stayed in my town and took my motorcycle for a Pleasant, Unusually Warm Fall Drive.

    What I actually did, was I took a different time line, because I took the later course, instead of the former course.

    When Titor came into our Time Line, his very presence caused it to shift to a different time line that Could Not Intercept The Time Vector That He Left From.

    This is why his predictions aren’t happening at the time he remembers them happening.

    1. Seth thats what I have been saying..Can you guess the 2.5 difference for us? like the 2015 Russian attack on our cities but really for us is year is it? The only thing he is wrong about is time but is he really wrong? that 2.5% makes a difference but no one will knowledge this

  65. I write from Russia. I want to tell you about one thing. The main feature of the predictions – they never come true. If you know that tomorrow you will be killed in the store, you do not go out there and be saved. Same thing with the predictions of Titor. The US government may would take the necessary measures to avoid nuclear war. But you will not know about it.
    Thank you for attention.

  66. I think if Hillary had won we would be in a nuclear conflict, but luckily for THE WORLD that traitorous war mongering kunt is right where she belongs—in retirement.

  67. How do you know Trump isn’t the Lincoln like President? Not saying he in reality is, just that after a nuclear war I’m guessing the scribing of history of the time may be a little up in the air.

    For instance…..For all we know Titor is basing this Lincoln like President call off of Trump’s slogan alone.

    1. It’s possible. I wrote this article back in 2012, about five years ago now, leading into the Obama vs. Romney campaign cycle.

      I did a little update back in 2014, as well: http://www.strangerdimensions.com/2014/11/21/john-titor-next-lincoln/

      Personally, I’m not trying to make any political statements with any of this stuff. I noticed quite a few people had compared Obama to Lincoln, so that’s where my mind went.

  68. There is going to be a spiritual war this year with God no need for any other war.This year is the last year that the Pope has to consecrate Russia to sacred heart of Mary. I believe Pope John Paul 11 Consecrated all nations to her sacred heart in 84 or 87 this is not what the Holy Mother had requested at Fatima in 1917 that only Russia was to be consecrated to her Sacred Heart. I had a strong vision of walking with Pope John Paul 11 but when I looked down I was holding the hand of our Holy Mother. This the reason why I am writing this email to you, I have read a great chastisement will be upon the Earth by God if this not done. The chastisement is three days total darkness no sun no moon light this year 2017. When you see a red cross in the blue sky you have one week to prepare yourself for this chastisement. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

  69. I dont think he was a time traveler. I think he created that character but that he is/was really someobe who can see into the future, like nostradamus or Cayce. For that reason, it is difficult form him to see an actual date for when things will happen. And he might also be off with how bad thing will be. Forma example, he saw the mad cow epidémic in europe and imagine it as a pandemic. Maybe he is a remite viewer.

  70. If John Titor is a time traveler and his time is different by 2.5%, Can any of you guess how many years the 2.5% would make for us? say the 2015 Russian attack on the cities, with the 2.5% difference, the year is actually?

  71. he was only off by a few years. the president he was referring to was actually trump – so you could say his timeline was a bit faster than our own- maybe by a couple of decades. as for war, the factors he mentioned were not even thought of back then – like the rioting we now have, the demands of liberals to oust a sitting president, the threats from north korea.

    there are a lot of things he predicted that we now see playing out. we are closer than ever to both a civil war and a nuclear war- it is just a matter of which will break out first.

  72. it’s called the “high incident project”. they want to make the american
    public think that places with extremely high security aren’t safe. they
    are trying to create more regulations. you will see laws proposed within
    the next few years to put up more metal detectors and other security
    devices. media and politicians will be saying places with lots of police
    need even more police. i can’t guarantee anything will happen tomorrow
    but las vegas is on their minds.
    -john……Posted to /pol sept 10th 2017

  73. In my own opinion, as a christian, there are only two ways to look at john titors predictions 1.) people will think of him as a liar,doubting all his statements and looking for a way to redicule his actions. 2.) people will analize his points and reconsider his statements. i personally think that john is a time traveler, he traveled back and personally stated that his travelling back could infinitly change the past.

  74. The basic idea I get is that someone saying a lot of different things at random will eventually match future incidents. The same with future incidents possibly being alinged to match a past prediction to hide a more realistic reason for it.
    Take Nostridomus(I hope I spelled it right)
    His predicted incidents are compelling until you take into account of all the things that occurred over that time. So it would be easy to by chance match up many events because there is no real certain match. Just ambiguities matched to a cherry picked event to match what the “Fortune Teller” said.
    If I were to guess the John Titor was a person in the inner circles of the most technology forward think tank at the time. His reference to the unknown computer function makes me believe a MIT scientist.

  75. I was reading these posts in real time, back in the day. People who believe in this BS are the same people who vote celebrities into office or follow people like Jim Jones. (I have to applaud the Haber brothers for the ingenuity.)

  76. I remember when this story was happening back in 2001 people tried discrediting him even before he had failed predictions. everyone seems so focused on failed predictions what about the ones he got right? sure some could be looking at a pattern in our world and making an educated guess but some of the predictions were so specific like hawking changing his stance on black holes that was very specific to be a coincidence. I noticed people dont have the mind to understand time travel and how it works especially dealing with a multiverse. the odds of him getting every prediction right based on use being in an entirely different universe would be like me winning the lottery tomorrow. however his predictions arent wrong as people might think everything looks like its happening just like he said but the dates may be off. and lets not forget if this was a hoax wow this guy knew a lot about physics and honestly would be nearly impossible for one man to pull off by himself. it would have taken a whole team to fool so many of us. I believe his story its very plausible he gave theories that hasn’t been considered yet and no scientists tend to agree with a lot he was saying. he is the real McCoy but only time will tell.

  77. I’m still not sure if this was a hoax or not but what if John Titor’s interference caused our world to be so different from which he live in? What if we are living in that world where it was 2.5% different/off and we could never know the truth until we figured out how to time travel ourselves if that was possible in the first place.

  78. Sorry people, but we are not that important! If you believe in God you have nothing to fear anyway, right? We are just a speck in this endless matter!

  79. REally Obama an unifying leader? You must be out of your mind. I would say more like Trump, bc he is the one going hard against modern day slavery duh.

  80. It appears that Trump is the Lincoln like figure and we are approaching a time when entertainment is more decentralized. I am looking at the blockchain connections now that are involved in entertainment. That was one of JT PREDICTIONS

  81. We are time traveling friends and we are fast approaching 2020. We will be in the 2030’s before you know it. So far it seems the events and timing ihave slightly shifted but what’s interesting about the JT predictions is most are unfolding quite close to current events.

  82. I’m a believer in John Titor as s time traveller and I’ll make my own prediction here.
    Q is also a time traveller and may infact be John Titor!
    As Q is posting info in a similar manner, predicting things in cryptic text to inform us of what is to come. And then when it comes to past, people “ only” then go back and realise & understand what he was alluding us to in the first place.
    It can’t be coincidence that he predicts an event will happen a year ahead of time and then adds the plan is ahead of schedule by two days and then the event happens on that exact day!
    People wakeup Q or someone close to W like President Trump is John Titor!

  83. I’ve been following John Titor stories for almost 18 month now, before that I had never heard of him which is strange as this is exactly the sort of thing I would look at on the internet.
    Anyhow the details of the story change every time I revisit him and this is the closest to the original. I’m sure the original forums had him posting in 2003 & 2004 and the date he went back to can vary between 1973 & 1976 stopping off anytime between 1998 & 2001 to leave between 2001 & 2004.
    His original quotation was ‘my aim is not to be believed’. This version has the closest quotation to that. Nothing else I’ve found between almost 18 months ago and now says this. Mandela Effects??
    The fact that information on John has gone from flooding the internet & YouTube to now being harder to find seems strange for something that on the face of it is fictional. Also it is unusual for key details in fiction to change such as his car which was never as old as a 1967 model and if I remember correctly he had to stop in 1998 to get an old car to take back to 1973 as there were none available in 2036. Then there was a girlfriend in 1998 which is why he stopped in 2001 to hook up with her on the way back. Fanatics who would likely follow this sort of thing would pick up on these details, I’m no fanatic but like an Asperger’s patient I will pick up on seemingly minor details, which is why I can’t enjoy a lot of unrealistic films or believe fake government figures or get caught out with debt.
    In 2019 these predictions are looking more accurate as western society is indeed on the brink of economic and societal collapse while China steals our jobs and keeps growing on all levels, it is the Super power.
    Another thing that is becoming more possible is that I was actually working with a time traveller or someone associated with one in 1998 & 1999. I cannot find any trace of him anywhere but he knew a lot about a lot of things especially regarding technology. He had a digital camera before I even knew they existed, things he said about the internet and computers have happened. Then we discussed time travel on a few occasions and he came up with laymans explanations that made sense to the 21 year old version of me that it could be possible.
    He also tried to steer my decisions regarding employment and my relationship with my then girlfriend. Not aggressively but looking back in such a way as I could have been useful to an organization such as CERN or some other scientific / tech based company. I could program basic at 8 years old but lost interest in computers and was all about motorcycles. He helped me fix one with a worn engine showing me step by step how to regrind valves etc and taught me how to weld. Then he supplied me with a brand new Pentium II spec PC, and gave me a load of PC books to study. I learned how to program DOS in a few weeks, install windows and perform upgrades. All harder to do in the 90’s as you need DOS commands to install early Windows versions. Before I could get properly into C+ programming I was in financial trouble and got a job in the building trade. Next thing I know I’ve forgotten about computers again, paid my debts and on my way to becoming a motorcycle racer. I gave the PC back but never really saw my mate again as he left the place we were working at soon after.
    Since then I had a brief spell as an overclocker when I got back into PC’s, I got to 12th in the UK with little effort before getting fed up again, although I do supply optimized systems for odd gamers.
    If Stephen Hawking’s many worlds theory is correct, somewhere out there is probably another version of me that is a fairly sane but slightly mad scientist on his way to screwing up the world. Believe you me I would risk everything in a race just to get one more place up the field even if I wasn’t even near the front. On a bad day I would have no problem pushing the big red button and ending the world so playing around in a big lab doing really dodgy s#it that could end the world would fit my personality.
    Lets hope this is all fake and there is only one of me.
    One thing is for sure history keeps changing. The first flight was now in 1903 with a rear propeller aeroplane called the Wright Flyer. A year ago the first flight was 1907 and rear propeller planes didn’t exist.

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