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Black Holes & Time Travel

Professor Says Time Travel Is Possible – Mathematically

May 1, 2017 Time Travel 4 Comments

A professor at the University of British Columbia has claimed that time travel is mathematically possible, though we’re unlikely to take advantage of said possibility in the foreseeable future.

John Titor & GURPS Cyberworld

John Titor: The Cyberworld Connection

May 13, 2016 Time Travel

John Titor’s bizarre time travel story, whether you believe it or not, has entered into our popular culture. It’s been discussed on message boards, shared on lazily-updated paranormal websites, and has even appeared in the popular anime and interactive novel Steins;Gate. But did you know there’s actually an old role-playing ...

John Titor: The Final Post

March 23, 2016 Time Travel

Would you believe it? Fifteen years ago, on March 24, 2001, the individual posting as John Titor left his final message on the Post2Post Art Bell forum, leaving behind a timeless mystery, and one of my favorite urban legends of the information age.