Strange Patents: An “Interstellar Space Craft”

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A "tubular shaped interstellar space craft" patent

So here’s a patent application for a “tubular shaped interstellar space craft,” filed on November 14, 2008.

It’s an ambitious patent, outlining a “plasma based aircraft” that can “approach the speed of light,” and it’s packed full of gadgets:

“The craft has a proton accelerator, plasma guns, diversion devices…This invention is comparable to the discovery of fire insofar as man’s future is concerned, particularly in view of our climate change, and a recent near impact from an asteroid—which would have put us within an ice age.”

Hey. Plasma guns. And something about a “proton accelerator.”

I’m in.

I suppose the most intriguing thing is that this patent was actually issued on February 7, 2012. But I’m not sure why I’m surprised — sooner or later, we’ll get our acts together and head out into the final frontier. It’s just a matter of time.

Might as well have some blueprints ready.

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