Time Travel

Are These Images Proof of Real Time Travel?

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a problem.

Apparently, no one is willing to follow proper time travel etiquette. Time travelers are leaving proof of their escapades everywhere!

Well, the best I can do is keep track of these temporal anomalies. What follows are a series of images that many claim are evidence that time travel has already occurred, and that visitors from the future have mingled with cultures throughout history.

Join me as I explore these temporal tears in the fabric of the universe. The fate of the space-time continuum depends on it!

Evidence of time travel in Chinese tomb?

Chinese archaeologists investigate an ancient block of stone
Image: Unknown

Our first stop on this temporal disaster is China.

In December 2008, Chinese archaeologists allegedly removed the opening of a giant coffin within what was believed to be an undisturbed, 400-year old Si Qing tomb in Shangsi County.

As they removed the soil around the coffin, however, they were shocked and amazed to find this: A small piece of metal shaped like a watch, with the time frozen at 10:06. “Swiss” was engraved on the back.

The tiny Swiss watch with the time frozen at 10:06
Image: YouTube

If the tomb was truly undisturbed for 400 years, what could explain the existence of this modern artifact? Only one thing: an absent-minded time traveler!

Time Traveler Caught On Camera?

The time traveling hipster stands among unknowing bridge-goers
Image: Virtual Museum of Canada

This photo turned up on the Virtual Museum of Canada website, an online repository of “Canada’s rich history and culture.” It’s said to be of the reopening of the South Fork Bridge in the early 1940s in Gold Bridge, B.C., Canada. The event certainly drew a crowd.

But in the photo, someone doesn’t belong.

A close-up of the alleged time traveler in Canada

Who is this strange individual, seemingly out of place — modern attire and all — in what would otherwise be a perfectly ordinary gathering? Is he from the future? Fancy goggles. Coat. Branded t-shirt. This is what happens when you let hipsters play with your time machine.

They visit the opening of a bridge.

Woman on Cell Phone in 1928?

The above video contains a short clip taken from a special feature on the DVD version of Charlie Chaplin’s film, The Circus. In it, we see a relatively mundane shot from the film’s premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in 1928.

Two individuals walk across the screen behind a zebra. But that’s not the strange part. Look closer. What’s that woman holding to her ear?

A woman holds something up to her ear

A cell phone? A pan-dimensional communication device? That’s Time Travel 101, folks: no cell phones!

Woman on Cell Phone in 1938?

Oh, but we can’t stop there. In this excerpt we see footage of a crowd of people exiting a DuPont factory in Massachusettsas sometime in 1938. In the video, one woman is clearly seen holding another cell phone up to her ear.

Another woman holds something up to her ear

Listen, time travelers: you can’t take futuristic devices into the past. Because someone will find it, film it, and post it on YouTube. Seriously, read the manual.

Andrew D. Basiago’s Trip To Gettysburg?

Andrew Basiago allegedly stands among the crowd before the Gettysburg Address
Image: Andrew D. Basiago

This singular image is courtesy Andrew D. Basiago, who allegedly took part in DARPA’s top secret government operation Project Pegasus back in the 1970s.

The photograph is said to have been taken during one of Basiago’s temporal trips, during which he found himself at Gettysburg on the very day of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, November 19, 1863.

As Basiago has stated regarding the photograph, he’s the boy standing at center-left:

“I am the boy standing in the foreground of the image at center-left, looking to his right. My shoes were lost in the transit through the quantum plenum that took me from the plasma confinement chamber at the time lab in East Hanover, NJ in 1972 to Gettysburg, PA on the day that Abraham Lincoln gave his famous address there in 1863.”

He also claims his shoes were lost while traversing the “quantum plenum” from 1972 New Jersey to 1863 Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Of course, Basiago has other stories to tell. In fact, he claims President Barack Obama traveled to Mars in the 1980s.

Rudolph Fentz, A Victim of Time?

An example of 1876 attire (John HIllyard Cameron)
An example of 1876 attire (John Hillyard Cameron). Image: Library And Archives Canada

Am I supposed to believe that a man named Rudolph Fentz vanished in 1876, only to reappear 74 years later in New York City?


As the legend goes, Rudolph Fentz materialized on a busy New York street in 1950, only to be hit by a passing car, his mysterious temporal voyage ending in an instant. Police investigations then led one captain on a strange journey of his own — proof that time travel is possible, and sometimes fatal.

While the Rudolph Fentz story appears in Jack Finney’s About Time: 12 Short Stories, it has often been repeated as legitimate evidence of time travel. Many claim, without hesitation, that the Fentz story is based on factual events, and Finney was simply relaying it years later, in fictional form.

John Titor, the Time Traveler From 2036?

One of John Titor's alleged time machine schematics
Image: John Titor’s time machine schematic

John Titor captured the imaginations of forum-goers in a way no other alleged time travelers ever could, mostly by spilling the beans on how his time machine worked, sharing photos and schematics, and answering everybody’s questions. To this day, his strange claims and uncanny statements regarding the possible future of our worldline leave many wondering if, perhaps, he really was a time traveler.

In fact, many consider the information he shared to be some of the most compelling time travel evidence out there. Even if it is ripping a hole in the fabric of space and time.


A Compact Disc Case in the 1800s?

A group of people open what looks like a compact disc box
Image: 1800s Painting/Public Domain

Allegedly, this painting was created sometime in the 1800s, and appears to be of a man holding what looks like a fancy CD box. At least, that’s what they say.

The earliest form of plastic wasn’t invented until the mid-1800s, and (obviously) Compact Discs weren’t in use until the 1980s. Leaving us with a single conclusion: this box is no mere box, but rather the container for some kind of time-bending wormhole device.

HDR: The “Real” Time Machine?

A very poor drawing of the HDR Time Machine
Image: Dimentoid

Created in 1985, the HDR, or Hyper Dimensional Resonator, is said to allow its user to astrally travel through space and time (via naturally-occurring interdimensional vortices). Some on the Internet claim to have successfully used the device to visit the future.

The above image poorly illustrates the machine’s rubbing plate, wishing well (into which you place your crystals), and a handful of knobs and switches. For more on this peculiar invention, head on over to my post The “Real” Time Machine. Oh, and remind me to travel back in time and take some drawing lessons, will you?

Time Travel Proof Under the Kitchen Sink?

In 2006, a Swedish man named Håkan Nordkvist thought it would be a good idea to climb under his sink and momentarily travel to the year 2042.

He even met his older self and took a video of their (his) matching tattoos, seen above. You can visit my article Did This Man Find A Wormhole Under His Kitchen Sink? to read more, if you dare.

Two men compare tattoos

At any rate, here’s a quick warning for any potential kitchen-based time travelers out there: if you or someone you know find a wormhole under your sink, do not attempt to crawl into it.

The paperwork involved afterwards is ridiculous.

Time Traveling Celebrities?

Someone who looks very much like Jay-Z hangs out in 1939

Next, here’s a photograph taken in Harlem back in 1939. Nothing out of the ordinary, no, except for rapper Jay-Z just kind of hanging out there. No big deal.

John Travolta in the Victorian era
Image: Unknown/Public Domain

Nicholas Cage, Keanu Reeves —  even John Travolta up there, back in the Victorian era. All celebrities who have no problem riding the timelines without a care in the world.

Safety Not Guaranteed?

The wanted ad allegedly published by the time traveler
Image: Time and Space

In 1997, a strange classified ad popped up in Backwoods Home Magazine. It stated the following:

“WANTED: Somebody to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. P.O. Box 322, Oakview, CA 93022. You’ll get paid after we get back. Must bring your own weapons. Safety not guaranteed. I have only done this once before.”

As you can imagine, some people found that odd, and it naturally wound up on the Internet. In 2012, they even made a film based on it called, well, Safety Not Guaranteed.

Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.

Okay, well. Perhaps the space-time continuum is safe, after all.

Is time travel possible? At the end of the day, it’s all just a bunch of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey…stuff. Best not to take it too seriously. But if you want to dive even deeper into the bizarre world of time travel evidence, head over to my other post Time Travel Proof: The Mounting Evidence Of A Broken Timeline.


Rob Schwarz

Rob Schwarz is a writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.


  1.  that photo of the guy with the sunglasses is real, and he is NOT a time traveller, he was pilot and the camera and glasses he was wearing were available at the time. 

    The woman wasnt holding a cell phone, but on movie sets even back then they had walkie talkie type devices.

    1. Proof of time travel will be disclosed very soon. Time travel as you perceive it is wrong. A person cannot go back and forth through time. Imagine jumping into a raging river, you are swept along the current to a distant shore. Now imagine jumping back in and trying to swim against the current to where you first jumped in, you wouldn’t be able to do it. Time travel is a one way trip, period. Various organizations in the far future have sent back people, observers if you will to study human achievements first hand. These observers are to note events, not change them. They are even forbidden to have contact one another. Their notes are hidden in preassigned areas for future pick up. Most aspects of daily life and certain events that are known of in the future are gleaned from these documents.
      The people who are selected to travel back have to meet several criteria before they are chosen. They cannot be married, have children or alot of close family. They must be ordinary looking so they can blend in easier and they must have studied ancient history and the texts of the time into which they’ll be inserted. Studies include daily life, customs such as religion and even the slang used in conversations. All applicants are then rigorously tested before consideration.
      Even though the screening process is very precise, mistakes are sometimes made such as a person being sent back with items that are not used in that time. Despite these mistakes the program has had overwhelmingly great success. The purpose of the program was not just to document historic events from first person accounts but more to study the daily life of past generations.

    2. @Bigbuddak:
      Though I respect your opinion, I think you should reconsider: to say time travel can only occur in one direction is not an outrageous claim; to say time travel can only occur backwards is contradictory to that claim. Every single one of us is traveling forward in time at a constant rate. We are all time travelers we just have no control over it.

      1. Colin, You do make a lot of sense and I concur with you, though I sure would to be able to travel back in time and meet Napoleon, Julio Cesar, Montezuma, Atahualpa and the ONLY ONE AND TRUE DIVINITY: JESUS CHRIST, THE SON OF GOD !!

    3. I hope I don’t come off as offensive here, just trying to comment on what bigbuddak was saying, though I am relatively sure he was merely trying to be silly. Backwards time travel has not conclusively shown to be viable under physics as we currently understand it. Many are of the OPINION that it is impossible but that hasn’t been shown either (though admittedly proving a negative is very hard). Forwards time travel is not only allowable by the current laws of physics but really very simple, in a way. All one has to do is go very fast. Now it is true that the speeds we are talking about are fantastically out of the reach of current technology but it is possible that eventually technology will advance to this point. Once again, though, this would allow easy forward time travel, not backwards. As it seems now, were a society to have the knowledge and technology to perform some sort of backwards time travel, they almost certainly would be capable of forward time travel, as it is a much simpler problem.

    4. Don’t you all think maybe its a little ignorant to answer this question based off our laws of physics or to think any of us have a true idea of whether or not time travel is possible. You all right and wrong. Your right because these “hypotheses” are based on our little perceptions of what the universe is. Its all relative. All animals perceive the world in different ways so you can’t genuinely believe that the way we see and understand the world is how it actually is. Your wrong because our laws of physics only apply to our perceptions and even then, don’t apply across the universe. If they don’t apply across the universe how can see even begin to understand it? That said, if it was true we would never know about it as it would be the most protected secret in our existence as its obvious ability to cause chaos. But to think that we have any understanding of the reality of this universe and whatever is beyond it is ridiculous and ignorant, as we cant even begin to explain life, consciousness, thought, love, emotions, and instinct. If we can’t understand what these parts of our world, even though these are what makes up our world, how do you think we could understand time travel, which is solely based on a PERCEPTION of the human mind?

    5. this is hilarious and cute if people would actually believe this, i don’t think anyone has to make another argument on this

    6. Wibbley wobbly, timey wimey…stuff. The Doctor would be proud. Interesting ideas though. I have heard a few of these theories before.

  2. I’m not sure if anyone will be interested but i’ve recently searched up footage of Marilyn Monroe’s funeral. Now remember her funeral took place in 1962. In the footage there appears to be a woman using a mobile phone. Something similar to “The Circus” .

      1. You don’t need a cell tower to take a picture with a cell phone…
        Everybody knows this.

  3. Personally, I’m skeptical that time travel would be possible to a time BEFORE the invention of a time travelling device. Physics doesn’t designate any point in space as unique therefore without a device creating a logical start and stop point in space, there would be no way for a traveller to just happen to end up on earth. We’re not sitting still in space. We’re hurtling around the sun at 67,000 mph while the sun is hurtling around the galactic core at half a million mph while the galaxy is no doubt hurtling through space at an insane velocity imeasurable except in relation to other galaxies. There is no “absolute” velocity with relation to space-time so there would literally be no way to predict the EXACT spacial location of the Earth nor would it be possible to know our exact spatial location with relation to where the Earth once was. In other words, if you travel through time with something like the Delorean in Back to the Future, you’ll find yourself floating around in the vacuum of space (or whatever celestial body happens to be occupying that point in space, but most likely nothing), not at the same location on Earth at a different point in time. Even going back in time one day would leave you in a quite a predicament as we will have moved between 11.5 trillion and 15 trillion miles with relation to the galactic center and this doesn’t even take into account the (impossible to obtain) velocity of the galaxy as a whole.

    One would need a time machine that stays at a fixed point in space if they actually wanted to end up on Earth. You would leave this time from it and arrive at another time as if you never left the machine. The problem here is obvious. You can’t travel to a point in time where the machine doesn’t exist whether past or future. This would make travel to a time BEFORE the invention of the machine impossible.

    The most realistic scenario for time travel is the scenario proposed by Kip Thorne in which a man-sized wormhole is propelled at relativistic speeds for a round-trip to the Andromeda galaxy. One end would experience time normally (and remain in the past) while the other would return to Earth thousands of years in the future. One could step through the wormhole into the past/future, but you’ll see that this is even more restricting as you can only go back and forth a certain distance in time. That is, time will flow normally at each end of the wormhole so there would be a constant number (say 6000 years) that you would be able to travel. Not a second more or a second less.

    So, that being said, I highly doubt any of these people were time travellers.

    1. For the record, I agree with you (both on how time travel would likely play out, and the likelihood that any of the above pictures are evidence of, well, anything). But I’ve always found time travel claims interesting.

      Anyway, I really like how time travel worked in the movie Primer, despite how confusing it could get. You could only travel back to when the box was turned on, etc. One of my favorites.

    2. No, you’d merely need a PERSON, ANIMAL or LANDSCAPE etc, of which the time traveler is fond or bitterly hates)-strong emotional.attachment of EITHER type TO N”ANCHOR” TO on both ends.

  4. I assume that if backward time travel is possible, it would be at a time further in the future that our time now, when:
    1- Mobile phones could be different, i.e. they are not bulky and held by hand (maybe wireless, etc..)
    2- CD’s would not be used anymore to take them back to the 1800’s
    3- Watches could also have different styles
    4- T-shirts / sunglasses etc… could also be different
    What is shown from the photos’s are objects that are available at our time now, which lacks imagination.

    1. You make a good point about most (if not all) time travel claims like this.

      They always contain objects we’d be familiar with from modern time. Like you said, watches, CDs, modern clothing. Never anything futuristic or unfamiliar.

      I’m not altogether convinced time travel to the past is even possible in the first place, so perhaps it’s a moot point, but you’d’ think a civilization capable of time travel would have technology that would make ours utterly obsolete (then again, maybe they’re smart like Doc Brown and make sure not to take anything from the future back with them…or not).

      It reminds me of the people who used to call into Coast to Coast AM during Open Time Lines. They’d claim to be from the year 3,000 or something, yet their dialect and language would be from modern times. Funny.

  5. oh im sure it is posible . what goes up comes back down at least here. time travel is about energy not pressure . think of it as harnessed sound waves .

    1. @John titor. I am huonin kyouma. I have an invention. I call it the phone microwave(name subject to change).

    2. @Toni In theory we could already have the technology for time travel in our modern society and the government could just be keeping it as one of the worlds most protected secrets like propagainda stated. Which would be plausible because think of the amount of havoc time travel would cause humans would run themselves extinct with endless fighting going back in time to change mistakes, people wanting to be a “hero” and preventing tragedies such as 9/11, Slavery (of all races), etc. Think about it if Einstein did succeed in his time travel experiment then for all we know someone in power could have said it failed and hid it away, only to be used by people in power to gain more power.

  6. Video’s of people talking on a cell phone back in time… how would the cell phone get reception if there were no cell towers back then? So from a technical stand point; it doesn’t make sense.

    1. Hello , I would like to comment , very true that cells wont be useful to make or receive calls bcaz there wont be any towers or signals . But yes you can shoot or take a picture with your phone. bcaz its just a camera ! but modern

  7. Ok, let’s get one thing straight; time is imaginary. It is a result of memory and planning. Ever heard of space-time? Simply put there is but one time, ever. The now. One plethora of atoms that exist and are moving about producing the appearance of change, molding into new elements and being ionized into energies, blah, blah, blah. Main idea is that this is a closed system. There is nothing anywhere real that points to multiple time lines or the ability to revert google’s of tons of matter and peta-hertz’s of energy into states it used to exist in. I hope I’m wrong, but…

  8. So….with all the soldiers and other individuals available to DARPA to choose from, to send to Lincoln’s Gettysburg address…why? Why did they choose a youth, rather than an adult? Why did he lose just his shoes, and not his coat, or his arm, or part of his colon? Why send someone at all, and why send someone to, of all things, a speech? Granted, an important speech, but still, with all of time presumably at your fingertips, why send someone to something that has been relatively well-documented already? This sounds implausible on it’s face, and as the gentleman said, I think we’ll all need to see some strong proof to even consider believing such claims.

  9. Time travel is only theoretical at this point in time…And theoretically you can only move forward in time opposed to backwards. http://arstechnica.com/science/2012/07/steven-hawking-on-time-travel-m-theory-and-extra-terrestrial-life/

  10. @ an observer, it would be ridiculous to suggest that his colon would get left behind. He would need some way to poop in the past for him to still be alive today. Logic, please.

  11. I also wonder why would DARPA send a boy and not an adult back in time if this time travel project were true. Did Andrew Basiago travel alone back in time? If so, who might’ve took his picture then?

    1. Why does the photographer have to be a time traveller? Its a photo taken by someone doing exactly that, taking a photo. Looking a lil bit too much into it.

  12. the watch in the Chinese tomb is a ring watch, My mom had one, real big in part of the early 70,s now how it got there who knows…Had a metal detector one hit a metal abject.. Dug about two feet down .. Found a penny from same year we where digging..

  13. Why people always prefer to complicate things? If I learned something in this life, is the fact that the answer to such mysteries is always the simplest. Every man has the right to believe what he chooses to believe, but why in the world would you prefer to believe that a woman holding her hand to her ear while passing in front of a camera (which was something pretty awesome at that time), is a time traveler. Wouldn’t you say that it’s a thousand times more plausible that she was just a little shy, and she was just trying to cover her face with her purse and possibly speaking with the guy filming? Not sure if this is what exactly happened, but I strongly put this on top of the time travel theory.
    Why are they hiding area 51 and not tell what are they doing in there…they surely have aliens in there and UFO’s. It’s a secret testing facility where they test airplanes prototypes. They can’t just tell everyone what they are testing because then they would attract international attention on there.
    I think people always try to spice up the boring society we live in, and try to attract attention. One example would be the Nibiru planet that it’s suppose to come in December and the Anunakki that need our gold. Everyone need attention, and the best way to do it, is online, and presuming monsters/aliens/conspiracy/ufo each time a new old photo appears. The story gets every time more distorted and webmasters keep evolving this false information because it keeps the traffing going. People invented stories and even write whole books in order to make crystal skulls a real mystery and add value to them in order to sell them.

    I guess I jumped off track a little, but what I mean is that we should all focus our attention to the root of all false information and stories…resources/money. Some are doing it for the attention, some for the money, and some just because the information gets so much circulated that it becomes true :)

  14. time is non existent. we have created the idea of time, only so we can organize things and events, etcc. if you look at before, now and then as one never ending, never beginning string, then it is possible to travel to any time. and if you go to the past and change something, the come back to the future, nothing would be different because logically speaking you already would have done that in the past, ( like in futurama when fry kills his Grandfather, fry didnt die because his grandfather was never his grandfather: he is his grandfather and always was!)

  15. The strange thing is we have just now discovered that wormholes exist within us, people talk of streching these wormholes bu as someknow this would cause all manner of problems, so l say time travel will be eventually done through infact the mind, the greatest computer ever build.

  16. Time and our perception of it is based on the interaction and decay of subatomic particles and their relation in terms of energy to the ‘light barrier’ (The speed of light where matter becomes energy and ceases to function in a way we understand.) and to gravity it’s self, which may or may not be an effect created by a subatomic particle.Anyway the point is some particles have been made to jump in time by effecting their properties. It’s a technique you’ve all heard of, teleportation, because when you make something jump in space, you make it jump in time too.

    To date it’s only been done with individual electrons and photons, but the theories sound, you can make SAPs teleport to anywhere in time and space by making them instantly swop characteristics via something called quantum entanglement with each other. However in order to do this you need to know the characteristics of not only the SAP’s you want to port, but also the SAP’s you want to interchange them with (they dpnt actually trade places, just characteristics) And the only way to do that is to have a computer that’s powerful enough it can calculate a SAP’s past characteristics by anaylising it’s present ones and figuring out what’s making it behave the way it is now and so allowing it’s to simulate it’s past behaviors by eliminating present modifiers and applying a set of modifiers as they where calculated for the past.

    This is obviously an insanely epic task far beyond the power of present day computers, But here’s the kicker, if anyone ever does get a computer this powerful traveling in time becomes redundant because if the computer can simulate the past to such a level of detail as to allow a quantum entanglement then all you need to do is watch the simulation on your holo deck / virtual reality projection system, you don’t need to travel there, you can effectively remote view it, you might actually be able to remote view it if you could build a device that could read and interprate the natural entanglements that happen between SAP’s anyway. The only time anyone or thing would travel in time is when they needed to change something, (which isn’t as big a no no as you think as technically all eventualities are played out anyway.) but all actual observation could be done remotely in what is actually a similar process to how radio and tv signals are remotely viewed (it would just be done across the entire energy / matter spectrum instead of just a tiny electromagnetic piece of it.)

    Just wanted to bring some almost factual science and logic into this.

  17. I wish time travel were possible, but I’m afraid it is not because time does not exist, humans invented time.

  18. To all the people who keep saying that time does not exist: YES IT DOES. It is in fact PROVEN to exist. Do some reading on Einstein’s theory of relativity. Study time dilation. Time is not merely an artistic construct of humans. It is PART of the UNIVERSE.

    1. Sorry Nonya but Einstein’s theory is about space-time, his theory tend to prove that gravity and acceleration forces can bend the structure of space-time.
      Then that induce that if we find a way to create wormholes we should be able to travel through space and “Time”…
      @ Anne Henderson: I do think exactly the same way, I just wany to add that for me the only thing important is to focus on Here & Now in this big experiment…

  19. Well, well, well.

    Lets say, that time travel is possible, lets just say, lets..

    A: Ok, who owns the technology?
    B: They could presumably go back, forward, etc, seems ;like the world still is at war, and no-one is really in power, so the time bandits suck eggs, smelly eggs, mermaid old fish tail wives story eggs.
    C: Do you think the “owners” creators of this science would ever tell man, civilians, let alone military departments.

    Now lets say they are still trying to make this science work, ok, plausible, right, ok, so who invested how much into the CERN project and if they already had the technology working CERN would already be operational and successful, trust me, and no-one would ever know it existed.

    I can add to your theories, photo’s above they are all good ideas, but each one has been dropped on it’s head.

    But there is a way to be in one place in one moment and another place seconds later some 400 miles away, without any damage to the person, who’s knows this?

    The secret lies in the Vatican vaults, secret archives. So good luck finding it, but it is there.
    Jesus was one of the privileged who could do it. Hint, hint…..

    But it’s not a machine…….

  20. To travel in time you must break the speed of light. I have done this by “gating” different currents of elec. together and forcing them down a single wire.I get only wire decay and a strange distorted current.I am a nobody.If I can do this,our goverment has this and much more. Get ready.

  21. Once we open our minds to the impossible, you realize anything is quite probable yet we shrug it off and end up feeling it’s just unlikely

  22. Without debating the science and having only skimmed most replies because the theory of time travel itself is above my expertise, I have several points

    *You can’t use a cell phone without a cell phone Tower. How would one use a cell phone in the 20’s-30’s if there are no towers or satellites to pick up the signal? Is it some other type of device? Perhaps, but it can’t be a cell phone. For some reason, that suggestion irked me.

    *Why would anyone chose to leave behind all modern conveniences and health care to travel back in time (without a way back, if you’re to be believed, Bigbuddak), just to find out information that can be easily found in newspapers, literature, journals, photographs and first hand accounts of that time period? If you’d said, They give up their whole life in the modern world, chose extreme isolation and risk death by appendicitis to change a horrible event that occurred and Save all of humanity from annihilation… OK, they’re my heroes. But you actually claim they give up everything…. to find out what slang someone in 1890 or what underwear they put on? I could find that out with a trip to the library, or Google.

    *Realizing I came late to this conversation, and no one will probably ever see this, having moved on in your own timelines to brighter things… Do we really believe everything the Chinese Government Claims? I would say their credibility is slightly strained, and I would have to see more proof than a single picture of a random person holding up a ring-watch to believe this is time travel. Also, just because one believes the tomb was undisturbed, doesn’t mean it was undisturbed for 400 years. Grave robbers, foreigners trying to sneak in without the Chinese governments knowledge….curious travelers who accidentally fell into a place they knew they shouldn’t be and covered up the evidence of their passing. These are far more plausible than time travel

    1. All great points! Especially regarding the absence of modern health care, etc. I’d never given that particular inconvenience much thought in terms of time travel.

      And I do, personally, read all of the comments here, if that counts for anything. Some are strange, but the conversations this post has sparked have at least been…interesting.

  23. Ok, with “the cellphone lady”, what towers would she be using while talking on the cellphone in that time? So that’s disproven. The guy in the picture is wearing pilot goggles, his hairstyle is vintage and also his clothes. Disproven again. With the watch found in the tomb thingy, it is supposed that it was untouched for that amount of years, doesn’t mean it wasn’t. There is no such thing as time travel because time is not dimensional so yeah. No evidence as of yet.

    1. Just because you say there is no evidence it is not true it still can be true it is that you just have not got the evidence as of yet.

  24. It would not matter what a time traveller did if we are in lets say string one including 1 set past and future going back in time would create a string two because our past is already set, going into the future i don’t really have a clue on I would assume it would continue of string one because you are not altering events that have already happened you would be creating the events that were bound to happen from what was done in present time. So by saying that we could have time travellers but that would make it so we are not in the original string of events. I don’t know about you but thats a bit mind blowing to know we could be the alternate reality and there is an original.

  25. time travel might actually be possible if you could go the speed of light becuase if you were travling the spped of light in space for 11 hour the earth will age and you will not.

  26. Time travel is possible in the far future perhaps, just not now, and come to think of it, sending a person back in time is actually a ridiculous idea, what a waste of resources, you have to de-molecualrize him and virtually assemble him from at the given point in time, which would make him a replica, not the same guy who was send in the first place, he would not even have the same conscious reality perception, in short time travel as said in Sci-fi is a waste of time,
    Now, the best way to actually do this is to send information back into time, electrons carefully impregnated with data , that can be send back to the past, it could be captured as light by eyes, and the person who gets it instanty gets the information that was send back, this could be useful s ideas, needed to make a change in wahtsoever direction that the sender chooses..
    Come to think of it, if indeed such a thing is possible, then all the wars ad inventions and information we have know could be an uncnsious flow of information thats being transferred from some distant point in the future, Think of it.. lol.

  27. Time travel is not possible for one reason: doing so changes the mass of the universe, and thus would enable the mass of the universe to become infinite. Changing the mass of the universe is inherently impossible because this would result in changes to the fundamental constants that define the very foundations of physics; the gravitational constant, the Hubble constant, even the speed of light, are all related to the mass of the universe. Not to mention to concomitant violations of the laws of thermodynamics and the effective reversal of entropy that would be involved in such a mass change.

    To demonstrate how time travel alters the mass of the universe, consider this scenario: I transport myself back in time to 5 minutes ago, so that my current self is standing beside my earlier self. There are now two of me at the same time; thus the mass of the universe has increased by my mass. We wait five minutes. At this point we have both returned to now. My ‘earlier’ self goes back in time (because I’d already done that), but my ‘current’ self also goes back in time, meaning that five minutes ago there are now three of me at that point in time – and the mass of the universe has increased again. Repeat this ad infinitum (remember we have effectively infinite time because we’re cycling through the same five-minute period here, over and over) and you can see that there ultimately turns out to be infinite copies of me, comprising infinite mass. QED.

    We know the universe does not have infinite mass, because there is empty space between all massive objects; if the mass of the universe was infinite there would be no space. In fact, an infinite-mass universe could only a be a black hole in its entirety and nothing else.

    Finally, it’s become self-evident that all this extra mass has, from the point of view of the universe, been created out of nothing – a clear violation of the first law of thermodynamics. Since, by Einstein (E = mc^2), energy and mass are functionally equivalent, it would be theoretically possible, for example, to build a perpetual motion machine by recursively time-transporting any energy source until the source becomes infinite and then using that energy to run the machine forever. Again, the laws of thermodynamics can go hang.

    So from this, it seems quite reasonable to draw the conclusion that time travel is impossible for this reason alone, even if no other reason existed.

  28. I have just one question. Lets assume that woman is holding a cell phone in that movie but whom would she call?

  29. Well there you go. Proof! Swiss watches are actually Made in China. Can’t say I’m surprised!

  30. John Titor saying hello,

    I am not John, but you may call be John being as how popular his conquests have become. His legend, as it where, grew so big that all of our vaulenteers were code named ‘John’ from the beginning, our beginning.

    Our beginning took place 8 years prior to when John’s team first accomplished time warp technology. His return to your time, coupled with his messages to the people of your time, sparked a great interest in time travel that accelerated the discovery process. We not only discovered that time can flow forwards and backward, but, like John’s team we learned to move transdimensionally, only we learned to control the direction in which we traveled. We didn’t do this alone.

    Our team was visited by a group from our future that called themselves States Men. They guided us through several aspects of time travel technology and hoe to control its rotation. They made it very clear there are strict guidelines in place for traveling from one plain to the next. We moved with caution.

    The States Men were very interested in how our technology was influenced by the indirect actions of John Titor. Our first task was to travel to a list of dates and times to assess if other time travelers had been there. Unlike what John has said, when you go back in one dimension it does effect the next. These changes will be discussed at a later date. Our research concluded that not only had others visited these dates, but they were not all from our future. What we discovered is that time distortion can be achieved a number of ways, and not all of them are mechanical.

    The above photos are very comical, with the exception of one. The man in the sunglasses was indeed a time traveler. He and I were very close in training and he was the second of our team to travel back through time.

    1. There must have been a LOT of time travelers from the future at the 1969 Woodstock Festival!! And I will probably one day travel back in time to join them.

  31. We cannot go into a future that is yet to exist
    And we cannot go back to the past that no longer exists.

    The only time travel I know is in the present and I wish to be in Alaska for Christmas, because I wish to experience Bing Crosby’s White Christmas for the first time.

    Happy holidays!

    1. well what if time is perceived in a radio wave like form to the brain where we are tuning into only that moment at that moment. we could technically then tune into other parts in time with our brains. time isnt linear, and this is one explanation of how the brain may perceive time. just a thought as i am not an expert.

  32. I promise time travel is possible. I have been visited by a traveler from the future. I know its not something i can prove a.t.m. but its true. This man’s mission was to have me eat 4 bowls of carrot soup. I know this sounds funny and I can’t tell you why, because i don’t know why. He told me of certain future events that only someone of my nature would pay very close attention to. These events have happen and the chances he was predicting them are not possible. This man was a very nice guy that was only interested in me and was not at all about himself. He knew my family and I but we had never seen this man. I got some of the best feelings from the mans intentions. I believe in Jesus Christ and feel their is no reason to lie about such things. I don’t need people to prove me wrong because it will get all of us no where. This happen after I turned 21 years old, I am now 28. Since then I have become aware of so much more then I thought was possible. Ive also been threw a lot of hard times and realize why this man didn’t warn me about anything to do with me. The man told me I would see what he was saying for myself when the time came. The events are of no importance to my well being and have not changed anything for me.

    My theory of time travel is about vibrational energy’s. Only those who understand would be capable of such a feat. What people fail to realize is that we are simple people with simple minds. Just because we see no way to do what seem impossible doesn’t mean its not achievable. I can’t explain how everything works because I do not know. Inner peace can play a major role on understanding things. Listening to people that doubt everything because they don’t understand is foolish. When people become angry and curse of those things they don’t understand is no different then being cursed.

    1. So tell us some things that will happen, Mr. Carrot Soup Eater! You can make millions and even donate to charity of $$ is “beneath your superior knowledge and intellect”.

    2. Did I mention I traveled in time too ? :o They loved me so much that they wanted to crown me the queen of england.They insisted so I didn’t know what to do ,then I was like what the heck… just take my name and crown your daughter as me, and they named her Victoria and thus queen Victoria came into being ;)

    3. yep — I’m going here….

      you might believe in Jesus Christ, but something tells me you don’t actually KNOW your bible.

      Satan’s servants actually can present themselves as ‘angels of light.” Satan would be quite capable of knowing much of your family’s history, as well as events in the future — which he *could* influence, from the spiritual realm.

      You didn’t “test the spirit’ of this person…

      1. Its been a year since you posted a comment here I want you to re-read what you wrote, and tell me you don’t sound absolutely insane? Spiritual realm, Satan, angels, demons, and testing spirits… None of that sounds like craziness to you? Name one other thing in your life besides the bible that is over 2000 years old…. I bet you can’t do it without using google! Take your bible throw it away and re-evaluate your life :)

        PS. And this has nothing to do with your comment or what i said but I’m stoned lol… Evolution is not a theory its a fact but the moment its announced as a fact, it would destroy all religion!

        I mean really think about it, a man is crucified dies, then comes back three days later as a ghost. To me that sounds as real as Santa Claus or the Easter bunny.


      2. why do you care what people believe? you sound like someone who just likes to argue for the sake of arguing and thinks their intellect surpasses that of others. Also, just so you know evolution is a theory if you actually took a science class or looked up the definition of a theory you would see that a theory is not something relative or experimental but is “fact” as you like to call it. Now how about you go throw away your intolerant attitude, re-evaluate your life, and stop dismissing other peoples beliefs. Thanks :)

    4. I was visited by a time traveler from the future too. It was at My High School Reunion when I was wandering around the hallway of the Hotel. He was from the 24th century and to provide proof that He was from the future, showed Me some very old looking coins from the years 2047, 2056, and 2062. He told Me the exact date that hurricane Sandy would go through New Jersey and discribed it in detail. This was in November of 2005. He also said that there will be no monetary system in the 24th century and that all products and services will be freely available without the use of money, credits, or barter and all of the Earth’s resources will become the common heritage of Humanity in general. It’s called a Resource Based Economy.

      1. The poster said the coins looked old and were dated from a time that is future to us, but precedes the time period of the time traveler. Thus, they would be collectibles to the traveler. ?

    5. The dude was an imaginative carrot soup salesman with some excess inventory he needed to move. Mystery solved.

    6. I believe! We do not know anything about the invisible worlds and infinite possibilities…..

  33. Think about it. Right now, we have the super rich paying for flights into space. So why do we assume that in the future, if time travel becomes reality, that people would travel to the past for scientific purposes? I can imagine a huge tourist industry built around time travel. What better vacation for world weary future dwellers, than to go back in time and experience the world at a favorite time? I would love to visit the turn of the last century, and then go back home in a week or so. Yeah, Dr. Who has a great job.

  34. Bigbuddak, are you a Fringe fan? Sounds like it. As Walter says , “Even the impossible is possible.”

    1. obviously he’s a Doctor Who fan, too! that reference made me super duper happy.

      1. Sissy976’s comment was actually in response to Bigbuddak, who had left a long ranty explanation of his ideas on time travel…which apparently vanished when I switched to Disqus (I’ll see if I can get that back).

        But anyway…I’ve never seen Fringe, but I’m totally a Doctor Who fan!

      2. if you like Doctor Who, you would definitely love Fringe! it’s basically a grosser, more earth-bound (though not always!) version of Doctor Who! and all the wonderful drama!

  35. An obvious question for Basiago: WHO took the ‘photo’? How was said photo FORWARDED to Basiago’s modern era AFTER THE SILVER-PLATE NEGATIVE TOOK HOURS (!) to develop??! DId he tell the ‘photogtapher’ to U.S. mail the picture to an address he represented to the photogapher as being an 1863-address, but was REALLY his own, modern address??? Doesn;t add up…

    1. There is a story somewhere about this. I’m not sure, it’s been awhile since this but the photographer was his father who was there also. It seems the man wasn’t happy that his son was there.

  36. About the 1928 & 1938 women on cell phones….exactly how would they even work? No cell towers, no satellites and no one else to talk to.

    1. Maybe in time there will be no need for cell towers, no satellites
      all will work like walkie talkie.

  37. In my humble opinion the only way time travel is possible is thru meditation – like astral transport which is an ancient practice perfected after years of concentration by yogis and monks.
    Do they reckon time travel is the same as the teleportation Andrew Basiago refers to and which he claims he and Obama did when they supposedly teleported themselves to Mars? Man has the capacity to realize amazing feats but we often don’t see that physics and mysticism are interconnected. Lol

  38. So let’s pretend I’m so time traveler. When I get to 1938 the first thing I’m gonna do is pull out my cell phone and talk to who, exactly??? A.) unless I know the chick from Charlie’s movie then there’s probably (definitely) nobody else with a cell phone, and B.) THERE ARE ZERO CELL PHONE TOWERS. Or satellites. (And why isn’t everyone in the picture stunned by an apparent wireless phone??)
    Now let’s pretend I brought back CD’s. The first thing I’m going to do with those is uhhh, nothing. Because I don’t have a computer. So I might as well let some guy take forever painting me with them while nobody makes a big deal about having different technology.
    As for the first picture, it’s either photoshopped or those styles really aren’t as “modern” as we think. Nobody is looking at him like he’s out of place or even really taking notice of him for that matter.
    As for the tomb, pocket watches had been around since the 1600’s. Wristwatches weren’t invented until the later 1800’s. Maybe a traveler from china discovered the Swiss were just ahead of the current? After all, pocket watches were making money for the time being.

  39. The old women with the phone in the 1920s film is using an old fashioned hand held hearing aid.

  40. the photos supposedly mobile phones ……….. can’t be cause even if they are time travellers and took mobile phones with them ..surely they wouldn’t work because the phone masts/towers that now pepper the countryside these days didn’t exsist then so any mobile phones taken back to the time of the photo wouldn’t work

    1. Probably not. However, some would claim that any time travelers from the future would likely have the technology to communicate “through time.” Not sure how that would work, but…

      Of course, I don’t personally believe this stuff is evidence of anything, really. Interesting claims, though.

    2. Look maybe more than one came back in time and thy keep in touch by
      phone and there phone does not need phone masts/towers

  41. Why take a picture of the matching tattoos? I find it convenient that there is no photograph of standing next to each other. To me, that one fact completely debunks this man’s claims.

    1. He took a video, that was a screenshot of the video. Here’s the link to the original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JY-5qTSErf0

      I dont know if I believe in time travel but there is something really compelling about the video that makes me question it

      1. Actually have the video itself in another post (http://www.strangerdimensions.com/2012/03/06/did-this-man-find-a-wormhole-under-his-kitchen-sink/), but I guess I could just add it to this one, too. Thanks.

        Anyway, these are just stories. I certainly don’t believe them, myself, but it’s fun to think about.

        (edit: and I just realized I wrote “snapped a photo” up there instead of “took a video.” duh-doy, Fixed.)

      2. Oh yea, thats where I first saw this story, sorry, I forgot to link it. Love your articles by the way, this is one of my favorite sites! :)

  42. Wow! I’m so glad there’s no such thing as Photoshop. Otherwise these pictures would require a lot more proof than .jpgs on a web site!

  43. Man, the people with first hand time travel experience or those with complex time travel stories seriously need to get off the drugs.

  44. I am not one that would normaly post something on a site like this, however I do have a couple of things to say. I am not saying that I believe or disbelieve the theory of time travel. I agree with arguments on both sides. But here are a couple of things that are simply food for thought.
    1. When Dick Tracey comics first come out, he had things like a telephone in his watch. Once again during that time there were no Cell Towers, no satelites, yet some how he had a phone that worked. Now that technology is available.
    2. During the 60s Star Trek came out and they had computers, fought with stun guns, operated with lasers, etc. Now we have these technologies.
    Although the technology that we have today may not be exactly what people imagined 50, 75 or even 100 years ago, but it is still there. I believe that if a person can imagine something, that somewhere at some point there will be someone that can make it a reality. As far as Time Travel goes, people have been discussing this for 100’s of years. Who am I to say if it exist or doesn’t.
    For all of you that absolutly refuse to beleive that this is possible, I am just glad you weren;t around the Wright Brothers, or Mr. Bell, or Thomas Edison. Because we sould surely still be in the dark ages.

    1. Damn straight Stew! I agree completely with your comment. If we can imagine it, we can eventually create it. There are many more examples of tech from sci-fi than what you wrote and the more we imagine, the more we will have in the future. All we need as a race is drive and motivation and most importantly to have people around us that encourage us not put us down.

      1. That is the beauty of Manifestation. I believe one of the largest problems is the direction of global consciousness. Also regarding technology, it is a beautiful age we live in where so much information (using the right sources) is directly at our fingertips. Because of this, we can now teach ourselves, (the basics anyways) of Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Carpentry, Engineering, and anything we desire. But with the boom of social networking, it seems all people want to do is study what their friends did the night previous. The internet and especially social networking was meant to bring people closer together, but I believe we couldn’t be farther apart from each other as human beings. It feels like our natural interaction with other humans is diminishing rapidly. While some of us can still see eye to eye, even if we disagree, the majority are hung up on how quickly they can try to bring others down, I see more and more every day how people are thriving on insulting others, and taking joy from it. But the way I started looking at it to stay positive is this, people are very afraid of what they do not understand, If said person is insulting towards me because of my beliefs, or they are just 100% skeptic, I just believe that they are a younger soul and do not understand yet. I sometimes ask for them to be woken up. In the end I always feel more privileged to know that I have a choice to believe or not, rather than just shutting it off and living in the dark.

  45. “People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually — from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint — it’s more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly… timey-wimey… stuff.”
    — The Tenth Doctor, Doctor Who, “Blink”

  46. Well according to stephen hawking… who knows way more than any of us about the physics of theoretical time travel… It could only happen forward in time, not backwards. The basic theory is that if the human body could somehow survive speeds faster than the speed of light, it would have different effects on the body and the person could end up years in the future with very few years of aging on the human body. So it’s kind of like time traveling because it could be 1000 years later, but your body has only aged 2 years in human time.

    Backwards in time though is a totally different thing… and for that you’d have to believe in multiple dimensions to be possible which is a completely different concept.


    1. i have thought the same about the dimensions part. i think this is how ufo’s disappear like they do. they are dimension hoping. maybe they are not from space but another earthy dimension hence we all appear to look the same.

      1. For reals man, I have thought of that too. To travel from another galaxy is nuts…. thinking about the time it would take. Even traveling at the speed of light it would take for ever to get from one to another galaxy. But to think that all you are doing is hopping from another dimension (like in that show Fringe) is quite fascinating. We wouldn’t be talking about distances anymore, but another plane altogether. And now with the theory of a multi-verse becoming more popular… oh man! I get so excited with this topic. Another earth, where humans evolved slightly differently giving us bigger heads and bigger eyes maybe do to the fact that their earth is much darker or whatever… I can write about this for hours. But I will stop here.

      2. Ah yes. I saw something recently on string theory and the math surrounding it and it actually works. All forces on is are the same except gravity. It’s really weak compared to all the others. When using the formula for the others when it’s used with strongtheory Iit actually fits for the math coming from another dimension to here actually which is strange it’s the same formula added into the string theory formula. I have no idea how of course bit it was on the science channel I think on through the wormhole. This would explain why ufo’s disappear suddenly and can reappear like the video from stonehenge which has one of those high intersecting magnetic fields at it. There is water underneath it just like at the pyramids that gives it it’s energy combined with what they built there. Honestly a machine of sorts but made from stone. I know the pyramids have a ton of conclusive evidence of how the water used to hit to ceiling of the lower chamber enough to where it cracked it and water eroded it and there is an aquifer below it too. Of course there is evidence of mars having life with the mathematics used in structures that are used the same in egypt and elsewhere. Then the stories of the mars god being eaten by serpent head god with feathers that is drawn looking like a comet and the ancient gods were said to have mined for god for their atmosphere which is something mars lacks now. Our bone density is more suited for mars along with muscle structure. So this would be assuming the ancient stories are correct of them using their dna with ours which was the knowledge from the tree of life in the bible which when drawn looks like a doublehelix.

      3. Interesting stuff man. That’s all I’m saying. We really know nothing compared to all there is out there. String theory blows my mind every time I read about it. I agree. Pilots of UFOs just have better tech and a better understanding of what we are just starting to learn. Magnetism is so much stronger than gravity too, I bet that magnetism is the key to traveling between dimensions.

      4. Extraterrestrials are able to travel anywhere due to the engines they have in their ships. Ever wonder why most portrayed as a round disc shape? It is because the ship is built around the engine. It is called a Centerfuge engine. It is essentially an electrically charged metal doughnut with a super ferric fluid inside (a liquid-metal which travels with zero resistance). This liquid-metal shaped doughnut is then set around a magnetic spindle then electrically charged. Once charged the fluid in the doughnut begins to flow at incredible speed to at which point creates a gravitational field not unlike Earth’s around the craft. Now, we all know space/time is a bendable fabric, so what this ship can now do is distort space/time around the ship in order to “jump” or “warp” to interplanetary or inter dimensional locations.

      5. It can go both ways. The old drawings from India and their flying machines had “mercury” core type deal which it may have been something else. Not all ufos are from other worlds. I think there are intermission Al beings which would explain ghosts, demons, and other stuff. The military is supposed to havethat reverse magnetic pulse engine that runs silent and reduces the ships weight for flight by altering gravity somewhat. II’m pointing out the laws of physics don’t work fro gravity like all other forces do. The math doesn’t fit unless it originates in another dimension.

    2. But see time travel must allow us to go anywhere in time. Just as easily as the man who went 1000 years into the future, another man could use the same gateway and visit this time and potentially alter his future as well, but because of paradoxes, there would need to be an alternate reality for this traveler from the future visiting us, the normal dimension he came from, and the parallel dimension he created. So in turn what I believe is that time travel is universal and must have the parallel fail safe running along side. In regards to the human body being subjected to speeds near and or above the speed of light, we just need to move space/time around us rather than us moving ourselves. A technology which is also related to interplanetary and inter dimensional travel.

  47. If the women were on cell phones, they wouldn’t work anyway…the phones would require cell service.

      1. yeah there is a reflection of the woman with the phone, next to the lady washing her hands you can see the top bit of the shoulder under marilyn monroe’s hair..

      2. Doesn’t ANYONE read the text? It states that this lady makes fake ‘time travel’ images just for fun, with Elvis, etc. she isn’t trying to fool anyone…. click on the link in the TEXT! C’mon people!

      3. I mentioned right in the post that that picture belongs to photo manipulator Flora Borsi. No, it’s not real.

        Or it’s possible she’s a vampire.

      4. A time travelling vampire? That’s pretty ****ing scary. I postulate that the vampires of the future have exhausted their human food supply, and now they are travelling back into the past to feed. That is the only explanation that holds any scientific merit whatsoever. Anything else would be complete and utter nonsense.

      5. the photo with Marilyn is fake. Read the text below. Its an artist who photoshops herself in past photos.

      6. there is a small reflection behind Marlyin monroe”s left shoulder of the girl with the cameras shoulder so there for the photo is not photoshoped

      7. So you think she couldn’t photoshop a reflection? Well even though she has a website of all her projects and admits she gets a kick out of putting herself with famous people I guess since you saw a reflection we have do say she is lying and it MUST BE TRUE!

    1. well technically the waves would be able to travel inter-dimensionally like gravity and other forces. it may not be time travel but more dimension hoping who really knows lol. i do believe there are many dimensions and anything that is possible happens in them all. this would explain how ufo’s appear and disappear really fast like at stonehenge and places where the ley lines produce a lot of energy.

    2. The things that are assumed to be cell phones are actually small hand radios and the thing that looks like a CD case is a glass plate used in cameras from the late 1800’s as film. Sorry to burst your bubble guys.

      1. Uhhh small (transitor) radios had not been invented in 1928… I also noticed that lady was, or appeared to be, talking and acting as one would on a cell phone.

        Now, maybe she was talking to the man 8-10 feet in front of her, on what appeared o be a loud busy street, and prehaps that was a small music box she was listening to, but it was not a radio, unless she was a time traveler that is. ;-) a small radio would be as much an anomaly as a cell hone in the 1920s. Makes me think the video was not made in the 1920s at all, but is a modern film of a movie set from a period picture.

      2. I read somewhere she was holding an old hearing aid to her ear, the ones that look like a trumpet.

      3. I’m pretty sure the film has been authenticated as real and of the period but the cell phone thingy, well that’s another story.

      4. Except they didn’t have small handheld radios back then. I’m not saying it is a cell phone but it isn’t a hand held radio either.

      5. Doctor, is that your watch? Cause this could be something left from a fixed point in time or temporal paradox?

      1. Exactly. Rose and Martha were able to reach their family with their cell phone way at the edge of time.

      1. A quantum entanglement communicator wouldn’t! You could communicate with anyone on the other end regardless of distance/time. It would not need any type of transmitting tower. :)

    3. Yeah the cell phone towers to transmitt the signals hadn’t been built so they wouldn’t work. Just because someone is seen holding something square to the side of their face and talking, doesn’t prove it is a cell phone.

    4. Well, future people invented time travel, i think they could have invented something so simple like a cell service with network coverage reaching the past as well, or they could have established a cell service in the past for the sole purpose of time travelers having cell service, they wouldn’t have required big antennas, maybe something as small as a pocket wifi that covers thousand of miles.

    5. what if it is not a cell phone we use…it might be any other communicating device which common people don’t know. to communicate with other time travelers…with more advance technology….

    6. she could just be listening to some recording, doesn’t necessarily need to be making a call.

    1. Awesome! Like I said, she’s a photographer/photo-manipulator named Flora Borsi. Check out her portfolio: http://www.behance.net/yayuniversal

      And for anyone who may be wondering, I’m just having some fun with that image. In fact, I’m 99.9% sure this entire post is ironic…

  48. Regardless of the validity of these photos, it’s hilarious that people are actually trying to argue the possibility of time travel scientifically. How the hell does anyone know the concepts and foundation of time travel? If they did this page would be redundant!

    1. There is this thing called physics.. knowledge of it can expand your mind a lot. This is how people are able to have arguments worth considering over the possibility of time travel. It IS possible if you understand all of the concepts- problem is, those concepts are all difficult to understand if you arent a physicist or used to reading that kind of material. Start with Steven Hawkings. Imagine if you lived before electricity was invented and someone told you I know how to use science and make light appear at the flip of a switch. You wouldn’t have a clue as to how they would do it and a debate over the possibility of it it would sound pretty hilarious, if you didnt understand how the scientific concepts they were explaining worked..

    1. Yep, Tho it is interesting to speculate and ponder in mystery…..

      I know know nothing is possible and at the same time everything is true
      –Abraham Lincoln, 1775

      1. I think he was trying to be sarcastically funny, you know Lincoln traveling back to 1776!

    2. Are these evidence of time travel? To quote Hamlet: Act 3, Scene 3, line 87: “no”.

  49. The one with the guy and his “future self” was probably justh im and his father, and they have matching tattoos. common.

  50. The biggest issue I have with time travel isn’t the fact that people would purposely go back to change things. My problem comes from the millions of seemingly tiny problems that would snow ball. Lets say I go back in time. I don’t touch anything or speak to anyone. But because I’m standing where someone else was a mosquito bites me instead of them. They don’t get malaria and die. That person has a child who grows up to be worse than any dictator the world has yet seen. Perhaps, even worse, Grace Stirling Morton walks around me only to be accidentally killed by something (maybe a run away horse?) so she isn’t around to give birth to Alexander Fleming. Since Fleming wasn’t around maybe it took another 20 years for penicillin to be discovered. How many thousands of people would die from that chance accident. The problem with time travel isn’t that someone would go back and shoot Hitler, it’s that they would sneeze.

  51. By your logic, in “Time Traveling Celebrities”, Jay-Z should have on modern clothing. After all, this is your “proof” in “Time traveler caught on camera”. So he went back in time then bought new clothes to fit in? Dumb. Almost all of these pictures and videos have been exhaustively debunked, especially the lady with the cell phone clip. It’s an early 2-way communication device like a walkie-talkie – Whoop de doo!!! Lets have some real facts and proof.

  52. It is so hard to tell what hasn’t been
    altered today, that there is no proof if any of these images are true
    to life. But, hey, I think the idea is awesome and wouldn’t be
    surprised if there was some way to travel through time. I do think
    that the the technology shows might be a bit more advanced than
    cellphones, but maybe not. Perhaps, the break through will have
    something to do with the multi-verse theories that are popping up
    here and there


  53. the woman in the dupont picture/video WAS on a cell device that dupont was testing with a range that only reached the campus. This has appeared in “time travel” videos and the woman in the video has spoken on this subject and what the device was. YES it was one of the first cell phone devices but functioned more like a walkie talkie.

    1. Um no. You can’t say a cell phone functioned more like a walkie talkie. A cell phone functioning like a walkie talkie is a walkie talkie. Both cell phones and walkie talkies operate on radio waves but a cell phone by definition is operating on a network of cells. This is primarily what makes it a cell phone. This is one way we are able to have so many phones in so many areas with decent clarity. Cell technology and mobile phones were made commercially available in the early 70’s but had been in development for several years but not in the 30s. In the 30s we were just figuring out how to harness the power of AM and FM radio waves as a two-way communication vehicle. Walkie Talkies operate off of radio waves too but free forming waves, simply put it’s kind of like they’re flying all over the place and not directed through cells. In the 30s harnessing the power of and developing radio was brand new so it would have had to of been a very, very early version of a walkie talkie which means it would have operated on AM waves (very weak) and it would be huge, like the size of a breadbox and the battery would be even bigger like the size of a home laser printer. The woman, in short, would have had to been walking with someone else who would be helping her carry the enormous piece of equipment. Dupont was then and is now primarily involved with materials science and in the 30s they would have been completely focused on nylon and plutonium. Radio and communications was not their thing.

  54. 1) No, the tomb was not sealed for 400 years. That’s obvious by the presence of the watch-ring.
    2) It’s just a guy with a forward thinking fashion sense. . . . By that logic, you might say Bjork, Dennis Rodman, Marilyn Manson, Lady Gaga, and countless others are time travelers.
    3) There were no cell phones at the time, so an intelligent person might think she’s holding a small music box or using a handkerchief, or anything before assuming time travel.
    4) See #3, though it looks more like she’s holding nothing at all and that her hand is just near her face.
    5) Yes, lets believe everything everyone ever says. It’s just a photo of a boy.
    6) Without DNA evidence, we must assume the person just had the same look.
    7) This is all BS. I’ve read the whole sight and every single one of Titor’s predictions have NOT come true. Be wary of websites making fantastic claims and selling merchandise. Chances are, it’s just about the merchandise.
    8) It’s just a box with a glass top. . . . Like a diorama or a music box or anything other than a CD box.
    9) If this worked, someone would have patented it and sold it by now.
    10) Admitted Hoax
    11) So, its a guy that looks like JZ. I’ve seen several old photos of people that look like me, and I’m not a time traveler. I do, however, have genetic similarities to those in my family. Chances are, this is a photo of JZ’s great grandfather’s cousin, or something.

  55. Man invented time , right now it is 12:17 in Florida this is just a mathematical calculation of the rotation of the earth and where the sun is hitting the planet and how long it will be before it hits where I am again . Do you not understand that time is just here to establish order so that we are not just rotating around the sun aimlessly and unaware . time is used to establish patterns in space , to help you get to work at an appropriate and calculated TIME . It is not tangible in any way you can’t alter it the only way time travel is even an idea is if you invent a device that simulates and speeds through our rotations around the sun . sounds possible until you remember that this device would have to be all knowing it would mean that we aren’t making our own decisions and that everything we do has been programmed that’s the only way you can move back and forth is if the supposed device is god and knows everything that has happened and everything that will happen . to go back it would need to know where every person who has ever lived was and what they were doing at that time . to go forward it would need to fast forward through all processes of thought and migration of every living and non-living thing . for you to believe in time travel is to believe that your not even real your just a pawn whose life has technically in time travel terms already been lived and can be re-lived whenever

  56. I believe there are alot of unknown things out there still. But with the women on the cell phone since they hadnt been invented yet who could they possibly be talking to. Their cell service must have great range to go to another demension, I would hate to see that cell bill..

  57. The man photographed at the bridge opening, has been explained. The type of sunglasses have been used since the 1920s. His shirt is not a graphic tee, as it appears to be. It is a sweater with a pattern woven in. It is very likely that he was just a normal person, in the appropriate time.
    The alleged CD case could be rationally explained as well. It could very well be glass. Why would someone assume that it’s plastic? Is it because we are so used to seeing jewel cases, that we automatically jump to the an illogical conclusion? A small glass plate could have existed for many reasons.
    The man meeting his future self was part of an ad campaign. That is common knowledge. Look into it.
    I find the other instances to be quite intriguing, but the ones that have been disproven should be removed from the site. Until I see definitive evidence against the other claims, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

  58. They are telling that time travel is possible but its very very dangerous, dangerous means you may get a result of de-seprated body

  59. If time travel was available I would travel 15 minutes into the past before I read this

  60. I have heard it said the the crowd that listened to the sermon on the mound was as about 80% time travelers. Seems reasonable. The more important the event the more likely it is to attract time travelers.

  61. About that cd-box, that might be photographic plate. :)

    And about Håkan, that was a comercial in sweden by one of a pention company. There were a few more made one by a woman in a dessert when herself in the future pass by and a couple that meet themselves in the future on a tropic island.

    Sorry my bad english, im swedish… ☺️

  62. 1.
    The guy w/ strange glasses. I have seen similar glasses in pictures from my
    family. But check out this link:

    2. His camera looks very much like one of these:
    — All you have to do is research fashion or type of technology for that time

    3. The woman on the mobile phone: that is obviously a film about
    that time.

    4. The group of 4 women and one is holding something to her ear:
    that is a money purse – when I was a child sometimes women went out taking just
    the house keys and the money purse.

    5. The modern watch in the tomb saying Swiss made has most
    likely fallen on the ground many years before and in the excavation was pushed
    in with the sand.

    Things always appear strange removed from context. And the
    present day technology allows for a lot of very convincing pictures, specially
    in black and white.

    People, for your sanity, do the research and use the
    “little grey cells” :D


  63. If time travel wasn’t possible we would neverremember yesterday see today or hope for tomorrow

  64. Most of this silliness above is fun but it’s not really about time travel. It’s about photoshop. That said, I have to believe time travel is possible. In fact I believe it happens all the time in a very controlled environment. I don’t believe it’s a government run program. I believe it’s something that was discovered privately in the not too distant future and used to travel back in time. This means there are time travelers among us now. I’m not sure traveling to the future is possible although if one believes time is truly non-linear I suppose traveling to the future would also be possible. I believe our government and many other governments are aware of time travel and how to do it and pay heavily to keep it tightly controlled. I also believe that there will come a day, quite soon, when time travel is understood by average folks and then time travel will become quite commonplace. In short, hold on to your hats, I think in the next decade things are going to get very interesting, but that’s just me…or is it.

  65. Even if they take a cell phone back in time, b4 they were invented, it wouldn’t work cuz there would be no cellular network. No coverage.

  66. I can only say that the guy at the bridge opening standing there surrounded by people who don’t seem to react to someone foreign in their midst. if I was to see someone out of character with time (well back then anyway) I certainly would be scrutinizing him. and the ring so small it could have been lost somewhere above ground and storm water might have taken it down. I remain on the fence with this one. we don’t know what is possible in the future. but I still like to think of the possibilities…….

  67. I would think that if you were to encounter yourself back or forward in time you would probably repel yourselves like similar ends on a magnet I wouldn’t believe it would be possible. same as if your to meet your father, mother, grandfather. or your great great grandchildren ect……..

    1. So, my conclusion from this little experiment: either time travel to the past is impossible, or time travelers just don’t like cake. Hmm…

  68. Okay, Okay, to sweetin the deal come visit me and I will share with you this nice bottle of wine. better hurry its almost gone.

  69. There is a video of a man who is a like a robot with x rays in eyes cellphone in hands etc…just created for fun.
    And after reading this article i guess the2050 people will think that this person in video is from their age and was a time traveller;-)
    Guys we made time for ease and is like the axis of the earth

  70. if u have much time and nothing to do. come here with me and start farming. it will shape u. ass dump u editor. !!!

  71. in the Marilyn picture. the women is not photo shopped, but Marilyn is, her beauty mark is actually on the right side of her face. its not supposed to be the left side, so she is the fake part, not the women.

  72. If the old photos show people talking on cell phones now the question arises how are the cell phones working without connectivity because in those times there were no cell phone towers

  73. If i had a time machine,i’d go back and save Marilyn Monroe. I don’t give a damn about the consequences.

  74. Could it be a small radio or walkie talkie? The guy with the sunglasses might have sun sensitivity and glasses were make for him. They look just like the one you get after a laser eye surgery.

  75. Great article! There is, however, something else about time travelers that really annoys the hell out of me. You know how when you’re looking for something you’ve misplaced (or think you have) and there’s literally no place where you haven’t looked, so you go back and start over again and sonofagun, there the thing is, right in front of you? This used to mystify me but now it just pisses me off, and here’s why:

    I’ve developed a theory that not all time travelers are not necessarily nice people, and a goodly number of them may also have what we call a drinking or other recreational drug habit. If this is correct, then your “lost” object’s disappearing/reappearing act is, I believe, the result of something like a couple of of these folks’ getting trashed and making some sort of wager–probably a bar bet–that your item didn’t exist in the late 20th or early 21st century and, when challenged, just jumped into the nearest time machine and snagged it from you to bring back so they can get the 50 solars (with apologies to Arthur C. Clarke) or whatever currency unit they’ll be using from the other guy. And since even the biggest jerks will have it ingrained into their pin-sized brains that nothing must be left permanently changed or disturbed during their travels on pain of (hopefully) death, they must and will return the object to the place from whence they lifted it.

    Makes about as much sense as anything else. Damn idiot time travelers.

  76. ok no way there using cell phones as they wouldnt work without a cell tower .

  77. time travellers on cell phones – who to ? bad enough getting a signal in 2014 !

  78. The woman looks nothing like Marilyn Monroe. The incident with the tomb has probably been discredited. I could goolgle it now and probably find it to be bogus. The man in the crowd is most likely photoshopped–duh. The dude with the tattoos is full of crap. Ever see the film, “Time Chasers?” As for the rest of this crap, it is an insult to the possibility of time travel.

  79. Cell phones in the future don’t have to with the way they work today pretty sure in 50 years it would change have an open mind about anything and maybe you will learn something new

  80. The one with marilyn monroe is fake.. she has no reflection in the mirrow she is standing in front of

  81. The Marilyn Monroe one?? Is an artist who inserted herself in a lot of photo’s. Do a little investigation before you write a story.

    1. I believe I referred to Borsi’s photo as from her “faux” time travel gallery. I dedicated an entire post to it (which I actually linked to in the post above): http://www.strangerdimensions.com/2013/05/02/flora-borsi-time-travels-snaps-shots-with-elvis-marilyn-monroe/

  82. this is the person that is creating the journey an I don’t understand the question this is racid ok so don’t bother me I

  83. I believe this,and I think only some people wants to know a bout this secret…and I am 1 of theme…

    1. Actually, the above post isn’t really about time travel. It’s an experiment about reading comprehension and the ability of certain people to perceive irony. Or to at least read the posts they comment on.

      If I may say so, the experiment is going rather well.

  84. T-Shirts with logos were available in 1940’s. I’m holding one in my hand that my father wore during army training in 1942 with a large “Camp Wheeler” on it along with US Army insignia. Label says “Full Combed Quality, Sportswear by Welker”.

  85. In all time travel ‘discussions’ one thing is missed. In order to travel through time you also have to travel though space – lots of space. A person stood on Earth near the equator is moving at about 1000 mph as the Earth rotates; the Earth itself orbits around the sun at around 66,000 miles per hour; the solar system is orbiting around the galactic core of the Milky way at over 500,000 miles per hour and the galaxy itself is travelling through deep space at around 1.3 million miles per hour. This means that if you were to simply travel back through time, and even if you said that during that ‘travel’ you kept the same velocity, you would undoubtedly find yourself somewhere out in deep space! In order to travel through time and arrive at some specific point on Earth you would also need to do some fairly hefty mathematical calculations AND have a method of ‘beaming?’ yourself to that specific spot at at specific motion. Of course… if you could build a time machine I imagine the space part would be easy right? ;p

  86. Don’t dismiss everything as silly or funny,the military is at least a century ahead of the technology you buy in the marketplace,while not evidence of time travel it could certainly in one of the videos be proof that cellphones have been around a lot longer then what we think….television was used in world war one yet not available to the public until the 1940s

  87. How could any of this girls be talking on their cel phone? There were no antenas to bounce the signal, and who would they be talking to? Did they bring a friend with them just to converse over the cel????

  88. I don’t know what’s happening here but I’m sure The Doctor has something to do with the cell.

  89. the picture of the woman taking a picture of marlin Monroe is a lady who likes to Photoshop herself into historical photos with her phone. if you look it up you can see more of the photos she makes.

  90. I’ve traveled to the future, and it’s terrible, Americans have no values, everyone is on welfare and they think it’s ok, and the government takes over health care and slowly takes the rights of all Americans! O wait, that’s happening now! O forget it I’m not a time traveler!

  91. Something has changed in the worldline, these are not the same photos I saw and read about on here earlier. It must be the will of Steins;Gate.

  92. That was great… I have seen renaissance paintings which crop half of the face of character or people portrayed to me this hints to photographs at least obscuras.


  94. I just had a brainwave. What if when someone dies and they are buried or cremated, their body is actually taken by time travelers in the future with extremely advanced technology and they are revived. When the body is taken to the future, they put a copy of the body in it’s place and that’s why people cannot be revived after a certain time. They then have the ability to live forever due to the advanced technology of the future along with all their loved ones they have lost. As well as waiting for younger generations to pass away and be brought into the future and revived…FOREVER!!!

  95. that guy at the bridge opening is not a hipster those are his transition glasses with safety side shields. the m on his shirt is the same from the marathon oil

  96. they had me at time traveling hipster lol.
    but man the cell phone bit was just retarded. that could be anything a hearing aid, a wallet, cigaret cantine. and the guy who went to see his future self , unless he got taller in the future and his tatoo got bigger, I aint buying it.

  97. I find it hard to believe that most humans do not know how to time travel. All you need is 3 solid iron core cylinders, that are 3 feet long and 1 foot in diameter. Also, you need a continuous 500,000 volts and 1,200 amps passing through 3 inches thick copper bare cable. This should make it a continuous circuit. The electromagnetic fields confuses time gravitational electrons, there for messing with God the Father’s time placement with people or any other objects, in time. Now to me this is just common sense. This project might cost under $1,800. Plus, I had so much fun beating atheist in debates in 2007. Yes, I am a scientific show off. But I do not have a good paying job yet.

  98. I forgot to include that the Bermuda Triangle has 3 points. So you must place the 3 super strong electro-magnetic iron core bars, with thick bare copper cables wrapped around them, 4 feet apart from each other. This will speed up all the atoms in the body of the person standing in the middle, in the confused time electron gravity area.

  99. the woman talking to her makeup case in 1928 is schizophrenic and delusional .
    maybe she is space truckin’ but not a travelling time at all .

  100. I don’t think so if time traveller existed, as fas as I know only God do this procedure nobody else, if this was true event please show me and I will volunteer to become traveller travel from time to time, generation to generation,

  101. If time traveller existed show me so that I will volunteer myself to be come time traveller. This are for all time traveller if you truly existed please let me know and tell about how to be come like you, if this message what I ask will be granted I’m The first Filipino time traveller it’s easy for everybody recognized Asian people like me if I will travel in the past, it’s sound crazy but I will have desire to travel from generation to generation from.time to time,

  102. Now show me? Then I don’t think so if they are truly existed????? Once again time traveller if you are existed, show me,,,, I will give you my address 28ipil B Nova Tierra Lanang davao city, philippines, then I will wait you,

  103. Recently , I and my significant other discovered that we had missed a scheduled event, after waiting a certain period of time for that event. I will restrain myself from divulging details, but it appears that both of us simply lost a week ! No, my significant other does not do psychedelic drugs.

  104. How come those people around are not curious about the “strange” devises people are holding up their ears and talking to…? I can’t deal…

  105. Is time travel possible? I believe it is. Have we discovered it yet? No. Will we discover it? I doubt it but if it was a person would keep it secret.

    Would you go back in time to be an extra in a Charlie Chaplin movie? No
    Would you go back in time to work in a factory? No
    Would you go back in time to do any of this in the article above? Maybe some.

    I’d go back, put in some money in the bank and simply collect the interest for one.
    I’d go back and find gold, jewels, etc. that are found later in history and claim them for my own, then put it where only I could find it when I returned. I wouldn’t be greedy with all this, just enough to live comfortably.

    I’d go back to find out real history. There is a ton that is just speculation. This is just me, as I adore history. I’d probably try to go back to just before the burning of the Library of Alexandria and see what documents I could take back and preserve.

    Let’s say the time traveling cell phones were real and they actually worked when there is literally no cell coverage at all. What would that mean if it WAS real? That would mean the way the signals are sent are not subject to space and time OR it means that the person(s)using the cell phone moved backwards in time but not in space.

  106. well, the watch looks like the eleventh doctor’s wrist watch. it was most likely The Doctor. Doctor, what did you do? The laws of time and space s different. this could just be some fixed point in time, or something left over from a temporal paradox

  107. People please stop and think about this time travel thing.1 if you could travel back in time it would be inpossable for you to remember somthing that hasn’t happend yet. 2 if you could remember it wouldent be the past. 3 how can the past be the past if it hasn’t past, or the future be the future if its the present!

  108. Time is a man made concept. In whitch we can keep track of the past And The presnet. If you could travel into the the future and I were still hear how could we keep track of you. That being said you would have to be a deminsion all your own, Which would make sense but when we talk about deminsions they are allways parallel. If you are aren’t next to us you would be by yourself in oblivion. why you might ask, will if light hasn’t got there yet it would have to be dark.

  109. And as for the past well, if you went there everybody else would be like ghosts why well matter is why, while the effect of light might still be there the matter of people and things would still be moving. So they would physically be in your future. And in order to see the light from the past you would have move faster then it.

  110. Actually, I developed a time machine but I culd only go back about 10 minutes. It was only useful if I was late for a date with a nice blonde (or my girlfriend).

  111. Could it be secret federal governments such as paranormal agencys and off the map secret military bases that specialize in the dealing of UFO sightings ghosts and secret new military aircraft and the testing of possible new and advanced technology for new weaponry etc It could be that the people you see in the photos are indeed the people who work for these government test labs and they could have the technology (Secret to the public) already somehow to move people thru time but as seen in these photos it seems they can only go backwards the past. The people you see maybe are employees for these places and are the testing subjects this would make sense because you need a live person to share the results when he or she gets back. Also as for the phones they can too be some kind of technology not yet shared with the public that do work special made and there using them to communicate back and fourth with there government supperiors back in the present time. Celeb’s movie stars singers and such can be on this too they are very rich and lets face it no average Joe blow is going to go into a secret military base and get the chance to try out any chance of time travel first over more important people that have fame and fortune and prob better connections. Further more even if indeed time travel is possible and they wanted to test it on certain people first it would not be free to try most likely Id say a very heafty like millions amount would have to be paid that certainly lots of Celeb’s can afford over any or most average people. But they would test this on there own employees first thats forsure and theres prob a safefail for this type of procedure they had to have been perfecting it for years and years up untill now so no one would be harmed in anyway while doing this. But again this is just a thought and hunch what I see here and whats talked about How time travel is possible?

  112. The photo of the time travelling hipster looks like a young Justin Trudeau, wibbly wobbly time traveling ooooouuu

  113. Time Travelers with Cameras… Both are holding Kodak folding cameras, the guy forward is holding his so you only are seeing the back and the gentleman with the cool sunglasses, the bellows of the camera is dark and looks like a long lens but it isn’t…

  114. not a time traveler, rare aging disorder that is extreme was recently discovered that .5% of the population have, it is a repressed gene that sometimes activates very young but most of the time it wont until the 20’s or 30’s. Most have the minor version of it aging 5% slower but me and others I do not know by name have the one to where we age 85% slower, I didn’t look 30 until I was 94.

  115. Our Government using time travel to change some of our countries history would be really be something wouldn’t it?

  116. Basiago’s claims are definitely bunk but I can’t help but wonder if there’s a slight possibility he was involved in MK Ultra as an unwilling test subject and that the rest of this madness is the result of that. Makes more sense than him landing on Mars with Barry at least.

  117. Uhh, the marilyn monroe picture with the woman holding a “cell phone” is actually a deck of cards

  118. Looks like a little purse or compact with a flower on it. She’s probably looking in a little mirror.

  119. Everyone needs to research the Philadelphia experiment. In there you will see just how easy it is to have time displacement. They were trying to make a force field back then using the generator trucks instead the power was to great and they not only made molecular separation they also went into time. About 2-5 years later they started to develop solid state products which they had no break through anywhere previously. Break down Einstein’s theory of relativity = time travel. Its not hard to figure out.

  120. Cell phones reall!!!! Anyone ever hear of Transistor radio’s????? New technology in the 1930’s and a must have for trend setters back in the day. Just like the Zenith tombstones radio’s from the 1930s. Not uncommon for people following the news or listing to Music. Yeah that what people used back then….not i-Pods

  121. Cell phone, transistor Radio or clutch purse???? believe what you want, I know which two I’d choose. Doubtful anyone under the age of 40 has ever seen one or the common sense or life history to think it could anything other than a cell phone.

  122. Those fancy goggles look like old school multi-paned sunglasses, the kind that people were wearing at least as far back as the late 19th century. Fella does look out of place though.

  123. If you want to make a time travel machine first you have to make a big cover or body like car or something where anybody can sit.then make that cover or body in the form of that substance or element where internal vacuumforce does not pass through that body you can say that body vacuum body..but the external force of the world or earth can pass through that body. If external force of the world passes through that body but internal force cannot passes through the inside of that body or cover then u can jump past time or future time.
    That is my opinion ..abhishek gupta

  124. Time traveling is possible? I want to time travel to past 5 year’s 2011 to go you need help me, my email id pugal24081912@gmail.com

  125. Actually none of John Titor’s predictions ended up happening, and there were several flaws in his predictions anyway.

  126. My Wife is 11.08.2016.  04:10pm death my Wife age 25 year my baby age 4 year please help me time traveler please help me please help 

  127. I think someone found a black and white camera, with a Marilyn Monroe look-a-like wearing contacts and a mole painted on, with a woman in the background,
    trying to reenact something.

    I literally took images of Marilyn, and matched up with this one, I can see the differences in them.

  128. Don’t take the above jokes too seriously. Problem with time travelling is that it is still very rudimentary (also in the future, at the present). Travelling back in time is easy, but also pointless. The other way is a mess. I cant figure out what epoch I started from, they’ve all become history now. And the idea of going back is not tempting having learned what will happen. So most people end up jumping forward repeatedly. Which is why the world is perceived as accelerating in time.

  129. To travel through time is impossible, those showned pictures, videos and the so-called witnesses who claimed to be a time travelers are fake.

    Those are not a hard evidences, but Believing in UFO is possible for me indeed.

    A flying saucer without lights, first time to saw and how I wish I could ride with it.

    To see is to believe.

  130. I once accidentally dropped some sewing needles on floor. The floor was carpeted, I looked high and low, crawled around with a flashlight, and felt around with my hand. Couldn’t find them. I was sitting at a table when they fell, I wasn’t walking around with them so they should have been right there. A day or two later there was a news report that people on an airplane found needles in turkey sandwiches served by the airline. I never found my needles and it did sound like the least likely thing an airplane would have on board. Probably just a coincidence, but it made me wonder.

  131. The need phone towers ha, ha no doubt a photo shop image. But just imagine if we went back in time with our solar powered watches, mobile smart phones, lap top computer it would be a shock to people of that time.

  132. The lady talking on the communicator, while clearly a fun fake video, does suggest that, perhaps, a time traveler could 1) be in contact with home time via a stable/ artificial wormhole or 2) an “accidental tourist” whom is intentionally sending an (SOS) to the future by being caught on film in the subjective time in hopes of rescue.? Fun anyway, and thought provoking to be certsin.

  133. Oh, one more thing: given the current state of afairs in the 21st century, if you ever do find yourself ” Twilight Zoned” into some previous era”, ( and barring such concerns as wars, disasters, witchhunts, and “prehistoric monsters” ) would you truly desire to come back here?! Seriously?! If so, you would have to have some exceedingly good reasons…..in my opinion, of course.

  134. So during that brief point in time, when cell phones were flat, but people still actually made phone calls, that’s when we had time travel?

  135. cigarettes were big back then and so were cigarette cases. If they were cell phones they wouldnt work and if they were from the future they wouldnt have a prehistoric cell phone to hold.

  136. I wish time travel was possible but I doubt it. First of all the guy with the sunglasses doesn’t look all that out of place to to. I can’t even make out what they’re talking about in the picture with kid looking to the right. The picture is so fuzzy that I can’t see his shoes. The women walking with “cell phones” are thought to be holding an old fashioned hearing aid up to their ear, the commercial with the guy and his “older self” is from a foreign commercial. Look it up on YouTube. And the CD case and what appears to be plastic is probably glass. Who knows what the case was used for.

  137. If this is true ….and the creator is yanking our chain from the future can you please go back in time and prevent me from being born. I was born on December 24 1998 Florida fort Myers

  138. Actually cell phones would work, provided they were close enough to the wormhole. See the documentary “Stargate SG1”, they use 2-way radios all the time.

  139. There is documentary showing what is all this ..
    Man with goggles..this goggles all pilots from 1912 there was wearing them …
    Womans with cellphones .. is a radio … first radio is made in 1860 ..think a little bit more there was already a television ..how difficult to make a handly radio …
    The other pictures is normal for that time nothing weird ..only if you want to make it weird …
    Merlin photo was in times magazine ..photoshoped and the story was *imagine how will be if merlin was at our times ?
    Dont believe so easily ….

  140. The picture with Marilyn Monroe, look at the mirror. The woman standing there with the thing in her hand, she has no reflection at all.

    This is fake.

  141. Ok, I’ve been searching the net and I can’t find one article of a blonde woman time traveler.
    Has no one else noticed the same woman shows up at events in history in the background over and over again?
    She’s everywhere! And she must not care or she is trying to get in as many photo’s as possible? bragging rights?

    Photo of her in the background taking picture of Marilyn Monroe with small camera or cell phone.
    Hindenburg, San Francisco earthquake and on and on. apparently there is a saucer seen at these sites as well?
    Anyone doing research on this?

  142. if a person only didn’t fear for there life what things we could tell and in some cases still prove

  143. Comment: The woman behind Marilyn Monroe
    Holding the cell phone photographing Marilyn DOES appear in the mirror…
    However. You can only see her shoulder as the rest of her image is obscured by Marilyn’s body.
    Look closely.
    Also. time travel forward and backwards is entirely possible as proof is offered with the existence of the past, if there is a past there must be a future.
    THE REAL QUESTION IS: How far into the future does the future go?
    You can only travel into the future as far as the future exists.
    Nostradamus proved there is a future because he saw it.
    The future can be traveled and viewed.
    The evidence is there, you only need to open your mind to understand it.

  144. The universe is round.
    Look at the spiral of galaxies and the shape of planets and stars as proof.
    Galaxies have the same shape as hurricanes in the confines of our round planet.
    That’s what I see anyway.

  145. ‘ Why ASSUME that painting of an Incan using a cel.phone — is evidence of time.travel ? ‘
    Look at the “motov’l” video by ‘advex’ — the scene (long.view FROM ABOVE) of ‘business.dressed’ pedestrians walking {rapidly, seems} across a paved open.area–CAN YOU PICK OUT THE 2 WHO have a different gait ?

  146. Electrically–ions are either positive or negative, achieving positivity results from loss of 1.or.more.electrons–which i presume are pretty valuable to the molecule that lost them\it.
    Either generosity or theft can account for such loss.

  147. Well, it’s 20/20 right now, and I guess commenting now is somewhat a time warp
    of some sort.
    At the moment time travel is just a fantasy wrapped up in a over reacting imagination.
    Where would we even start?
    Still it’s a lot of fun to imagine the possibilities
    if we could surf the molecular field.