“I’m Sorry, Robert”: Hundreds Apologize to Cursed Doll After Viewing Photos Online

A couple years ago, I noticed something peculiar happening in the comments section of one of my articles.

It all goes back to 2013, when I first posted about Robert the Doll. This, if you don’t know, is the strange tale of a seemingly ordinary doll that allegedly holds a mysterious curse.

These days, he can be found locked behind glass at Fort East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida. Behind him is an array of letters pinned to a wall, each containing an apology for having crossed him in one way or another.

His curse, at least the way I’ve heard it, is a rather simple one: Before taking a picture of Robert the Doll, everyone must first ask permission. If his head tilts, permission is not granted. And if permission is not granted, or if the person fails to ask for permission at all, that individual will be cursed.

A picture of Robert the Doll in front of many apology letters
Image: Cayobo/Flickr via CC BY-SA 2.0

Allegedly, this curse involves severely bad luck. One example can be found over at Trip Advisor, by a reviewer who managed to snap not one but three photos of Robert without asking permission. Afterwards, his camera stopped working, and all of the photos he’d taken in Key West disappeared. And, wouldn’t you know it, when he got home from vacation he began to hear “strange noises during the night.”

Many of those who feel cursed end up sending apology letters to the museum, which end up getting pinned to that wall. The idea is that, in doing so, Robert will have mercy on them and lift their cloud of bad luck. In some ways, this is similar to the curse of Uluru.

However, while the rules of Robert’s curse are simple and based mostly on direct contact, in the past few years it seems to have spread onto the Internet. Or, at the very least, those who dare to research or read about Robert the Doll online aren’t taking any chances.

Like the letters sent to the museum, they’ve left comments online containing their own apologies. And that’s what brings us back to my old post.

“I’m Sorry.”

The first comment on my article to apologize to Robert, for nothing more than reading about him online, was posted on February 21, 2015, with a very simple “I’m sorry Robert.”

More commenters would follow, some with a terse apology, others with both explanations and pleas that the cursed doll not turn its fabricated eyes toward them or their loved ones.

“I am sorry I viewed pictures of you online and read your story please forgive me.” – Matt, April 22, 2017

“Robert, I’m sorry I didn’t ask your permission. I was just learning about you. Please forgive me.” – Ted, May 8 2017

“Dear Robert, I visited you in key west. I was so honored and amazed. Please cause no harm upon my family. I was curious about your history and was interested. I’m very sorry.” – Lauren, January 18, 2018

“Sorry for reading about you, and looking at your photos online. I mean no disrespect to you, Robert the Doll. Please forgive me.” – Joseph, September 17, 2019

All told, over 200 comments have been left on that post, most of them apologies. But there are far more out there.

In fact, we might have to upgrade that “hundreds” to thousands. It seems everywhere someone has posted about Robert the Doll, be it on personal websites or YouTube, people can be found apologizing for viewing his pictures and doing even the tiniest bit of research.

And yet, despite all of these apologies, I’m unsure if anyone has actually been cursed simply for viewing photos of Robert or reading his story.  His curse, after all, involves taking a photo, not looking at one.

Perhaps one person decided to apologize, and others followed just to be sure. It’s a fair bet, a cursed doll’s version of Pascal’s wager. Or, perhaps there’s more to this curse than I originally thought.

I guess I’ll leave you with one final question: Have you apologized to Robert, lately?

If you’d like to read more about Robert the Doll, you can of course check out my original post, or head over to his official Facebook page. He just turned 119 years old, by the way.

Oh, and just one more thing: I’m sorry, Robert.


Rob Schwarz

Writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.


  1. It’s been months since I got a good night’s sleep. If it’s because I looked at your picture without your permission, I’m very sorry.

    1. I very much apologize Robert, I feel sick to the stomach for not asking first, I deeply apologize and was only curious of you’re story and how you exactly looked like. Take care Robert I’m sorry, hope you can accept my apology. Take care Robert

      1. Robert I apologize for looking at your photo without asking you…. I have never gotten to see your picture before… and I may never have the honor of meeting you in person. I hope you will accept my apology. You are truly the most amazing and interesting doll/person in the entire universe!!! I hope to meet you one day!!!
        Lots of love,

      2. im sorry robert for not asking permission to look at you i was learning about you .

      3. Dear Robert,
        I Am VERY VERY sorry for not asking permission. I just looked at a video of you on youtube and thought that you were interesting so I decided to look up the true story. I did not mean any disrespect and please forgive me. I love my family and I really hope that you forgive me.

    2. Dear Robert,
      I Am VERY VERY sorry for not asking permission. I just looked at a video of you on youtube and thought that you were interesting so I decided to look up the true story. I did not mean any disrespect and please forgive me. I love my family and I really hope that you forgive me.

    3. Robert, I apologize for looking at your picture online without your permission. I really only wanted to read about you, but the stories included your photo(s). I sincerely apologize if I offended you in any way. Please forgive me.

  2. Please forgive me Robert for viewing your Photos online. I was very Curious. Please don’t cause any Harm or Bad luck to me and my Family. -Brittany <3 Robert The Doll

      1. Im sorry Robert for researching about you and viewing photos of you without your permission, I wondered if you would curse people for simply thinking about you and looked online, Im very sorry please forgive me

  3. I’m so sorry Robert for researching you without your permission. I was curious about your story but i’m Very sorry for not asking first. Please forgive me.

    1. Im sorry for look at your photos without permission Robert. I was simply curious about who you were and your story after watching a tik tok i saw with you in it. I wont look you up anymore and i wont look at your picture any longer. Please forgive me and have mercy on me.

  4. Dear Robert
    I have always been interested in the supernatural so when I found out about you I was intrigued but then I had nightmares about you so I am here to say I am sorry for Seeing pictures of you online and I hope you give mercy on all the people who take time out of their life’s to say sorry as well

  5. I’m sorry, Robert, privacy invasion sucks. I’ll avoid research on you in the future if that would make you more comfortable.

  6. I’m sorry if I offended you by looking at your photo, I was just curious, and yes I don’t like my privacy invaded either….

    1. I’m sorry, Robert! I originally saw your photo on instagram and now on here out of curiosity. I was not aware of your story until now, I apologize for my ignorance and apologize in advance for any time in the future where I may stumble upon your photo on accident.

  7. I’m deeply sorry Robert for looking at your images online. I was simply doing research and did not mean to stumble upon your images and I simply wish for you to not curse me.

  8. I’m so sorry Robert I was just curious as to why they locked you up like that I am really truly sorry pls don’t hurt my family or friends or me

  9. i’m deeply sorry robert for looking you up online. i saw you on a tik tok and on the comments everyone was apologizing so i was curious and searched you up. i am very sorry, please forgive me. <3

  10. I’m sorry Robert. I saw you on a TikTok and was curious about your background and history. Please forgive me for looking without your permission and even Researching about you. Pls don’t hurt me or anyone.

  11. Dear Robert,

    I’m very sorry for viewing photos of you without your permission. A video of you surfaced and I saw it unknowingly, so I did more research. I meant no disrespect. Please forgive me.

  12. Robert, I am very sorry for taking your picture and deleting it, as well as looking at the photos online without your permission. I have had nothing but bad luck since I came and saw you in September 2016. If you can lift any curse on my I would greatly appreciate it, and will never disrespect you again.

  13. Hi Robert! Sorry I looked at pictures of you online without your consent. I wasn’t aware of the rules. After reading up on your story and doing research, I came here to make amends. Definitely no disrespect.

    Again, my apologies,


  14. Hi Robert! I’m so sorry I look at pictures of you online without me asking first.I didn’t know the rules,I came here to truly sorry no disrespect .

    Again I’m sorry


  15. I’m sorry for looking at your pictures online Robert, I had no idea about your rules before coming here, please forgive me. Again I’m so sorry.
    -Kim <3

  16. My sincerest apologies, Robert! I am new to paranormal research and was not aware that an entity of any kind could access the internet and track anyone. I had looked at some of your photos and read about you a few years ago via the internet because I was interested for a time in dolls. I had no intention of and no knowledge that viewing you online without permission as an infringement on your personal wishes. I am hoping that no harm comes to anyone I care about, my pets or myself. If my parents’ current divorce situation is because of me having looked you up all those years ago, I have learned my lesson and I opened this article both to find out what it was and to subsequently apologize here. I really hope that you can find it in yourself to accept my apology.

  17. Robert, I sincerely apologize for looking at a video of you online, I saw a video on the internet without realizing and I sincerely do mean no disrespect by it. I came to this article to see how I can ask of you to forgive me.

    Sincerely, S

  18. My most sincerest apologies, dear Robert the Doll for first of all – not believing in you and secondly, looking at your photograph without your most gracious permission! Please forgive my rudeness! Kind regards and very best to you!

  19. I am truly sorry robert for searching you up online. I just saw you in a video and got curious about you. I hope you wont bring bad luck. Again i am really sorry

  20. I’m truly sorry, Robert, for looking at your image online and wanting to know who you are and more information about you. I’ve made a terrible mistake, forgive me, Robert. Forgive my sister and I, for looking without consent, my apologies.

    1. im sorry robert for viewing your picture and for reading this article withoutis even asking for your permission face to face, please forgive me forand this.

  21. Dear Robert,
    I apologize for researching your information without your permission. Please forgive me for viewing your photos too. I will not research you further if you don’t want me to but just know I did so out of curiosity.

  22. I’m sorry Robert for researching you. My family played a show about you and I got curious. Please forgive us. I promise not to research you any more.

  23. i’m sorry Robert for looking into your picture and searching your story. i’m really sorry.

  24. Im really sorry about seing your photo online and search it im really really sorry
    Please let my family safe please

  25. I’m sorry robert for my dareness to even look at your picture and details. I became truly interested thats all. Again im sorry

  26. I’m Sorry Robert for searching you, I do apologize for my behaviour, I’m too curious about the story of you. Please forgive me.

  27. Im sorry Robert for looking at your photo, I just wanted to know some things about you but the article has a picture of you so I couldn’t help but to look at it.

  28. I’m sorry Robert please don’t hurt me and my family. I should’nt have viewed your pictures online. My apologies.

  29. I don’t know why I can’t find the comments section..maybe the curse of Robert the doll…I’m so sorry for searching about you and looking at photos of you and talking about you with my friends without your permission..I’m so sorry.. truly I am..😭😭😭😭

  30. I’m so sorry Robert for looking at your photos. Please forgive me I don’t mean to disrespect you.

  31. I am so sorry, Robert for viewing your photos online. Please forgive me. I did not mean to disrespect you.

  32. Dear Robert, I’m deeply sorry for viewing your Photo without permission. Once again Sorry Robert

  33. Dear Robert, I am sorry. Please forgive me. In no means was this meant as disrespect towards you. Once again, I am sorry.

  34. Robert, I’m sorry that when I viewed pictures of you online and read your story, I didn’t ask your permission. I was just learning about you. Please forgive me.

  35. i’m so sorry robert for reading about ou without your permission. please don’t cause any curse upon my family. i’m so sorry.

  36. robert i’m so sorry for telling about you to my sister without your permission. please don’t put a curse on us. i’m sorry.

  37. Robert, we are very sorry for viewing/reading about you without your permission. We were unaware of the disrespect. Please forgive us.

  38. Dear Robert,
    I am very sorry for viewing your pictures and reading about you online without your permission. I was just learning about you. I’m sorry, please forgive me.

  39. Fear Robert,I am sorry for reading about you online and seeung tour pictures.I was just interested in learning about people’s experiences with you.I was unaware that reading about other’s expiriences could disrespect you.Please forgive me and my loved ones.Hope you are doing your best!-Laia

  40. Robert, I am so sorry for reading about you and looking at your picture online without your permission, please forgive me.

  41. I’m sorry Robert for looking you up without your
    Permission. I was very curious about
    You, for I remember reading about you in the past. I also apologize for mistakingly calling you Jake a few times in my head. I do hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me for researching and looking you up without your permission.

  42. Im sorry robert, for looking at you and reading your stories. im just curious. im very sorry really i am. take care. please forgive me.

  43. I am a Christian so Robert cannot hurt me. I am not afraid of you, you cannot hurt me, you are not real.
    May God protect you all.

  44. I’m sorry if I offended you Robert the doll, I just wanted to look up information about you. I meant no disrespect.

  45. I’m sorry Robert, I saw a picture of you online and then wanted to learn about you, to read your history. All of this without your permission, I’m very sorry.

  46. I am very sorry if I disrespected you again Robert the doll, I just wanted to see if my first message got accepted into this website. I don’t mean to make you upset.

  47. I am really sorry Robert, I watched a TV episode of you and called you creepy and asked if you might want a renovation, it was insensitive of me and I looked at you without permission, I am really sorry about the comment from the bottom of my heart please forgive me. I also want to apologise for my Mom as well as we talked about you without permission. Thank you, Robert.

  48. I’m sorry for looking up information about you without your permission. A friend told me about you and I got curious, but it was wrong off me to just look it up. I didn’t mean to upset you if I did and I didn’t meant any disrespect.

  49. I’m sorry for reading about your history Robert. Please do not cause harm to my family and I. I will never do this again.

  50. Dear Robert,

    I am so sorry.
    I did not mean to disrespect you.
    I researched you online and looked at your photos because I found your story fascinating. I did call you “ugly” and I am so sorry!!!
    I am sending this comment and will also send a physical letter.
    I had to research your name again and therefor looked at your picture and the article a second time.
    Since looking at your post:
    I hit my knee on the sharp corner of my bed. (Which is almost impossible to do).
    My daughter’s teacher told her there is no Santa Claus.
    Got in a huge fight with my husband which is probably going to end up badly. (Hope my marriage won’t end)
    I am so VERY SORRY.
    Please forgive me and lift this curse.
    Like I said, I just wanted to know more about your fascinating story.

  51. I’m very sorry Robert the doll for looking you up on the internet again. I just wanted to make another apology I think my last apology I made had bad grammar in it. I tried to apologize to you on another website but it wouldn’t let me post it. Please don’t hurt me or anyone else because if me. I meant no disrespect to you.

  52. I’m so sorry Robert for looking you up online.
    I promise I won’t do it again it was a genuine mistake and please accept my sincere apologies.
    You came up again on my tv and I didn’t do it on purpose. I’m so very very sorry again please accept my sincere apologies. Please don’t cause harm to myself or anyone I know it was a genuine mistake.

    Thank you Robert so much

  53. So sorry Robert for looking you up online, I just wanted to make sure you had received my apology and I won’t be doing it again.
    You just came up on the television by mistake and that’s the reason I did it.
    Please accept my sincere apologies.
    Please don’t harm myself or any of my family or friends
    Thank you Robert so much, take care .

  54. I’m very sorry if I offended you Robert the doll. I didn’t mean to disrespect you by looking you up online with out your permission. Please don’t hurt me or anyone else because of me. I’m sorry

  55. Im so sorry Robert for looking you up i was just interested about learning about you place no harm on me and my family and wondering why everyone was apologizing please forgive me

  56. I’m so very sorry Robert for looking at you online.
    I honestly didn’t mean any disrespect,I only did it to apologise for seeing you on my television,totally unintentionally.
    Please don’t distress or harm ,any of my family , friends or myself.
    Please accept my sincere apologies Robert.
    I’m so very truly , sorry Robert.
    Thank you Robert.
    Take care.

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