How to Break a Connection With a Ouija Board

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While researching my post on Zozo, the Ouija board demon, I came across some interesting advice about what a person should do once he or she decides to end spirit communication. How do you break that connection with the other side?

Closing the Connection

There are certain rules you should follow when dealing with a Ouija board, or so I’ve heard. One is that you should never use it in your house. Another is to never allow the planchette to move forwards or backwards through every letter of the alphabet or every number — a trick Zozo allegedly uses to escape the board.

But the rule in question here is perhaps the most important one of all: make sure the planchette hits “Goodbye” before ending your session.

Failure to do so may lead to unintended consequences, like an angry spirit overstaying its welcome. If a dark entity does cross your path, sever the connection with the Ouija board immediately. Tell the spirit you no longer wish to speak with it, and if it refuses, force the planchette to “Goodbye” yourself. Then remove the planchette from the board.

This should break the connection, and the Ouija board should be “closed.” Store it by wrapping the planchette in cloth, separate from the board. Then, put them together in a safe place.

But what if you no longer want the Ouija board around?

Never burn it. It’s said that doing so would mean you’d be haunted forever. Instead, if you’d like to get rid of the Ouija board entirely, bury it in the ground (some recommend cutting it up into seven pieces before doing so, some don’t), and remember to keep the board and the planchette separated. Sprinkle the ground above with Holy Water, and also use some to cleanse the area where you used the board.

Despite all of this, there are others who claim that once a connection with the spirit world is made, it can never be undone. Your fate, from the moment you use a Ouija board, is bound to the other side.


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  • If your not sure how to close a ouija board session call upon a medium to make sure that you didn’t open a portal or let any negative spirits through, they will help you.

  • Peach69


  • Maddie T.

    I wish I knew this before, because last year I had a very scary experience with a Ouija board and so.. I burned it. FML.

    • Kimberly Tonner

      so a year later i ask did anything happen? lol

    • Nothing too serious since I still continue to use Ouija boards lol

    • Kimberly Tonner

      what was the original incident if you dont mind me asking? sorry about the late reply lol

  • Factualizer

    I was involved in the occult as a child. Closing the session with “goodbye” may end the session but it does not deal with the open door left by the practice of divination. The reason evil entities can attach themselves to someone is because the practice of divination carries with it judgment. The attachment is based on legality. It has a right to stay unless the behavior is renounced, and the sin addressed. All demonic entities must comply with the authority of Jesus. They have no ability to resist that name. There are good resources online “The Bondage Breaker” by Neil Anderson is a good tool. It is a simple guided step by step system for removing the legal attachments and it works. If you are scared you can contact a church. Not all churches deal with demonic entities. You don’t have to go to a Catholic church. Just call churches and ask. Some churches have prayer teams and people who have experience dealing with “spiritual warfare.” In the end though, it is simply Jesus who sets the person free. It’s not the church. Ask him to lead you.

    • Kmb.

      Very true. Experienced in this myself and those who are not saved and covered by the redemptive power through Jesus are most at risk for real and serious consequences and danger in thinking they can control a demon in any way once the open door and legal right has been given. The legal right is given by a persons choice and will to seek the occult through divination in any form. Demons NEVER , repeat NEVER have good intentions for you other than to steal, kill, and destroy. They can appear as an angel of light initially in order to deceive you then destroy you. There is no talking with the dead, you are communicating with familiar spirits ( see what the bible has to say about this) that are assigned to deceive you through plausible and real generational information ( they’ve been around through the ages) they do not change their deadly play book- they only have new generations of people to play. But it’s not for “play” , but for keeps , to destroy your soul by keeping you in darkness and deception. Demons tremble at the name of Jesus, and will never admit that Jesus came in the flesh and is the son of God. They despise scriptures about the blood of Jesus.

      A blood bought christian , who is truly a child of the king can cast them out through Jesus but no one who fears The Lord should ever want or attempt to call upon a dark entity without expecting eventual or immediate havoc

  • Nobody Owens

    I once had a Ouija board when I was younger. I brought it into the house and my mother demanded that I throw it away. I did at first, but I felt like I needed to take it out of the trash right after. So I did, then I took it outside. It was weird, I was doing these things, but I wasn’t really DOING them. It was almost as if someone was telling me to do it. Anyways, after I took it outside, I grabbed a pickaxe (we had no shovel) and I started to dig a hole, you know, to bury it. As I was doing this, I felt this sort of presence behind me. It was warm, not comforting, but not unsettling, either. Remembering it now, my mind has personified the presence as a tall black figure,Wearing a trenchlike coat, stooped over and looking over my shoulder as I dug. Unfortunately, my brother took the board from me before I could finish, and he gave it away. This might sound made-up, but after he took the board from me, I felt panicked. Like I was infuriating something and I knew that I shouldn’t. But I also felt ashamed. Like I had just disappointed someone who really trusted me. I kinda wish I would have finished the hole, though.

    • Paige

      That doesn’t sound made up. I’m so sorry you couldn’t finish it.

    • Nobody Owens

      I appreciate it. Truly, I do.

    • Ang

      Can you explain how you were able to describe what he was wearing????…
      Please, this is a very extremely serious question.

    • June

      Perhaps Nobody Owens is clairvoyant but doesn’t know it and saw with his third eye, which shows you pictures or visions in your mind of things. I know this cause i am a clairvoyant and a empath which also may be and this is why he could feel what he felt. Look up Anna Sayce , she explains it pretty good.

  • James

    What happens when you rip the board into three then leave it in an abandoned mental asylum?

    • Kimberly Tonner

      elaborate? you did this? or someone else

  • Jennifer Bermingham

    Exactly true. Once you open Pandora’s box you can’t close it or put back what u took out for the most part…

  • spinner

    Im in need of someone to confide in with my past experiences I don’t need no fakes I need proper person that knows what there talking about I used a Ouija board 5 times nd I was told to leave 5 times and I had no soul then it landed on goodbye I have also something I won’t write on here so please do contact me if u feel ur the real thing I dont want to bother it anymore than I already have please

    • Charlotte

      It could possibly be an ancestor of yours stopping you from the ouija board as you never know what entities you have called through one as it is a gateway for all types of spirits and evil spirits tend to cling to it , if nobody would talk to you you have a strong ancestor or spirit guide stopping you from causing any harm to yourself by calling a dark entity in to talk, a spirit is blocking you from doing anything on the board, this is because it is trying to protect you

  • Soheb Patel

    Hii me and my frds had use ouija yesterday in middle of the conversation the coin starts moving in circle what does it mean came anyone help me

  • Tony

    Hi i am pranjal

  • Danica Mikan

    How about never playing with a Quija board! Crazy and plain stupity. Should be banned from stores!
    It is very scary…

  • Danica Mikan

    There are prayers, which the Catholic church can give you and holy water. You must pray, with your family, while sprinkling the holy water from room to room. It worked for me. Had to do it twice. I’m free.

  • Ellie Hardin

    My brother made an Ouiji board and it worked. I know it did because I held a coin(my dead grandfather gave me, my brother knows nothing of it), and asked what it said. It stated the words and tried to move through the numbers. I stopped it and freaked out. My brother tried to play it alone so I hid it in my room and now I refuse to enter my room and try to get out of the house as often as I can. I have no clue how to rid of it or who to give it to(if it’s an option). I need help. Asap.

  • Darrell Seager Jnr

    I’m scared cause someone I knows ain’t burned the ouija board and she has a voice in her head, what do i do?