5 Signs A Ghost Cat Is Haunting You Right Now

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5 Signs A Ghost Cat Is Haunting You Right Now

Cats are interdimensional beings. We’ve already established that they can teleport and even sometimes come back to life; there’s no point going over that again.

But what about when a cat does move on from this world? As unbounded travelers of the multiverse, you wouldn’t expect them to remain burdened by the collars of mortality. Not for long. No, according to many stories, they prefer to stick around.

Don’t believe me? Typical. Here are five signs that a ghost cat may be haunting you at this very moment, and a few strange tales to go along with them.

But first…

Why Would A Cat Haunt You?

While tossing this idea around, someone actually asked me: Why would a cat haunt you? They do seem to be solitary creatures, just fine being left alone. And yet, this actually doesn’t appear to be accurate – many sources online state that cats are indeed very social, and their labels of independent and solitary are mostly myths. Cats are just a bit different, that’s all. And, as with any animal, not all cats are alike.

So the idea that, if possible, a cat would return from beyond the grave to lounge in their familiar surroundings, or visit their previous owners, isn’t so much different from the alleged ghosts of people. If you would do it, maybe your cats would, too.

There’s also the possibility of residual hauntings. These aren’t intelligent hauntings. Rather, they’re a hypothetical paranormal phenomena akin to environmental recordings. A kind of echo in time and space, where the actions and characteristics of a person or animal (or perhaps even a place in general) are repeated long after they’ve passed on. It’s believed that such residual hauntings may be the result of traumatic events or perhaps electrical anomalies.

Strange things, indeed.

Well, now that we’ve established why your cat (or really any pet) might return as a ghost, let’s check out a handful of the potential signs.

1. A Furry Presence

Image: Wang Xi/Unsplash

Humans have a pretty good sense of when they’re being watched. It’s something we, as with most animals in the wild, likely picked up from our ancient days of wandering throughout a wilderness full of predators. In fact, studies have shown that the human brain has an innate ability to sense things about our surroundings without conscious visual information.

Even if you don’t actively think you’re seeing something, such as a person looking at you in your peripheral vision, your eyes receive information beyond what is at first visually apparent. We tend to notice these things subconsciously.

Going further, some would even claim they can sense “being watched” without any line of sight at all. A kind of sixth sense. This is a controversial idea, verging on extrasensory perception. A 1913 study titled “’The Feeling Of Being Stared At’ – Experimental” revealed that of 146 Stanford University students who filled out a questionnaire, 68% reported having the feeling of being watched at one point or another, “with the conviction that the feeling can be (more or less) relied upon.” A later questionnaire resulted in 86% of students sharing that same belief.

According to the scientist behind the study, E.B. Titchener, the reported feeling could be described as uncanny. It is “a state of unpleasant tension or stiffness at the nape of the neck, sometimes accompanied by a tingling, which gathers in volume and intensity until a movement which shall relieve it becomes inevitable.”

But what if something invisible is watching you? Something that by any normal human means should be impossible to detect? Can you sense that and, if so, what could your brain possibly make of it? Would you feel that same tension, that same tingling?

The answer, according to many, would be yes.

A feeling of being watched, or that there is a presence in the room, is often linked to the signs of a haunting, not just by the ghosts of cats. But there’s something to be said about feeling not just any old random presence, but a familiar one. A hairy one.

A little over a year ago, Reddit user natsusauce shared the story of what he called his “psychic cat.” It was a rather extraordinary tale about the cat’s passing and his eventual return. It began, however, very subtly.

“I believe it took about 2 hours or so before he made his presence known to us…We first felt something appear at the door, then the feeling grew stronger as it got closer, it walked up the steps towards us and we could hear the sound of the steps creaking like a cat walking up the stairs.”

They felt a profound connection with their cat, and their otherworldly experience continued. They would hear strange sounds at night, and sometimes feel their cat jump up on the bed and sleep next to them, like he always did when alive. They even went on to encounter ghostly orbs, a phenomenon we’ll see later on.

But for right now, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Next up…

2. The Phantom Meowing

Image: Gaelle Marcel/Unsplash

Our next symptom of a feline haunting: unexplained noises and the feeling of an actual physical presence.

People have reported hearing their deceased cat’s footsteps, the sounds of them scratching walls or furniture, or playing in a litter box (possibly one that isn’t even there). Some have even experienced the occasional haunting meow.

Others will report feeling their cat on a bed or couch, the way you’d feel anything that jumps up or sits down on one while you’re also sitting on it.

Redditor parrott_j is all too familiar with this experience. Several years ago, he and his girlfriend owned two cats. And they were perfectly normal cats, make no mistake. It was the third cat that bothered him – the one that didn’t really exist.

It started as a strange meowing in the hallway. They wrote this off as just one of their two cats playing around, big deal, even though they never saw the cats nearby when it happened. But then, he’d hear that same loud meowing, even with both cats right there with him on the couch. At that point, he knew they weren’t responsible.

This went on for a while, until one night the strangest thing happened. He’d been up late in bed reading, with his girlfriend sleeping next to him.

“I feel a cat jump on the bed and look from my book to see who it is. No cat. But there is… something. The best I can describe it is as distorted pixels. Its a small mass that looks like when they censor something on T.V.”

He watched, confused, as whatever it was moved across the bed. It approached his girlfriend’s hand, and “she immediately and quickly [drew] her hand back and turn[ed] over…like something had stepped on it.” The distorted cat would never appear again, but sometimes he’d hear that occasional meowing, or see the other cats staring at the empty hallway entrance.

In another case, Reddit user beemcnee described her bizarre experience with a random ghost cat that seemingly glitched into existence, only to disappear just as quickly. She had been asleep one morning when she felt a cat jump up onto her bed, then to her feet, and up to her stomach. It curled up and, thinking it was her Calico cat, she began to pet it.

But it wasn’t.

“I was thinking about how strangely sweet she was being. Until I noticed that it was not the calico Booboo, but instead an orange tabby!!! And then, in a blink of an eye, there was no cat at all.”

Ghost cats aren’t always so forward. Sometimes, it’s just that disembodied meowing, as Redditor shinkikker experienced several years ago. She’d been sitting on the couch with her cat, Cleo, in an otherwise empty house when she heard a very distinct meow, one that reminded her of another cat, her childhood pet that had recently passed away.

“…Sunny’s meow was low and long, where Cleo’s meow is high-pitched and short, like a kitten. The meow I heard was exactly like Sunny’s. So I looked at Cleo, and we both were staying still on the couch. About 10 seconds later, I heard the meow again, and this time, I could distinguish where it was coming from: the basement, Sunny’s favorite place to hang out…”

3. Familiar (But Ghostly) Smells

Image: Hector Bermudez/Unsplash

The following account may seem a bit crude, but it’s yet another sign that a ghost cat may be nearby: that of strange, and sometimes wicked, smells.

Two years ago, Reddit user Katweasel shared a story about her 16-year-old cat, who unfortunately had to be put to sleep earlier that week. A few days later, after walking over by the kitchen pantry, she was hit with the overwhelming odor of cat urine.

Now, this might not seem too odd. Not only could it have perhaps been a remnant of her deceased cat, but there were also two other cats in the house. However, those two cats were asleep in the bedroom at the time, and the door to the pantry had been open. The smell was far too intense and fresh, she explained, and focused on one specific area — the two middle shelves, where it was unlikely either of the living cats would reach. That, and absolutely nothing was wet. It didn’t make any sense.

She even went and brought one of her other kittens into the kitchen to see if she would react, but nothing happened. And then, just like that, the smell disappeared.

“For about an hour to [an] hour and a half i kept going back to try and figure it out. Then one time i went back and NOTHING. There was no trace of any smell. All day i was wondering.”

The smell never returned.

Many hauntings have involved phantom scents, be they of cologne or perfume, cigar smoke, or other smells associated with the individual who passed away. Perhaps the same can be said of cats and other animals.

4. Shadow Cats at the Corners of Your Eyes

Image: Simon Matzinger/Unsplash

Many have claimed over the years to have experienced so-called Shadow People. These are strange, humanoid shadows that sometimes appear fully formed, other times undefined or blob-like.

However, they don’t always appear as human. They’re often simply described as supernatural entities in general, and have indeed been reported to appear in the shape of animals, including cats.

Sometimes, in fact, they just appear at a person’s feet, like in this situation:

“I’ll see cat shadows run around my feet which startle me because the cat I own now is black and I’m afraid of stepping on her, but I look up the stairs and she’s sitting at the top, just staring at me.” – RJDeep/Reddit

Another very bizarre account is that told by Redditor multicrazy1012. It was an experience that happened when he very young. He woke up one night and saw what he described as “a large 2 dimensional cat that had the outline of a house cat but was the size equivalent of a tiger.” The cat was a shadow, and had strange glowing eyes. A dream? Possibly, but the way he told it, the memory was just too vivid to be a dream.

Five years later, he’d witness other shadowy figures in that same room.

“I was again walking down the stairs from my bedroom and this time clearly and vividly saw a tall, featureless, 3d figure run from the bathroom to the guest bedroom nextdoor.”

That later account sounds much more like a traditional shadow person experience. But what, then, do we make of the large shadow cat?

5. Ghost Cat Apparitions

Image: Mikhail Vasilyev/Unsplash

As with any haunting, the most profound sign is outright visual manifestation. This, however, can happen in many stages and and take many forms. We’ve already seen a few of these above. Ghost orbs. Brief glimpses of cat-like shapes not of this world. The aforementioned shadows.

“…I had orbs thread around my path and rub against my ankles; my room would suddenly smell like kitty litter for a few minutes then it would go away; a recorder I left on at night captured cat meows and the sound of something playing with the recorder and scratching at the microphone…” – splendidorphan/Reddit

Full body apparitions are something else. They can appear solid, as if the person or animal were standing in front of you clear as day. Or, they can seem transparent, a kind of ghostly projection.

An account shared by Reddit user CapMarvel91 involved one such transparent manifestation. She had been over at her friend’s house when she happened to catch the specter of a cat standing in the hallway.

“I could tell that it wasn’t real, but I could see that it was white with black patches. It had colour, but it was transparent…It took two steps and disappeared in front of my eyes!”

Now, she’d never actually seen her friend’s cat before. She knew only that it had been hit by a car, and the family had buried it in their flower bed in the backyard. But, strangely enough, when she shared the experience with her friend and described how the cat looked, the description matched exactly that of her friend’s deceased cat.

Apparitions of full cats, which seem almost completely real, are also known to occur. In one instance, Redditor Drew-Pickles was walking through his girlfriend’s house when he happened to pass an open door leading to a bedroom. He gave the room a quick passing glance, and noticed a cat lounging on the bed.

He didn’t think that was anything unusual at first – they did own cats, after all – but stopped when he realized that they were all downstairs with his girlfriend, or “locked in the conservatory.” He turned around and looked back into the room, and there it was, completely empty. No cat to be found.

He hurried downstairs to tell his girlfriend what he saw.

“…she confirmed that the two kittens were with her and the rest were outside. I described the cat to her and she said that she knew what I had seen, it was her dead cat, Ginna. She then went and got a photo of him and lo and behold, it was the cat I had seen.”

Well, there you have it. Have you ever encountered a ghost pet, or experienced any of the strange signs listed above? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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55 Replies to “5 Signs A Ghost Cat Is Haunting You Right Now”

  1. After my cat Alice died 5 years ago, I would be walking to the store and I felt her presence walking behind me for at least a years time, and every now and then, she is happy we have cats!

    1. My cat mocha past away 2 years ago and some times I hear a cat meow when all the other cats are asleep and some times I see her brightly colored fur 😢 I miss her so much

  2. Our cat was a little over 15 years old when she died a few weeks ago. I hope that she’s happy, wherever she’s at, and I hope to see her again someday.

  3. We just said goodbye to our 16 y/o male, Hunter after a long and gradual illness. I’m reading the other accounts, and hope that Hunter will return to check in on us. I asked him to do that before he left us.

  4. My cat Charlie died last month and I strongly feel his presence. He used to go walking with me and I have the sense of him at my heel. A few days ago, I opened my front door and was almost knocked over by a ‘ghost cat’ dashing in. I also feel him kneading the bed and hear his mew.

  5. May people who experience cat ghosts seem to enjoy the experience. Great!
    The relationship continues with no cat liter cleaning or food buying!

    On the other hand, if your reader sees/feels/senses/hears threatening things that scare them they need to get help from a local priest or psychologist. They also need sleep and not to get worn down. This changes our view of life and the world forever. Thank god for God.

    Unfortunately, there are not many (of either profession) who really understand this stuff as well as you (the author) does. Cat ghosts, per se, can be the tip of the iceberg.

  6. Early one morning I ran into an old friend I hadn’t seen in several months,I had gotten her contact info and was excited cuz she looked great and I couldn’t wait to do some catching up,anyhow I contacted my friend the following day so we could spend time together and she could braid my hair.I ended hanging out with her and my good friend jason,jason insisted we hang at his house.My Friend Jason owns one cat and lives in a 1 bedroom apartment,Jason fell asleep and my friend and I became intimate in the living room for the entire night,during this time my friend kept asking the entire time if there was any reptiles snakes or any other animals besides the 1 cat and I kept thinking nothing of her questions or concerns because she is so hott and I hadn’t been with her in close to a years time,she finally got to my attention and asked me to investigate what the hell the cat was playing with under the coffee table in the livingroom just few feet from us,as I looked and even hunched downward to confirm what I was seeing.i seen a cat that appeared to be the same identical cat but this cat was dead and seemed smuthered and squashed like it was under something that kind of flattened the dead cat and it was so real and very alarming but I just told my friend it’s a dead cat.after her and I finally got to enjoy our time together I looked high and low for that second cat but creeped out to this day..especially because my friend witnessed sensed and seen the appiration before I confirmed visual

  7. I loved Gracie very much we had nine wonderful years together, she passed from this world too early due to cancer. Last night she meowed around 2:30 a.m. Her “I’m lost/lonely” meow. She gave this call when searching for anyone to know if she was alone. I checked for other cats outside finding none. Trixie my living, breathing cat was asleep. I went back to my bed and called Gracie’s name. The bed jiggled as something jumped up and began to walk around me. Small, lite steps. The cold chill spread up my spine. As there was nothing to be seen. As I talked to her spirit she settled down and i was left sitting in the dark.
    i admit I have encountered other phantom felines, as a scientist and an animal behaviorist I took notes on their behaviors and activities. They apparently had the ability to smell, and in one case had to learn how to walk through walls and doors. The cat called to be let up from the basement. You’d open the door and it would come into the kitchen. It acted like a living cat not knowing its paranormal abilities.
    When Gracie passed I wondered if she would linger in this realm. I know without a doubt she has. Now i have to learn how to show I still love her. I haven’t a clue how you pet a phantom feline.

    1. My cat who passed about a month ago still meows. I just scritch her like usual. I cant see her, but I feel and hear her meows. She had seperation anxiety, so I was worried she would try to stay as long as possible. I dont mind, I just hope she is able to be in a happy place until we can be together again.

    2. My ghost cat tilly does the same. if you want to see a photo of her click here https://angelpawprint.com/in-memoriam/tilly/

  8. Just few days after my cat died I could see a shadow of him, sat, as if he were looking to a corner, but he didn’t have head.

  9. Our kenny passed away 3 weeks ago. We had him cremated and a plaque done. There was a short delay in that process but when it was all finalized ans sorted the following night i felt the bedroom air go cold and something rub up my leg as i lay on the bed. I thought kenny might be calling by to say a last goodbye and thankyou for sorting out his body. He was malled by dogs.

  10. Hello everyone,
    I am being haunted by a medium size, dark grey almost black cat. I have had two encounters so far and both in the same area near my TV. The first time I noticed it I was watching a scary movie on Youtube weeks before Halloween. It came from nowhere and scurried behind my TV. At first, I thought it was my kitten but whne I looked for him he was asleep in his treehouse. Then my immediate thought was that it was a huge rat and so I went to my bed room to scoop up my big boy yellow tabby and Himalayan mixed. I led him to the TV and he immediately began sniffing around and investigating behind the television. I grabbed my bamboo bo-staff and looked as well. There was nothing there but my adult cat sensed something because he sat by the TV and watched for a long while.

    My second encounter I was watching movies on Youtube again when I noticed a dark cat slowly walk behind my TV but this time from the opposite direction. Again, I believed it was my kitten who has grown a lot by now but he was asleep underneath my lamp.
    Seems to be a residual haunting to me but I have had times when I am cooking or doing dishes and felt something touching my leg like fur and though it was either of my cats rubbing on my leg when I turned to look there was nothing there.

    Also one time months ago before I got my baby kitten, my big tabby was on top of my fridge and I was trying to get him down when I heard a loud eery hissing sound up in the same area near the fridge but strange because it sounded like it was in the air (disembodied) sound/voice/cat or demon hissing but not sure. I placed a cross made from blessed palms on my cabinet doors and sealed the doors shut. This cabinet is right next to my fridge high up and incidentally, my tabby had been inside that cabinet maybe a month or two before.

    Thanks for Reading & Happy Holidays!
    Please check out my Realms of the Paranormal channel on YouTube and also my Music/comedy/eating channel at Fatal Beauty

  11. I’be been living in my current apartment for three years with my cat, Dusty. The place I live is an older house (built around 1930) that was converted to three apartments. I have on several occasions seen a shadowy cat in my apartment.
    Once I was standing in the kitchen and felt a cat against my leg; I thought it was Dusty, but when I looked down Dusty wasn’t there but was in another room. At another time I felt a cat jump on the bed. I thought it was my cat, but when I looked down, nothing was there.
    Dusty seems to be aware of this phantom cat. I think it must be the ghost of a cat that once lived here. I have had several cats in the past that have moved to the great beyond, but I don’t sense it is any of my former cats.

  12. I often get woken up at night by my (living) cats walking into my room, so there was no surprise one night when I woke up to the sound of something brushing against my bedroom door. Accompanied by little floor creeks as tiny feet walked across it. I was lying there waiting for the cat to jump on my bed and curl up next to my head, but after a couple minutes there was nothing. I scanned the room but didn’t see a cat staring at me or a white fur coat sitting besides my bed. I then began to hear the wet sound of licking under my bed, so I turned on my lamp – first to double check around me but still there was nothing – and then check under my bed. Nothing at all. There wasn’t a cat with me before this happened, and the noises happened correspondently as if something was coming into the room and walking over to me. After going back to sleep and waking again the next morning, I thought about it and, if it was a ghost cat visiting me, I immediately thought of my first cat. Her name was Milli and we developed a strong bond as I was a baby when my parents first adopted her. She used to visit me at night before she passed away, and her favourite spot was under my bed. I felt neither calmed or threatened that night, and I still don’t know if it may have just been because I’d just woken up and my brain was playing tricks on me. But something woke me up that night and I’d like to believe it was Milli visiting me.

  13. My partner & I both experience frequent signs of a ‘ghost cat’. We lovingly call it our 2nd cat as there is only affection. On separate occasions alone we’ve both seen it run behind our dining table then vanish. Our only cat was near us at the time. We both feel it jump on our bed most nights & I can feel the weight of it sleeping on my legs sometimes while my cat is snuggled under my arm. My partner is a sceptic & thought I was imagining things until I went away 1 weekend & he noticed all of the above.
    This has only happened in the past 3-4mnths. We’ve had our cat 8mnths & lived in this house 4yrs. My question is: is this a ghost cat from a previous owner awakened once seeing our love for our cat & seeking affection too? Or perhaps a previously passed cat of mine? Or do I consider the other suggested possibility that it’s really our own cat & he’s projecting? The fact that we heard his distinct meows clearly from outside while he was asleep on our bed means this is a consideration.
    Either way, we love them both!

  14. My calico tabby cat, X-Ray Cat, died Nov. 17, 2017 at age 14, as I attempted to take her to the vet to see why she seemed to have slightly labored breathing. It was not an easy death and I was traumatized. That night her spirit crawled up onto my husband’s chest, and we both quite often catch glimpses of her to this day. We also feel her jump on the bed and lie down against my legs or my back. A few mornings ago I heard a cat meow and did not see any outside. We have no other pets. I hope she understands that we were trying to help her, but I am not sure about that.

    1. Cat1, I know just what you mean. We have had cats since 1981, and every time we had to have one of them euthanized to spare them the prolonged pain and suffering of some horrible, fatal disease, I have felt a great deal of guilt over it. Yes, I know, it had to be done, and that by doing it we gave them the easiest possible way out. But I can’t help feeling as though we’ve played a dirty trick on them.

      Although many, I’m sure, would laugh, I always carefully explain to them what’s going on before they cross over. Do they understand? Not fully, I’m sure. But once they’re in the other world, I think they can look back and understand completely. So, yes, I believe that your X-ray does understand now why you did it, how much pain you saved her, and how much of your own suffering it cost. I always tell them “wait for us” before they go, and I firmly believe that they will.

      And since this is a “ghost cat” board, I should mention that yes, I have seen, heard and smelled what can only be interpreted as spirit cats around our house.

  15. My darling black boy Freddie died last week at home after being treated for cancer. My vet said she thought he would go on for at least another 4 months but he went downhill and died. This morning I looked at my clock and decided to have another 10 minutes before getting up when I heard him meow twice. I knew it was him as he had a very distinctive meow when calling me. I sat up and looked at my other 2 cats but they were both asleep on the bed. I didn’t see him and he didn’t meow again, but I’m hoping he does again soon.

  16. My wife and I had a ghost kitty repeatedly visit us for almost a year. We could feel it jump on the bed, knead the blankets, and curl up next to us at night….but we had no cat at that time. There was never anything visible when we checked either.
    After about a year, the visits grew less and less frequent, and then they eventually stopped. To this day, we still don’t know how or why the cat came to visit us, but we are glad it did.

  17. Thank you for this wonderful article. I also greatly appreciated all the testimonials in the comment section. I have a question and I hope either the article’s writer or anyone else who commented or who has experience in this can help me. My cat Max is dying of cancer. I am about to move to another house. She has about 2 months to live at most. I know that cat ghosts exists, and I want to make sure she follows me. Should I move now so that she can pass in my new home? Or wait, and let her pass here? I’m afraid if I let her pass here, that her ghost (if she decides to come back) will be bound to this house and I will never see her again. I am terrified at the idea of her ghostly self popping up in this house after I’m gone, looking for me and not finding me, finding only strangers here. If I move now, before she passes, and she eventually passed in my new home, will she come back (if she does), in the new home? I hope some of you have had experience with this and can help me make my decision. Please be respectful, if you think this is childish or stupid.

    1. Just makes sure you have her cremated and anchor her by having those ashes and a favorite toy, maybe a treat with them in a place of honor. Engage with them to help him/her find you.

  18. my name is Curtis , Ive lived in this rentailhouse almost four years .. When i first moved in the prevece .. tennt was looking for her cat .. Isaid i would keep an eye out . AS of two days ago ive been feeling something rubbing under my back in the matress . Then moved too another bed and it continued. So i went too the couch .. buy this time im freaking out.. then felt something push against my arm.. now i laying on the couch..ahd my7 lower back begins too vibrate . and felt like a nead had pushed on my arm again .. now im really freaking and just lay there.. thats when i relized it had too be a cat purring.. while typeing this it pushed in my table moving it ..What can i do ??

  19. This happened day before yesterday. I had 1 cat and her 3 babies. Two of them died cause of the dogs around the streets. We gave a proper burial for both of them. The last one died 3 weeks ago. That day around 10.00 PM I was having a very strong bad smell like I thought my cat has pooped but he has not. I came to my mom’s room and I still get that. Usually my mom is the expert to find but that day only me. After some times it disappeared and I went to the hall and was sitting on a chair. Was dark (did not turn on the light) and waiting my girlfriend to call. My cat was next to me but a bit far and mommy kitty was outside. I called my cat and he was lazy and did not come to my lap and was just laying down. After few minutes cat suddenly knocked my leg from under and I turned on the flash light from my mobile and called him. Then I saw him sleeping still and haven’t move even after I called him again. I was confused as I am 100% sure that only a cat could do like that but both of them are under my chair. After couple of minutes I could see something at a corner of the hall and I couldn’t picture that 100%. Tried the flash light again but did not help me. Yet I can still see that weird thing. And then my cat woke up and went to that corner and was staring into it that he could see but I cannot. Later mommy kitty came and everything turned back to normal. I am 100% sure it was the 2nd kitty who died recently for some reason and I didn’t feel anything yesterday. Day before yesterday was a full moon by the way. XD

  20. I have 4 Cats…. One sleeps in the room with me, two sleeps in living room and one sleeps in daughters room. All doors are shut because if they get together, they all will play all night because two are still kittens. Anyways, it was about 3 in the morning and something woke me and my cat up. We could hear something playing or moving things around on the floor. There is light coming in through the window from one of those streets lights. So I can still see my cat and somewhat on the floor. But watching my cat react to the noises had me more freaked out. He was scared and stayed close to me but reacted to the noises. I’m Just laying halfway sitting up waiting for whatever it was to jump on bed and watching my cat at the same time. I didn’t know what to do. Finally after sitting there for about 5 minutes it seems I get a glance of this foggy ghostly like cat who looked white go under my bed. I grab my phone, turn on the flash light part and shine all around my bed and all around my room. To scared to look under bed lol… It’s quite and my cat it calm now. We Both go back to sleep. The next morning, i check everywhere and I don’t see anything.

  21. We lost our beautiful ginger boy, Henry age 20, a month ago. I have just had a weird experience in my kitchen. Just as I was cleaning the hob, I saw out the corner of my eye, a shadowy, dense grey narrow mass with no head. It moved across the room. I don’t know if I can believe my own eyes!! To say I’m amazed, is an understatement >^..^<

  22. I lost my cat today actually, she was hit by a car and died. Later that day, I heard meowing as I was eating dinner alone in the living room. I knew she was dead but I kept hearing it and I swore I saw a pair of eyes looking at me when I was walking around the house.

  23. This may sound pretty deranged, but after I was divorced, I got a kitten/cat to replace my x-wife. She was a female grey Russian Blue with iridescent fur and emerald green eyes. Smoke(s), or Smokey as I called her, was my best friend and seemingly could read my mind and my feelings. We had frequent conversations as she would meow to me and I would talk back to her. Many years went by and when she was 13 years old, I had to have her put to sleep because of renal failure. I was so close to her that I didn’t have her cremated and kept her body in my freezer for 3 years. When I moved to a new place, I took her body and buried her in a section of my flower garden where I grew cat nip. Even though the ground was terrible for growing plants or vegetables, everything that I planted grew very well. When I lived in the old place, I also had two other kittens/cats. One was a solid grey male with copper/green eyes and his name was Gibblet/Gibbers. The other kitten/cat was a mackerel-tiger tabby and her name was ‘Rain.’ Unfortunately, I had to give Gibbers and Rain up to new homes because of issues with injuries caused by military service. All three of my cats and I were very very close. Smoke’s ghost came on the scene within days of her passing and I would see her shadow periodically, along with the sounds she would make while jumping on the back of my love seat or rummaging through Gibbers and Rain’s cat toy box. Usually, this would happen when I was sleeping and both Gibbers and Rain were sleeping on my bed. About 12 after I gave up Gibbers and Rain, I began seeing multiple cat shadows moving about my house in a variety of places. I figured they had already passed and were coming back to see me. The oddity of it all was that I could tell which cat was which, just by the size of the shadow. Sometimes I could see ‘Rain’s’ fur patterns, though was a semi-solid.

    The moral of the story is that yes indeed, cats do hang around after they pass!!!

  24. I currently work at a haunted hotel but that’s another story and even though I have seem numerous human spirits and shadow people at my workplace I had never seen anything anywhere else outside the hotel. A couple mornings ago I woke up, lying on my side, to meet the gaze of a pretty black, white and gray tabby crouched down on my bed staring straight at me with it light green eyes. It was only a foot from my face and we both stared at each other for a few seconds. I had never seen this cat before, even though I own three cats. I was about to reach out and pet it, when it just disappeared in front of me. I told my husband and he said that he believed me because he often felt a cat jump on the bed, walked across it and lie down next to him and there would be no physical cat there. I believe it must have lived in our home at one time in the past. Seeing it face to face like that, so close up was a little unnerving, but I am used to seeing the spirits at the hotel, so it was just another paranormal experience to add my experiences.

  25. Our cat Cutie who is 14years old was treated for hyperthyroidism and then cancer for the past few months. My son and I took her to the vet on 21/05/2019 when we noticed that she was having diarrhoea, eating less than normal and getting restless at night.
    Our vet told us that Cutie is having difficulty breathing when she lies down so it’s best that we put her to sleep.
    My family decided that to put Cutie to sleep the next day and Cutie was buried in our garden.
    That same evening while we were having dinner everyone heard a distinct Cutie meow. I opened my house door thinking my other cat was mimicking Cutie but nobody was there.
    Last night my son heard Cutie meowed again when he came home from work and was having something to eat after 10pm.
    We are all grieving and puzzled. Can this be real?

  26. Soooooo
    My cat (I call it my husbands cat) because she just loved him. Does about a week ago. She was very pregnant, gave birth two only two kittens. I forgot to shut my bedroom door and my other cat killed the poor babies.😭 after that my cat started bleeding everywhere and suddenly died. It is horrific. We had her sense she was young, about 6 years now. Today we were watching tv (in the dark) and I noticed a cat(my only cat) sitting on the flower pot in my living room, it jumped down than bam! My cat flew over to the flower pot and frantically looked around. She looked so confused just as I did as I thought it was her! She even started sniffing the pot.
    Now I’m not home much due to working in the medical field but as I told my husband this he said “that flower pot is her spot!” She sits there every day looking out the window! He then said I’m sorry outloud hoping she could hear.
    I’m in tears right now. It’s crazy to see a cat jump down and as I see that happening my other cat darts toward it from the opposite side of the room.
    I hope she is in peace in the afterlife

  27. Around nine years ago I lost a dear cat to Valley Fever. He was my best friend, who always really seemed to understand me. He also was absolutely trusting and would leap into my arms on command. After he passed away his spirit stayed around. I’d feel him walking on the bed, see him out of the corner of my eye, and my spouse felt him rubbing against her ankles. All three of us, my spouse, myself, and my other cat, knew when he was around, independently of each other. I sensed him just last night. He’s been hanging around more as my other cat has been preparing to meet her end. She’s at peace now as of this morning but I hope they both come to visit. In fact, I didn’t believe in ghosts that strongly before I met a couple.

  28. My cat of 17 years had to be put to sleep last Thursday and I’ve been devastated. I’m not a very positive person when it comes to religion and don’t appreciate pastel colored memes when it comes to seeking comfort. This post has been a tiny bit more comforting.

    I used to live in a warehouse during my cat’s 9th to 13th years alive. I would run up 5 tall flights of stairs to get to my floor and there was a corner I would turn where I would hear my cat’s meow in my head. It was always rounding to the 4th floor just above the third and I would sometimes stop and consider it, but eventually it felt normal.
    He started going downhill after his 13th year. He developed a bone disease and slowed down. I moved to a small studio for two years and his final was spent in a farm house we rent on 40 acres. He didn’t get to appreciate the amount of land, but it was an upgrade as far as windows go. He wasn’t entirely comfortable his last year and it was hard to watch.

    Six weeks ago, after a vacation where a neighbor had to feed him for a week, he got very thin. We (myself, fiance and her son) got home and tried to force food on him. He played along and ate from a spoon just a bit and got only a little better. When I got home from work after he slowed down even more for a day, he was laying near his food with his eyes half open, breathing, but not well. He was giving up and I couldn’t do anything to help him. I’d make him snap out of it for moments at a time, but his body could barely stand.

    My mother came to town right away to be there for me for support and to give me advise with the vets. He went VERY peacefully. He squeezed my hand before going onto the table and he looked me in the eyes as he went.

    I’ve been a wreck since and have been looking online for thoughts to make me feel better. Nothing has really helped that much. The Rainbow Bridge thought it wonderful, but I have a little trouble with it.

    I’ve had a few experiences that made me WANT to be more faithful in the religious sense. Once I was desperate to change my job situation and visited my grandfather’s resting place. As I entered the row with his crypt, a drop of water off a tree blew off a tree and slapped me in the forehead. I looked up and a statue of John the Baptist was staring me right in the eyes. I asked my Grandpa about my decisions and the possibilities and when I expressed one that felt like more of a fantasy, the wind shifted and aimed at my next place of work. Thing is, I was standing in a crypt next to a 20 foot wall. The breeze was coming from that wall, which felt impossible even as it was happening. I got the job I was after and the job I was at found out, fired me, the job I was getting ended up at 20hours and I collected partial unemployment, giving me time to spend the next amazing year developing my art. I fondly look back on that as the best year of my life with a little help from my grandfather that’d been gone for 15 years at that point.

    Anyhow, this is the kind of experience I desperately wanted from my cat. I’ve been wanting to KNOW he’s there or that he’s okay. I have been sitting in chairs and closing my eyes and sticking my hand out for him to rub against, it usually feels pathetic, but I imagine him being frustrated that he can’t interact with me, IF he’s there. I know, desperate and sad. I’ve also been listening desperately for that psychic meow from when I’d be close to arriving home. It hasn’t happened. I’d even prayed, in my way, to my grandfather.

    Yesterday at work, I felt a scrape in a wrinkle on my forehead, I thought nothing of it at all and probably hadn’t looked in the mirror until this morning when I saw more. Next to my light scratch near my hairline were three scratches perfectly spaced and anyone would assume it was from a cat. I considered this and it gave me a lot of comfort. I bite my nails and they’re not capable of this sort of scratch. I feel like each additional scratch is more proof of what I hope happened with me. Four aren’t there, making me only slightly less certain. He would play a little rough sometimes and light scrapes were very common. I don’t think of it as violent at all and hope it is just a little sign from Runt that he’s with me still. Anyways, anyone else finding this, wishing for comfort or support, I hope this helps. I’m still deeply sad and have to promise myself that I won’t obsess over seeing signs from him forever and just end up going nuts, but just wanted to share.

  29. i have heard random meows in my room right next to me, though i have not seen a cat. my cat, pumpkin, is not near me right now, as she is in the living room, and i am in my bedroom. i checked my door right after hearing a meow to be sure. there are at least two dead cats buried at my house. is it possible im being haunted by a cat? please note that i have a ouija board in my room, and have used it. i also have lizards, but they only croak/hiss, so could a ghost cat be attracted to them?

  30. I have always been a believer of ghost, afterlife, residual hauntings. We had to unfortunately put or best little friend to sleep 2 days ago. I buried him outside my window with a marker. I sat on the toilet last night and heard his usual 2 x meows, all though at about 10% the volume. Clear as day. I told my mother this morning and she said she heard him quite a few times during the day. Meowing and hitting the litter box. I hope he rests in peace and does not get trapped in residual, repetitious events. He was well loved and was 20 when he passes.

  31. My cat mocha past away 2 years ago and some times I hear a cat meow when all the other cats are asleep and some times I see her brightly colored fur 😢 I miss her so much

  32. My cat bob was only 2 when he got hit by a van 😢 but recently ive been feeling like he was there
    Like when im working on the computer ill feel a little wet nose sniff me and othertimes ill see a cat figure run out of the corner of my eye and ive heard quite meows when its night and im the only one up
    P.s i dont have any cats

  33. Our Sandie was killed by the dog nextdoor when it dug under our fence. A couple of nights after she died I felt a spot on face feeling like sandpaper had just run across it. She had a very sandpaper tongue and it felt just like it did when she would lick me. My husband thought I imagined it until two days later he was getting out of the shower and heard her thump on the door like she use to when she would open the door.

  34. At least 30 years ago my x-wife and I were traveling through Northern Arizona. And we stopped at a motel in Flagstaff for the night… The motel was a nice, 2 story, older place right on the highway in about the middle of the downtown area, I don’t recall the name? At about 3 AM I awoke and noted that at least 4 cats were in the room with us! One was laying at my feet, another close to it was standing on the foot board. And others were on a coffee table, and laying on a stuffed chair. I watched them for awhile, knowing they were ghosts, I pinched myself and blinked to verify that I was fully awake. They remained, and feeling totally at ease with them I gradually dozed off, until sunup!

    Doc Blake

  35. I’ve been living in my current apartment for 7 years and many years ago I physically started feeling the presence of a small animal. Over the years it’s happened more continuously that now it’s almost a nightly occurrence. It always happens on or around my bed and now only when I go to bed. Mostly this small animal (which I now have concluded, that it’s a small cat) jumps up on my bad (some times it takes a few attempts to jump up onto my bed which added to my conclusion that it’s small) soon after I go to bed (no matter what time of the evening/night that I go to bed) after circling awhile it settles in and I believe that it preens itself. I can feel the pressure of it on the sheet that covers my body but also from the mattress itself and a few time against the back of my legs. I have no connection to this spirit and have never seen it or felt it’s presence in any other room of my apartment. This animal spirit doesn’t appear to recognize my presence nor react to my attempts to interact with it. Every time it comes to settle in the bed with me, it stays below my knee level and in different parts of the foot of my queen size bed depending on the placement of my legs. Although I have had a few similar experiences which I feel were human spirits ( years ago and not in my current apartment) but I never considered the possibility of “Pet Spirits”. But I do now.

  36. My cat Bean had passed away a couple years ago. He was only 7 when he passed and I took him in as stray to live with me and my other two cats. He had a very strong personality. I have seen him a few times after he passed. One example is I was getting g ready for work soon my hair in the bathroom I turned my head to look when I saw one of my cats walking past the door heading to the bedroom when I realized my two cats were just sleeping on the bed already… thinking to myself which one for up and went inside?… I walked in the bedroom to look. They were both sound asleep on the bed exactly where they were the whole time… it was definitely Bean walking by. Have seen him other times as well as heard his certain way of “talking” in my apartment as well.

  37. I see shadow versions of my deceased cats too, sometimes. They look like my cats, only made out of thick, black smoke… They usually run up to me or past me in my periphery but when I turn I’ll just catch him or her dissipating into the air. I also hear phantom meowing, which I know can only be my old cat Bunny. Each of these cats has had a distinct enough look or meow that I can attribute to a specific kitty. They even follow me in my dream world where I meet people living and dead from my real waking life. I’ve always had weird things happen to me, but I’ve always had a sense of peace about it all, especially since I see all my deceased loved ones still and can talk with them anytime I need to. 💜 I love my strange life.

  38. My cat Bailey Ditty passed away on July 28th 2019 and since then I have I have heard eating the soft and hard food, meowing, her distinct scent every now and then and last night as I was walking into the living room, a toy ducky that was her favorite flew up into the air a few inches and landed at my feet. Also shadows of a cat on floor or in the window.

  39. So I saw proof tonight. That there is ghost cat in the place I am living in. It jumps into my bed. It woke me up and I saw it jump off when I was reaching out for it. My dog’s ghost used to do the same thing back were I used yo live after she passed away.

  40. I recently saw the full shadow shaped like a normal sized short haired cat. Not from the corner of my eye either..in plain view. It pranced by me and in front of my loveseat and around the back of the loveseat. I only own one cat and he has long hair with a big fluffy tail and was sleeping on my lap at the time. I haven’t seen it again since but now my own cat goes back there to sleep and he never has before. Still trying to figure out what all this means???

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