The Ghost That Rides Star Tours

Speaking of Disney’s haunted theme parks, here’s an image taken from the original version of Star Tours over at Disneyland.

You see it, right there in the seat?

Star Tours Ghost
Image: Reddit/Imgur

Apparently, a strange figure would occasionally pop up on one of the ride monitors (allegedly cabin 2). Just a shade, a shadow. A crude outline of what looks like a skeletal child looking up at the camera.

Some would claim it was just screen burn-in, but then it would always show up, now wouldn’t it? A ghostly conundrum.

I’ve personally been on the old Star Tours at MGM Studios (excuse me, it’s Disney’s Hollywood Studios now) quite a few times. It once busted down, and we sat strapped to our seats for about fifteen minutes before things got going again. Good times.

They’ve since updated both rides, so if it is a ghost I wonder if it still lingers in the new and shiny cabins.

I also wonder why


Rob Schwarz

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