Watch This Lenard Tube Demonstration Go Horribly Right

There’s something unsettling about a particle beam illuminating a darkened room with purple fluorescence. In this video, YouTuber clagwell demonstrates his own variation on the Lenard tube, with amazing results. Perhaps it’s the music, or the tube’s strange design, or the fact that the beam in question emits X-rays. But the ... ⇒ 4:08 pm

Image: Gabriel Molina via CC by 2.0

Zozo: A Ouija Board Phenomenon

In every reported encounter with the entity known as Zozo, there is a single common thread: darkness. To communicate with Zozo via a Ouija board is said to invite an unrelenting demonic force into your life. ⇒ 12:44 pm


Google Maps Anomalies: An Alien’s Shadow on the Moon

It’s been called an alien, a colossus, a shadow. The figure, a humanoid blob on the surface of the moon, was brought to the Internet’s attention last month thanks to “anomaly hunter” Jasenko and Google’s satellite imagery program Google Earth. On July 18, the images were showcased in a video uploaded ... ⇒ 9:15 am


Old UFO Pictures: A Gallery of Sightings Past

Think weird UFO pictures are a recent phenomenon? Think again! While Kenneth Arnold’s sighting over Mt. Rainier in 1947 is often considered the first “modern” UFO sighting, photos of strange objects in the sky have been around for, well, a little bit longer than that. Here’s a small collection of ... ⇒ 8:24 pm