Sir Victor Goddard's Time Slip Adventure

Sir Victor Goddard’s Time Slip Adventure

As a two-time chrononaut myself, I know how disorienting it is to inexplicably teleport to another place in time. Sir Victor Goddard knows what I’m talking about, because in 1935 he had his own bizarre experience over an airfield in Drem, Scotland. One day that year, he was flying to Edinburgh from Andover, England. And ... ⇒ 9:24 pm

What Are Poltergeists?

What Are Poltergeists?

Poltergeist, in German, literally means “noisy ghost.” This paranormal phenomenon has appeared in folklore, movies and — if some cases are true — even reality. And while they may not be demons, or even spirits at all, poltergeists are the type of supernatural manifestation you’d probably want to avoid. ⇒ 6:29 pm

Digital Dark Age

Are We Heading for a Digital Dark Age?

Apparently, Google’s Vint Cerf is a little worried about all the information we store on our computers. From the BBC News article Google’s Vint Cerf warns of ‘digital Dark Age’: “Our life, our memories, our most cherished family photographs increasingly exist as bits of information – on our hard drives ... ⇒ 9:51 am

The McPherson Tape

The McPherson Tape: A VHS Alien Abduction

The McPherson Tape: a hoax, or actual proof of an alien attack? Looking at the videos, you’d probably think the answer is obvious. But as these things go, not everyone is convinced that this isn’t part of some kind of disinformation agenda. Since the early 90s, many have claimed that ... ⇒ 8:59 am

Stranger Dimensions Presents

Strange Days In Science #5: Alien Propagation Edition

Stranger Dimensions has been pretty quiet lately. But there’s a good reason for that. For the past week, I’ve been optimizing the website (compressing thousands of images), re-implementing the responsive mobile theme (for hopefully better viewing on smartphones), and for my last trick, today or tomorrow I’ll be migrating the ... ⇒ 6:13 am