Image: Zach Dischner via CC by 2.0

The Eyeless Sight of Rosa Kuleshova

Rosa Kuleshova may have lived an ordinary life in Nizhni Tagil in the Ural Mountains, but by the time she was 22, she had become something of a celebrity. It was all in her fingers – the third and fourth of her right hand – a seemingly magical ability that ... ⇒ 7:13 pm

Image: Rob Schwarz

Mary, the Ghost of the Orpheum Theatre

In 1977, a New York company arrived at the Orpheum Theatre in Memphis, Tennessee to perform Fiddler on the Roof. But after opening night, their superstition regarding the theatre’s resident ghost, Mary, got the better of them. So they decided to do what any self-respecting troupe would do – they requested ... ⇒ 10:40 pm

JD Hancock via CC by 2.0

4 Reasons Time Travel May Be Possible

Time travel is already possible. In fact, at this very moment, each of us is a time traveler, a chrononaut following time’s arrow forward through the cosmos. But that’s the trick, isn’t it? We can go forward all we want, and one day, with the right technology, perhaps we’ll even ... ⇒ 9:52 pm