Image: Richard Elzey via CC by 2.0

30 Creepy Old Halloween Costumes from Our Haunted Past

Most of our past is hidden from view. We’ll never see it. Perhaps it’s better that way. But thanks to a little something known as a camera, the true vintage terrors of our more recent bygone eras reveal themselves. No where is this more apparent than on Halloween night. ⇒ 3:57 pm

Try to take a selfie with this. I dare you.Image: Andrew Brown via CC by 2.0

The Selfie from Beyond the Grave

Full disclosure: I don’t like the word ‘selfie.’ It’s weird, and I don’t understand why we can’t just call it a picture. As Rex W. Huppke of the Chicago Tribune describes them, “Selfies are likely a sign that human civilization has outlived its usefulness and will soon slide back into ... ⇒ 3:40 pm

Image: J E Theriot via CC by 2.0

The Abbeville, Louisiana Time Slip Incident

In the Spring 1988 issue of Strange Magazine, Ken Meaux shared a remarkable tale about a time slip incident that occurred on Highway 167 north of Abbeville, Louisiana. It happened on October 20, 1969. A man, revealed by Meaux only as L.C., and his “business associate” Charlie, were driving down Highway ... ⇒ 2:34 pm

Image: MUFON

5 UFO Photos Surface from 1960s New Mexico

I’ll be honest: I have a thing for weird old photographs, regardless of whether or not they might be hoaxes. Take, for example, this alleged UFO sighting that popped up on the MUFON database on October 3, 2014. It came with five different photos taken from 1961 to 1965 in ... ⇒ 2:00 pm


The Ghostly Voice of Joseph Faber’s Euphonia

Behold, Joseph Faber’s Euphonia. This curious amalgamation of various mechanical parts was exhibited in December 1845 at the Music Fund Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Using a keyboard and foot pedals, Faber demonstrated his strange invention to private audiences, and what they witnessed was something genuinely ahead of its time: a ... ⇒ 3:19 pm