Image: Kevin Dooley via CC by 2.0

Mysterious Photos of the Skeletons Inside of Us

One of Ray Bradbury’s more memorable short stories is one called “Skeleton,” published in Weird Tales in 1945. In it, a man named Harris slowly arrives at the terrifying realization that there’s a skeleton inside of him. “A skeleton,” Bradbury wrote, “One of those jointed, snowy, hard things, one of those ... ⇒ 5:44 pm

Image: UFO Sightings Daily

President Obama’s Face Appears on Mars

In the ongoing adventures of chrononaut and teleportation-expert Barry Sotero, some UFO enthusiasts are now claiming to have spotted President Obama’s head on Mars. The curious “ancient head” was originally discovered by Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily in a 2005 NASA image. But YouTuber Paranormal Crucible enhanced the image, only ... ⇒ 10:13 am

Image from video of alleged EBANI sighting in Milan, July 2014

Zeroids: Are UFOs Organic?

Zeroid is a term used by ufologist Dr. Franklin Ruehl to describe mysterious bioforms that may exist in outer space. He believes these Zeroids — if they do exist — could explain many of the UFOs allegedly found in space and elsewhere. ⇒ 7:39 pm