Image: Cliff via CC by 2.0

John Titor: “The Next Lincoln”

I haven’t thought about John Titor for a while, but I saw something on TV earlier that piqued my interest. The thing is, back in 2012, I posted A Look At John Titor’s Most Popular Predictions. In it, I looked over a handful of his most compelling statements, major things Titor ... ⇒ 8:23 am

Image: Robb North via CC by 2.0

Ghost Stories: When Children See Spirits

For the longest time, I’ve heard it said that children and animals are more perceptive to paranormal activity than adults. There are innumerable stories from parents who have witnessed their children playing with “imaginary friends” who seemed remarkably real, or recalling descriptions of deceased family members they’ve never met that were ... ⇒ 10:28 pm

Image: Richard Elzey via CC by 2.0

30 Creepy Old Halloween Costumes from Our Haunted Past

Most of our past is hidden from view. We’ll never see it. Perhaps it’s better that way. But thanks to a little something known as a camera, the true vintage terrors of our more recent bygone eras reveal themselves. No where is this more apparent than on Halloween night. ⇒ 3:57 pm