The Dark Side Of Eternity: The Siberia Recording

A quick look at the Well to Hell

I first heard the “Sounds From Hell” during the October 4, 2002 broadcast of Coast to Coast AM.

The guest was Dallas Thompson, leader of a then-upcoming expedition into the “Hollow Earth.” His entry point was to be a hollow opening in the North Pole, a supposed portal into another dimension originally discovered by Admiral Richard E. Byrd.

But that wasn’t the interesting part. A listener called in that night with a cautious warning for Thompson, and referenced the chilling sounds caught on microphone during a 1980s deep drilling experiment in Siberia.

What if Thompson met the source of those horrific noises during his journey?

“Aren’t you a little worried about that, Dallas?”

– Coast to Coast AM Caller

Art Bell confirmed the validity of the story and, citing Reuters, explained the terrifying discovery made by Russian geologists while drilling a hole in Siberia. He played an audio clip — a brief, terrifying moment of shrill screams and human suffering — and I’ll be honest. I was unnerved.

What if Thompson — or anyone else venturing into the depths of the earth — ended up descending straight into Hell?

Thompson himself scoffed at the idea. He believed hyper-dimensional beings, living within the Hollow Earth, would welcome and protect him, and guide him through the hollow and dimensions using a sort of floating “bubble.” He believed the underground was broken into “caverns” where varying entities existed, and he’d simply avoid the negative spaces.

But when they played that recording — well, let’s just say I wasn’t as compelled with Thompson’s story as I was with the idea of tormented souls trapped right beneath our feet. A dark side to eternity where the dead may become trapped in a place far worse than purgatory.

It wasn’t even Hell I was thinking about, though. The sounds put images in my mind of an evil force preventing spirits from moving into the proper afterlife, the center of Earth being a cage where we, after we die, are held prisoner for some malevolent agenda.

I didn’t really believe it, but I was intrigued.

So I did some research, and I found the full details. The original story goes a little something like this:

The Well To Hell

In the 1980s, Russian scientists in Siberia were performing a series of borehole experiments. These digs were typically performed for the purposes of geotechnical investigation and the location of rare mineral deposits, but in this case the geologists in Russia simpy wanted to see how deep they could go.

Their experiment began without incident, but when their drill reached the 9 mile mark — deeper than anyone had drilled before — its rotation became erratic. They had apparently drilled into a hollow opening underground.

Inside the cavern, temperature sensors read upwards of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It was then that they decided to send a microphone down to gather more data.

The microphone only lasted approximately 30 seconds in the heat of the cavern before malfunctioning. But in those 30 seconds, the scientists caught something incredible on tape.

The recording was not of subterranean plate movements or gas flows, but instead it revealed what sounded like the screams of millions of suffering people, violent shouts of terrible agony.

How could this be? The immediate reaction of the scientists was to abandon the project and evacuate the area. They couldn’t be sure, but the recording told the tale — had they opened a door to Hell? Provided a gateway for untold evil to enter our world?

The recording itself eventually ended up in the hands of Art Bell, and he shared it with the world one night on Coast to Coast AM:

For those who discounted the ‘Siberia Sounds From Hell’ story, it is true, and I for one wish it wasn’t.

– Rick, listening from Chicago

The Storied History of the “Sounds From Hell”

Kola Superdeep Borehole
Kola Superdeep Borehole. Image provided by Andre Belozeroff

This story was originally picked up in the United States by the Christian-based Trinity Broadcasting Network in Southern California, and inevitably found life in the tabloids. But its actual genesis remains somewhat obscured.

Russian scientists had, in fact, performed a deep drilling experiment in the Kola Peninsula, though they didn’t drill quite as deep as 9 miles. The deepest they went — which is, in fact, the deepest anyone’s ever drilled — is about 12 km (or roughly 7 miles).

It’s likely that this experiment inspired the original story of the “Well To Hell” in Siberia.

However, aside from a few reported “anomalies,” horrific screams of the dead were oddly absent.

It’s also known that a Norwegian man named Age Rendalen, disgusted by what he felt was overwhelming gullibility, further embellished the story by convincing Trinity Broadcasting Network that reports he’d read in Europe also told of a devilish creature arising from the hole, chasing away the scientists.

The network went along with the story without verifying its details, and in recent years the legend has seemingly found new life on the Internet.

For a full account of this story’s trail, check out the article “Background on the Drilling to Hell story” at Truth Or Fiction.

Just The Facts

Like many urban legends, the story of the Siberian recording of Hell was allowed to grow through the lackadaisical reporting of unverified rumors, fascinating stories that evolved with each retelling.

It’s no doubt an interesting urban legend, and the audio circulating the Internet (which originally aired on Coast to Coast AM) is at least compelling. But after listening to it again, it could be a number of things unrelated to fiery pits of Hell: A crowded subway, a swimming pool, a bar. A shopping mall. Distorted and in low-quality. It’s really hard to say.

What isn’t hard to say is that at the center of our Earth is an extremely hot, dense core.

Whether or not there exist pan-dimensional beings, dinosaurs, mystical caverns or tormented souls between here and there, I’ll leave that for others to decide.


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  1. It’s amazing that you can hear “English” in the screams amongst all the other possible languages !? lmfao

    1. Why wouldn’t there be English voices along with other languages? There are people say they hear other languages in thecrecording. Whether you believe this or not, hell is real. Screams have no words. The recording is also said to be from the early 1960’s. Either way, those are screams, lots of them.

      1. You can hear screaming and some kind of deep laugh, either way it scares the crap out of me.

  2. The Sounds of Hell tape actually pre-dated Art Bell. I remember a traveling preacher coming to our church talking about the Rapture and playing it around 1988. Then a few months later, they played it on TBN’s Praise The Lord program.

    1. You are correct. Before Art Bell, JIM HOUSE of Oak Harbor, Washington, sold the ‘Sounds from Hell’ as an audiotape cassette. It was sold for $29.95 on his Wealth Central website.
      Around 2002, House redesigned his website, and removed the cassette product, but by then it was free all over the Internet.

  3. For what it’s worth, the audio passed off as hell screams actually was taken from an early 70s movie “Baron Blood”. I was also intrigued and unnerved by the audio, so I sought out more information, and that is what I found.

  4. Sounds like somebody brought their eight track tape recorder into the waterpark

  5. Yes, there is a hell, as well as worlds of purgatory. Hell is the extreme end of the worlds of purgatory. Earth is actually part of these lower realms of purgatory. It’s a place where Souls are able to reach purification through varying degrees of suffering. This is NOT punishment, but a balancing of accounts, a purification. There is no such thing as “sin”. This was invented by the church, and is a corruption of the Laws of Karma – where Souls must themselves experience that which they inflict on others, through many lifetimes, both here on earth, and in other worlds. If the karmic debt is very negative, such as in the case of a Soul that has practiced evil deeds against other life forms, it will certainly end up in the worst of purgatories, whether here on earth in some awful situation, or in another dimension closest to earth, where the suffering is often even worse. If that Soul is especially evil, it will, at the time of death of its physical body, be met by demonic beings and taken straight to the worst of the purgatories, the blazing inferno of hell, where it will spend a span of time in torment, which may equate to thousands of earth years, although time there is different to here. Then, that Soul may also reincarnate on earth, in human form, and experience the same thing it once did to others who suffered under its hand. The laws are very exacting, there is no escape. But there are ways out through acts of love that bring balance to that Souls heart once again. Soul always has a choice. You do not have a Soul, you ARE a Soul. A unique individual, immortal being. Nobody spends forever in purgatory. All Souls evolve, even if it take the equivalent of millions of years. Animals and plants are also individual Souls, but they do not experience karma until they manifest in human form, or other higher form (on other worlds, where the higher beings are not human for example). The place where you go to when you die, depends on what is in your heart, not always your deeds. Unlike on physical earth, you cannot hide what is in your heart when you lose your physical body at death, and you will be taken to the place that corresponds to you state of consciousness. If there is darkness and malice in your heart, you will be taken to a place that fits that state of consciousness, because until you change, that is where you belong. Most people don’t have to go to the worst of the purgatories, they go to places similar to where they live now. The type of hell you hear on this recording (if it’s genuine) is for those who have committed terrible deeds against others, such as serial killers, murdering dictators, some drug dealers, mafia/gang leaders, cold blooded killers, evil sadists, etc. Remember, that this applies to those who deliberately hurt people as well as animals, in particular. If you are a reasonably compassionate person, you have no need to worry about hell and the worst of purgatories. You have already unfolded beyond needing to spend time there, and you will not end up there by ‘accident’. Chances are that if this recording is real, it was captured at a moment when the vibratory rate of that place and of the lower dimension, where hell is located, temporarily synchronized, because hell is not on the physical realm, although it is located within super-physical earth. Normally, you would not see it with physical eyes, or even hear it, or sense it with physical technology. If you were to travel to inner earth, you would most likely not see any signs of it, but you might feel somewhat uncomfortable in certain locations, because you would be vibrationally closer to it, than on upper earth. Do not be afraid of hell, focus instead on love, and on being compassionate to all living creatures, because they all belong to the Creator.

  6. Doesnt matter if it is real or not. Hell does exist and the sounds that would come from there are probably a million times worse! Please give your heart to God now and live for him so you will never have to experience this dreadful place! For all the skeptics I say, what if your wrong? Are you really willing to take that chance? I’m praying for our world.

    1. That is how I came to Jesus is I went to hell in the inner core of the earth. I experienced a man getting eaten by demons they were eating him and the scream was horrifying to me and as he screamed the demons screamed back at him as if they were drowning his scream. Their were a lot of stalagmites and it was really dark I could see puddlez of the lake of fire. I felt extremely sad really depressed but I felt more real in the body then I do on earth. You felt that you wouldn’t want you’re worst enemy there.

  7. Perhaps it is hell and those of us on top of the world are in purgatory, which means we still have a chance for redemption. Stay good!

  8. Well we know one thing for Sure. Governments try to Cover Up anything and Everything as they do Not Speak the Truth nor do they want to Hear the Truth. This leads me to Believe that this Drill to Hell is most Probably True and the Russian Government wants to Shut Up the Truth of the Reality of HELL or for that matter Heaven too.

    Besides who what’s to Drill too Deep and get a Satan Possessed Stalin Up and out of that Hole ? He Murdered Millions while he was here the First Time. It was Reported that the last thing Stalin ever did was while on his Death Bed he Shook His Fist at GOD and then DIED.

  9. When l first heard the tape, l felt sick, because I had heard those sounds before. I had had a near death experience, and l ended up in hell. Those are the sounds that greeted me .

  10. So hard nosed sceintists run away like fightened children?! I dont think so. The thing they would have done after all these year would have sent a camera down the hole because curiosity would have got the better of the Russians.

  11. Written History dictates that there is truly a determination of good and evil. Where that happens in the afterlife is vague since only a few have had a sudden death experience and were able to say what they saw. Whether it be explained as exploding neurons or a guidance to the afterlife, I will defer to the words of the elders and go to the light for there is no one in this current life to tell me otherwise.

  12. There’s a time and place for everything. Some things will have to come to past before such things that you speak of can be fully realize. You can check the Book of Revelation in the Bible and see it for yourself.

    Some things aren’t happening because God intends to do so, what you need to realize here is the idea of those things (demonic stuff pouring all over the place) actually coming to life.

    1. You wanna know why Revelations is pretty crazy and nonsensical? Because John went into the wilderness ate a few poisonous berries then had a hallucinogenic experience would you believe EVERY hallucinogenic trip to be insights into the future or would you just take it for what it is? A set of hallucinations instilled by an overabundance of serotonin in their system

      1. I see everything makes sense now. Thank you for sharing your view on this matter.

      2. You have no evidence that John did any such thing, yet you proclaim it as fact. Then you turn around and condemn Christians for doing (you think) what you do habitually.

  13. That’s all fine and dandy, but i think you’re missing the point here. This isn’t a discussion about whether heaven and hell or god are real. This is a discussion about whether this recording is fake or real. You don’t have to preach to me about god or jesus or heaven and hell, i’m already a believer. I’m simply stating that this recording is clearly a fake; it is not real life evidence of satan’s chickens coming home to roost; and to believe it, or to draw attention away from it by going off on a tangent about the realness of god, only serves to play into the hands of the atheists/agnostics who clearly faked this to make christians look like simple minded idiots.

    In summation: yes, i believe, you don’t need to convert me. No, this is not real.

    1. Oh I see hahaha I did feel your sentiment over the questionable authenticity of the tape, BUT, even if it is a mockery of our beliefs, then I’d say the joke’s are on them!

      And even though it’s a fake…I think it has served its purpose for slapping fear to the hearts of our fellow gentiles just so they can realize that their lives needs to truly understand what’s important – which to me, is the most important thing we can takeaway from this…concocted mockery of demonic proportions…

    2. Um actually as other commenters pointed out it was faked and used by multiple believers/preachers over the years… You don’t know what you are talking about in that aspect also, your bible is a plagiaristic book stolen from various pagan belief systems, taking your God and Lucifer from Babylonian Gods and painting your God as the good guy when he actually just wanted humanity to be slaves and Lucifers character wanted to give us knowledge, and free us from our bondage to the gods

  14. As far as your first comment. Your right, it’s fake, my bad. *blushes*

    Demons are real for sure though and we do see them all the time unfortunately.

    I’ve personally captured them on film but people just say it’s faked yo. Oh well…

  15. It is easier to say the audio “isnt real” and to say the core of the planet, which has NEVER BEEN SEEN, MEASURED, EXPERIENCED, nor can be validated by ANYONE, is molten lava? No one can testify by their own eyes, ears, body to the “molten core of the planet”!!! Dont you people see that what “they” tell you cannot be verified just like you say Hell can not be validated…so does the volcanos erupt because “they” say there is molten lava in the core or because Hell is simply underneath us…you choose to believe one or the other without proof. Science is as much a religion as is Christianity. One of us is believing in the right thing….i wonder who will be able to validate that sound one day?

  16. Nope, because Jesus paid it all — all sins of those who believe are forgiven — past, present, and future.

    Seriously. If you’re going to debate Christianity, you need to at least understand what you’re attacking.

    1. Not correct. We live in sinful bodies which will not be redeemed. You still must repent and ask for forgiveness when you sin — past, present, future. Check your scripture.

      You misunderstand what Jesus did: he redeemed all mankind in order to restore us to the status we had before Adam sinned. He bought all mankind back from Satan.

      I don’t know where Christians get this idea that they no longer can or will sin, or don’t have to repent of it, but it’s destructive baloney and hurts people’s faith when they inevitably fall.

  17. The existence of other similar attempts to explain the afterlife should be telling you something. I see that you are rejecting what they indicate; of course, to be logical, you’d have to reject generally similar but varying reports of an accident and say, “No such accident happened!” Yet you don’t do this, proving that you are a hypocrite.

    It seems that you really REALLY want to avoid any discussion of consequences.

  18. Hell is Real.. It`s going to be upon us soon…Those whose names weren`t written in the book of life will have their place in the lake of fire with brim stone rock just as the book of revelations reveal in the word of God… The book of revelations tell on how it will all take place when that day comes and we don`t have a time frame for when or may these records in the Bible will take place… But I say God bless you all and those who haven`t accepted Jesus as their saviour yet… There is hope and it is Jesus that was raised from the dead and who was born in this world to die for our sins,its the truth… And I myself am a sinner too and that I`m not perfect.. We all fall short of God`s glory…It scares me and I have fear that I`m not worthy to be saved because of my unrighteousness. But I keep on praying for forgiveness… God bless all of you out there in this world whether you are a skeptic a believer anybody….