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John Titor: The Missing Departure Video

Part of the John Titor story involved Titor leaving behind a video of his final departure.

He allegedly gave a copy of the video — I’m assuming it was a VHS tape — to his family. Titor also promised, after some time, that his family would pass the video on to Pamela, despite the unwanted attention it would potentially bring them.

They’d come around to the idea, he told Pamela, but she’d need to be patient.

“…I had said I would be willing to videotape my departure. There are a few technical and logistical problems but I do plan to have it done. (i.e. the videotape recording has static and interference if it’s too close to the unit.) At this point, the videotape would be for pure entertainment value. It won’t prove one way or another if I’m a time traveler but I feel you deserve just a tad of bread and circuses.” – John Titor, March 14, 2001

As far as I know, Titor’s footage never surfaced, if it ever existed at all.

Of course, rumors cropped up that the footage did exist, somewhere. Whether the family kept hold of it, or it fell into someone else’s hands, no one knew.

That’s when an unusual video began floating around, which many claimed to be the authentic “farewell video.”

It wasn’t, obviously, because Titor’s machine was described as a black box inside an automobile, not a laser pointer and a satchel in front of a green screen.

I don’t actually know the story behind this particular video, other than that it’s been ascribed to another alleged time traveler named Steve (somebody help me out here). But it’s nonetheless an interesting bullet point in the John Titor mythos.


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