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The 2009 Norway Spiral Anomaly

On the evening of December 9, 2009, worried onlookers inundated the Norwegian Meteorological Institute with phone calls. Something remarkable had appeared in the sky, which could be seen from Northern Norway and Sweden.

It was a bizarre spiral of light that seemed to hover in the atmosphere for nearly three full minutes. White-gray and circular, a trail of brilliant blue heading off toward the horizon.

A report by RT broadcast that night shows off the strange spiral, with images provided by individuals who witnessed it first-hand.

Stories erupted of a possible wormhole over Norway. Or an alien craft. Some even speculated that it was a black hole, the unintended result of experiments at CERN, or the work of weather-controlling mechanisms like HAARP.

It could have been any number of extraordinary things, really, but the official explanation was the failure of a Russian Bulava missile test.

In fact, the following day the Russian Ministry of Defense stated that they had, indeed, experienced a failed Bulava missile launch, which had “a technical malfunction at the…third stage of the trajectory.” The nozzle failed.

The Wikipedia discussion for the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly, however, has a few interesting passages regarding the failed missile test. One anonymous engineer stated the following, backing up the missile claims:

“Based on the evidence and images, my professional assessment of the event is as follows: 1. sea based launch. Successful first stage MECO (main engine cut-off). 2. most likely nozzle impact or other catastrophic event during first stage seperation or second stage ignition. 3. second stage burn seems to suggest a gradual control loss, similar to the Space X Falcon 1 event during their second test failure 4. catastrophic control loss resulted in a tumble of the remaining rocket segments, spraying propellent into the surrounding space, creating a cartwheel display…”

Another anonymous commenter had a different point of view:

“Having been a weapons research scientist and member of the British Interplanetary Society, and having observed many rocket launches including a few failures, I am totally astonished that anyone takes the rocket explanation seriously. It is not a rocket out of control. That is obvious after a few seconds of watching the video because of the amazing regularity and constant speed of the spiral. The other effect that rules out the rocket theory is the end of the effect when the spiral dissipates and turns black.

…this is probably an effect of secret military equipment.”

I suppose the mostly likely explanation is that it was just a missile failure. Or some kind of extraterrestrial hypnotism device. I can’t say. Regardless, seeing that in the night sky would be something else, don’t you think?

A Wormhole Over Norway?

One last thing. While I don’t personally believe the “anomaly” over Norway was a wormhole, I can’t help but share the following video that raises the possibility. Take a look:

The video describes the event as a “blue orb” that transformed into a massive spiral, and asks if it may have been a Schwarzschild wormhole.

“Is this the gaping maw of a time portal?” the uploader wonders.

Rob Schwarz

Rob Schwarz is a writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.


  1. I’m as skeptical as the next guy but the “Failed Missile Launch” explanation here is hilarious. Weather Balloons and Swamp Gas would’ve been more plausible.

    1. Norway missile-spiral 10th anniversary //

      Please point out where I got this wrong:

  2. i think it was a visual effect caused by CERN experimentations. there was a spiral over australia too during CERN testing

  3. Honestly, I think anyone who truly believes that this is just a “failed missile launch” is a moron. I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but anybody who has basic knowledge of long range projectiles, such as missiles, could tell you that that isn’t what it is. The way it “explodes” at the end is not consistent with any modern or historic missile, or any long range projectiles for that matter.

    1. Here’s this moron’s explanation…..
      Norway missile-spiral 10th anniversary //

      Please point out where I got this wrong:

  4. Most people are cattle; they’ll believe any explanation that is even
    remotely plausible because they are conformist thinkers. Not me. The
    missle explanation is rubbish. That’s the problem when innovative
    science is placed in the hands of the government or military. They think
    they’re the only ones capable of “handling” it.

  5. Try a weapon used that can finally break through the fishbowl. Wait for strange things to happen on this planet in the next few years.