Jason the Horse: Is He A Horse In Human Form?

While cruising the Internet the other day, I came upon a study about horses. It’s nothing too extraordinary — scientists found that horses “relate human facial expressions and voices to perceive human emotions,” just like dogs do.

However, while reading that study, I couldn’t help but think back to an old guest on Coast to Coast AM. Someone I hadn’t thought about for a long, long time.

Jason the Horse.

A Horse Is A Horse…Or Is It?

Jason Wentworth appeared on Coast to Coast AM with Ian Punnett on June 20, 2009, and again on December 18, 2010.

He claimed to be a horse that had reincarnated into a human.

Simply put, Jason believed he was a “horse trapped in a human body.” He longed for the day he could return to his life on four hooves, and live again the equine existence he enjoyed so much during his previous incarnation. As Ian Punnett once said, Jason was probably “the number one guest that people ask [him] about.”

It’s difficult to believe, sure, but Jason always came across as a very laid-back kind of person, and he was forthright in answering Ian’s questions. He also had that air of John Titor’s “I don’t care if you believe me” going on. Even if you didn’t believe his story, you couldn’t help but listen.

That’s because his tale was a very strange one, indeed.

A Past Life As A Horse
Omar Prestwich/Unsplash

Jason first became aware of his apparent reincarnation when he was very young, at about the age of one or two. A billboard with a photo of an English countryside caused flashes of strange memories to flood his mind. In those memories, he saw himself living as a Black Shire draft horse.

“It was like a movie playing in my head,” Jason recalled, seeing himself as a horse “pulling a two-wheel cart full of hay.” In that moment, he felt “content and happy,” like that’s where he belonged.

It wasn’t until the age of three that he saw his first horse in person, and this confirmed what he had previously suspected. The horses treated him as an equal. As a fellow horse. And for Jason, the experience was mutual — when he smelled the horses for the first time, he felt an overwhelming desire to “run and be with them.”

As he grew older, Jason found that he didn’t have much interest in typical human things, like wealth or status. Instead, he felt a much greater connection with horses. This would follow him for the rest of his life.

In fact, while on Earth as a human, Jason has claimed that “about 20% of horses have recognized [him] as a fellow horse,” and treated him as such. This included “being challenged by stallions” and, yes, being “propositioned by mares.”

Visions of a Past Life

Jason wasn’t just any horse, though. He claimed to have returned to Earth in the body of a human for a very specific reason: A mission his “horse ancestors” asked him to complete.

What was that mission? As Jason explained, it was to “facilitate a closer connection and relationship between our two peoples,” those being humans and horses, and to bring that relationship “to a higher level.”

Not long before his second interview on Coast, however, Jason had a unique experience, another vivid memory of his previous life.

It happened while he was sitting in a chair, trying to get some rest after an intense bout of writer’s block. Every time he’d start to fall asleep, he’d hear a strange, loud buzzing noise in his ears. This, he said, was a “precursor to an out-of-body experience.”

Eventually, something along the lines of a past life regression occurred. As if he were experiencing it fully in real time, Jason found himself “somewhere in Europe,” walking up a road on a steep hill. He was a work horse transporting tools.

Then, the road crumbled beneath him, he fell down the hill, and he relived his death in that past life. But things only got stranger from there.

In the next moment, he found himself in a “green pasture,” guided by a man with a black beard. A bright white light shined over the area, surrounded by a strange mist, with no obvious source. Jason reasoned that it was some kind of horse purgatory.

He then received an unspoken message in his mind: “If you wish to return to us, you may do so now. Simply think it and you will be with us again.”

Jason had been given the chance to return to his horse form, and leave his current incarnation behind. However, for various reasons — and to complete his mission — he chose to continue living as a horse in a human body.

Are YOU A Horse In Human Form?

Are You A Horse In Human Form?
Fabian Burghardt/Unsplash

Jason claimed there were actually many other humans like him, who were truly horses in spirit. He wanted to help them, perhaps as part of his mission, so he self-published the book What If You Are A Horse In Human Form? It’s a sort of guide for other equine souls trapped in human bodies.

“This book discusses openly what many have known but very few have ever revealed, even to family members and close friends. Today there are many horses in human form in the world, and they are here to help their race—and humanity.”

If you’re interested, it’s available as an eBook.

On Barnes and Noble, there’s even a review written only about five months ago from someone else claiming to be a Friesian horse. “Over the years I have met many horses in human bodies,” the reviewer wrote, “I would dare say there is a whole herd of us if not many herds and we just don’t know it.”

The review ends with a simple statement: “If another horse is reading this for the first time you are far from alone. We are everywhere.”

It’s an interesting possibility. The concept of reincarnation itself exists in many traditions, found in Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism. Perhaps it’s not so unlikely that Jason is, indeed, a horse in spirit. What do you believe?


Rob Schwarz

Writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.