Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

The Shag Harbour Incident Of 1967

A Canadian UFO encounter

On the evening of October 4, 1967, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police received several phone calls regarding a possible airplane crash in the small fishing community of Shag Harbour in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Witnesses reported four flashing orange lights in the sky, attached to an object some 60 feet in length. The object, they said, appeared to have dived into the Gulf of Maine — accompanied by a loud whistling noise — at a 45 degree angle.

A large splash occurred on impact.

A strange white light then appeared to hover near the water’s surface. At least one witness, Laurie Wickens, reported seeing the object floating offshore.

Several fishermen and police officers, responding to the calls, rushed out on boats to investigate.

By the time they arrived, it appeared to have sunk, and they found no signs of survivors or bodies. The white light had vanished. A search and rescue cutter from the Canadian Coast Guard, as well, was unable to locate any survivors or debris.

Perhaps even stranger, on their way to the object’s “crash site,” witnesses reported seeing a thick yellow or orange foam in the water.

Otherwise, nothing was found.

A subsequent underwater search of the area, headed by the Royal Canadian Navy, also failed to uncover any signs of the object.

All told, none of the Canadian agencies involved in the search succeeded in locating any evidence of a crash or the sighted object. No aircraft were reported to have gone missing at the time. The object was thus classified as a UFO, or an unidentified flying object, in official records.

The case, to this day, remains unsolved.

Strange Things Are Afoot At Shag Harbour

The incident at Shag Harbour is known well for its many witnesses and official government response. While perhaps not as popular as such purported UFO events as that at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, it stands as one of the more perplexing and unexplainable sightings in recent history.

According to the Library and Archives Canada website, “there is no trace of the RCMP reports of this sighting in the files,” and their only remaining document is a┬áDepartment of National Defence memo.

What could have happened that night, over 45 years ago?

Ufologists and conspiracy theorists have their own opinions. Many claim it was an alien spacecraft that crashed into the Gulf of Maine, with some suggesting that a second craft was spotted attempting to assist the first. These claims appear to be unsubstantiated.

Others, however, believe its voyage into the sea was deliberate. Could it have been on its way to an underwater base? Or perhaps it was en route to an underground civilization, hidden deep beneath the Earth’s surface…

While these theories and hearsay are interesting, I believe the Shag Harbour incident, in its official description, stands well enough on its own.


Rob Schwarz

Rob Schwarz is a writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.


  1. Very interresting. I actually saw something one night in 2000. I was walking my dogs with my mother. It was about 8pm and a softball game was going on across the street. There is a double feild and it was happening in the farthest field. I stopped walking to let my mom catch up with the other dog. he liked to sniff alot. I put my hands behind my head to stretch and saw what at first looked like a flock of birds flying in V formation. But something looked strange and I did a double take. It was a craft shaped like a boomerange. Just like one. No cockpit that I could see or stabilizer fins of any kind. My mom walked up and I said, whats that. She couldn’t see it at first because it almost matched the tone of the night sky.
    I wouldn’t have seen it if I had not happen to look directly at it when streching. She looked down my arm and saw it and the first words out of her mouth was WHAT is it? She just kept saying that until it went out of veiw over some trees.

    No one at the softball game seemed to notice it even though it flew right over them. It made no sound at all. Completely silent. We lived down the street from a private airport. We were use to hearing aircraft at that low altitude. there should have been some noise.
    There were no lights on it but my mom said she saw dark circles on the underside of it. Like ports. i didn’t notice them. Very weird.
    I thought that if it were gov’t, we would see something like it in the future. That was over twelve years ago and nothing yet.

  2. I’ve seen a black wedge flying overhead before. About 2 years ago, I was visiting some relatives in southern Louisiana, and I was outside talking on my phone when I happened to glance up and see a large black triangle obstructing the stars. No lights, no sound, but it passed over some thin clouds heading west. Having been above the clouds, I would have to estimate the length at better than 350-400 feet, with a matching ‘wingspan’. It was already better than halfway across the field of view when I noticed it, unfortunately, and it was out of sight before I could attempt a picture of it.

  3. My father had a friend who owned the Loyalist Inn in Shelburne during the time of the incident and while visiting us in Eastern Passage N.S. mentioned the interesting guests filling the hotel during the event. Very high ranking U.S. and Canadian military officers as well as NASA personnel.
    As well, I sailed with a fellow who worked for Yarmouth Coast Guard Radio at the time and was heavily involved with radio traffic dispatching local fishermen who were hired to dispatch officials to the crash site. What he found strange, was that shortly after the event everyone denied being involved. These were people who he knew personally.He often wondered what it would take to silence fishermen in such a small community