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Japan, Cloning, And Soul Transfers: A Pamyu Pamyu Conspiracy

I’m going to be up front with you: This one’s a bit weirder than usual.

How familiar are you with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu? A Japanese pop star with a penchant for the grotesque and the obscure. A singer, a model, a…blogger, or so Wikipedia tells me.

She’s been compared to Lady Gaga, and if you watch a few of her music videos, you might see why — they’re a touch unusual, sometimes described as eccentric.

During an interview with Fader back in 2013, Kyary described her style as follows: “I love grotesque things,” she said, “My concept is scary things that become traumatic with their cuteness. There are so many ‘just cute’ things in the world, so I add grotesque, scary and even shocking materials like eyeballs and brains to balance out the cuteness.”

The music video for her song Mondai Girl, viewed over 12 million times on YouTube, is a good enough example of this “grotesque cuteness” at work. It begins as any ordinary pop song would, but quickly evolves into some very trippy New Age Matrix territory. Anyone searching for an Illuminati conspiracy won’t have to look hard to find one here.

And look at that; someone already has. Just wait ’til you hear it in reverse.

“We are gloomy, at least.”

According to YouTuber Angel Icon, who’s been diligently tracking this story since at least August 2017, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has been hiding messages in her songs, including 2015’s Mondai Girl, to lift the veil on a far-reaching Illuminati conspiracy.

It’s a conspiracy that seemingly finds its origin in 1998, when news broke that a team of scientists in Nara, Japan successfully created eight copies of a single cow. As the New York Times reported, while only half of the calves survived, scientists found the relative ease of their creation at the time to be “striking.” This, only a year or so after the birth of Dolly, the famously cloned sheep.

However, as Angel Icon explains, this rather innocuous (though still extraordinary) accomplishment would ultimately lead to something far more nefarious: The cloning of human beings.

For your entertainment…and sacrifice.

“Help Me Out”

All becomes apparent when you watch Mondai Girl (Reversed).

According to Wikipedia, the music video for Mondai Girl, when watched normally, tells the story of three different Kyarys: “The first character in the video is Kyary in a completely pink outfit, as a young actress chased by paparazzi. The second one is a Kyary wild and free, dancing however she wants with foreign dancers. The third character, clad in all manners of black clothes, is Kyary fighting in a majestic animated world.”

However, when the song is played backwards, claims Angel Icon, the video takes on a new and terrifying meaning: The three Kyarys shown in the video are not the original Kyary, but rather three Kyary clones. The real Kyary is “underground in Nara, Japan.”

As per the conspiracy, the song was written (with its obscured reverse message) by a clone of Kyary who was also implanted with the “consciousness of the original Kyary.”

The tale shared in the alleged reversed message is a strange one, indeed, telling of how entertainers around the world are “snatched” by dark forces while they sleep. Afterwards, their souls are transferred and distributed into perfectly identical clones, who are then sent off to perform concerts, do interviews, and sing, sing, sing. Forever. All while the original celebrities are held in “underground cloning centers.”

Here are a few more notable excerpts from the alleged reversed message, though you can of course peruse the video (and especially its description) for yourself:

“I’m underground of Nara
While they’re all singing
Money can’t do it.
We’re all gone now.

Yeah, I suffer
I’m paying for it, really
Lucifer, you use so much

He roams and looks for them that put their art out
Oh, he have body snatch them while they in their sleep
Evil plans, then I woke on my own now
Help me out”

“We’re all gone now.”

What of the cloning process? Angel Icon refers to not only the aforementioned 1998 story of the cloned cow, but also the NAISTrap Project out of the Nara Institute of Science and Technology. This appears to involve genome sequencing and gene trapping, but that’s a mirror I’ll let you step through on your own.

Will Kyary and her clones ever be freed? How about the other pop stars around the world, buried deep in underground cloning facilities, doomed to transfer their souls to one clone after another, to perform Satanic rituals and…make music videos?

Hey, I told you this was a weird one.

Then again, as with electronic voice phenomena and the issue of “priming” listeners to hear what you want them to hear, there’s always the possibility that Mondai Girl (Reversed) is just a bunch of gibberish, given meaning by a random YouTube video. It’s also curious indeed that the reversed message would be in English, while the song itself is Japanese.

But what can I say? This is Stranger Dimensions — where reality is whatever you want it to be.

Rob Schwarz

Writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.