An Incredible Milky Way Timelapse Over the Frisco UFO

Photographer Wes Snyder shared a two-minute timelapse video on February 18, showcasing a stunning view of the Milky Way over North Carolina’s Frisco UFO.
The footage was captured over three hours. But wait — what’s that? After reviewing the timelapse, Snyder noticed something odd in the night sky. “I seemed to have captured some strange unidentified red trails,” he wrote, “Can you tell me what these are?”

Consensus seems to be that they’re F-18s, so we’re likely not dealing with anything unusual, here. But they did manage to put on quite the timelapse light show.

The Frisco UFO, meanwhile, can be found off Highway 12 in Frisco, North Carolina. It’s a Futuro house, a round UFO-shaped abode designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen. Apparently, fewer than 100 such houses were ever made, back in the 60s and 70s, and the one in Frisco really embraced the alien aesthetic.

a grey alien inside the Frisco UFO
Image: YouTube

I mean, just take a look inside — grey aliens!


Rob Schwarz

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