Photographer Captures “UFO” Outside Netherlands Castle

Amateur photographer Corinne Federer has captured an intriguing unidentified object outside of Muiderslot Castle in the Netherlands.

The object, which appears in the photograph as a long blurred cylinder with “fins,” has left Federer and others “dumbfounded.” She’s shared the original photograph, as well as grayscale and high-contrast versions, on her photography blog Elyktra Photoart.

Possible explanations for the object have already popped up: insects, an airplane, a weather balloon, a falling whale suddenly facing an existential crisis.

Anything’s possible.

You can read all of the technical details of the photograph itself and how it was shot at her blog, but Federer says “something would have to be moving very fast to be blurred in the scene.”

“There were no aircraft present, no vapor trails as you can see in the subsequent images. It is definitely not a bird and I’ve mostly rule out any insect based on the apparent distance from my position in the image. Here’s where it gets more interesting. In the +1 shot, you can see it again…coming from the opposite direction!! It appears to have turned around. It seems to be traveling in the direction where the two fins are as you can see some sore of trail coming off from left to right. “

The object over Muiderslot Castle
Image: Corinne Federer

At any rate, Federer is curious to hear your opinions, so be sure to leave your thoughts if you have any.


Rob Schwarz

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