UFO Sighted In Colorado – Evidence of a Possible Alien Base?

MUFON report #80568 tells the curious tale of a UFO that appeared on a Winter Park, Colorado ski resort webcam this week. The report was submitted on the day of the sighting, November 22, 2016, along with two images.

According to the witness, the live webcam takes frames once every three minutes. The object appeared in only a single frame at 8:30 a.m. The scene was described as follows:

“In one frame, there was nothing but the normal view. Next frame, black disk-like object appears just over mountain top. Next frame, nothing.”

Colorado 2016 UFO zoomed
Image: MUFON

The witness said the object appeared too close to the mountain to be a drone or a plane, and he or she later confirmed with the ski resort that no helicopters had been in the area that morning. “Given the distance/size of object,” the witness wrote, “it is unlikely that it was a bird, bug, etc.” They’ve used this webcam for several years to monitor weather conditions, and nothing similar has appeared on it before.

Scott Warring of UFO Sightings Daily also raised the possibility that the UFO may have been surfacing from an alien base hidden beneath the area, stating that Colorado’s mountains are a “hotbed” of strange activity.

Alien bases are, after all, said to exist throughout Earth, underwater, and perhaps even on the moon. Even the alleged phantom island Hy-Brasil is believed by some to be an alien headquarters that uses cloaking technology to become invisible. The truth, as always, is out there. Somewhere.


Rob Schwarz

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