The Unusual Contents of Uncle Nick’s Attic

This bizarre and fascinating tale comes to us, once again, courtesy Reddit’s No Sleep district, in a post by Redditor Jivegantor titled “My Uncle’s Attic.”

You see, Jivegantor had an uncle. For the purposes of his story, he called him Nick, though that wasn’t his real name. Nick was 93 when he passed away, and because the rest of his family was so devastated, it was down to Jivegantor and his sister to visit his late uncle’s home and clear out his stuff.

Uncle Nick, says Jivegantor, was an eccentric. Former British SAS, a war veteran, a traveler. He was also a self-proclaimed parapsychologist and astrologist, fascinated with the ancient Cornish mythology of faerie folk. He’d even moved into his house in America because he’d heard it was haunted, not to mention the folklore surrounding its location, Nantucket, Massachusetts.

“In his later life he lived in Nantucket (the location of the house my sister and I cleared) and was an active member of the Parapsychological Association and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.”

But Uncle Nick’s eccentricities weren’t limited to simple interests in folklore and the paranormal. His house, itself, was filled with an assortment of strange and unusual artifacts, many no doubt acquired during his travels around the world. Masks, ceramics, a stuffed alligator, shrunken heads and animals skulls. There were paintings and books and furniture from all sorts of places and time periods.

The purpose of Jivegantor’s post, however, wasn’t to muse about his uncle’s strange passions, but to share his “most bizarre finds,” photographs he and his sister found in an old shoe box stored in the attic. Photos of photos, which he says he took using his cellphone.

Some appear rather ordinary, others not so much.

Clearly, Uncle Nick had a fascination with aliens and UFOs. Several Reddit commenters mention the alleged Egyptian connection to extraterrestrials, and the possibility that faeries and little folk were also of alien origin. But what do we make of his strange possessions?

Is this a true story? Are these pictures real? Well, this is No Sleep we’re talking about.

So yes.


Rob Schwarz

Writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.