Engineers Developing "Self-Eating" Rockets That Don't Leave A (Space) Mess

Engineers Developing “Self-Eating” Rockets That Don’t Leave A Mess

You probably can’t tell from all the way down here, but Earth is developing a pretty big space debris problem. In fact, Ziggy tells me that, right now, there are at least 17,852 man-made objects floating around up there, and those are just the ones we can track. Start counting the smaller pieces of debris …

NASA image of weird ball on Mars

Mysterious Sphere Found On Mars Rover Image

There’s something for everyone on Mars – broken spacecraft, dinosaur bones, remnants of ancient civilizations. Squirrels. Perhaps it’s not so extraordinary, then, that eagle-eyed supernatural seekers have located a mysterious round ball on the Red Planet.

NASA image of Earth

Flat Earth Flight Foiled In California

Is the Earth flat? That’s a bit of a weird topic, if you ask me. An oddly political one, too – there’s an honest-to-goodness movement behind the idea, with large online communities devoted to unraveling what many believe is a planet-wide conspiracy to keep the true nature of our world a secret.

A supernova?

A Star Keeps Exploding, and Astronomers Don’t Know Why

Astronomers are trying to understand the odd behavior of a star that has seemingly gone supernova multiple times. As reports, atronomers at the Palomar Transient Factory first detected the star, iPTF14hls, go supernova in September 2014. It was then classified as an exploding star the following January. Unexpectedly, however, the star then began to …