A normal pig

Claims of Muscular, “Mutant” Pigs In Cambodia

Something strange is going down in Cambodia, where reports have surfaced of genetically altered “mutant” pigs with abnormally large muscles. Images of the pigs were posted on Facebook, originating from a farm in Banteay Meanchey, Cambodia. This prompted PETA to respond. “Hulk-like pigs are the stuff of nightmares, not meals,” they wrote in a statement …

NASA's Alien Invasion

Could NASA’s Space Escapades Lead To Alien Invasion?

Scientists are beginning to wonder: Was it really such a good idea to give aliens maps leading back to Earth? They’re talking about the pulsar maps, created by astronomer Frank Drake, that were included with the Golden Records and Pioneer Plaques we launched into space back in the 1970s. Drake, known for his famous Drake …

OBEs and Ears

Study Finds Some Out-Of-Body Experiences Linked To Ear Problems

A new study has linked out-of-body experiences with inner ear disorders, according to Live Science. The study, which looked at over 200 patients suffering various ear problems, found “a significantly higher occurrence of OBE in patients with dizziness…than in healthy participants.” Their dizziness was related to “peripheral vestibular disorders,” or dysfunctions of the inner ear.