The “Hat Man”

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The Hat Man
Image: State Library of Victoria Collections via CC by 2.0

Have you seen the “Hat Man?”

Given the widespread nature of this phenomenon, it’s not unlikely that you have.

Perhaps belonging to the often mystifying “Shadow People,” the so-called Hat Man is a phantom who appears for just an instant, a tall shade wearing old-fashioned clothing and a top hat.

Many say they feel no fear when he materializes, but others think he is the devil himself.

Like the Old Hag, the Hat Man — whose name seems to have originated on Coast to Coast AM — appears to be a global phenomenon, an experience shared by thousands of people around the world.

Many don’t even realize just how widespread this phenomenon is until they’re driven to research it themselves.

What they inevitably find are tales of strange sightings, reports of a tall man, six feet or more, wearing his trademark top or bowler hat. He’ll appear when you least expect him — a quick glance while walking down a hallway, or a shocking reflection in a bathroom mirror. Standing motionless, watching you with a devilish grin on his face, and eyes that glow with some dark light.

When you turn around, he’s gone.

Sightings often occur in the bedroom, while an individual is just getting ready to go to sleep, or just after they’ve woken up. But the Hat Man can and will appear anywhere, in broad daylight and in the presence of others.

Is he a demon? A mischevous spirit? We simply do not know.

Shared Suffering

The Hat Man. The Old Hag.

What are these entities that seem so pervasive throughout the world? Could they be a type of shared psychological phenomenon, something within the human mind that causes us to interpret these strange experiences in a similar way?

I’m reminded of the fMRI images highlighted in the post Brain Scans Reveal What You See (Sort Of), in which scans of the human mind were used to recreate videos that test subjects had seen.

Many of the figures and people in those images seemed to be place-holders, familiar representations of more complex images. Perhaps this is a way for the brain to handle such complicated information, by comparing them to something familiar they’d seen in the past.

For whatever reason, could a man wearing a top hat have some kind of familiar connotation within our paranormal psyches? Could the vision of an ordinary man in old-fashioned clothing be our mind’s way of “coping with” and interpreting something that we would otherwise be unable to perceive?

Or is there something more nefarious at work, here? Is this “Hat Man” an actual spirit, or some other form of supernatural entity, stalking and visiting individuals around the world for reasons unknown?

I’ve personally never been visited by the Hat Man, but whatever he — or it — is, many people have come to face him, and undoubtedly more will follow.

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Post by Rob Schwarz

Rob Schwarz is a writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. He manages Stranger Dimensions in between changing aquarium filters and reading bad novels about mermaids.


9 Replies to “The “Hat Man””

  1. I think everyone has, at one time or another, seen a shadow out of the corner of their eye-then on second glance, found nothing there. Very interesting……….

  2. The hat man I saw and many others also wears a long trench coat and a wide brimmed hat..the top hat and tuxedo describes Baron samedi..a whole different entity..

  3. The Hat Man I encountered had a laugh like a blast furnace; his Hat–which seemed a leathery ebony breathing skin–held more Hat Men within it; with a slow bow he doffed that rippling top hat, and like Russian nesting dolls the other Hat Men oozed out and repeated the bizarre formality of their introduction process until they surrounded me…

  4. i saw him, but he didnt disappear, he just stood there looking at me, walked up to me after about 20 or 30 seconds,(i was too mesmerized to move) then he walked up to me, swept off his top hat, and introduced himself as “Ebenero”, i dont know how to actually spell the name or pronuonce really, it sounded like: Ebb-in-ear-oh, but anyway, he shook my hand(he had to reach down and pull it up because i wasnt responding) and just vanished. This happened 2 days ago

    1. I sometimes see Shadows that would move along the wall and they can see me I’ve had a lot of bad experiences psychically I hate dead people and what is really scary my kids see it too at first I thought when my daughter told me Mommy make it go away I thought how could she see something from imagination but now my grandkids see things to and tonight we all saw the white cat it was just weird I haven’t seen anything in a long time before this and I was glad

  5. I saw this dark shadow hat man with a big overcoat 2 times in 1982. Super scary!! I prayed to God that I would NEVER see it again and I haven’t. I really never told anyone until recently and then decided to look up on the web to see if anyone else had this experience. CRAZY…so many have. I don’t feel so alone, but doesn’t make it less scary.

  6. Im 33 now, but when i was younger maybe 11 -12 i used to be terrified of the dark and didnt sleep. One night i woke to see a silhouette of a man standing in my door way wearing a suit and a bowler hat carrying a suitcase, i hid under the blankets and eventually fell back to sleep. After that night i found i felt more comfortable sleeping in my room and sometimes i would wake with terrors and i would see him in the corner of my room and i would calm , strangest feeling. About 3 years later we moved house and on the 3rd night in the new place i woke up to see him in my doorway again but with his back to me and ive never seen him again

  7. I also seen the “Hat Man” i was sleeping with at the time my 4yr old who had woken me up saying mommy im scared, I asked why and he said because of that man at the end of the bed and as i turned to look sure enough he was there. I couldnt believe my eyes, I yelled at him Go Away! Leave us Alone! And i turned back to my son and asked him if he still could see him and he said no that he was gone. I assured him he couldn’t hurt us and we began to pray n went back to sleep. Ive seen many spirits in humam form but never confirmed what i was seeing with someone else also seeing the same thing as me. In that home many others have shared to see this man as well.

  8. Saw this thing after waking up in the middle of the night, feeling watched, when I was a child. Tried to scream but no sound came out. It had a bowler hat. Was all black – as if it was a shadow – very tall and wide.
    What differentiates my story, is that it was holding a blue orb in one hand, and a red orb in the other hand.

    I strongly believe that the house I was raised in was/had a portal or something – when I talk about it with my siblings (5 of us now, 1 passed away), we never run out of encounters/happenings/stories to tell each other…We’ve all been through our own Hell in that house. It didn’t surprise me one bit when I was told (after we demolished and used it for a bonfire) that the house was once the house the villagers used to expose the dead, like a funeral home.

    I wonder what the orbs the Hat man was holding could have meant?

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