Metallic Sasquatch Leads to Flat Tire In Montana

You’ve no doubt heard that Bigfoot statues across the country are falling victim to petty thieves. Most recently, a 7-foot-tall statue (dubbed Mr. Sasquatch) in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio was unbolted and thrown into the back of a Ford Explorer, leading to a town-wide hunt for the stolen faux cryptid.

The incident was caught by a security camera, and Jimmy’s Backyard BBQ (the statue’s home for six years) is still offering $1,000 and a free sandwich to whoever returns Mr. Sasquatch. For now, only signs reading “Come Back Sasquatch!” remain.

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However, while some imitation Bigfeet go missing, others have been turning up in the strangest places.

A tire shop owner in Kalispell, Montana just recently had an unlikely run-in with ‘Sasquatch’ himself. He’d provided a customer with a loaner vehicle, only for said customer to return later with a flat tire, claiming the elusive cryptid was responsible.

“Customer states their right-rear tire is flat because of a Sasquatch…a high-grade metal Sasquatch!”

No, a giant ape-man didn’t chase the customer down and explode his back right tire in a fit of rage. Instead, the tire was punctured by a tiny little metal Sasquatch. Where did it come from? And just how many Bigfoot statues and ornaments exist throughout the United States? I’ll keep you posted.


Rob Schwarz

Writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.