Miniature Bigfoot Encountered in Tennessee Cave

What is it with caves? In a sighting unrelated to the other day’s reptilian alien, a Tennessee woman claims to have encountered a “miniature version of ‘Bigfoot'” while exploring a cave in 2009, according to Cryptozoology News.

While exploring the cave with her husband, they came upon a strange animal “attached to the cave wall.” But upon closer inspection, this was no ordinary animal. Instead, according to the original report at The Crypto Crew, it was something terrifying: a bizarre creature with a hairless face, containing vaguely human features. It had brown ┬ábody hair and claws on paw-like hands and feet, and could climb the cave walls with amazing dexterity. The witness likened it to a smaller version of Bigfoot.

The cave in question is located on the woman’s own farm land, and you can see pictures of it in a video uploaded by The Crypto Crew. As for the creature, the woman didn’t have a chance to photograph it (“We both froze in the shock state and took in each others detail before I ran,” she says in the report), but after a later investigation she found an uncanny resemblance between the creature she saw and an illustration of a creature in an old document from 1696.

What is it? What was it doing in that cave? The investigation continues, and you can follow along over at The Crypto Crew, where there have already been a few updates regarding the old document and the history of the cave itself…

// via Cryptozoology News via The Crypto Crew


Rob Schwarz

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  1. It’s a bat. Some bats can be quite large and they have fleshy looking faces , and they can climb on the sides of walls. Some people who don’t have a lot of x experience with wild life are not very good at describing animals.My wonderful father was just such a person. ( God bless his soul. ) One day when I was still living at home he called me to come and look at something in a garbage can out back.He said there was some kind of a critter.I looked down and it was a baby oppussum , but as far as my dad was concerned it was a creature from outer space.For several years now I’ve been telling people to take a pic. with their smart phone , don’t even try to describe it to me over the phone.Over 90 % of the time witness descriptions are nothing like the animal once you’ve seen it yourself. ; sorry that’s just the way it is.Lol ! : )

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