4 Alleged Bigfoot Sightings and Evidence from July 2017

Sometimes, I wonder if the Bigfoot ever even wants to be found. He’s just out there, stomping through forests, building huts and screaming at people. But will he let us take one measly unblurred photograph? Nope!

Well, we do what we can. Here are some of the alleged Bigfoot sightings, bits of evidence, and other oddities that turned up in July 2017.

A Bigfoot Baby Crying?

This one’s a bit different from the usual “sightings” I post here. On July 9, Colorado Bigfoot shared audio they recorded one night while out around a campfire. The sound is very quiet, off in the distance in the forest, and begins at about 1:26.

You’ll need to turn the volume way up and maybe use some headphones, but the sound very closely resembles a crying infant. The deep mumbling is the low frequency of the group talking around the campfire, but the crying is more distant.

The video refers to Bigfoot’s usual ability to mask noise, but perhaps a baby Bigfoot hasn’t yet acquired that ability.

Giant Bigfoot Lurks Near Chicken Coop

In late July, a listener of Midnight in the Desert sent them a series of trail cam images of a chicken coop they’d constructed in Northern California a few years ago. Apparently, one night, he heard a big noise near the coop and ran outside to check things out. All he found was the perfectly fine chicken coop – and a dark figure retreating into the forest.

The trail cam allegedly told the full story: A large humanoid could be seen lurking behind the coop, its white eyes reflecting in the camera. Real, hoax? Maybe Bigfoot just wanted some chicken!

Missouri Sasquatch Takes A Walk

Now, as everyone knows, I leave no stone unturned in my pursuit of quality Bigfoot evidence. Which brings us to our next sighting.

The YouTube channel RealBigfootFilms posted a video on July 7 which they claim was sent to them by a person from Missouri. The footage, allegedly captured by a security camera, shows a humanoid figure with severely baggy skin casually strolling through an empty field.

Although, giving the video a closer look, I think it might be possible that this is actually footage of Jason Voorhees.

A Weird Creature Surfaces In Azerbaijan

This video started making the rounds in mid-June, and it’s certainly an odd one.

Last month, Cryptomundo shared a few details given to them – the footage may have been captured in November 2016 around Azerbaijan in the South Caucasus — but the nature of the video and its purpose remains a bit of a mystery.

The creature is small, perhaps a monkey (something along the lines of a Yunnan snub-nosed monkey). As many have suggested, it might, in fact, be a monkey in some kind of suit, wig, prosthetic, everything. It does appear to have socks on, and certainly sounds like a monkey.

One commenter suggested it could be a “mystical house troll” known in the region’s local folklore, others that it might be a “baby Bigfoot.” But I don’t know about that.

I hesitated to share this one, because whatever creature it is, I only hope it’s being treated well. But I just find the video itself so bizarre.

Washington State’s Official Cryptid

In a last bit of news, it turns out that a proposed bill in Washington seeks to make Bigfoot the state’s official cryptid. The idea was spearheaded by a nine-year-old boy with a big interest in cryptozoology, and even has support by Sen. Ann Rivers, who believes Bigfoot may very well be out there. Especially in Washington and the Pacific Northwest, where Bigfoot is often known to roam.

Unfortunately, the bill “died in committee” earlier this year, but they promise to keep trying.


Rob Schwarz

Writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.