Video: An Alleged Christmas Bigfoot Sighting In Minnesota

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“Say Merry Christmas, everyone!” So begins a strange video allegedly taken on December 25, 2014 in Northern Minnesota.

What begins as a simple family gathering around the Christmas tree turns into…well, let’s be honest, a somewhat dubious sighting of everyone’s favorite hairy, bipedal humanoid cryptid: The ever-mysterious Sasquatch.

Or Bigfoot.

“Oh my God!” The family quickly scurries outside, smartphones in hand, to film the large shadow as it stalks through the bare trees in the distance.

The dog — always the dog — runs out toward the strange figure, barking wildly at whatever it might be.

(Note to all dogs out there: Chasing after large unidentified monsters isn’t always the best course of action. Just ask Trigger.)

The woman behind the camera moves in to get a closer look, snow crunching beneath her feet. What does she find? Nothing she can see. “I hear something, though,” she says, “I still hear it.” The dog continues to bark and growl, standing alert, nose pointed straight ahead.

As the family slowly backs up toward the house, the camera turns to an open clearing. And just at that moment, as luck would have it, the dark shadow can be seen, clear as day, walking through the trees with a strange, lumbering gait.

Image: North by Wildwest/YouTube

With that, the family retreats back into the house, “slightly frightened.”

While the true nature of this video is uncertain, reactions seem to be mixed in the comments. Some feel it’s legitimate, others think it’s a laughable hoax, pointing out the relatively unenthusiastic response of the family to what should be an extraordinary encounter.

Even so, what has many perplexed is the reaction of the dog. While the dog initially approached the unidentified figure, it then backed off and continued to bark in its direction. However, it’s certainly possible, as others point out, that it could just be a person in a “Bigfoot suit” that the dog is reacting to (and even then, some aren’t convinced a dog would be so easily agitated by a person in a suit).

What I find a bit odd, with my late-night bleary eyed vision, is how the dark figure seems almost translucent at times as it passes quickly through the trees, leading me to think there may be some CGI magic involved, here, as well. That, or this Bigfoot is a supernatural entity, indeed.

As ever, I’ll leave you to decide whether or not this is a true Christmas Bigfoot sighting, or another paranormal hoax. And if you’d like to read up on more Bigfoot sightings, check out this year’s Bigfoot page.

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3 Replies to “Video: An Alleged Christmas Bigfoot Sighting In Minnesota”

  1. Too bad vertical video ruined a great shot. The dog would have been alerted to anything out of place. Our dog barked at big foot silhouettes we had in a field. When the dog ran back it thought the intruder was way out of its league. Most dogs can scare an unarmed human.

  2. If bigfoot truly exist then why hasn’t David Attenborough found evidence of its existence or even footage of it he has done so many documentaries on wildlife never bigfoot

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