10 Signs A Demon Is Haunting Your House

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A demon-infested house, perhaps?

Ghosts might be one thing, but demons are something else entirely.

A demon is a fallen angel. A supernatural and malevolent entity that exists in many religions around the world, under different names. In the Bible, they’re described as angels who were hurled down to Earth along with Satan, whose sole purpose now is to revolt against “God’s plan” and his people.

In the New Testament, Jesus was said to have driven out many demons.

An illustration of the demon Buer
Image: The demon Buer, by Louis Breton, Dictionnaire Infernal

‘What do you want with us, Son of God?’ they shouted. ‘Have you come here to torture us before the appointed time?’” – Matthew 8:29

Demons are mostly known to possess individuals, but there have also been many claims of demons infesting homes.

That is to say, there are stories of such events. As with most things of this nature, there are no concrete answers. Here are some of the reported causes for demonic infestation I’ve come across:

  • Dealing with the occult or practicing black magic
  • Using a Ouija board (read: Zozo). Some believe Ouija boards may “invite” negative entities into our world. This is the reason many warn against using them at all.
  • Summoning a demon. Yes, people attempt this sometimes, and it does what it says on the box, if stories are to be believed. Probably not something you should try at home.
  • Negative energy. Overwhelming stress, anger, and other negative human emotions may catch the attention of a demon and perhaps allow it an easy route into your life.

Those might be reasons why a demon would decide to bunk with you, but let’s take a look at some of the common symptoms of a demonic infestation. The things you should, perhaps, look out for.

The following are 10 signs a demon may be haunting your house:

1. Strange Noises

A lonely chair in an empty room
Image: Patrick Pierre/Unsplash

They aren’t like the clanging chains and soft whispers in horror movies.

The sound of a demon is said to be guttural, a harsh growling unlike anything an ordinary animal would produce. This may occur in specific spots, such as closets or hallways. You may even hear strained words over your shoulder, asking you questions, or threatening you in some way.

Other sounds may occur, as well, including banging, or stomping, and scratching on walls.

2. Scared Animals

A dog sits in the leaves
Image: Rachel Omnès/Unsplash

Many believe animals can see ghosts, your pets included. When a dog starts barking at empty air, he or she may have witnessed a passing spirit. But you also have those cases when the animal is afraid – terrified, even – growling at an unseen force hidden from human eyes.

Your pet may begin acting aggressively for no apparent reason, and there are even some cases in which a pet has reportedly fallen ill during a demonic attack. In his book True Tales of the Ouija Board, Stephen Wagner relates one such incident, during which a group of girls were “playing” with a Ouija board. All was well, until they contacted a spirit that unexpectedly mentioned their dogs. When they asked the spirit what it meant, it simply replied, “You’ll see.”

Not long after, the girls heard their dogs screaming outside. They later found a mysterious burn mark on one of them.

3. Mysterious Shadows

A shadowy hand presses against a curtain
Image: Darkness/Unsplash

The presence of “shadow people” may be a sign that a demon lurks nearby. In some cases, the shadows take humanoid forms, but they’ve also appeared as animals, or even simple amorphous blobs that don’t resemble anything at all.

One case of a potential demon involving a shadow person was reported by a Reddit user several months ago. While sleeping one night at her grandparents’ house, during a sleepover when she was very young, the witness was shocked awake, only to glimpse a dark silhouette in a chair on the other side of the room. It was awkwardly positioned, sideways, with its arms holding its legs up to its chest.

Having been taught a little about Christianity by her parents, at first she thought it could be Jesus, or some other positive entity. But just as she thought that name, the shadowy figure lurched up out of the chair – faster than anything humanly could – and approached her. The figure watched her, and then began doing something very odd, indeed: It started scratching at its own calves, tearing at its own flesh. If it even had any.

The witness tried to calm down, and eventually fell asleep, if that’s what it was. It was like time had warped in some way. She woke up the next morning, but not before she felt a strange breath upon her ear…

4. Demonic Nightmares

Birds flying in a nightmare
Image: Pelly Benassi/Unsplash

Dreams are interesting things. They can tell us a lot about who we are, and what our subconscious minds are really thinking. They can also, perhaps, act as windows into a world just beyond our own.

But that’s not always a world we want to enter.

Many have reported having strange and terrible dreams that accompany the unexplained activity in their homes during a haunting, particularly those involving demons. About a year ago, for example, another Reddit user posted his experience with what he believed was such a demon. It was in early October, and he’d just gone to sleep after a very tiring day.

That’s when he had what he described as “the worst dream [he] would ever experience in [his] life.” It involved something indiscernible but horrifying. It hovered over his bed, glaring down at him with a “disgusted look,” whispering something he couldn’t quite make out.

The dream ended with him waking up hours later, exhausted and sweating. He went out for a walk to clear his head. But when he returned, he found his door wide open – and that was only the beginning of his demonic experience. He’d go on to witness many of the signs on this list: the loud bangs, the shadows, and even two red eyes staring at him in the darkness.

5. Damage to Religious Symbols

A Bible sits on a desk
Image: Aaron Burden/Unsplash

Demons don’t take kindly to holy symbols. They may attempt to destroy crucifixes, Bibles, rosaries, or other religious artifacts. Anything that could act as a threat against their presence.

6. A Foul Stench

A fly sits on some leaves
Image: Jayden Yoon ZK/Unsplash

One of the most common signs of a demon infestation is a terrible, putrid smell. The scent of decomposition, or rotting eggs (sulfur). The scent of death.

One idea I’ve come upon is that the sulfur smell is actually a reaction demons, or other negative entities, have to divinity. This smell occurs, some say, when the demon is upset, or when the area they are inhabiting has been blessed or cleansed.

7. A Case of Bad Luck

A black cat
Image: Sašo Tušar/Unsplash

Parasitic, or negative entities, may latch onto people, draining them of their energy. They’re said to cause all sorts of unexplained symptoms, including drained emotions, mood swings…and bad luck.

Accidents may occur frequently, but there may be more to this seeming pattern of bad luck than meets the eye. A demonic attachment may be at fault.

8. “Friendly” Visitations

A shadow stands under a street lamp
Image: Jesse Bowser/Unsplash

Demons are deceptive.

One of the main reasons people warn others against the use of a Ouija board is that oftentimes, they believe, any spirits that appear “friendly,” or are claiming to be deceased family members, are very likely demons lying to you. They’re telling you what you want to hear, making it easier to take control.

This can be seen in reports of the demon Zozo, a fiend that seemingly enjoys pretending to be familiar spirits contacting users of the Ouija board. But sooner or later, the Ouija Demon reveals itself as the malevolent force it is, causing havoc in the lives of anyone who dares test it.

9. Physical and Psychological Disturbances

Image: Bash Fish/Unsplash

Have you ever been scratched by an otherworldly force? A spiritual attack is said to occur when the victim experiences scratches, bite marks, and other wounds without any ordinary explanation. They may happen anywhere on the body, or even on objects around the house – tiny, mysterious scratches that seem to defy all rationality.

In the case of a demon, like the aforementioned knocking, three scratch or claw marks are said to serve as a mockery of the Holy Trinity. But scratches aren’t the only sign of a demon: A person may feel odd sensations, like he or she is being watched. Feelings of unease, or even outright nausea and other forms of illness, have also been reported. The goal, it would seem, is to wear a person down to make possession easier. This is sometimes known as demonic oppression.

10. Demonic Possession

A hand reaches out
Image: Kurniawan kamisaputra/Unsplash

Demonic possession is a topic in and of itself, but don’t worry: We’ll get to it very, very soon. Suffice it to say, a demon’s presence in a home, or attachment to an object, may very well be a precursor to the full-on possession of a human. That may in fact be the entire purpose, what the demon wanted from the very beginning.

A vessel.

In the famous (or infamous) story of Annabelle, when Ed and Lorraine Warren first visited the two women and their curious Raggedy Ann doll, they say they knew immediately what they were dealing with: a demonic attachment.

The demon was only pretending to be the spirit of a young girl attached to the doll, but in reality it was attempting to be welcomed and accepted into their lives, after which it planned to possess one of them. The Warrens refer to this process as “Invitation, Obsession, Infestation, Oppression, and Possession.”

But as I said, that’s a story for another time.

Have you ever experienced any of these demonic signs? Do you believe demons may sometimes worm their ways into your lives, and even into your homes? Share your stories below…

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136 Replies to “10 Signs A Demon Is Haunting Your House”

  1. I think that my room may be haunted by a demon, almost every time I walk in there my stomach drops from fear, my room is often colder than the rest of the house( I’ve checked the windows there’s no draft), there is one spot in my room that is often dark even with direct sunlight on it( that same spot is usually cold and my cat always meows at it).
    I believed that it was just a normal ghost getting in through my old mirror( my grandma gave it to me I believe it was her mother’s) so I drew a cross out of frakencence on it, this resulted in a rotting smell. I think it manifested because of stress I don’t hear noises but I often have awful nightmares and usually wake up around 3, do you think it’s a demon if not what type of ghost if it even is one and what can I do to stop it?

    1. Burn sage, spread sea salt, immerse yourself into things that bring you peace, joy and happiness…it will keep your spirits up and a positive attitude. If at all possible, move out of that room. Look into new age shops in your area and inquire about healing circles. Listening to soft positive music will also help (nature sounds and Enya are my go to music). Well wishes that everything works out for you.

      1. Worst advice, I’m trying to get to the point, don’t mean to sound rude. Anything other than seeking help from our One and only true Creator will only bring more BIG trouble. Eternal trouble too! That is the truth. I have already found out myself.

      1. Do you think you can help me, with the demons that have been bothering me for a very long time now? I will tell you all about it in email if you think you can help, please contact me at cantyj0885@gmail.com

    2. Dear Child, the only way to get rid of this demon is to repent your sins and sin no more. Also go through your home and throw out any thing you have that has a pagan symbol. Just one of these will invite a demon in your life. Pray on you knees to our father who is in heaven in Jesus name every night before bed to show the demon who is your master. Dont do anything in the house that your father in heaven would be ashamed of especially sex without being married. Have friends also pray for you. My name is Gregory a shepherds helper. I have a vast knowledge and experience with Bible teachings and the dark art of the occult. Just remember there are no ghost just demons pretending to be your loves ones and lost friends.

      1. Demons are highly intelligent fallen beings. They have many names and have three rankings. This article is pretty accurate, I was surprised. These solutions suggested are feeble. They are not afraid of crosses and incense. This is not a Dracula fairy tale or something on netflix. I’ve experienced many of these points and the only way to not die in fear at their tortuous mercy is to claim Jesus as your savior. Every time they have attacked me just getting out the cry Jesus has made them flee. Now that I understand and have a relationship with Jesus Christ. I have not been afraid of them anymore. They have tried to make contact. Standing at my bed, Choking me, Speaking that ugly guttural language, making things levitate. Once they even tried to burn me with scalding water when I was taking a shower. Once I thought my husband had come home he was at the bed side in the middle of the night and called me sweetly. I felt him climb over me in bed to lay down. Then it dawned on me that he was not coming home yet this could not be him. Immediately they choked me, yet again. Every time I say “Jesus!” It stops suddenly. “Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved” Romans 10:13 Forget the silly charms. Call on Jesus if you are being harassed.

      2. i know someone whos going thru some strange things. like hearing voices and feeling a prescense .. can you email me lilmamajennifer@gmail.com

      3. Hi my name is adam christner im 34 now and b4 i knew about any of this spiritual stuff i played with a ouiji board in my attic when i was about 16 yrs old and didnt properly know how to use it. We didnt pray use sage or sea salt no crosses or nothing we didnt even put it to goodbye after we was done playing and and ever since then i been depressed now i siffer from anxiety depression night terrors (3 times a week or so) really bad and ive become really emotional. Im now starting to or trying to figure out all this spirtual stuff and i really am trying to walk with God but idk what it is but something isnt letting me fully do that. I dont do nothing dont talk to noone i have no friends hardly any family i just want to feel normal. Idk if anything in our house has a spirit attachet to it but i really need help to cleanse my house and to cleanse myself im really reaching out to u to help me and my home bc im really tired of feeling the way i do and its weird bc when im at someone elses house i feel energetic and really good as soon as i come into my hoise im weighed down can u or someone u know please come help me my house and my family. Im really begging u rn please HELP thank you God bless

      4. I agree so far. What you’ve said so far is spot on and good initial advice. But also, it is only through faith in God through Jesus that this is a permanent solution and that we are saved.

    3. it’s definitely a demon and if not then it’s something bad, because if it was good, a bad smell would not have occured after you drew the cross on the mirror. your best bet is to stop thinking about it, stop trying to get rid of it. that’s what it wants. your energy, and if you keep giving any type of energy towards it, pretty soon it’s gonna be able to touch you.

      1. I have had some pain in three years, it is spirit that changes shape to several others, each figure has its smell, and also different colors. hiding under the mattress, raping me, doing experiments on my body. sought a lot of help here in Sweden, but no one can remove it. I’ve translated

    4. Yes, I believe it is a demon. Do you have paralyzing dreams or apocolyptic or dreams or dreams of murder? Does it seem like the dreams repeat themselves, of the same type but in a different format. Do you go into panic attacks where it feels like you can’t reach a deep breath? I have been dealing with a demon ever since I quit using drugs. He has been here the whole time but wasn’t aware of it. I, on the other hand was more curious than fearful which kept me from fearing him and kept him powerless against me. It got to a point to where I got on his nerves because I was constantly asking him questions about the spirit world. I DO NOT suggest doing this. It irritates them. I finally turned my life over to God and have been under his protection since. Although, the demon still remains with me because he has legal ground, he can’t do much damage because I DO NOT FEAR HIM. It makes them POWERLESS. I am getting ready to begin catacism classes so that I can get babtized and that will hopefully cut his legal rights. Until then, I just have to deal with him and ask God for protection.

    5. Set up camera s and video it all night and if it’s a ghosts or daemon u will see it on the video u can use your phone to record it all night or your computer to record it or a camera any camera video will work

    6. Hey, im writing a book about ghost/demonic stories. If you wanted to further tell your story, you can email me at damon.hackworth37@gmail.com

    7. You may be obsessed with demonic presence. As the details given by you indicates the demonic or satan presence i suggest you to consult with some priest about this and say him what you feel…

  2. I had a terrifying experience, last night after hearing the word “Satan” my phone buzzed and I received 66+6 notifications then I smelt (still am) maggots and death. I shortly ran to the bathroom, only to hear laughing and a strange rumbling/ growling from my stomach. I ran out of the room, went downstairs to tell my friend, only to lose consciousness and woke up in my friends room. Please help me Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.

    1. I am the servant of YAH the Father of whom you call J.C. but that is not his real name for it has been christianized. But that is another story. If you are at war against demons or satanic people whom are living near you. They do have certain power concerning your house or apartment IF you do not have the set apart spirit of the Almighty. But IF you do have the set apart spirit of the Almighty abiding with you and in you…. make certain of it by asking for forgivenessn of all your sins and then ask for that set apart spirit to abide in you. Some may call it holy ghost or holy spirit. THen once you have received this great peace and assurance you need knowledge and allot of it. Stay in the four books of the renewed testament, and believe that YAH will defend you. I war all the time against them because I know the commandments of YAH and abide therein according to the teachings of that great prophet in the renewed testimony. Then you will have to learn the real commandments and keep them strictly so they cannot harm you. Because HE did not take the law away as many teachers of falsehood pronounces but came to teach us how to keep it or fulfill it. Matt.5:17-18 If you love me keep my commandments as I have kept my Fathers commandments. Jn. 15:10 for it is your righteousness to obey….Deu.6:24-25 So now you can cast the demons away in the name of the Father “YAH” and tell them to not return again and they will have to obey you. Only believe! Then give the Father praise and all the glory because of His mercy to the children of light. He or she that endure unto the end shall be save. <May YAH bless and keep you always… remember. Matt. 10:41 & 2CH.. 20-20 I tell this to you so your love may be complete… Praise YAH. Shalom to you. My deepest hopes for your release from these demons. Stephen A. P.S. Some may take fasting in order to rid them. Much word much power, little word little power.

      1. I know all about the word JC. I need help. I believe in the power of prayer. but this is not going to help. its much stronger than that.

      2. I’ve been noticing a presence in my son’s room. I’ve been seeing shadowy figures walking in my house. I’ve been hearing noises and sounds all over the house but because I believe in Jesus Christ ( which is not his real name ) I plead the blood of Jesus over my son and the house on a daily basis. Some visitors have also complained of seeing someone in that room. I’ve been praying for more than a year and I’ve burnt Frankensense inside that room multiple times and prayed with salt water that I’ve sprinkled while praying but this demon keeps returning. Now I’m starting to wonder of it had legal right to be here and why inside the boy’s room. Can someone assist me please. I need some insight

    2. Just nore it and pray to god and juses that’s it and believe In the lord jesus Crest
      That died on the cross for your sins so we all can go to heaven to be with him he promised us when he died on that cross always remember to pray

  3. Ive had the scratches. Ive had the sickness and Ive heard the voices, Ive had the outburst of anger the banging on the walls and two nights ago I seen what appeared to be the devil on the wall. It was a shadow but there was no way to cast it .. Two days before the shadow appeared I saw something in the dark watching me. Imma grown nan but i slept with the light on..Im scared but dont know if its really happening. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour but my daughter and mother live her as well.. who do I go to for help that wont laugh??

    1. U always pray to the lord jesus Crest and u tell it to live get behind me the saint it don’t belong here and tell it to go and be gone because the devil is a lawyer and god is truth and jesus is the son of god and throw god and jesus is possible it can be gone if u believe and believe in your self because throw god is everything just remember to pray. And also u go to a priest

    2. Not everyone laughs at your situation.I suggest you to visit some paranomal experts.i too have experienced it like unexplained scratches,sounds,closet opening automatically at middle of night.Only i was able to recognise its presence so everyone said i was hallucinating. but only i know this is true . YOU VISIT A PRIEST OF YOUR FAMILY AND TELL HIM WHAT YOU FEEL

  4. The only thing i have experienced in my house was a poltergeist. That can tell you that a spirit is trying to talk to you or give you a sign that it’s there. I asked one spirit if his name was Zozo. A male voice came through and said: No. That’s when i knew the spirit was lying to me. i can not explain why this happened, but in some cases it is explainable.

  5. my friend has had most of these signs. he hears banging noises, smells rotten odors, his dog will get up and leave his room at night, he has seen shadow figures, a crucifix i gave him was knocked to the floor one night and broken in two, nightmares, etc. he has since turned to christ and the bible. the visitations have lessened but do continue.

    1. May god be with you all . I know its hard for you all to understand what’s going on . but if you have Christ in your life it makes a big difference enitys also feed off if fear . let them know you have Christ . and speak with words from your holy Bible. Also tell those evil demons to get behind you in Jesus name . Believed have strong faith . and you will win I promise you in the name of Jesus lord our savior . may god be with you all .and I will keep you all in my prayers .

  6. Funny how often this site references the tales spun on Reddit, which ends up just being as many horror tropes as you can find in any extensive collection — and usually skewed from a Christian perspective, just as I’d expect from anything that’s written in the west and in dealing with demons. Particularly, anything you see that refers to Goetia or magic most certainly traces back to Judeo-Christian-influenced occultism… because authors like Aleister Crowley, S.L. MacGregor Mathers, A.E. Waite, Eliphas Levi and the like were involved in such occultism.

  7. Sometimes when i wash my hands, it smells rotten afterwards.
    I become anxious in churches, like really nervous and devided attention.
    Sometimes i have weird dreams, also once dreamd i saw myself and felt afraid.
    Anger issues have past though, since i took care of those years ago.
    Once i heard a dog’s growl near the bed window, late in the day, but there wasn’t anything there or outside.
    Often enough it seemed i had random visits, still do sometimes. Now it is just image flashes on the back of my eyelids, sometimes looking “fearsome”.
    Sometimes my cat looks at me a bit funny, like there is something unfamiliar in my face or what a dog often does when you have a complete new haircut.
    People around me sometimes act differently towards me, like i have a new face.
    7. A Case of Bad Luck, strikes funny to me… Haven’t had a real lucky day in my life for 25 years now (since i thought i saw something at school camp(when i was bullied alot)). Especially in love: can’t remember anyone having more bad luck than i have, plus i seem to only attract (or feel attracted to) the bad women.

  8. Hi, Recently separated from wife after 41 years, and my three grown children are distraught and a couple months after that the family mansion was torn down, so i was a emotional wreck, I was privileged enough to salvage some doors, trim, window, and other items, as my apartment is full, started Reiki treatments to help with negative feelings, and yes it has helped tremendously, as my arthritis is gone, at the last session, my teacher seemed drained, I asked her what did she see, said I see vase, with weird handle and was gaudy, she described a Dragon vase I purchased at a garage sale about 15 years ago, she said it has a demon attached to it, that explained a lot, like being drained, and stomach problems, Being scratched, and the fan was being turned off, and a black blob in the one of glass doors I took from the mansion, this has been going for years, I burned Sage, and prayed from the bible, and from my Catholic up bringing, also got rid of the vase after the cleanse, but still seeing large black worms in the toilet, three so far, one before the cleanse, one during the day I cleansed, and one week today from cleanse, i feel better, not getting sick or hearing strange noises anymore, also burn Sage everyday now, so I’m confused why the worms are still here?, meeting a medium this week, and to find out if it still with me.

    1. Wow, it’s no wonder you’re having all kinds of issues. Catholic, using Reiki, going to mediums, sage….You need to stay away from ALL of that, including any “New Age” stuff as some mentioned on here; it’s all demonic. You don’t have to go to church, but get out of the Catholic faith if you’re still affiliated. All you need is Jesus/Yeshua/whatever name you want to use for The Christ. He is the ONLY one that will save and protect us. Repent of your sins, ask for forgiveness, believe with all your heart, and turn everything over. Pray every night for you, family, friends, etc. to be blessed, watched over and protected from evil and harm. Pray for our Father to soften the hearts of non-believers to accept him before it’s too late. Pray for guidance and to see the truth. I don’t care what anyone says or those who want to mock, I’ve had several things happen the past few weeks that turned out ok and I have no doubt it was due to my prayers to my Father/Jesus. It works.

      1. I also had this happen after dealing with all these things including getting out of UFO interests. UFOs that are real and unexplained are DFO’s I call them, Demonic Flying Objects. I’ve had experiences after seeing them similar to hauntings and then later found out it was all related and to stop this new age interest and stop sinning and start believing and relying on Jesus Christ when in need of help. I came across a website called ce4 research and hundreds of people around the world said the same thing. All these UFOs and hauntings when prayed against in Jesus name stopped instantly and in all cases stopped permanently. Thank God and Jesus that theres a way out of this and that is through them and obeying them and trusting them. Helping others is another big thing I noticed that helps me greatly feel good and even more at peace.

      2. You do realise Catholicism is of the Christian Faith don’t you? It’s as much a part of the Christian Faith as being a Protestant or any other Christian denomination.. So why tell the guy to stop being a Catholic? If that brings him peace? Jesus is part of Catholicism.

        (I say this and I’m a pagan).

      3. Get out of the Catholic church? The Catholic church is the only church that knows how to effectively deal with demons and demonic possession.

    2. don’t go to mediums, they are not from God; when someone in the Old Testament went to a medium for advice, he and his son got killed in battle that day. God strictly forbids going to mediums. Find a born again, spirit filled pastor or minister to help you. Also, I wouldn’t do Reiki.

  9. I do hear voices. They are very clear to me and they call out my name. My dog’s bark and whimper at empty spaces. I see people in my mirror. The voice is very threatening. It follows me too. While I was reading this I felt a scratch on my neck. No damage to religious stuff though. I am seeing shadows. The scratch has come again just now. it is on my shoulder. on my back. everywhere… it hurts everywhere. I have been a believer in god since I was 2 years old. I don’t understand why this is happening. Someone, please reply. I don’t want to live like this anymore.

    1. Have a priest bless your home, throw holy water on yourself. You can get blessed holy water inside of any Catholic church. It may take numerous blessings of your home by a priest before the demon(s) leave. If these things do not work, have an exorcism performed on yourself.

    2. 1) If you’re a saved Christian, repent of your sins.
      2) Clean your house of everything God hates.
      3) Read the Bible to know Him.
      4) Check these links…



  10. Every night when I go to bed I hear noises like tapping or knocking on my walls and doors when I look there is no one there. Then just last night I felt a burning sensation on the back of my neck and had my friend look at it she said there was 3 marks on my neck.

  11. I am only 15 and when I close my eyes I see something that resembles strange symbols and letters I her voices telling me that my family doesn’t love and sometimes I believe it i have strange markings on my left underarm and left inner upper leg I get bad dreams when I sleep by myself and I always fell like I’m sick and that someone is watching me and sometimes it feels like time slows down I am scared it doesn’t help that I feel like something is out to get me and those i care about

    1. Evil spirits feed on fear. Don’t let them scare you. Trust in God. He is greater than any evil spirit. Pray to Jesus, get saved as a Christian, repent of your sins, and read the Bible.

  12. I know all about the word JC. I need help. I believe in the power of prayer. but this is not going to help. its much stronger than that.

    1. 139 your faith is lacking if you believe something evil is stronger than God. Perhaps that’s why it’s not working, because it’s picking at your faith, causing doubts. And, God may be testing you and your faith by allowing it, and you’re failing the test because you are doubting God. Be strong in the Lord.

  13. I lived in a 2 room condo but i slept at the living room since the first month i moved in 2 years ago. All my stuff’s stored inside the master room while the second room used to be my man cave. But lately even sleeping at the living room i had to switch on the lights during certain night where i feel liked im being watched. My job required me to travel a lot that sometimes my place would be empty for weeks. Sometimes my cat will stared quitely at the ceiling or walls for hours.

  14. It’s funny. I came across this page now that I have some free time. Many of the replies explain some of the things I have experienced.

    Over the last six weeks, I’ve been having an odd ‘fear’ in my bedroom. I’ll wake up scared and turn my study light on until regaining my confidence to turn it off and go back to sleep. I don’t know what really started it. My room is often cold. I have had odd but not necessarily ‘demonic’ dreams, but during the night I feel extremely scared. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Todd
      My friend is experiencing popping noises and weird smells definitely knocking and strange noises on the ceiling and window .I have heard growling .

  15. Hi I’m 2011 and 2012, my family was under demonic oppression. We are Christian and after everything you have discussed happened to myself,son, and my husband, a wise servant of the Lord told us to erase any video, audio , or pictures we had of this terrible hauntings. I am divorced and my son and I love with my parents after a terrible and exhausting divorce. About a month ago I started to hear and see things in my pictures and my house. Why I’m the world would this happen again and what do I do to get rid of this terrible situation again. I keep my bibles open to psalm 91 and pray aloud constant to our Saviour. I want to do research on the carvings and find out what demons are doing this but afraid I should just not give them any more of my time and try to move forward hoping they will just go before the full fledged hauntings happen all over again 7 years later. What do I do

    1. Try reading this…



  16. PLEASE READ: I recently moved into an apartment a little over a month ago. Shortly after moving in I would wake up noticed my baby had been moved to the other side of the crib. He cant move himself yet and is very young he just turned 4 months. Eventually I started feeling a sort of weird energy in the apartment and heard strange noises at night and during the day. One time I came home one morning after being away for the night to find my babys bottle of lotion cut open. It looked like it had been sliced. I began hearing the word “hello” every now and then and sometimes when i wasnt even home. I would hear someone say hello in a man’s voice when i would be talking on my cellphone with my friend. I seen it before in the middle of the day in the form of a shadow behind my while i was sitting on the couch feeding my baby.

    I am very scared and will not stay there alone at night without someone with me. All 3 of my friends that hfs been there have injured themselves after being there or a couple days after. One had felt like they were pushed on the ice in my parking lot and the other had twisted his knee. And my other friend could barely walk as he was leaving my apartment and complaining His knee was badly hurting. I found out that in 1992 a man from Iran lived in my exact apartment and held his baby out the window, my aparment is on the 3rd floor. That same year someone who lived there went missing as well. Dont know what to do my friends father tried to get rid of this spirit or demon but it will not go away. It plays nasty tricks on me sometimes and i can still see shadows sometimes in the corner of my eye. Any suggestions????

    1. Makayla i hate to ask because its personal its your choice if you want to tell me but where do you live? This sounds familiar to me, if i am able to communicate with you on a distance texting level i might be able to use my empath ability to connect to you as i do with my girlfriend and her daughter over in scotland as i am in the USA iv known her since before her daughter was born. Again though its up to you. If you want to know who i am, i am no one special here is my facebook, this goes for everyone who reads this as well, people like me are here to help and i am Christian decent. My pic should be of somthing demonic only because i like the art not because im demonic or anything. But as for advice retrain your will and mind and grow stronger if you dont I fear it could get worse or find a true priest if all that does not work im afraid you need to do extensive research on what when where why and who, from biblical demon and ghosts to cultural demons and ghosts and the land before the building was constructed or who has done what and find the solution after figuring it out. <3 i truly hope this helps i know its not easy.

  17. I felt everything Kylie moss felt. Mostly he trys and control my eyes and he levitates me. He only messes with me. I felt scratches, he takes my things. He try to intrupt my prayers. I also feel sick allot. Please help me dear god. I have seen the demon. He is yellow with yellow eyes and a long nose.

  18. Dear child pray to the one almighty god. Yeet the demons away I promise you. Say Jesus name I command thee get behind me. If u play video games that helps distract me from evil. Floss on the spirts and whip them back to hell. God is stronger then all these noob skins. He is a renegade raider and the demons are noob skins. Any questions ask me children. In gods name I pray that y’all will have peace.

  19. Yea me too I’ve been hearing noises. It says hello & my name. I feel the need to clinch my jaw! I’ve held crystals and have done sigils none of which has worked.

  20. Had an odd dream out of the ussal but i projected myself and was upstairs in my house laying sidways on my chair the lights slammed off i had little light then i tried turning the lamp on and both times i did it shut off after the second time i felt like i was being held down and out of the corner of my eye a shadow representation of our dog came out of the dark side of our couch and walked at me growing and i looked at one angle before i opened my eyes at the hallway and ****ing shadowman x2 standing there staring at me i have not had these dreams in months and i typically am not effected by them when they occur i like to believe i have a strong mind and spiritual energy as i am an emotion empath aquarius. this time its diffrent though they had me full force restriced (could not move or talk as much as I tried) and when the shadow dog growled i could hear my girlfriends daughters voice and she lives in scotland and im in the usa and her daughter is just turning 4 and it did not come from the shadow dog or shadow man as if i could hear her telepathically granted it was her just giggling and laughing playfully like she normally does. thats my first concern restricting my movement they have never been able to do that my entire life as an empath 2nd animals have never been used to get at me when shadowman are watching me 3rd its concerning after just talking about this with my girlfriend that her daughter keeps saying shes seeing (dark men) not one but multiple i asked her to describe it because shes advanced for her age like 3 years ahead and she told me (no face with a dark body and long arms that tried to grab her) she woke up screaming for her mom. That and this is the first time iv experienced it in months but i did have my dreams and ability suppressed by smoking marijuana which surppressed my sight for it to.

    1. No, it is not schizophrenia bub. Your choice of numbers says more about you, than it does about the ones you talk smart about.

      1. I was thinking the same thing with that person’s choice of numbers. It everyone that experiences this has automatic schizophrenia.

  21. so maybe my house is haunted by a demon, probably not and im just overreacting but every time I got into a room I feel like someone is trying to push me out and sometimes I hear unlike any animal growls coming from dark spots in my room.
    I fell Uneasy everywhere in my house and I feel like I’m being watched. I get strange scratches of three on my thighs out of nowhere. my cross keeps falling off my wall.

  22. Listen I am in pretty bad situation. I was diagnosed with skyzophrenia. But I totally energy less, no motivation, no will . I can’t focus or remember. I have to admit it can be illness but I heard crackling noise in my house and other placesI have been. My dad heard it too. My mom did. I believe in top of the ilness I am a victim of deamon following me and dreaming my entire energy. Is there a way to check or get rid of that thing.

    1. I understand how you feel, truly. I have psychosis disorder, similar to schizophrenia. But my aunt studies in a “paranormal career”, so she states. I’m sure I could of some help, mentally and emotionally as well as physically. If I could get more information about this demon, more specifically, the noises, dreams, things you see, I could provide some solutions. Demons are very different from your ordinary spirit, so the process might be a bit puzzling. Consider this. Good Luck.

  23. My husband woke up this morning screaming because he had a terrible dream. He said he saw the devil and the devil told him his name. He repeated it in question and his name was Beelzebub. I googled this today and freaked out; we’ve never heard of that name before and where the heck would he get this from? He said he the devil tricked him into repeating his name to him and he then started chancing him.

  24. For the past two months there have been bites, marks and welts on my arms and surprisingly on my leg. Always on both sides of my right arm, and only on the underside on my left-probably because I picked up a very strange burn mark (I was a cook so I know what the old scars looks like) on the upper part. It wasn’t there in October but was there in January-it looks like an archaic Angel, but it fades in and out but does nor disappear. The pigment is totally missing. The scratches and punctures occurred when I was sleeping and they didn’t bleed. The punctures were deep and formed a triangle. I find things missing, then turning up in no place they had any business being. One overlying theme is a “smile” with three circles under it, and a trident-looking claw mark. There are probably 100 reasons why, but they are not conventional ones. I’ve shared pictures with a Priest who is a customer; he’s praying and setting up a meeting with the Archdiocese demonologist. I have nearing Stage IV CHF, so I know that I don’t have a lot of time remaining, but something wants it

  25. Hi Everyone,
    I just wanted to ask has anyone any experiences and solutions to get rid of a flying demon? its making so much noise i can not sleep at night… it is flying about tipping of the floor , the wardrop door to the the wall, then goes upstairs down stars and all the rooms, to the attic. hitting of the timber it makes a cracking noise.. it speeds around tipping off everything… it like to attack me bounces of my hearth area really forcefully..like its trying to posses me.. but cant i said to it get out that it had no authoritie to be around me or my children.. get out of my room and my house, but it was like it heard and left my room, and went completely silent for 10mins, then it came back in again, tipping at everything.. then i told it to go back to the kingdom of darkness that it should be in here with us, it stopped dead in its tracks, listening to what i was saying, then it continued on doing what it does.. another time i was using the loo, and it drive in the side of the bath plastic panel along the side, now theres a great big crack in it.. made a hell of a noise…. another time it pushed me out of my body and i was literally floating up at the ceiling on my back…it turned it self in to a young girl one night and sat in between my real sleeping chidren.. i i am really sick to the teeth of it

    1. It is trying or already has gone inside someone in your house. Buy burning sage, learn how to sage your home and family members. Come up with your own words when cleaning your house/self/family members. Find your faith in Jesus Christ, have faith in Jesus. It should move on or go away. If this fails, ask your church. Don’t have one? Find one.

  26. So i have been having some awful nightmares and a few months ago i had this necklace that myvmom had given me on at a friends and that weekend it went missing also happens that this weekend a bunch of paranormal stuff hapenned such as my friend feeling as if she was being smacked and then lifting up her shirt to find huge handprints on her. But just recently i found the necklace in my dresser but im 100% positive it wasnt there because i have gone through this dresser a ton the day that it reappeared in my stuff my brother started to see this shadowy figure in the house in his dreams and i have seen this figure in both my house and dreams my dogs are acting skiddish and growling at the air it seems she has also been staring at something that i cant see and starts whining and freaking out when ever she does see it . I spoke to my step mom about this stoned necklace reappearing into my stuff and she seemed to get kinda concerned to see i was wearing it and told me about how this stone was associated with dark magic does anyone have some suggestions or ideas of what could be happening or if the necklace and these things happening are connected

    1. I have had terrible nightmares too and this one is about my dad in some yellow rabbit suit and it crushing him inside and I have been seeing this shadowey figure constantly appearing round the house.

    2. Some things are cursed objects. Read this…



  27. I’ve actually had some of these symptoms like bad luck mysterious wounds and the other symptoms by one day I was in my tatters room with a giant crack in the floor but besides that it was fine. But one night my bedroom lights were off my brother and all the other family members we’re asleep but I was the only one awake and my door was cracked open only with a peer of light peeking through the door. Than I heard scratching and growling. Sadly, I had no holy items. So it continued all night until I finalized went to sleep. Four years later of bad luck might seem bad but than I got lucky THAT I DIDDN’T DIE! I fell of my electric scooter and got a bruise underneath my toenail. (…and yes I did move twice…) Before that I got a bruise underneath my fingernail. I don’t know what will happen in the future but I don’t think it’s going to be good.

  28. None of this surprises me. I’m an ordained pastor in deliverance ministry. What boggles my mind is when people open doors with Ouija board but then keep using it after all he’ll has broken lose.

  29. Off the bat, a demon IS NOT a “fallen angel” but rather a twisted and mutilated human soul. I didn’t even read any further because with that claim, I believe you may not understand fully what you’re talking about.

  30. For many years I was visited by a positive spirit, which never showed me any desire to hurt or scare me, but rather just to let me know it was around. My eldest child just turned 16 last year and has been suffering from extreme anxiety. The positive spirit has not showed its presence for at least 7 years now.

    About 8 years ago I bought my eldest a second hand wardrobe and for a long time he said it made him feel uncomfortable. I just figured it was because he was not used to having one in his room as the houses we have lived in prior have had built in wardrobes. Not long after purchasing it he complained of a bad dream which terrified him, but again I put that down to the fact he had watched a horror movie (The nun) as his dream was of a rotting fleshed nun that screamed his name. Not long after that he claimed he heard the same voice from his dream call his name from his wardrobe. He often sleeps in the lounge room now, and rarely sleeps in his room. The other night his girlfriend stayed over and she woke him up in tears. She was crying and telling him she had heard a voice from his room. The voice insisted she wake him up and get both him and his sister who slept in another room up and out of the house or it would hurt them all. She woke my son, told him.

    He immediately woke his sister and as he left her room while waiting for her to get up he claimed a shadow figure walked right in front of him. It was about 6 foot tall. It terrified him and he woke me. All three kids went outside for a short period before having the courage to go back into the house and finally went back to bed. In their younger years they were used to the positive spirit moving things around but none of us have any idea how to handle this thing, what ever it is. My son also claims that when he went outside with his girlfriend the other day, they could both smell something that reminded him of a rotting body smell coming from under the house. I decided to research how to rid a house or person of a negative influence and this is how I came across this site. I am a bit concerned that if I dont do it right then I will just make matters worse.

    Growing up as a child my mother ignored me whenever I mentioned that I had noticed or seen something unusual and always told me it was an overactive imagination. I dont want to do that to my son. I have not noticed anything nor have I seen any of this but now my sons girlfriend has also witnessed this I cannot put it down to my son having an overactive imagination or his anxiety. I am genuinely concerned for him but I dont want him to know how worried I am because it wont make him feel any better about the situation. i honestly do believe him, I just dont know what to do about it.

    Can anyone give me some advice please???

    1. He may just be psychic, are there any local spiritualist churches in the area he could go to for advice? They maybe able to send people to the house.

  31. Hello, I’m the kind of person who doesn’t want to believe in demons, but lately things haven’t been right and I have no idea what to do. There are times when I come home or anyone else in my family come home to a horrible stench, and we couldn’t find where it came from. My younger brother tends to have sudden uncontrollable rage out of no where to the point even I get scared and similar things happen to my dog (who is a Labrador, that is very friendly around small children) suddenly gets angry to the point where she would have bit me if I hadn’t jumped out of the way. Just 15 minutes ago she started shaking so hard, she looked completely terrified and I can’t think of a reason. I haven’t been able to fall asleep easily, and I don’t know if there is a negative entity or just coincidences.

    1. I’m convinced you have an evil spirit in your home. If you’re not a saved Christian, you risk demonic possession.

  32. Sometimes entities are not demons but inhuman spirits called elementals. Demons are very very very x100 RARE. High level demons are super obvious, super physical, and you’ll know them instantly. I believe there are also interdimensional entities that come through portals created by unwitting, unskilled magic practitioners or by the use of divination tools like the ouija. These entities and sometimes human spirits can attach to you and cause the same problems stated here. Anything evil will mock the divine, it’s not exclusive to demons. Think of them as schoolyard bullies. They’ll mock anything to get a rise out of you. Treat them as bullies. Ignore them. Get on with your life. Do things that make you happy. Clean the house thoroughly (no, I mean spotless, seriously). Get rid of all your clutter. Take salt baths once a week. Do colonic cleansing. Go get a massage or energy healing. Exercise, meditate, eat whole foods, organic, vegetarian if possible. Meat lowers your energy. Sage yourself and your sleeping area daily. By doing ALL of these things, you raise your vibration to such a high frequency that the being cannot attach any longer. It might take a few months, maybe years, but you can defeat them.
    Blessings be upon you.

    1. The Bible doesn’t mention elementals or vibration, and it doesn’t teach saging. Jesus casted demons out. They are not rare. Satan’s kingdom is filled with them. You sound like a New Ager. People leave the New Age movement when they discover the danger of it. I suggest listening to their testimonies.

  33. My family situation is rather capricious. Every once in a while, my parents will argue.
    An indistinct form began to spy on me.
    It disappeared in 4th grade, without a trace. I couldn’t get mad anymore.
    I would say horrible things just to see how people react. Uncomfortable facts, unnecessarily detailed descriptions of various nasty things I’ve seen, offensive humor, swear words, outright blasphemy.
    And, you know what? I’m okay with that.

  34. I’m a bit confused. When I was younger,(beware, this might take long), I was about 8, my little sisters were 6, 4 and 2. We were living with my mother, her boyfriend, and my aunt in New Jersey, in my mother’s boyfriend’s house. (we no longer live there thank god). One day, me and my sisters were playing in our room, when we saw out the window a little boy. From what I remember, he looked about 6, and wore a striped blue and white shirt with jean overalls, and blonde hair. He was just standing on our lawn, staring at us. Me and my sisters went to tell our mother, but when we came back to the window, he was gone. We didn’t really think much of it until the next night, when me and my 6 and 4 year old sister were sleeping in our room, and we heard tapping on the window. We told our mother the following morning, and she said it was just the tree, so she cut off the tree branch. Well, the next night, we heard it again, except harder, and louder. It sounded like fingers eagerly tapping on the glass. When we told our mother again, she went to investigate, and saw that the lock to our window had been snapped off. There really was no possible explanation as to why this was happening, so we let it be. Until, Isabel, my 4 year old sister said she made a new friend, “Monty”, saying that he comes to visit. Nobody knew who this “Monty” was. We thought it was just an imaginary friend, so then again, we let it be. Things were pretty normal for about a week, then my aunt saw something too. She was leaving for work and was waving goodbye to us as she was leaving out the door. But then she waved at the window, which confused my mother, causing her to ask. “Who are you waving bye to?” and my aunt responds saying. “I’m saying bye to Isabel. ” My mother looked at me confused saying. “What do you mean? Isabel’s right next to me.” My aunt took a step back, staring at the window hard. “Then who was in Isabel’s room waving at me?” We all looked at each other confused. My mom asked Isabel, and she said. “It was my friend Monty.”
    A couple nights later, Isabel and my other younger sister both woke up with scratches on their backs and faces. Isabel said “Monty hit her.” Which evidently freaked my mother out. After that, weird things started happening. I began seeing shadows, and having nightmares that still keep me up at night to this day. It only got worse. Isabel said that “Monty” ran away, but she made a new friend in the mirror. We asked her who it was and she said that she wasn’t allowed to tell. Apparently they shared secrets, and if Isabel ever told anyone, she would “pay”. I couldn’t sleep at night because I kept seeing shadows moving at the foot of my bed, and hearing strange noises from under the bed, like low growls. Isabel heard them too, in fact, we actually have footage of Isabel playing around with my Aunt’s phone, and recording herself, then looking under the bed. All you heard was a low growl, and her running away with the camera. And if that isn’t creepy enough, our dog Blake, kept barking at air, growling and acting very protective. Blake was a very sweet dog, so him acting like that was unusual. Like I said, to this day, I still feel like I’m haunted from whatever that was, and I swear I’m pretty sure I’m seeing Monty still. It’s been 6 years since It all happened, Isabel has forgotten everything. She’s oblivious to it all. But I’m still suffering from it. I have a major fear of the dark, and can’t be, alone in a room for too long. I’d like to know what the heck it was, to clear things up a bit. I have a few more stories that aren’t scary, but still a bit disturbing. Sorry for it being so long.

  35. When i was in my room drawing no one was making a sound when out of sudden something fall down and i felt like i was geting stalked or watched from one night i was sleeping and i had a dream it was the most horror and bloodies dream i have ever when i woke up from it i was sweating it (what my dream was)was about my big sister i was sleep and i woke up on my bed then i felt like couldnt move like i was peralized then i here my fall of her bed then i yoused all my streaght to move and i look behind my sister was no more her eyes were red it was not my sister

  36. Hiya there;

    I have a serious question;
    A couple weeks ago i was hanging out with a friend who let’s just call frankie… ANyway we got on the topic about spirits a demons and he hands me a good energy necklace and told me to take it with me. well after holding it in my hands for no more than 3 mins, i got a burn mark in the palm of my hand i thought hmm that’s weird, well now like i said this was a couple weeks ago, This burn mark has not went away or got lighter..

    Can anyone point me in the direction of someone who can answer this?

    1. I may be able to help if you give some descriptive detail on the “energy necklace”. My aunt studied in, I guess you could say, “Witch craft”. I’d be happy to be of service.

      Often good luck charms, ankhs, astrological symbols and other jewelry with hex signs, etc. will cause interference with DELIVERANCE. Some objects, particularly rings, bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry which have been given to a person by someone in witchcraft will have curses and/or bondage in them.

      Source: https://www.quia.com/pages/warfarelesson4.html

  37. I hate demons but my cousin played the quige board thingie. Ever since, something weird has been in her home.I have this thing to see ghosts and I seem the black tiger with horns and red eyes. Nobody else saw it, just me #haunted

  38. A black form has been seen moving around. Opened one gdaughters door and stood and watched her. Now the twin which is having depression and other issues had a new package of razors that were in the bathroom torn open and on the floor in her room. The dog goes crazy barking and hackles up and looks up at the ceiling. Can an evil spirit be trying to possess my depressed gdaughter? They are fraternal twins. What do I do?

  39. I have recently become aware of a demonic attack being waged on myself. It has been infecting my home for months, the worst of it the rapes at night too numerous to count. I had foolishly summoned these three demons or incubus/succubus. I need help can someone email me with suggestiveness of how to stop this? I am certain they have already or are well in process of possession of me. I am terrified to sleep as this is when they attack me. nickschieslerjr@gmail.com

  40. The dog is aware of this, yet only sees me with the gentle affection she always does. I could be anywhere, and see a smiling shadow that looks just like me. I’m forbidden from being near a Ouija board, as something will always happen. A bible was destroyed, and a girl’s neck was burned as though something had attempted to tear away the cross she wore, to name some notable examples. There is always singing in the distance in the middle of the night, and a presence when it’s pitch black. But, never does anything fall. Never is anything non-religious destroyed. Mischief is only managed when it’s unlikely that we’ll be caught. I don’t have a memory that spans before the shadow. It’s been so long, that I consider it a part of me.

  41. So a demon is attached to my sister… Welp I don’t know what to do. I used to get bruises out of nowhere, my sister was recently scratched and it burnt her somehow, but a few days later it was gone. There where two adult men who died in this trailer but the thing claims to be a sixteen year old boy.

  42. What does it mean when for no reason the board counts from 10 to 1 and ends the session? I don’t remember if it said good bye or just off the board. At times the placard moved on its on and said it did not like me.
    There were a few other strange things but everything was lies. I was using it alone, I downloaded it off of one of the apps in the App Store. It moved sometimes with me not touching it. It’s spelled everything out correctly. I must say it’s spelling was quite good. But definitely did not like me for some reason. Anyway I wondered why account it from 10 down to one and then off the board.

  43. I don’t know what’s going on with me, but I feel like I’m being watched continually and then I hear like a women breathing in my room under the floor it’s so creepy someone please help.

  44. Well
    First there is no such thing as Fallen Angels!
    Angels are always do good things and are incapable of disobey god.
    However what is mistakenly refers to as fallen angels are Djins.
    Same as Humans, they have free will to do good/evil things.
    Satan was not an Angel , he was a Djin who brought to heaven, since he had free will he ascended his level so high that got among the Angels (only by rank) then disobeying god, because he has free will.

  45. A fair warning to y’all. Meth is the fast track to demonic possession. Many people on meth, especially after staying up for 2 to 3 days, start seeing these fleeting shadows and all kind of “entities” that smile at you, as if to mock you, and they literally grin at you menacingly. It’s disturbing.

    So stay away from hard drugs, and if you can, all drugs, as it does lower your energy vibration and leaves your physical and spirit body weak and broken, and they say during these times it’s much easier for demonic entities or spirits to possess and oppress us. So stay vigilant and call on the name of Jesus if you are under attack.

    To give yourself to Jesus completely, recite the Lord’s prayer and mean it. Then, when the demons try to harass you, you can say, Jesus is my Lord and I am 100% Jesus’s, and I will kneel to no one else but Christ! In the name of Jesus, leave and never come back! In the name of Christ, don’t come back!

    And sometimes they do come back, but just keep using the name of Christ and they flee like they’re on fire! But in order to really have them gone for good and not even harass you, the goal is to live right and to lead a generally sinless life.

    It’s okay if we fail a little here and there, that’s normal, we’re human, but living a life full of degeneracy and serious sin, and then hoping for Jesus to come to your aid every time is a bit selfish. We gotta show Christ we are willing to sacrifice things for him, and I am working on this as well. So take one step toward Christ and he will take 10 steps toward you. God bless.

  46. My boyfriend has been have night mares and now he getting bruises on his arms we thought it was his dad but the room feels funny

  47. Hello my name is Melissa Henson I live in Portsmouth,Ohio. I have been having a demon bother me for a long time it first came as a child,well now its really tormenting me now, saying I will be his wife. I was the chosen one from birth. Please HELP ME,HELP ME, It’s name is Azeal

  48. My room is often the coldest out of my families, I didn’t care at first I thought I just had some wind coming out of somewhere but theres no where I could be I took a picture of my walls and I gotten a light on the left bottom corner and then I saw a face I took another one and the light was gonna and so was the face the next day I woke up and I couldn’t breathe I gasp for air and I got some in I told my family about it and they said that my big brother had a imaginery friend named Jacob but Jacob was a demon and the demon was trying to kill my sister the reason why I’m saying this rn is a see a kid trying to play a game with me every once in a while behind my dresser everywhere if anyone wanna see the picture of the girl dm me my discord is “solar-don’t_try_me#5794

  49. We moved into a home 21 yrs ago..our first nite in. Light flickered..not knowing if it was bad .. I didn’t think a thing. About two weeks in my 4yr old son at that time .. started screaming at a livingroom window saying a child was looking in at him. ..I said its youth reflection. He was terrified. And screamed no ! It’s not my face. This was followed by footsteps upstairs.running ..no one there .my son began talking and playing cars with it. My older sons friends would stay. The next day they would tell me of occurrences they witnessed. Later my daughter was born. She didn’t like the boy who lived upstairs..he always asked her to play . She too would play and talk to nothing there. If we left our dog alone .it looked like a murder took place. Our pet would rub himself against the walls raw. Leaving blood on them. He would also scratch at the back door while we were gone until his paws bled. I later saw 2 period dressed children sitting in my dining room. Years later after we moved . My daughter described them in detail. I never mentioned it to her. We had orbs . We had things gravitate. We laughed when others freaked out. About 13 yrs in.. close family and a teen who had stayed with us ..all started dying. I finally thought this may be the house.. we moved. At a new place later on..my daughter saw shadows. And was sitting on my lap. She screamed out. She said something scared her back .there were 3 bright red marks. Now she is 16. The new home we have has the footsteps. In her room when no one is there. And she has migraines. And lashes out .is mean and hostile at times . Said she dont believe in God. She was raised in church activities. Has something latched on..is she a ” sensitive ” or porthole fot demons?

  50. We have one in our house. We even took a picture if it. It is tearing my family apart. Specifically my boyfriend. We are on the rocks now and he even told me it dragged him out if the bed and he had to climb back in. It tried to grab my daughter as well. What to do?

  51. I’ve been having some strange, demonic-ish dreams recently and I’ve talked to my mom about it and she doesn’t believe me. Whenever I’m home alone things happen (lights turning on by themselves, cabinets swinging open, etc.) and whenever i tell my mom or sister about it they say, “Sorry, i’m not very good at closing cabinets.” or “It’s just your imagination.” or some bs like that but i know what i saw. Any recommendations?

    1. i also want to add that whenever i go on a walk to take pictures or with a friend i see/hear strange things, one time i even saw a young looking girl (maybe 8-10) in a school window. If you want to contact me or have any recommendations then contact me on instagram @bloof.photography

  52. ok for the last 4 years . it started when me and my husband moved in to our house and i was 7 months pregnant . in november of 2015. my father that halloween got me a skeleton toy ca that was motion detetion . so it only worked if something moved in front of it . so after we moved in we had it on the table next to the tv . it kept going off . so we put it in the closet in the top where is had nothing to set it off . but once a week it would go off . well after our son was born . he was born with some complications and had 2 major surgeries by the time he was 8 months old . and one happen to be skull surgery. well in the last 3 years of living here and our son growing . we have noticed noises and also noticed a black hand print and a black foot print show up in the bathtub. to big for our son at that age and to small for us . it was about the age of a 5 year old . so we thought is was a child ghost . and thought ok just leave it alone .

    but as a few months past is when our son started screaming in his sleep . waking up in his room saying there is a monster in his closet . his father and i are becoming more distant . when we want to be happy . when we are away from the house we are happy . very happy . in this year 2019. it has only gotten worse . with our house . our son has complained about something in his room now coming out of his closet and waking him up talking to him . touching him . he tells it to leave him alone . then comes to us and wants to be with us and wont go back to his room unless one of us sleep with him. in this last month july 2019. my husband has been gone on a job and its only been my son and me . and my son one night wouldnt go to sleep and i asked him why . he said the fire flies where in his room talking to him . ( yes hes got a bunk bed and hes on bottom bunk and his top bunk is used for storage blankets and pillows and stuff that we dont have room in the house for ) so hes telling me while hes laying in bed that the fire flies are talking to him and scaring him . so i told them to leave him alone and let him sleep . that they was not welcome in the house . that they are bugs and bugs belong outside . and he told me they went away so i told him to go to bed and he said he felt better and went to bed at like 11:45 pm that night .

    well when he woke up and we ate breakfast . everything was ine . came to playing in the pool . fine . then bath time . i noticed the five puncher marks on his leg that look like 4 fingers and a thumb mark on bottom . like some one grabbed him. and then i took my shower and i got out and in the mirror i noticed the mark on the back of my shoulder . that looked like a branding of a side ways diamond .. or a sideways eye. and it burned . my dog also is getting bald spot from pulling her hair out for no reason and my black cat has a bald spot on the back of his neck . i dont know if that means any thing . and 2 nights ago i smudged my house 13 white candles . salted my doors and windows . and chanted around my house that what ever was here was not welcome and need to leave . that i got the point that it was here and that i see the marks and that it was angry and that i wanted it gone . and it was not welcome . and to banish all negativity from this house .

    so the same night i did this . i woke up at 4.30am starving for breath as if something had its hands around my throut and it was choking me . it took me 20 mins to get my breath back . so last night july 23rd . i had my son sleep w me .he didnt go to sleep tell 10pm and i stayed up tell midnight . and got woke up from my black cat puking at 4.30am . but for some reason his puke stunk really bad . like horrably bad like death . and i put him out side because he was hiding . so i cleaned it has never smelt like that before. but ya. so i didnt think any thing about it but the smell wouldnt go away in the house so i just turned the fan on in the bedroom then i started hearing noises like banging in the house . so i got up and one of my dogs . ( service dog 10 years old ) was at alert at my sons bedroom door but wouldnt go in the room . and my other dog ( service dog in training for son 1 1/2 years old ) was hiding under table . i stayed up for about an hour and a half just listening and i heard banging and sounded like things were being tossed all over his room but i got up afew times to look but there was nothing moved . my son woke up from the sounds and begged me to turn my bedroom lamp on to sleep but i told him no . that mommy wasnt going to get up any more . mommy will stay in bed with you. and keep you safe. we woke up this morning and he said he slept better with me then in his room .

  53. today my son went down for his nap at noon and july 24th 2019 . and wen he woke up he ran to my room . i went to my room and asked him whats wrong he said the monster crawled in his bed . i asked him what this monster looks like . he says tall . skinny tummy , and long fingers. and it wouldnt stop touching him . i asked him where did it come from he said his closet . now people hear me out i dont let my son watch scary movies hes 3 years old and hes smart. hes been through skull surgery and grouin surgery in his first year of life. so hes been through a lot but i dont talk to him about monsters . or let him watch monster movies . hes too young . and hes the one that tells me about this monster in his closet that is coming out and crawling in his bed and talking to him and touching him . i dont know what to do any more i need help

    1. Nita,
      I have many years of battling the Demonic realm and I will tell you your son is a target of this demonic entity. Its after his soul. Have your son start reading the bible out loud, the new testament side. Start at Mathew and have him read at least 20 minutes a day minimum. In this battle Gods words take any power the demon may have and it shrinks the demon thus reducing the size of them, making them weaker. Also tell your son every time that entity shows up to yell JESUS over and over until it leaves him. I can tell you that God loves us all, Jesus does too and we have to learn to stand strong in Gods word in this fight. Your son can win this battle, tell him to trust Jesus.

  54. Since a young age I have had many encounters with demonic activity. I have experienced some of the things listed above and other things not listed. I do not believe a demon can destroy a symbol meant to represent God. I often leave my Bible open in various rooms or when I am not home. I also pray spiritual music/spiritual warfare music sometimes when I leave the home. I truly believe that the only fight against demons and the devil is Jesus and scripture tells us that he has given us power against them. If you feel scared or that there is a demon in your home, you can command it to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. Scripture also tells us that it may return, 7 times stronger, in which you will need to be prepared. The devil will look for sneaky ways to attack, but you can always get rid of him and do not need to fear him. fear is of the devil.

    1. My friend says she saw the devils face in her window, the next day she heard her sister scream and there was the devil himself standing in her room.

  55. I have experienced all of these things, my dog used to growl and bark at nothing, then one day he just died, he was a healthy young dog, my house is constantly dark with shadows, and opening the windows does no good, there are huge horse flies around my house that never used to be there, I am very scared any help would be very much appreciated
    Thank you

  56. I think a demon has attached it’s self to me recently. With in the past four months maybe. I’ve slipped down my stairs, fallen onto my sink, and have been very aggressive among some other things. It might be because of all the stress I’ve been under. But I’m not sure.

  57. Demons ARE NOT FALLEN ANGELS.. Nowhere in Scripture says that.. They are as described in The Book of Enoch as the spirits of The Nephilim. Angels DO NOT possess humans, animals or items & are MUCH TOO POWERFUL to play games with us. We would be DESTROYED by The Fallen ones. Many of which are chained in Antarctica for their transgressions against YHWH.

  58. I feel as if I have let a demonic presence into my home. I am beginning to think that this has attached itself to my husband or even possibly possessed him. I am not certain that my husband has truly ever been saved. I know for a fact that I am afflicted with an addiction spirit. I don’t know how to overcome this. I so long to have a relationship with God again and just feel his presence and love. Happiness I yearn for happiness again. I just need help please! Please if you have any insight to how I can defeat this. This is a battle that’s been relentless for 2 years. Every time I attempt to make things right with God my husband and I get into terrible terrible fights. He doesn’t hit me it’s the things he says or does that are unbelievable. I’m sure some are thinking wow how lame or whatever but To know my story, our story you would get what I mean. I was married before and physically abused for 3 years before I got out. When I was able to get out of that marriage I spent a week in ICU. Let me say that what I am going thru verbally as emotionally right now makes that seem like a walk in the park. The man I married isn’t who I am with tho something else is there. I love my husband and I can’t leave him knowing this is my fault but I can’t seem to be able to reach God either. When I just go along living life, not trying to be an active Christian or talk of it. We are ok. Not great but tolerable. I began to notice tho when I even talk about wanting to get back into church or really try it gets so much worse. I actually got scared more so than I have ever been and quit trying. I believe it could have been Satan himself I dealt with one night in my home . My husband was working and I had had enough I had spent months angry at God and angry at myself for getting to this point because it was my fault but this night I broke down and fell to my knees and cried and asked for forgiveness and I was so sorry for my anger and I laid all of the burdens that I had carried down. I turned them over to God. I felt a huge relief but then it was as if the room was filled with fog and I couldn’t move I could just barely see and I looked out my window and seen a horrible figure it seemed as if it were mocking me laughing and dancing. I began to rebuke it in the name of Jesus and I can’t remember but I walked across the hallway into my step daughters room when she sat up in her bed and begin to frantically look around and in her bed repeating “ who are you no you can’t be here go away” then I prayed again in the name of Jesus for it to flee and I felt cold cold cold and I ran into my oldest sons room he’s 17 accepted Christ and a knowledgeable young man where I woke him and told him to pray. Confused but he did after several minutes I had the courage to leave him and come back to my room where the smell was awful I would describe it as rotten boiled eggs but only for a moment and it stopped. I was so amazed by what I went through but I wanted some help some guidance. I didn’t find any. I had stopped searching and even praying but I want and need to be a strong Christian again but I can tell that once again demonic presences are strong. My husband when he sleeps there’s a growl that comes from him it doesn’t sound human the things he says and ideas he has are not by any standard normal. This family is in turmoil and there are 4 souls in this home that are unsaved.

    1. Hannah, I am no high priest or anything but I do believe what you are dealing with is entirely demonic. I am a 22 year old male that has experienced many hauntings from demons to poltergeists to plain old ghosts. Demons however are much worse. In your case it sounds like your husband is dealing with some sort of possession. I have experienced some wild things that cannot seem to be explained. One thing to try is burning sage in every room in your house when you are home alone, in your case I would have your 17 year old in the house in case in angers whatever is there. Burning sage cleanses the air of all negative entities. Burn sage in your home for twice a day once when you wake up and once before you sleep. Hope this helps.

  59. I have a very vivid childhood memory from what I now believe was a demonic visitation.

    I’ve always had an active imagination and still daydream to this day. I was maybe 4 or 5 years old on this particular occasion. One night, I found myself wide awake And unable to fall back asleep. For some reason, I was drawn to the living room of our home. I took a blanket with me and recall sitting on the floor and daydreaming about nothing in particular. The front door had a large square window in it that was covered by a sheer curtain. As I sat on the floor, I was suddenly alarmed to see the silhouette of a man approach and open the storm door. He seemed to be wearing a top hat of some sort ( I later learned as an adult that the entity is called ‘Hat man’). The entity began loudly banging on the door; so forcefully that I thought he would break through. I was paralyzed by fear and could only think to cower under the blanket, still able to see the silhouette through its fabric. I was the only person experiencing this episode, as nobody came running to investigate the banging. It continued Its assault for some time until it stopped and stood motionless, as if it knew I was there and wanted me to know it was watching me. After what seemed like hours, it eventually disappeared or walked away. I got up ad ran back to bed. From then on I never left the bed unaccompanied again, not even to the bathroom. I know for certain that I was not imagining the experience and it most certainly was not a dream. Occasionally, I will recount this experience and always wonder why if it was something I was meant to see.

  60. Omg Christians disappoint me once again. God is the idiotic parasite that lives in your mind. Mediums arent from the godly world? What a crock of ****. Reiki is a very good tool. You have gotten wrong I formation about it then and clearly know nothing about spirituality. My family are pagans, reiki masters and mediums. I can assure you no demons here. The Christian faith needs to stop being pushed onto people. By all means have a faith but stop forcing it. I have my master and hes not god, you cant believe in one and not the other, yes Theres a god and a satan but seriously you cant truly believe it’s all the work of satan? Going to the loo next will be satan’s work! Stop with the crap and educate yourselves better. As far as I’m concerned Christian’s need to stop saying every aspect of Life is devils work. Look at your own god, before others.

    1. Tye, the only problem is the fact the whenever a christian talks a non-christians cant wait to blast them. No one is knocking on your door telling you to become a christian. Hang in there though, maybe you’ll get your wish and even practicing christianity will be punishable by jail or maybe even death real soon. Sounds like somethings missing in your life. Maybe all that non-touching from reiki is leaving you empty.

  61. The my family and I are pagan and have been pagan all our lives,and you have our complete support and understanding. Your comment was dead on the money. At least the pagan faith is honest we don’t live with “b!inkers on”


    Charlotte Nunes
    South Africa

  62. I saw a shadow man with a cloak in my room and he dissapeared he is 6 to 7 feet height..and Imy getting angry at small things.and Im disturbed by nightmares about demon he wants me to marry him and obey him other wise he will hurt me in dream..and as mentioned in the above paras I feel someone’s watching me and nausea pains which are periodic with no medical reason..I get information about future in dreams but I don’t remember full information..my God statue is breaking and I’m attaching it …again my things are lost and appeared at different place where I don’t leave them…and only i can feel these all..can u help me whether it’s haunting or my mental problem.

  63. Every night my husband comes to bed , he will put his hand on my waist. Within minutes he is out, I feel stomping on the bed then tugging on his hand to remove it from me . This is a nightly thing that happens. And when I say something like ” Leave you are not welcome here, In the name of Jesus Christ .” It stomps harder . What can I do? What is it ? My husband over the past couple years has become more impatient and filled with anger . I know he has not cheated on me. He claims I am crazy. But this has been going on every night for almost 5 years now. And it is getting more rough with the stomping .

  64. maybe try having your house blessed.. put up religious pictures, crosses and figures.. read the bible out loud..or the last result move.

  65. i am very young and mom does not want to listen to listen to me,ever since i was spirtually unstable i thought i had the presence of the holy spirit my grandma even proved it to me.after i think about it what my mom says about the holy spirit brings joy and peace i felt the opposite though, feelings of unease and feeling like being watched espeacilly when reading the bible,sudden chills out of no wear and two weeks later i started comparing my expirenes to demonic warning signs.after i gave my life to Christ thinking it was the holy spirit and i think it wasnt , things got worse. every time i spoke of demons bad things happend like the bus broke down for no reason. Fast forword i got the burning sensation on my neck twice and my head i also heard whispering and the feeling of being watched.i went to my dads house and at night i was thinking about happy things and i had a vision of the pentagram drawn on the wall with my blood and then a dream of Satan standing in the doorway.i even start talking to my self for no reason like to another person and lastly i hear glowing and my cat stares at empty corners for a very long time.Please let me know if this a demon or not and no religious symbols damaged.

  66. I JUST GOT A WHISPER, i forgot to mention so many things, what ever it is it doesnt seem to want to hurt me, im still not confident its that its “friendly” i cant make out what it said. please help!

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