Haunted Dolls Are All The Rage – Two Quick Tales Of Possessed Plastic

Dolls. Why’d it have to be dolls?

The recent release of Annabelle: Creation has led to a number of odd haunted doll stories popping up. Real, fake – I’m not here to judge, only to share.

One woman allegedly had to exile a doll out to her shed after numerous paranormal experiences, and a man who purchased a “haunted” doll on eBay had his own horrific encounters. Let’s check them out.

Tiny, Terrifying Tears

According to The Mirror, Natalie Mellon of Glasgow, Scotland discovered that her antique “Tiny Tears-style” doll had a bit of a creepy factor packaged with it.

Her dogs didn’t want anything to do with the doll, cowering in fear and barking whenever it was in the same room. While staying at Mellon’s house one night, a friend also reported a strange tapping noise on her bedroom door, only to later find the doll sitting just outside of her room.

“The children hate her, the dogs hate her, everyone who comes to visit hate her…”

She also experienced rattling doors and objects moving on their own. After the alleged paranormal activity, Mellon named the doll Annabelle, after the other infamously haunted doll of the same name. Eventually, she decided to store it out in the shed, hoping to put an end to its otherworldly shenanigans.

Tiny Tears, I suppose I should mention, was a type of doll back in the 1950s-60s that would shed tears after being “fed” water from its accompanying bottle, and was apparently very popular in its time. I don’t know a whole lot about dolls, but here’s an old advertisement that’ll give you an idea:

Dolls are made to be creepy. I know that much.

ebay Strikes Again

Moving on, in another case, a man recently made the bold decision to purchase a doll known to be haunted from (where else?) eBay.

The doll had appeared before on television, after its previous owner, Debbie Merrick of Norfolk, England, encountered odd supernatural phenomena. This included the doll “removing its own necklace,” setting off fire alarms, and even violently scratching her husband.

As these things often go, she’d purchased the doll – a little porcelain thing in a white dress – from a thrift shop for about £5. It didn’t take long for its paranormal nature to reveal itself. The story made its way through the tabloids.

According to the Mirror, the Merricks eventually had enough and contacted a spirit medium to assess the situation. The medium told them, blankly, that the doll had “something in it.” That was all they needed to hear before they boxed the doll back up and also put it out in the shed.

It’s apparently the go-to place for haunted dolls.

They later put the doll up for auction on eBay for a cool £25, in hopes of getting it out of their lives. And wouldn’t you know it, there were many bidders. So many, in fact, that the final price ended up being about £1,000.

In what the Daily Mail has described as “a tense international bidding war between paranormal enthusiasts,” Lee Steer became the lucky (or unlucky) winner.

Story over? Not so fast. Only two days after receiving the doll, Steer experienced his own unfortunate events. Namely, his father found six claw marks on his arm, just about the size of that little doll’s fingers.

Other phenomena reported by Steer included unexplained noises, lights turning on and off, and objects breaking on their own.

Are these dolls possessed? Have negative entities attached to them for some nefarious reason? Or are these just stories riding the waves of a haunted doll fad? I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Rob Schwarz

Writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.

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