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A Classic Demonic EVP: “I have the body of a pig.”

Electronic voice phenomena is one of the most haunting aspects of the paranormal. I remember listening to episodes of Art Bell’s Coast to Coast AM long ago involving EVPs, and they ran the gamut, from faint voices saying “hello” to violent disembodied clanging noises, and what Bell himself found so terrifying: the sound of people …

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Haunted Dolls Are All The Rage – Two Quick Tales Of Possessed Plastic

Dolls. Why’d it have to be dolls? The recent release of Annabelle: Creation has led to a number of odd haunted doll stories popping up. Real, fake – I’m not here to judge, only to share. One woman allegedly had to exile a doll out to her shed after numerous paranormal experiences, and a man …


The Strange Case of the Man Possessed By a Djinn

There are many types of djinn (also known as Jinn), the creatures born from smokeless fire in Islamic mythology. You have the most powerful of djinn, the Marid, who may grant wishes to mortals. Then there are the Ifrit — evil, fiery winged giants who live underground. And there are others, each with their own …


What to Do If You Receive a Mogwai for Christmas

Well, Christmas Day has come and gone, at least from where I’m sitting. But now we have to deal with the aftermath: wrapping paper clean up, return policies, traffic. And then there’s what to do with those gifts that are perhaps a little out of the ordinary.

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The Terror of the Black Eyed Kids

There are countless reports of these strange beings. Known as Black Eyed Children (BECs) or Black Eyed Kids (BEKs), these  individuals usually appear as young children, typically around the age of 10, with black eyes, completely devoid of color. But they’re not just children: there have also been reports of adults, and even elderly, with solid …