Are Ghostly Transmitting Stations Our Bridge to Parallel Universes?

While EVP researchers in our world attempt to communicate with spirits using recording devices, could there be individuals in other dimensions, incorporeal from our point of view, attempting to do the very same? Konstantīns Raudive’s Breakthough, which I briefly summarized earlier this month, points in that direction.

In the book, Raudive repeatedly mentions the work of Friedrich Jürgenson, another researcher of electronic voice phenomena. His own book, titled Voices from Space, profoundly sparked Raudive’s interest, and in 1965, the two of them met for a demonstration of Jürgenson’s recording methods. This ultimately led Raudive toward his own supernatural exploration.

I mention this because one of the most interesting things I found while reading Breakthrough involved Jürgenson’s research, in particular the idea of mediators and transmitting stations. This is something I’d never come across before.

Referencing Voices from Space, Raudive describes these so-called “mediators” as spirit voices that assist in establishing connections, almost like spirit guides. Were they always necessary? Jürgenson thought so, but Raudive’s own recordings allegedly proved otherwise.

Regardless, Jürgenson’s mediator, he claimed, was a woman named Lena.

She would tell him the time, the wavelength, and the correct transmitting station (more commonly called transmitter stations, which broadcast radio frequencies) for picking up ghostly voices.


When Raudive set out to do his own research, he thought first to contact one of these mediators, a process he claims took six months. He attempted to follow in Jürgenson’s footsteps, asking the voices if Lena was available. But she was not – he heard voices saying “I refuse” and, later, telling him that she had gone away.

Where to? I don’t know.

Instead, he was told that a spirit named Spidola would be his “helper.” This proved true, as he later heard a “hissing” female voice come through, in the characteristically terse language of the other voices, speaking of an “unknown” transmitting station. From then on, when he wanted to record, Raudive would adjust the wavelength until he heard her voice tell him to begin recording. That’s when he’d know other voices would be present.

Eventually, he’d come to learn that even spirits, in whatever realm they reside in, operate transmitting stations – it appears that they, like us, are trying to communicate with worlds beyond their own.

Life In The Afterlife

I can’t judge the validity of these claims. I do, however, find it incredibly interesting how Raudive’s recordings portray the “spirit world.” If it truly exists, and if these recordings are real, there sure is a lot of bickering going on over there. It also seems to be more of an alternate dimension than an afterlife or Heaven/Hell situation.

For example, according to Raudive’s transcripts, when Spidola attempted to provide assistance, other spirits would occasionally speak up and disagree with her, or even claim her whole process of mediating was “unnecessary.” Others berated Raudive for not knowing what he was doing.

I’m imagining “spirits” – these people existing in another universe – sitting around at their own radios, talking to each other and, occasionally, coming across an EVP researcher from our side.

Possible? Maybe. Likely? In my old post about parallel universe clues, I mentioned ghosts as a contender, that what we see or hear as spirits are actually projections from parallel universes. Perhaps these “other-worldly” transmitting stations are yet another clue that other universes are out there, and that we can reach them.


Rob Schwarz

Rob Schwarz is a writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.


  1. As a writer of the paranormal (fiction, for now), I can see so many possible stories from this article. I love the mind-picture of spirits sitting around their radios (Spirit iPhones?) discussing/arguing and then one of “us” shows up trying to get an EVP.

    1. I actually thought the same as I wrote that, how it’d work as a story.

      I mean, whether you believe in the paranormal or not, the field definitely contains a lot of interesting and imaginative ideas. In fact, one of my ultimate goals here is to write fiction. But then I’m incredibly lazy so who knows how that’ll go.

      Anyway, if you (or anyone reading this) ever write a story based on this idea, let me know! I’ll check it out.

      1. That actually just gave me a great idea for a short story. If I actually write it, I’ll definitely let you know.

  2. Is it possible that what we know as ‘ghost’ in this world are actually living people from a parallel world that sometimes appears whenever this world would cross over?
    Because that would be an evidence that there is actually another world besides ours.
    And I want to believe in the endless possibility of time travelling or visiting a parallel world. :) :) :)

  3. Don’t know,but the Chili a Peppers have a badass song out called “Parallel Universe”. “Deep inside of a parallel universe,it’s getting harder and harder to tell,what came first “.