Time Travel

Time Travel “Evidence” Discovered In 1995 Boxing Footage

What did I say, time travelers? All those years ago? What’s the number one rule of time travel that every wannabe chrononaut just can’t seem to follow?

No cell phones.

It’s a simple request, but clearly time travelers have respect for neither space nor time. You see, yet again, proof of their temporal gallivanting has popped up on YouTube, threatening to tear apart the very fabric of our fragile universe.

The footage, uploaded on September 18, 2015 by JammyBantam, shows us a 1995 Las Vegas boxing match featuring Mike Tyson and Peter McNeeley. A perfectly normal affair, to be sure. But in the crowd, we see our alleged time traveler, holding up what some claim to be a modern-day smartphone.

Time Travel Proof in 1995 Tyson Match Footage?
Image: YouTube

Is this, as the video suggests, yet more proof of time travel? Skeptics may claim the object is just an ordinary, albeit unique, camera available at the time. A Casio, perhaps, as the Inquisitr mentions. But we know the truth, don’t we?

Obnoxious, oblivious time traveling tourists have struck again!


Rob Schwarz

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