Video: Google Glass vs. the 1990s

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Mashable’s Mark Malkoff hits the streets of New York City wearing Google’s all-new tech wonder, Google Glass. Except it’s not Google Glass…it’s the head-mounted gaming platform R-Zone by Tiger Electronics, straight from good old 1995. Let’s see if anyone notices.


I never owned an R-Zone, myself, but I know all about Tiger electronics. Just ask my

(ProTip: just randomly checked Wikipedia and I came across this quote: “It is thought that this original design, including the red color scheme, was designed to capitalize on popular buzz for the Nintendo Virtual Boy at the time.” Aheh.)

Anyway, the video’s pretty funny, just for the R-Zone alone. Special guest appearance by Perfect Strangers star Mark Linn-Baker.

How are you feeling about the future of Google Glass? Or would you rather play some LCD games?

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