Contest Offers You Chance to Become Ghost of the Regent Theatre

A lot of theatres seem to have resident ghosts lingering around these days.

The Orpheum Theatre in Memphis, Tennessee, for example, hosts the ghost of a young girl named Mary. At the Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas, the spectre of a woman in a white dress is said to lurk its stairways and play with the theatre’s audio equipment.

And why not? Haunting a theatre sounds like a much better gig than haunting a dilapidated old house out in the sticks. You might even be thinking, hey, maybe I’ll haunt a theatre after I shuffle off my mortal coil. Listen to some free music from the afterlife.

But, the way things are, it’s not unreasonable to assume that by the time you do die, many, many years from now, all the good theatres will already be taken. That’s where this latest contest by the Regent Theatre in Picton, Ontario might pique your interest.

They’re currently looking for donations to preserve the historic 102-year-old site, and every $25 will enter you in for a chance to become the theatre’s resident phantom.

You only have until October 31 to enter, though. The winner will be announced on Halloween night.

“On Halloween night, if your name is drawn, you will get the perpetual right to haunt the theatre as ghost of the Regent (after you die, of course). Your name will be hung in a place of honour at the theatre, and you’ll get an official certificate.”

You can enter the ‘Ghost of the Regent’ contest at their website.

As a side note, I literally just watched Ghostbusters for the nth time, so it was a bit surreal to randomly run into Winston Zeddemore telling me about the Regent Theatre contest.

As a courtesy, Winston promises not to bust the winner once they move in.


Rob Schwarz

Writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.