Google Maps Anomalies: An Alien Face in Antarctica

Every day, anomaly hunters are busy at work scouring the deepest darkest depths of Google Earth to uncover the strangest of things. And what have they found, now? A gigantic “alien” face in Antarctica.

YouTube channel Third Phase of Moon shared the anomaly back in August, sent to them by a viewer. What we find by visiting the coordinates 72°00’ 36.00’’ S, 168° 34’ 40.00’’ E is a mysterious face in the ice – seemingly complete with two eyes, a nose, and a mouth. The formation may be compared to the infamous ‘Face on Mars.’

Image: Google Maps

But what is it, really? In their video, Third Phase of Moon describes the anomaly as “something that appears to be a massive…ancient structure of some kind of face that is being revealed for the first time on Google Earth.”

While the prospect of this being a remnant of an ancient civilization is an extraordinary one, the more ordinary explanation is that this is yet another case of pareidolia. This is the human tendency to see faces or patterns where none actually exist.

Zooming out on the map, the “face” does appear to get lost in the noise of other presumably natural formations.

Even so, to the paranormal researcher, where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and likewise no good reason not to investigate.

Linda Moulton Howe followed up on the mysterious Antarctic face (which she refers to as the “Black Stone Face”) with a fairly lengthy discussion. She focused on the question of why, given that satellite imagery of this “face” has existed as far back as 2004, it only gained attention this year.

She spoke with retired U.S. Navy Captain Mark Wood, who touched upon topics like alien disclosure, government cover-ups, and the Anunnaki.

Earth is a big place, though. Maybe these things just take time to surface.

On August 25, a Reddit user claimed to have found the location on Google Earth using an artificial intelligence algorithm that searches for “weird patterns in the south/north poles.” He added that “one of my inputs was human-like features,” and that this was the only interesting thing to turn up. The discovery was shared on a subreddit called Google Maps Shenanigans, a fairly popular community created in March of 2017.

Now, you obviously can’t trust everything you read on Reddit. However, searching for weird things on Google Earth/Maps has become a fairly popular thing to do, and as more people search, more things will be discovered.

Here at Stranger Dimensions alone, I’ve posted about a Kraken, weird pyramids, and an alleged UFO crash site, all found in Antarctica on Google Maps. Coast to Coast AM just recently highlighted the discovery of a potential craft flying through the air over a massive ice shelf, as well.

Search and you will find.

At any rate, is this “alien face” simply another instance of pareidolia? Is it evidence of an ancient civilization in Antarctica? Or maybe, just maybe, is this the first of many signs that the Old Gods are preparing to return? That, dear reader, I’ll leave for you to decide.


Rob Schwarz

Writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.