Mysterious Sphere Found On Mars Rover Image

There’s something for everyone on Mars – broken spacecraft, dinosaur bones, remnants of ancient civilizations. Squirrels. Perhaps it’s not so extraordinary, then, that eagle-eyed supernatural seekers have located a mysterious round ball on the Red Planet.

YouTube channel WhatsUpInTheSky37 first noticed the anomalous object in an image captured by NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover, and shared it way back on August 12, 2017. It then wound up over at Scott Waring’s UFO Sightings Daily, among other places.

A strange "metallic" ball on Mars
Image: NASA

Waring describes the ball as “metal” and “perfectly formed,” perhaps the size of a softball. He goes on to conclude that its presence is “100% evidence of a war on Mars,” during which millions of these “cannon balls” were fired at the planet to destroy its atmosphere.

On the other hand, a more scientific possibility is that this round ball is a Martian spherule, or something related. These are small “spherical hematite inclusions” found all over the surface of Mars, and sometimes deeper within its soil. An image taken by NASA’s Opportunity rover in 2004 displays several of them:

Martian Spherules
Image: NASA/Wikimedia

Of course, the existence of Martian spherules doesn’t necessarily mean the mysterious ball in question here is one, but I’ll leave that for you to decide.


Rob Schwarz

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