Video: Elf-Thing Dances Across Someone's Driveway

Video: Elf-Thing Dances Across Someone’s Driveway

Usually, when you check your home security camera footage after a long day at the water park, you probably don’t see much. You might catch a few passing cars or a fallen tree branch. Maybe a raccoon eating all your cat food. But sometimes — sometimes you find an elf dancing in your driveway.

The Mona Lisa brought to life

The Future Is Deeply Fake: Living Portraits and Learned Talking Heads

Is the truth really out there? I’m beginning to wonder. In the above video, you can get a real and perhaps mildly terrifying look at the latest incarnation of so-called deepfakes, those uncanny videos of peoples’ faces doing things they never actually did, or plopped onto other people’s bodies. This, however, is much more advanced. …

Are Aliens Hiding Inside Black Holes?

Are Aliens Hiding Inside Black Holes?

Last week, NASA unveiled the first ever image of a black hole. It looks like an orange donut, a mysterious eye in the dark vacuum of space. But the question has never been what does a black hole look like? The real question is how are aliens involved in all this?