Yellowstone National Park, United States

Video: A UFO Glows Above Yellowstone

A YouTube video posted in June alleges to show an “impressive UFO” above Yellowstone. The blurry footage was apparently taken on June 9th, and in it you can see what looks like a bright, glowing orb that seems to glow even brighter as it moves from right to left and then off screen. Fox News …

Canada Orb UFO July 2017

Glowing Nighttime UFO Captured On Video In Squamish, BC, Canada

The area around Stawamus Chief in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada, is no stranger to sightings of orbs and spheres. That’s why researchers Rob Freeman and Marcus McNabb visited the area last month, taking time to investigate the granite dome on July 22, 2017. At 10:59 p.m., they witnessed and captured an incredible sight. As Freeman …

The Alien Rings Of Saturn

Were Saturn’s Rings Made By Aliens?

The rings of Saturn – or any planet, really – have always evoked a kind of mystery. Science tells us they’re likely just byproducts from way back when the planets were formed. In Saturn’s case, they may even be remnants of an ancient moon.