Teleporting Felines: Are Cats Interdimensional Beings?

Have you ever heard of teleporting cats?

I know what you’re thinking: That’s one of the most bizarre headlines you’ve ever read here at Stranger Dimensions. Well, you’re probably right, but stick with me for a moment.

Wikipedia defines an interdimensional being as “a type of theoretical or fictional entity existing in a dimension beyond our own.”

As a fictional example, they highlight the mice from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which are described as “merely the protrusion into our dimension of vast hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional beings.”

Sound extraordinary? Completely fictional? Well, you zarkin frood, some believe cats right here in the real world also share that description.

You may be surprised to learn that the idea cats are connected to, or can enter, other dimensions is not a new one. Can cats slip into alternate dimensions or wink out of existence? In 2015, this question was posed over at Reddit’s Glitch in the Matrix. Cats always seem to wind up places they shouldn’t, or disappear “for days on end.” Are they, to use the local nomenclature, “glitchy?”

In fact, cats have long been associated with the paranormal and otherworldly. Consider their connection to witchcraft, or the superstitions involving black cats. The ancient Egyptians believed cats were sacred, and even worshiped them.

Do cats hold secrets we don’t yet understand?

Dimension-Hopping Felines

Jumping off that question, I decided to dive deeper into Glitch in the Matrix to see what other cat phenomena had been reported – and believe me, there’s been a lot of strange activity involving cats.

For example, in 2012, a throwaway account shared this bizarre experience, in which their cat somehow “teleported” across town:

“So not that long ago I was laying on my bed with my cat. I suddenly got hungry, so I went to the kitchen and got some chips. I went back to my room, and the cat was gone.

Not even five seconds later, my friend calls me from ACROSS TOWN and says that my cat is on his porch. I look at the clock and it had been about three minutes. I have no idea how any of this happened, or how it is even remotely possible.”

Another report involved a cat “appearing” before it physically arrived, something akin to deja vu. According to Reddit user thinkforaminute’s account, the experience was very surreal, indeed:

“Last night as I was going to bed I saw my cat run into the room out of the corner of my eye so I looked down. She wasn’t there. Two seconds later she ran into the room and stopped exactly as I pictured her.”

In that same thread, one person mentioned his cat strolling around under his desk at work. The problem? The cat wasn’t at work with him; she was at home 12 miles away.

Still another report tells of a cat teleporting around the house. Reddit user lightboothfun could only describe the experience as unsettling and “something strange.” Her black cat had been following her throughout the house as usual, attacking her feet. Eventually, she got annoyed. “After a few minutes of this,” she wrote, “I stopped and look[ed] at him sternly. He got scared and skittered off behind me, hiding in the room on the other side of the house.” She watched the cat run away.

And yet, after walking to the front door and opening it, lightboothfun spotted “something black between the door and the wall.” It was her cat, sitting there chilling out after a quick teleportation. That wasn’t all – the cat looked “terrified” and bewildered, with his fur standing on end.

“There is no way he could have gone past me without noticing,” she wrote. Did her cat accidentally slip through time and space?

Traveling the Beyond

Image: akin cakiner/Unsplash

Even dead cats have returned from beyond the grave, missing time included, if the following report is to be believed.

Reddit user KayleighAnn awoke early one morning to find her cat, Gandalf, unresponsive at the foot of the bed. He hadn’t moved since earlier that night, and was completely silent. Worried, she picked Gandalf up, only to find him stiff and cold and not breathing. “His tongue was out slightly,” she wrote, “and I started crying.”

She hurriedly woke up her boyfriend, but then the strangest thing of all happened – Gandalf seemingly popped back to life, and began playfully attacking her boyfriend’s feet. As if that wasn’t enough, something very peculiar had happened to time.

“From waking up, to discovering my dead cat, to waking my boyfriend up couldn’t have taken more than two minutes,” she wrote. But the entire situation had actually lasted over an hour.

“TL;DR: Woke up, cat was dead. Freaked out and woke up boyfriend, cat was not dead and attacked our feet. Missing an hour and a half.”

That one certainly puts a new spin on the idea of Schrodinger’s Cat.

Don’t Blink

In another case, a Redditor thought he felt his cat rub up against his leg and even give out a distinct “whine.” But when he looked down, no cat was there.

When he got up to look for her, he found the cat asleep on a couch on the other side of the house. Some commenters suggested the cat had somehow astrally projected herself while sleeping.

Finally, we have this case of a Cat Doppelganger. Redditor Imriel88 returned home late one night to find his cat, Pabu, sitting at the end of his driveway. When he approached him, Pabu darted away. And yet, when he walked inside the house, there was his cat, sleeping on his desk chair.

“I swear on my life that the cat I saw outside, the one I got within arms reach of with the exact same size, fur markings and face, was my Pabu. I live semi-rural as well and have never seen another black cat in my area ever, [let] alone one that is an exact replica of Pabu and his weird sad face.”

How can we explain these strange occurrences?

Can cats actually warp space-time, as interdimensional beings, and bend reality to their wills? Do they exist in extra dimensions?

Watch Out for Teleporting Cats

Image: Marko Blažević /Unsplash

Perhaps, perhaps not.

Some have instead suggested that, while cats can’t actually travel into these other worlds or dimensions, they can see them. That’s why you’ll sometimes find your cat staring off into space, or watching things you, as a human, cannot see.

Then again, as we’ve already covered, that could also be a sign of a ghost or other supernatural entity.

Are cats interdimensional beings? Can they flatten themselves to fit through small spaces, or teleport at will? Or are they just ordinary, albeit weird, pets? We may never fully know the truth.


Rob Schwarz

Rob Schwarz is a writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.


  1. I think they are interdimensional creatures, because I’ve read that there are humanoid extraterrestrial feline species that created the cats we know and love on Earth. The most popular ones are The Lion People. So is it just coincidence that cats were worshiped as gods in ancient Egypt and that the Sphinx looks like a lion?

    1. isn’t it fascinating point of view to think that every species on earth have its highly developed “equivalent” race somewhere in our constantly expanding universe? I read this article before, but it didn’t come to my mind earlier, maybe that’s how some rapid-type of channeling works ;)

  2. This is so weird. I’ve always had several cats, 2 or 3 at a time. When my children were small they spent a lot of time playing out in our large garden. One day they both came in excited telling me that one of our cats, a now passed tortie, had suddenly appeared out of nowhere in the garden and they said she had a ‘portal’. I asked what they meant and they said it was like she came from another dimension, one second she wasn’t there then she suddenly appeared out of nowhere and came and sat with them in their den. They were so adamant and excited about this. I laughed it off but they would often come in and say this to me, always really excited, ” Mummy Jazz did it again! She just appeared in front of us” Sometimes they would tell me how they would see her at one end of the garden then she would suddenly be by their side. They never reported this of our other cat. We now have three different cats, two of whom are brothers. I don’t have space on here to explain, but I’m convinced these two little cats teleport!

    Also, yes they are very weird!
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  3. Well, why do you think that the ancient Egyptians worshipped cats into the absurd? Must have been a good reason. Millions of mummified cats have been and are uncovered in the desert, most of them 1000s of years old. It was in ancient Egypt even forbidden to take cats out of the country. Imagine! Yes, somehow it makes sense.

    1. They also went overboard worshipping Ra and Seti to the point of being redundant . That mean they had powers like a cat?

  4. Please. I’m begging. Take my cat. Story sounds like farce,but if my cat could be teleported,she’d be some other poor slobs problem. Mine is a pain in the ass. My dog never can catch a break when she’s around. Trust me. Satan would fear my cat.

  5. We had an indoor cat who we couldn’t find one morning. I heard meowing so my husband and I started looking around checking all the closets but
    nothing. The meowing seemed to be coming from the top floor so I went upstairs to our bedroom where it seemed to be louder. I went back downstairs and opened the front door, and looked up at the roof. There was our cat meowing. My husband quickly grabbed a ladder and got our cat safely down. There is no logic in how she got up there and there were no tree branches close to the house. I believe there is much more going on around us than we would like to believe.


  7. My cat disappears sometimes into nowhere, that usually lasts 14-20 hour, then she appears out nowhere. All I see when she reappears she just runs from under the bed or comes out of a room. I ever searched everywhere thoroughly straight after disappearance and same thing happens over and over again. The frequency of this disappearances is about every 3-5 months. I can’t explain it, never could.

    1. Further to this, when my cat reappears, she has this strange meowing that she never does other times, like as if she is talking or trying to communicate something.

  8. The idea of cats going all dimensional tickles me pink. I mind we had this one cat when I was a wee guy. He brought home a gammon steak one time, unopened and still in the wrapper. I’m thinking now after reading this that maybe the gammon steak was from another world. Or possibly the cat had opened a portal with it’s exist point in our local supermarket. Whatever the case I doubt we will ever find out were that gammon steak came from *x files theme tune*

  9. 100% Yes! It would never dawn on me until it actually happened. Then again, and again. To the point that it’s impossible not to know. We moved to a house in the country, well outside Philly on acres and acres of land. First week here, we were both sitting upright in bed, Norma (Siamese with gobs of attitude) saunters in and slithers into a lean opening in the closet next to the bed, not 10 seconds later she came shooting out of the bathroom clear on the other side of the long room. Every hair on end and looking more stunned than us. She’s since done it so many times. She’s partial to the closet, a dressing table, stairs,, shower, & the garden. I did some reading and have heard stairs are portals. Now we have the disappearing food. Maybe she’s bringing visitors with her? Put a bowl of wet food, dry & fill water. 5 minutes later look down & it’s All gone! Every drop of water. We thought maybe a critter but the cat door was locked when a repair man came. I’ve seen a lot in this house, more to come I’m sure. If she wasn’t so persnickety we’d fit her out with a kitty cam helmet, first we’ll try to put a cam on the food bowls etc…

  10. This is such a cool theory! I think my old black cat could teleport. She’s dead now, but once, when she was still here, we lost her! It’s all a bit blurry, as it happened when I was 4 or 5. But what I know for sure is that me and my family had gone on a trip for a week, and of course we locked all the doors, but when we got back, she was gone! We even went to the extent of putting up “Missing Cat” flyers. Then our neighbor called us and said that our cat was in their basement. Of course, they had also been on a trip that same week. I swear I think she teleported to our neighbor’s basement. Otherwise, I have no clue as to how she got there, let alone out of the house!

    1. Random detail, she had a little white spot on her belly that was how she got her name, Luna Bella. Luna because the white spot looked like a full moon.

  11. i have just seen 1 of the Cornish Big Cats in West Cornwall& its not the 1st happened last night on the way from Zennor to Penzance @ 1am..the car caught a pair of huge yellow eyes in a field..i pulled over to investigate & there was no animals or livestock…i have seen this Panther before& it is huge & it does appear to have some “strange dimension hopping” abilities…..2 other friends have had close encounters & believe the size ,speed & movements are unbelievable..think Pony/Cow for the size …& Speed /Movements think Matrix WTF??..glad to find a site with similar views- only wish we had some video footage…& also note the Government are involved in a cover up so as to avoid paying farmers for millions pounds of dead farm animals all over the UK.Any hard evidence would mean the farmers could claim insurance from DEFRA.

  12. Last night I let my cat out my back patio which has a sliding glass door. Shortly after letting him out I saw him by the door and I remember thinking “no you aren’t coming back in because if I let you in so soon you will be crying to get back out.” I know I didn’t let him back in. A few minutes later I walk from the kitchen into the living room and out of the corner of my eye I see a dark small figure where my cats food bowl is. I look down and it’s my freakin cat eating out of his bowl…..

    Wow just wow. Reading these stories makes me feel this us real!