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Play Titanic: Adventure Out of Time Online

In 1996, Cyberflix published a PC adventure game called Titanic: Adventure Out of Time. It’s one of those games that’s always stuck with me, even though I’ve never actually finished it, and I’ll tell you why.

It’s a story about a man named Frank Carlson, who finds himself sent back in time during a London Blitz air raid in 1942.

This is a weird kind of time travel, though: he’s transported back into a previous version of himself, a secret agent aboard the RMS Titanic during its fateful voyage in 1912. For whatever reason, he’s been given an opportunity to change history, but he must act quickly; the one constant is that the Titanic will always sink.

Titanic: Adventure Out of Time is, above all else, a game with a lot of atmosphere. And though it may be dated now, that almost adds to the mystery. And the music. The music.

Screencap from Titanic: Adventure Out Of Time, showing a virtual Titanic
Image: Titanic: Adventure Out of Time Online

I could go on from there, but honestly, the best resource for information on this game is probably the Titanic: Adventure Out of Time fanblog. It’s worth a look. It’s got pictures, music, and some pretty good info on the history of the game and Cyberflix, itself.

That’s where I found out about a new website, created by Daniel Hobi, that’s currently hosting a Java version of the game, including its expansion pack, The Lost Mission. It lets you play through the adventure right in your browser.

Original box art for the gameUnfortunately, you will need Java installed for your browser, and you may have to adjust a security setting (check out the site’s help page for more info on that). It also takes a while to download, so if it becomes unresponsive, just let it go.

Despite all that, since this game only works properly on Windows XP and earlier operating systems, options are limited, so it’s pretty awesome one way or another.

Although, there’s apparently a new patch out there if you still have an old CD-ROM copy…

which I do!

Update: Titanic: Adventure Out of Time is now available over at Gog, and works perfectly on new PCs without any extra patches.



Rob Schwarz

Rob Schwarz is a writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.


  1. I loved this game! I’ve won it and seen every possible ending! I keep suggesting this game to steam

    1. Did you know you can get off the ship with the child you are given if you don’t exchange it for the painting? I did it but there was no results showing anything. I guess I must’ve found a developers mistake!

      Also if you go into the wireless room you can see the different distress messages being played out.

    1. I think it only works on XP. I don’t know if you could get it to run on a newer computer. I wish I had saved mine, too, though.

  2. I still have this game and I have the walkthrough guide that you bought separate. I have the additional tour guides on disk in case the site ever went down for good but it looks like you can still get help or downloads on the site. It is a really neat game. Can’t believe it came out way back in 1996. I wish I knew how to redo it so it looks like todays games. Same everything just better graphics. So i can still play it as long as I have Windows XP which I do but only as a back up but I’ll play some of my older games on that.

  3. It would be neat to see this game remade with a few more endings like *gasp* actually saving the ship if you steer her off course unlike the actual game where the seaman corrects the course. In the remake it would be too late by the time the seaman responds so the Titanic does get hit with the iceberg but no fatal damage happens yet she has to be towed into New York for losing her engines.

    Another ending could be that fight with Vlad in which at the right timing you have the option to throw him into the engine compartment to finish him off for good *Which if you fail he will throw you down there instead resulting in a game over and Vlad being arrested for attempted murder of a passenger*
    If you win that results you later in being arrested for possible murder of a stowaway after the engine room crew hear’s his screams when knocking out Zeital with the gas pen. You go back down the shaft but instead of Vlad hitting you with his spanner you see two White Star Line Security Guards wanting to have a *chat* with you about what happened earlier.

    You try to pull a runner but get knocked out cold which they quickly seize up the situation realizing the ship is going to sink so they take you back to you’re cabin as they attend the decks above to keep order assuming you are going to die anyways.

    End Scenario you still wake up in the same cabin same time and have to get back the items. Same bat channel same bat time.

    Did you know this game lets you actually get off the ship with the baby when you are given the child but don’t return it to the rightful parents below to exchange the child for the painting?