Town Erects Sign Commemorating Local Space-Time Vortex

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If you ever feel like disappearing for a few moments — maybe into thin air, maybe into another universe — consider heading over to Thompson Park in Watertown, New York.

That’s where residents erected a sign last month commemorating a local “paranormal vortex.”

It’s mostly an urban legend, but they say an area within the 108-year-old park occassionaly causes people to vanish or teleport. They reappear minutes later, confused, disoriented, and sometimes claiming to have traveled to the past. You know, the usual.

Hundreds arrived on October 18 to see the new sign put into place, which isn’t near the alleged portal. It reads “Watertown’s Area 51” with the image of a green alien underneath.

WSTM’s Alex Dunbar filed a report on the vortex and its new sign, including a brief interview with a local resident, Dea, who’s been researching the area for years.

“Time and space,” she says, “Within the two realities — and in a way between the two realities — is very different…These other realities are there for a purpose, and it’s not our purpse. It’s none of our business.”

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