Flora Borsi Time Travels, Snaps Shots With Elvis, Marilyn Monroe

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Time Travel With Marilyn Monroe

Some would say I’m obsessed with pictures of time travel. Heck, the most popular post on this blog is all about weird time travel images and videos.

But, honestly, what if it were possible? What if we could take our cameras and iPhones back through time, and capture pictures of ourselves in moments throughout history? Stand beside famous celebrities, mingle with people from eras past?

Photographer and graphic designer Flóra Borsi wondered just that, and set about creating her own gallery of faux time travel images, inserting herself into famous photographs of Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, and even Harold Lloyd.

“How would time travel affect life as we know it? Capture the most important events in history, upload to instagram, twitter, facebook? If time travel did indeed become a reality, how would it affect our world as we currently experience it? I imagined how I would to do! My inspiration was a Charlie Chaplin Movie.”

Here’s a brief sample, but be sure to check out her full Time Travel gallery at Behance. Her other photo galleries are awesome, too. You can also like her page on Facebook.

Marilyn Monroe in the film "Niagara" -1953
Image: Flora Borsi
Time travel...on a bus?
Image: Flora Borsi
Time travel with Harold Lloyd
Image: Flora Borsi

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9 Replies to “Flora Borsi Time Travels, Snaps Shots With Elvis, Marilyn Monroe”

    1. These photos aren’t real; they’re part of a project by photographer Flóra Borsi, as I said in the article.

      1. Well I am amazed at the similarities of the photo of elvis if that isn’t an original. The man if fake looks very much like him.

  1. so, the thing that bothers me the most about this is, those other photos could’ve easily been photoshopped as easily as Flóra Borsi created hers… The celebrity Jay Z one, the Gettysburg Address photo. What is the evidence that they are authentic photographs?

    1. There is no evidence; I wrote those other time travel posts just for fun, as a joke (although the celebrity ones are just people who look similar, not photoshop). I don’t honestly believe they’re real or have anything to do with time travel.

      Others can believe in them, though, if they want.

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